Cheating at the Bachelor Party

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I hate bars. I always have. There’s nothing for me there.

I’m in introvert by nature. There are a lot of introverts who love bars. They go in introverted, but a few drinks later, they’re as friendly and obnoxious as they come. Not me. I don’t drink. I go in sober and uncomfortable. The longer I’m there, the louder and dumber everyone else gets. I just stay the same.

All of this is to say that bars really aren’t my thing. I wasn’t here tonight because I wanted to be. I was obligated to be here.

My coworker Tim was getting married next weekend, and I was one of the groomsmen. Which was weird. I was friendly enough with Tim that I should have been seated in the aisles, but definitely not close enough that I should have been standing up there with him on his big day. He’d moved to the area about 5 years prior and didn’t have any family here. He had lots of friends, but I guess he just wasn’t super close to any of them if I ranked in his top 3.

There were eight of us here with the party. There weren’t enough chairs for everyone, so I sat against the wall nursing my water while my drunk co-workers took turns singing karaoke. I tried talking with the guys, but the music was so loud there really wasn’t much of a point.

There was one nice thing about bars though. The women. Usually at the very least there would be handful of hot women out on the dance floor or hanging out with some friends. I try not to be too obvious about it or anything, but if I’m going to be stuck hanging out with a bunch of drunk dudes all night, at least I can try to entertain myself with a little ogling.

This place was shit though. No one above a 6 in sight. This one little troll of a woman kept going up to sing over and over and over again. Metallica. Rob Zombie. Slipknot. Any excuse to scream into the mic and bash her head around. The night wasn’t getting better.

Then I spotted her across the room. Black hair. Pail skin. About 5’7”. She wore a pair of skinny jeans that left nothing to the imagination, and a tight black shirt with just the right amount of mid drift. She had a small frame, not an ounce of fat on her, and tits that looked like they should have belonged on someone twice her size. They had to be fake. Bodies shouldn’t grow that disproportionate. That’s how you get chronic back problems.

She was stunning. She also looked like kind of a whore. I hate fake tits. They never look right naked, and what does it say about a girl who gets them? She was willing to spend a shit-ton of money to have guys objectify her and not take her seriously? Any girl whose willing to spend that kind of money to disfigure themselves wasn’t exactly girlfriend material. Judgmental, I know. I just don’t like fake boobs. That said, I wasn’t planning on dating her. I was just checking her out.

I watched her from across the room for several minutes, ignoring the noise of my friends and the shitty music coming over the speakers. I was thinking how much I’d like to touch the exposed area above her jeans, run my hands up her hips, under her t-shirt, when she looked in my direction. I immediately looked away, averting my eyes in a way I hoped wasn’t too obvious.

The place was getting busier. The dance floor was full, and the bar was starting to fill up around me. Tim yelled something about Game of Thrones to the group, and a co-worker of mine responded with something that didn’t look like “Huh?!”, so apparently he could hear him better than I could. I just kind of smiled and tried not to lose track of my mystery girl. Didn’t work. She had walked over to get a drink and disappeared into a sea of people.

About five minutes went by before she showed up again. The place was pretty crowded and it was getting harder to find a spot. Guess the large crowd was working to my advantage. I was standing there, sipping some water, when her and two friends stepped right up next to me.

The two friends were alright. Nothing special. The three of them were laughing amongst themselves and watching a guy do a halfway decent Maroon 5. My mystery girl seemed to be a bit drunker than the other two and was the only one in a dancing mood. She started dancing by herself almost immediately. Being as it was right in front of me, I finally had something to keep me entertained. She wasn’t a great dancer or anything, but she really didn’t need to be. She was giving me a pretty show as she swung her hips, then she’d reach down to the floor and pop back up. Was a pretty great sight, and she had an amazing ass. After about a minute of that she backed herself up, and started doing the same thing, but right up on me.

Now I’m married. I’m married, and I’m at a bar with a bunch of guys who know I’m married. They know my wife. Most of them have wives. We’re not there to hook up. It’s not the type of bachelor party where we go to a strip club, poor decisions are made, and we make a pact to keep each other’s secrets. It’s the type of bachelor party where every ten minutes or so someone is stepping outside to check bahçelievler escort in with his wife, maybe say goodnight to the kids, and then come back and talk about how mad the ending of Lost made him. I really couldn’t start dirty dancing with this chick. I just let her do her thing.

I couldn’t tell if she was just drunk and oblivious, or if she was trying to get me to dance with her. If she was trying to dance with me, how lucky was I? The bar was full of drunk guys trying to hook up with chicks. I was the wallflower, sitting there with a cup of water, and the hottest chick in the bar was shaking her ass on me. I played it cool. Tried to act like I didn’t notice. She was just drunk and having a good time. I was just going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t notice me there and just kept accidentally hitting me with her ass or her back. Smooth.

After another minute of dancing the song ended, and she stepped away from me a bit to talk with one of her friends. The host called a name and another drunk dude stepped up to the mic with a shit-eating grin. I was still staring at her, my erection in complete control of my eyes, when her other friend stepped closer to talk to me.

“Hey, do you blah blah blah blah blah?” I assume she asked.

“What’s that?” I yelled over the noise of the crowd.

“Do you see that girl over there?” I followed her finger to a girl slumped over in a chair and a group of onlookers trying to wake her up.

“Oh yea. Looks like she’s had one too many.” I said.

“Yea, they’ve been trying to get her up for a few minutes, but no response. I hear they’ve called an ambulance.” The girl said. She was blonde. Attractive. Attractive-ish anyways. She was talking to me for some reason, and she was friends with the hottie, so that was something.

“That’s no good. Hope she’s okay.” Seemed like the right thing to say.

“Yea, she’s been making a fool of herself all night. Now she’s just completely blacked out.” She said, laughing. One of the guys trying to wake the girl up lifted one of her arms. Sure enough, it flopped right back down. “So how ya doing?” She asked.

“Pretty good. You?” The music started again, and there wasn’t any point trying to talk any more. She answered with something, and I nodded and smiled, but it was lost to me. I took a drink of my water and watched the guy make a fool of himself up there.

About twenty seconds went by and the hot black-haired girl was right up on my again. This time there wasn’t any real hiding her intentions. She was definitely trying to get my attention. Now I could’ve stepped back, or I could’ve joined in. I did neither. I just pretended I didn’t notice and kept watching the “singer” and sipping water from a straw. You know. Keeping it cool.

I didn’t feel terribly cool though. I’d gotten a pretty good erection going at that point, and really wanted nothing more than to just grab her by the hips and grind on her ass as she danced up on me. Instead I waited patiently for the song to end. It did, and the girl acted like she just noticed me then.

“Oh, sorry.” She said, smiling, as though she’d just backed into me by mistake.

“It’s cool.” I said, because it was. She stepped forward and started talking to her friends again. At this point quite the crowd had gathered around the passed out girl, and several big guys who looked like bouncers were trying to pick her up.

“Hey, I’m going to step outside.” I said to my group of friends. I think they heard me probably. I stepped outside to get some air.

“Weird night.” I laughed to myself. The outside of the bar was surrounded by smokers. I didn’t really want any part of that. I walked to my car, got inside, and pulled out my phone.

I think I just got hit on! I texted to my wife. About twenty seconds later I got back a message. No way! Really? She was always getting hit on when she went out. It was kinda fun for it to be my turn for a change. I started to write her back, but then there was a knocking on the passenger side window. I looked over, smirking, unsurprised to see the woman from the bar waiting for me,

Well, kinda. I jumped, startled, and was very surprised to see the woman from the bar waiting for me, but I prefer the first way. She laughed, then opened the passenger door and got in.

“Um, hi. Can I help you?” I asked.

“Hey. How’s it going?” She was definitely drunk. Not slurring, falling over drunk, but giggly, kinda loopy drunk.

“Uh, good. So, uh, why are you in my car?” I don’t think I sounded nervous. Perplexed. Not really nervous. I hope.

“Just thought I’d come say hi.” She said. In the bar, under the lights, she had looked about 25. Up close though she looked barely old enough to drink. She was gorgeous though. Her eyes were a piercing blue. I hadn’t even been able to see them in the bar, but now I was convinced they were her best feature.

“Well, uh, hi.” I laughed awkwardly.

“I saw you looking bahçeşehir escort at me.” She said, much more seriously.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lied.

“Yes you do. I saw you staring at me from across the bar. That’s why I came over to you. You’re cute you know.” She smiled.

“Well, uh, sorry about that.” I said, rubbing my hand sheepishly against the back of my neck.

“Don’t be.” She said, putting her hand on my leg.

“I’m married.” I said instinctively. I’m no fool. That’s what you say when a woman who isn’t your wife touches you. That’s how you keep from getting murdered when you get home.

“I don’t see a ring.” She pointed out. Well that was my fault.

“I don’t usually wear it when I’m not home. It’s pretty uncomfortable.” I told her, pulling my ring out of my pocket to show her. I never really liked wearing it. I loved the ring, but it didn’t fit great, and since it was tungsten I couldn’t get it resized.

She leaned in closer to me, so that her face was almost touching mine. “Well I don’t see your wife here either.” She said, running her hand up my pants and over my bulge. I inhaled deeply. It felt amazing.

“We shouldn’t do this.” I said, looking out the front window of the car. My car was facing the bar entrance. Luckily no one else from the bachelor party had come out yet.

“Do you want me to stop?” She whispered into my ear.

I most certainly didn’t. She was stroking my member over my pants. My erection was very uncomfortable in my jeans, but it still felt great. I hesitated to answer, and she seemed to take that as all the answer she needed.

“I didn’t think so.” She whispered. The sensation of her voice in my ear caused goosebumps up my arms.

I turned to look at her, and she slipped her tongue down my throat. The move surprised me. I didn’t know how to respond for a moment, but my body figured it out. I kissed her back, our tongues swirling around each other in our mouths. I could taste the alcohol on her breath. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste, but it would’ve been nicer without it.

While we made out I felt her hands fumbling with my fly. After a moment she got it and managed to pull my dick out of my boxers. She stroked up and down my cock with her smooth little hand while we explored each other’s mouths. The mix of this girl being amazingly attractive plus the naughtiness of the whole thing was making me rock hard.

After a moment she pulled away and smiled at me. A naughty, mischievous smile. Her lipstick was smeared across her lips. I could only imagine how I must have looked then. Still holding my cock she leaned down, not breaking eye contact, and licked the tip of my penis. Jesus.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned, playfully, then put the head of my cock into her mouth. I looked out the front window again, panicky, double-checking to make sure no one was watching. They weren’t, but I was getting worried at the prospect that someone would see something soon.

“Hey, I’m going to drive around the corner.” I said. “That alright?” If she heard me she didn’t let it show. Instead she was taking me all the way into her mouth now, bobbing up and down while her left hand jerked me off at the base. I put my arm over her to shift and put the car in reverse. She had to lift her chest up a bit, but otherwise she didn’t seem to notice. I backed up then drove around the corner, trying to remember how not to drive over people while my body’s focus was very much elsewhere. There was an outlet mall around the corner with a conveniently dark empty parking lot. I pulled into a spot then turned my attention back to the matter at hand.

The sensation was incredible. It was hard to see exactly what she was doing at this point, since I could really only see the top of her head, but I knew I liked it. My wife was no slouch when it came to blowjobs, but something this girl was doing to the tip of my penis was something I hadn’t felt before. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last. I probably should have just blown it then. I definitely should have. I wanted it to last as long as possible though.

I ran my hand under her shirt, feeling the smooth, warm skin of her back. I was curious to see, so I started pulling at her shirt with both hands. She popped my cock out of her mouth and sat up. She pulled her shirt up over her head, exposing a very cute black bra that barely seemed to contain her breasts. They had looked like D cups in the bar, but now I thought that was probably an optical illusion caused by her frame. They looked like healthy C cups though. They didn’t look fake in the bra, but a lot of times they don’t. I had to see for myself. I reached my left hand behind her, pinched the clasp of her bra together and unclasped it. She smirked at that. I have some skills. Bra skills. They’re not hard. She removed the bra from her shoulders then flung it into the back seat.

I was not disappointed. Her small pink nipples complemented her pale skin perfectly, bakırköy escort and her breasts seemed to hang naturally from her body, rather than looking like they had been cut open from underneath and two boulders were placed inside them. I kissed her again, and cupped her right breast. They were real alright. I pinched her nipple lightly as I kissed her and she moaned into my mouth.

“You’re beautiful.” I said sincerely, breaking the kiss to look her in the eyes.

“I know.” She said mischievously. She leaned in closer and whispered,”You haven’t even seen my pussy yet.”

Challenge accepted. I unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them. There was no way I was going to be able to get those pants off her though. She kicked her shoes off, then arched her back up, lifting her ass off the seat and pulling to get her jeans off. It was a pretty difficult move in the car, considering how tight those jeans were on her, but she managed eventually to unglue them from her ass and pull them off after about thirty second of fighting with them. She threw her jeans in back with the rest of her clothes.

The girl was wearing a cute pair of black panties that had matched her bra. She pulled them off, revealing her smooth lips. She was now completely naked in the passenger seat, which was a bit surreal. I hadn’t seen a naked woman in person besides my wife since I’d started dating her three years prior. I’d fooled around in cars a little bit, but had never had a naked woman in my passenger seat before, much less a stranger.

“I’m so wet.” She said. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy to prove her point.

I rubbed my middle and index fingers over her slit, getting them nice and wet, then moved my fingers up to her clitoris. I rubbed her softly, clockwise, and she began to moan for me. She started quietly, more breathing than moaning, but it quickly picked up in pace and volume as I applied more pressure. She held my cock in her hand in a vice grip, but she seemed too distracted to remember what to do with it. I continued focusing on her clitoris, then would occasionally slip my fingers down inside her, rub her for a moment to get my hand nice and wet, then would return back up to her clit. She was going pretty crazy at this point, and it seemed she would finish any moment.

Just when I was sure she was about to climax she grabbed my arm and tried to pull it away. I tried to hold it there, to force her to cum, but she found some extra strength and ripped my hand away from her pussy before it happened, smiling.

“Not like this.” She said, struggling to catch her breath. She climbed over the seat and lined up my cock to place it inside her.

“One second.” I said. I pulled my penis back into my boxers, then pulled my boxers and jeans down to my ankles. It wouldn’t do to have my jeans covered in pussy stains when I got home.

“Do you have a condom?” She asked.

“I’m married.” I shrugged, providing all the answer I’d needed.

“Just pull out, okay?” She asked, skipping over where exactly I should shoot my load in my car. She was straddling me, holding my dick with one hand and rubbing it up and down her slit. I tried not to think what would happen if I brought home a disease of some sort.

“Wait.” I said. “What’s your name?” Seemed like something I should know before I fucked her.

“No.” She said, looking me in the eye.

“No?” I asked.

“No names.” She told me, then placed her weight down, pushing me inside her. She moaned as I entered her, a deep moan, directly into my right ear.

“Oh god.” I said. She was so tight. I wasn’t able to enter her all the way at first. Instead she moved up and down me, pushing me slightly more inside her with each thrust. When I was finally completely in, she let out a deep growl of a moan, then just sat there for a moment with me completely buried inside her.

She leaned back, looked me in the eyes, and after a moment begin riding me again. I maintained eye contact, loving her expression as she pushed me inside her over and over. Each time I would enter her completely she would wince, almost like she was in pain, but her noises were completely pleasure.

I pushed her backwards so her back was against the steering wheel and buried my face in her chest. Luckily the horn didn’t go off. I took turns, first starting with her right breast, taking her into my mouth, sucking on her and rolling my tongue over her nipple, then the left one. She was increasing her pace, fucking me mad as I met each thrust with my own.

The seat was horribly uncomfortable, but it felt so good otherwise it was hard to care too much. I reached down along the side of the seat and pulled up on the lever, causing us to fall backwards.

“Woah!” She said, laughing, as she fell onto me. I met her laughter with a hard thrust, and her laughter turned back to moans as I fucked her harder and harder. I squeezed her ass with both hands, pushing her down hard onto my cock with each thrust. She was digging her nails into my shoulders now, and her moans were becoming screams of ecstasy. I knew she was close to orgasm, and that was putting me over the edge.

Shit. I thought. Not now. I tried to hold out as long as I could, not wanting to finish before her, but her breathing and screaming were doing too much for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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