Cheerleader Championship

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A couple of years I was in South Florida attending a business conference I was required to go to. It was the same old thing I did every year. I would go to Florida during the off-season, to listen to some speaker tell me about how I can improve my business and make more money. My wife attended the first conference with me, but because of her career she was unable to go to Florida for the four days of boredom, and I did not blame her.

I arrived at my hotel Friday afternoon and got settled into my room. It was a mid-sized sweet with a mini-bar. The first thing I did was to mix myself a stiff Rum and Coke. Ever since my spring break days, something has clicked in my head making me want get snookered whenever I visited Florida. I flicked through the channels on the T.V to see if I could find any sports or possibly a T & A movie.

I finally found Porky’s Revenge, an Oscar worthy T & A performance. I watched it for about a half hour while putting away about 4 rum and cokes. I finally got sick of the censored Porky’s, and decided to explore the hotel. Even though I love my wife I still love to watch beautiful women in action. Hopefully there would be a hot mother watching her kids by the pool so that I could have something to jerk off about later. So I finished my drink, threw on my swim trunks, grabbed my newspaper, and headed for the pool.

I got to the pool and there were no hot moms to admire. Just a few older couples, a family with an ugly mom, and a young couple. The girl in the younger couple was something to look at, but she wasn’t anything to brag to your friends about.

Just as I was about to pack my things up I heard what sounded like a herd of women. As I looked over my left shoulder I saw at least twenty of the most beautiful, petite women woman that I had ever seen. Some of them were blonde, some of them were dark, a few Asians, a couple of super hot Latinos. The one thing they all had in common was that they all had perfect bodies.

I just happened to be sitting in the middle of a group of about 10 lounge chairs directly in front of a table that had another 6 or 7 chairs around it. Since the majority of the chairs were luckily around me, the girls came in my direction. One of the hot Latino Girls, apparently the most popular, directed the group of luscious girls in my direction. I pretended not to look, but my eyes could not be removed from the Latin girl. Thank god I was wearing my mirrored sunglasses and could play off that I was reading the sports section.

She was gorgeous; she was about 5-2, 110 lbs., very tan, with that curly brown hair that has the reddish blonde tint on the ends of it. She was wearing a very skimpy white bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Her bikini was not even wet and I could see her dark bush through her bathing suit. It looked as though her pussy was shaved in a landing strip fashion but it was hard to tell through the bathing suit. Her tits were humungous for her small little frame. They were definitely a C-cup and were only covered by small triangles of cloth. I could feel my erection grow as I fantasized about tearing off her top and licking her extremely tan breasts.

The other girls began laying their towels out on the chairs on the end while she walked up to me. “Excuse me sweetie, is your girlfriend sitting hear?” She said. I looked up as though I had been transfixed on my sports page and replied, ” No, I don’t have a girlfriend, I mean there is nobody sitting hear”. The other hotties began giggling, I could not have planned what I said, it just came out, and it made me sound like a sweet innocent guy. After all I was not lying, I didn’t have a girlfriend and I was alone, thankfully I left my wedding ring in my suitcase. She then asked if she minded if she sat next to me and of course I said, no problem.

Even though I am in my 30’s I have taken good care of myself. I exercise an hour each day and luckily still have a very full head of hair. I can easily pass for a guy in his mid twenties especially when I am wearing my old college baseball hat like I was that day. I am 6-0, light brown hair, blue eyes with a washboard stomach. My wife is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen, and she admits that her yenibosna escort first attraction to me was my awesome body.

All the girls headed directly towards the pool as soon as they got situated, except the hot Latino next to me. She asked me if the pool was nice and I replied I haven’t been in. ” Well you should, it would be fun” she replied. ” My name is Selina by the way what’s yours?” I’m Brian nice to meet you,” I said. She then got up and said well it’s time for a quick dip. As she got up I got a terrific view of her heart shaped ass. It was so firm that it didn’t even budge as she stood in front of me and ran a finger underneath the cloth of her left cheek to remove the cloth that had crawled up the crack of her lovely ass.

She dove into the pool and swam directly to the congregation of girls at the far end. They began to whisper and glance in my direction. I could see that they were all smiles. I pretended to pay them no attention, and kept looking at them through the corner of my eye through my sunglasses. I could see that the long legged blonde was telling her to go back to my area and I could hear Selina playfully saying stop it. It was obvious that this was a level of chasing women that I had not dealt with since my glory days back in high school and college.

Selina then began the swim back to my seat, and she had a full smile on her face. She got to the edge and lifted herself out of the pool. Just as I had expected, her bikini was totally see through when it was wet. She stood in front of me wringing the water out of her hair. “You should try the water it’s nice,” she said. I could not take my eyes of her nipples I could make out a perfect half dollar through her bathing suit, and Oh yes she did have a shaved pussy!! I watched her glance down at her tits, she obviously new I could see her nipples, but she seemed to enjoy it.

As she sat down all thought of faithfulness left the building, I was back in my old pussy getting form. ” So what are all you gorgeous ladies doing here, are you Hawaiian Tropic girls or something?” No, she giggled. ” We’re here for the state cheerleader championships tomorrow.” “You must be pretty good,” I said. ” We’re O.K.” she replied. “I am just so sick of Cheerleading, it just seems so immature. I can’t wait until I graduate and become a model or a actress.” ” What college do you go to”, I asked. She replied, ” I’m a senior in High school.” I almost fell out of my seat. My lustfull thoughts were enough to put me in jail for 10 to 20. She must have dealt with this age issue before because she quickly assured me that she was 18. I was relieved but was aroused about 20 times more than I was when I thought she was around 22.

I thought to myself, what an opportunity to lie my way into this girls pants. She wants to be an actress and a model and I can be the mysterious nice guy with all the hook-ups. I began by telling her about how I lived in New York and new a bunch of talent scouts and producers who would think that she was gorgeous, even though I lived in Boston and avoided New York like the plague. She immediately bought right into it, thinking that I was going to be her big break.

I asked her is she carried her portfolio with her, and she replied that she didn’t have one. I obviously knew she did not have one but I thought it would be a perfect question for my plan. “That’s to bad”, I said, ” If I had some professional pictures of you I could take them back with me and almost guarantee they would love you.” ” Wait a minute” I said, ” I have an awesome camera in my room.” This was the truth, I did have a very nice camera that my wife had given me. I took it incase I wanted to take a picture of an alligator or something, but I was not too good at using it.

She did not even hesitate she thought it was a great idea. But she told me she couldn’t do it tonight because her coach had them under curfew and she couldn’t go anywhere but her room and the pool. She begged me to take the pictures tomorrow night, so I agreed. It was such a hard decision. We continued to talk about other subjects, like how she loved rum and coke and all that bullshit but I could not keep my mind off the yeşilköy escort young cleavage that was two feet away from my face. “How old are you?” she asked. 26 I replied. Wow she said I didn’t know you were that old. Ha Ha I thought to myself. I knew if she knew my real age she would hall ass, but 26 was young enough to keep her interested in me. Just then, two coaches came and corralled the girls back together. As she left she asked what time. I told her 10 P.M in room 302. She smiled and told me with a wink, I’ll be there.

I sat through the whole convention thinking of the night to come. I had jerked off last night to the thought of Selina riding my cock while the others waited in line to lick the cum off my cock. Now that would be the perfect world. By 9 I was back in my room. I had spent the evening trading secrets and drinks with the executivess. And was feeling a little buzzed. I was still nervous so I took the liberty of making my self really buzzed.

It was around 10:30 and I was feeling pretty good.But I was beginning to feel like she had backed out. Just then there was a light knock on the door. My heart jumped into my throat, as I leaped up to answer the door. There she was, even more amazing then I remembered. She wore a gray cut off tank top with no bra. It was cut so high I could almost see the bottoms of her round breasts. Her nipples were totally hard. They made the tank top rise even higher. The shorts she was wearing was a set of white, high cut spandex. When I say high cut, I mean the ones that fit like a pair of men briefs. I could see the outline of her muff through the spandex and her underwear that she wore under them. It was puffy and swollen enough to fit into the palm of my hand. She wore white tennis shoes and white sox, and had her hair up in a frizzy ponytail. She looked like the sexiest women that you might see when you visit a high priced gym.

She blew by me and made her way for the mini-bar. ” I never thought my coaches would go to bed.” She said. As she walked by I noticed that she was wearing a thong. Through her tight spandex I could see how they divided that lovely ass of hers. She grabbed a miniature Jack Daniels, cracked it open and downed it. I told her I had gotten the camera ready and she said we’ll get to it.

I made us a couple Rum and Cokes, one stiff one for her and on weak one for me, and we sat down on the bed while she told my about every second of the championship. I pretended to be interested but I could not take my eyes off her cleavage since every time she bent forward I could catch a glimpse of those dark beautiful nipples. On about her third drink I noticed that she was starting to feel the alcohol. She asked me to look for a movie on T.V. So I obliged. On HBO was Basic Instinct. I paused for a moment on the channel and she asked me to keep it there. She told me how hot the movie was, especially Michael Douglas. She said older men make her horny. She then giggled and said she couldn’t believe she told me that. I told her to relax and that I didn’t think anything she did would scare me to bad.

I got up to make us some more drinks and as I walked by her she reached out and slapped my ass. It was on now. I put down the cups, hopped on her and began tickling her. She laughed uncontrollably as she feebly tried to tickle me back. Without effort I overpowered her. I tickled her all over, with the occasional grabbing of her tits. I took her arms and put them above her head . To keep them there I sat on them with my knees. We both stopped laughing as I looked into her big brown, fuck me eyes. I could feel that my dick was as hard as ever. As I glanced to see that my hard on was not over-apparent, I noticed that her flimsy tank top was pulled up to her neck. I was so aroused about seeing those two gorgeous brown nipples, inches from my fully erect cock I almost came in my pants. To insure I was not in trouble I apologized and got off her arms. She replied, sorry for what, as she reached up and grabbed my cock through my kaki shorts.

With her free hand she unzipped my shorts and pulled out my 9-inch dick. Ummm, she cooed, while looking at me through her sex craved eyes. ” You zeytinburnu escort have a nice cock,” she said. At that moment she pulled me by my dick until I was directly over her face. She then lifted her head up devouring almost the entire length of my cock. I could not imagine how such a small mouth could consume so much cock. I fucked her mouth for at least five minutes until she pushed me and told me to get off. I thought to myself, figures I’ll have to finish myself off.

She then sprung up from the bed and ripped her tank top off. Without wasting any time she also tore off her spandex and g-string. She stood before me totally nude rubbing her bald pussy. She said ‘it feels so weird, while I was waiting to come down I took a bath and shaved my pussy, do you like it?” It looks great I said, trying to compare it to the see through shot from yesterday. She slinked her way over to me and crawled onto the bed. Pushing me down she straddled my face and said it as her turn. Her pussy was the smoothest I had ever felt. She placed both hands on the wall behind the headboard and humped my face for all it was worth. I licked every inch of her smooth pussy, I did the alphabet frontward and backwards until she shivered and bucked, dumping her juices in my mouth. She collapsed, got off and rolled onto her back.

I laid beside her and rubbed her pussy gently with my finger until she was aroused again. As soon as she began to moan I knew it time to feel the inside of this hot little pussy. She grabbed both her legs and pulled them back to her shoulders and begged me to put it in her. I was so excited to see this young, very hot woman, with a smooth pussy begging me to fuck her, I almost came right there. But I fought it off and slammed my dick into her tight pussy. She screamed, ” Oh my god!!!!” And clawed the hell out my back. Never would I have thought that a girl this young would be so wild. I fucked the hell out of her, pumping her as hard as I could, while she squeezed my ass begging for more.

Finally I fucked her to exhaustion and she was begging me to please just cum. But I’m not wearing a rubber and I don’t want to get it all over the bed I pleaded. She asked, what should we do then. I’ll just cum in your mouth. But I’ve never done that she said. All older girls do it I explained and she agreed. With that I straddled her face and placed the head of my prick in her mouth. I began to masturbate until I came to ejaculation. Being the nice guy I am I pulled the dick out of her mouth and came all over her nose and cheek, while telling her to make sure she didn’t make a mess. She quickly apologized and shoved my cock into her mouth slurping up all the cum. She gagged a few times but gobbled up every last drop.

After she gobbled up my spunk I rolled off her to catch my breath. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. Even though I had just came unbelievably I still got a thrill from watching her incredible body walking to the bathroom. She came back wearing the hotel robe saying that she better go back to her room. Don’t go I said as I slapped my shorts back on. How about another drink I asked. She reluctantly said O.K. We both laid down on the bed and watched another movie while putting drink after drink away. Before I knew it we were both totally shitfaced, and I was getting horny again. I began to rub her ass, and she joked, you like that don’t you. I replied yes, I love it. We then began talking about anal sex, and she said she had never done it. I explained to her that knew a lot of women that loved it.

With that she pulled up the bathrobe and asked me to do it. I grabbed the complimentary packet of aloe and rubbed it all over her tight asshole. Just be easy she said through a slur. Sure I said. I lined up my dick and rammed my dick all the way into her ass. She bit the pillow letting out a muffled scream. It took a few minutes of pain for her to get used to it, but as soon as I put my fingers into her pussy she was ale to enjoy it. Her ass was so tight it took me no time to cum, even in my drunken state. I came hard by pumping the hell out her tight little asshole. As I collapsed upon her she said that was awesome. I couldn’t believe it. I talked this chick into letting me fuck the hell out of her asshole and she loved it.

Selina stayed until about 5 A.M. I continued to fuck her on and off throughout the night. She told me that she had one night left at the Hotel, and that she may have some friends that would be interested in joining us. You’ll just have to see how it comes out in the conclusion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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