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I am your typical straight guy in terms of looks. Generally most people consider me fairly conservative. I was in-between girlfriends and starting to get quite horny. It was late on a Friday night and I saw an ad come on the TV for one of those meet other singles phone lines. What the hell I thought, and I dialed in. The girls mostly sounded a bit rough for my liking – but there were a couple I was exchanging messages with. Then out of nowhere I get a message from a guy asking if I had had any luck. He sounded like he was in his late 40s. He said his name was Stuart.

We exchanged a few messages. He had a mate coming over shortly, but he had been bored and decided like me to give these lines a go.

The conversation continued with a few messages back and forth. The girls had hung up and it was looking like I was going to be left to watch the late night movie to take my mind off the lack of sex.

Stuart sent me a message saying his friend had just pulled up outside so he had better go. But he asked if I was interested in coming over. They were going to watch a bit of porn.

As it turned out Stuart did not live too far form my place. So I said “sounds like fun –why not.

About 20 minutes later I arrived at Stuart’s place. Introducing me to his mate Jim ,he said he was just about to start the movie. They had opened a bottle wine and quickly poured me a glass. We chatted a for a few minutes to get to know each other a little before the movie started.

The movie started with the usual boring scenes before the sex starts happening. We were all making comments about the acting of the guy on screen. But the next scene shocked me – instead of being the usual buxom blonde walking in the room, it was another guy. In no time at all he had pulled out the other guys cock and was sucking on it. I shot a glance at Stuart and Jim to see if they were as shocked as me – but they were right into it. Suddenly I noticed the cover and title of the case – this was gay porno. Stuart and Jim were gay. How was I going to get out of this one.

Stuart noticed I was uncomfortable. “Haven’t you ever seen a gay porno before…?” “No…I am straight” I blurted out. Stuart put his hand on me., “straight guys can’t know they are straight until they have experienced sex with a guy. You came here knowing we were gay.”

“I had no idea you were gay – I just thought you were a couple of guys up for some drinks.” I said

“Well now that you are here – I suggest you relax and enjoy a little experimenting with Stuart and I. Said Jim.

With that Jim placed his hand on my crotch and started to rub it. Before I could say anything in protest Stuart kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. My head was spinning as they both stood me up and removed all my clothing. I was shocked to realise I had an erection. They ran their hands over my body telling me how sexy I was. Then they told me to relax and watch the movie with them and just enjoy the night and what it brings.

I casino şirketleri could not believe I was sitting in a room completely naked with two strange guys and a gay porn on the TV. As I watched the movie I could feel there was no way my cock was going to go down in a hurry.

The movie was really starting to get hot. This one guy had cum dripping from his mouth while he was now fucking the other guy.

“I’m gonna burst if I just sit here and try to watch this,” announced Jim. With that he stripped off. Stuart followed suit. Until now I had hardly paid any attention to what these two guys looked like or even their ages and how different they were to each other and to me. Stuart was about 45, Caucasian, grey hair and a beard. He was about 6’2 and had a bit of a belly on him – although he still pretty average build. There was no hair on his body at all from the waist down. His cock was about 8 inches and uncut. It was hard and hanging straight down. Jim on the other hand was an Asian guy of no more than 20. He thick dark hair on his head, but was also clean shaven. His cock was about 6.5 inches cut. His body was slimmer than mine. He looked like your typical Asian guy.

I was looking at these two in a new light. I felt self conscious more than ever now that we were all naked. I did not know what was going to happen, but I was filled with a sense of excitement.

“The best way for you to experience all there is about another man is to have two guys service you and then to introduce to you everything in one go. Then after that you will be able to relax and do what you want knowing what you like and what you don’t.” said Stuart.

Before I had time to comprehend what he had just said, Jim had led me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. He crawled between my legs and started to circle my cock with his tongue. Stuart was licking my nipples while playing with my public hair. Jim then took my balls into his mouth while Stuart started to jerk my cock before he then wrapped his mouth around it. I lost track of what was going on pretty quick, especially once they were both licking up and down the shaft and taking turns swallowing me. My head was spinning and I could feel a massive orgasm approaching. I was breathing heavy and thrusting up. Their pace quickened – I’m sure they knew I was about to cum and they did not let up. I exploded. Jet after jet of cum streamed out. They both licked some up off my cock and each other.

Stuart ordered me to stand up while he sat up on the bed. He spread his legs apart and told me to crawl between his legs staying on all fours. He kissed me passionately again. I could feel his cock growing harder still beneath me. I was then aware of Jim behind me. He had buried his tongue in my ass. Nobody had ever touched me down there – it was amazing.

Breaking the kiss off, Stuart pushed me down and told me to suck his cock. For the first time ever I touched another cock. I looked closely at this uncut cock in front of me. casino firmaları Then I felt Stuart’s hand on my head pushing me down. I opened my mouth and sucked on his foreskin. I could not believe how horny I was feeling sucking on a cock. Stuart started to thrust it toward my mouth, forcing me to take most of it in. I stopped myself from gagging and tried to relax and enjoy it. But it was then that I felt something cold on my ass and one then two fingers entering me. I could not stop and think about it, Stuart was thrusting his cock deeper still into my mouth. I could feel it really starting to throb. Then I felt it, the tip of Jim’s cock pushing into my hole. In one quick thrust he was in me. I tried to moan, as it was painful. But that only made Stuart throb and thrust more. Jim let me relax on it for a while before he started to slowly move into a rhythm, thrusting in and out of me. His balls slapping against my ass cheeks. As he pushed me further forward and Stuart thrust up, I truly felt like a sandwich – but the most heavenly one you could imagine. I realised I was enjoying this. I wanted them both to cum. Stuart was watching Jim, he wanted them to cum together. I think they made eye contact and then a few seconds later I felt Stuart first start pulse in my mouth. The first load hit the back of my throat at the same time as Jim started to flood my ass. I swallowed as much of Stuart’s cum as I could. The taste was hornier than I could have ever imagined. Jim pulled out and jerked the last of his load onto my back and then came around to let me lick him up after I had finished off Stuart.

“I told you that you would love it” said Stuart.

“I bet you feel empty now.” I nodded. “Well the good news is, Jim and I like to come twice before we take a break. Now its my turn to really fuck you. I like a nice younger guy as you can tell. I just love to fill them up with my cock and watch their face as they take it in.” said Stuart.

With that he pushed me down on the bed and pulled my legs over his head. My ass was still full of Jim’s cum, so he did not need any lube. He pushed it right into me. I squirmed as I felt it go in. He was bigger and fatter than Jim.

“I love your tight ass. I bet you love being fucked don’t you. You want to be my fuck slut forever now don’t you? You want to do anything to please me now don’t you? You’ll never be ringing up chat lines to get a girl – you’ll be ringing up for me to bring to me.”

It was then that I noticed Jim had a video camera zooming in on us.

“Ohhhhhhh – yes fuck me I am yours.” I could scarcely believe I just said that – playing up to the cameras with a cock in my ass.

Stuart was fucking me hard and I was enjoying it and it was now on tape. This went on for a few minutes before Stuart said he was about to cum. With that he pulled out and covered my face and chest with his cum. As I was catching my breath and trying to recover I heard a couple of familiar voices. I was trying to work out where they güvenilir casino were coming form and how I knew them.

“Recognise these girls voices?” said Stuart. “you should, they were the two you were chatting with earlier when you met me on the phone. I told them about what I had planned for you and I asked them over to watch.”

I didn’t know what to say, as suddenly out of the cupboard came 2 girls in their early 20s. They were both extremely attractive. One had dark shoulder length hair and a slim body with small tits. But she had nice long legs and very sexy eyes. The other had large breasts, red hair and was quite tall. She was more of a medium build, but very pretty.

“I told them they could come and watch me turn a straight guy bi. They were both turned on by the idea of seeing you especially get it on with us,” said Stuart.

The girls giggled as it was obvious they had both become very wet watching the show.

Jim now handed Stuart the camera. Stuart began telling us all what to do. He ordered both girls to strip. The red was ordered to lie down on the bed. I was ordered on top and to start making me love to her breasts. Whilst I did that Jim was licking her pussy while the dark haired girl was asked to finger herself while watching the show.

When Stuart thought the red head was wet enough he ordered me to push my cock into her. He then asked the dark haired girl to stand above us, so I and the red head could eat her hairy pussy. As we started to get a motion going I saw Stuart signal Jim. In one quick movement he had his cock back in my ass. I was fucking a girl and being fucked at the same time, not to mention also eating a pussy – all while being filmed. We seemed to all come at once. The scene was more than any of could take. There was juices flowing everywhere.

“We need one more scene for this movie – to finish you all off,” said Stuart.

I was pushed onto my back, the girls lay either side of me. I was told to use one hand on each of them at the same time to bring them to orgasm. Then Jim fed me his cock to make it complete. The site of Jim’s cock in my mouth and so close to their faces was enough to set the girls off quickly. Jim didn’t disappoint either, he filled my mouth yet again. The girls came in to kiss me as I shared his juices with them.

The camera went off and Jim and the red head collapsed. But the dark haired girl protested that she had yet to be fucked. So Stuart took over filming. In fact I had hardly been allowed to cum myself much of the evening, as I was forced to please everyone else. So I quickly pulled her onto me to let her ride my cock. This gorgeous woman was out of control as she rode my cock. Then Stuart grabbed her tits and started taking charge of her movements. I felt her pussy tighten all of a sudden as I thrust into her. Stuart has pushed his cock into her ass. We were both in her now and fucking her. I could feel his cock in her. It was too much for both of us and we exploded.

All of us collapsed on the bed. We then watched the tape back as none of us could believe what had just happened.

Let me know if you liked the story – love to get feedback and correspond with people. I also take requests for story ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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