Chastened, FL Ch. 03

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Chastened, Florida

By Paris Waterman

Chapter 3

Another in the series revolving around a theatrical ensemble located in the fictitious town of Chastened, Florida. One can start at any point in the series as it does not strive for continuity. There will be plenty of sex amid the various relationships, which I hope will hold your interest. Happy Reading. PW


The Would Be Woman

Twelve years earlier.

Vincent took the swollen purple head into his mouth, closed his eyes and began running circles around it with his tongue.

“Mmmmm, I rove ris!” he said, although his words were garbled to Gilly Reese, the beneficiary of the blowjob and Vincent’s college roomie.

Vincent emitted a soft moan of pleasure then began working up and down Gilly’s shaft, trying to get more and more of it into his eager mouth, but soon realized that he had no idea of how to manage it.

It wasn’t the size of Gilly’s penis, which was a respectable six inches, but Vincent was terrified that he would gag on it and lose Gilly as a partner. And it was also the first cock he’d ever had in his mouth.

Feeling the warmth of the throbbing cock sliding in and out of his mouth was electrifying enough to have caused Vinnie to cum in his pants already. Now Gilly was feeling it too and began pulling Vincent’s head toward his truncheon each time it was headed down his throat.

Vinnie was gagging anyway, but Gilly took no note of it, or at least no negative notice, for he was in blowjob heaven as his roomie licked and slurped his way over every possible inch of the glorious prick in his no longer virginal mouth.

“That was awesome!” Gilly said as he wiped his cock off on the sheets of Vinnie’s bed.

“Thanks.” Vincent replied somewhat meekly.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” Gilly asked.

“Um, no where really. Just kind of seemed natural I guess.” Vincent answered, trying to guard his secrets.

“C’mon, man … you telling me you’ve never done that before? I think you were too fucking skilled at it for that to have been a first for you.”

“I swear, Gilly, it was my first time. I’ve … I’ve wanted to do it, but, um, you know, I never … um, had the …”


“Yeah, the opportunity.”

“Bullshit! You’re to fucking good at it. That level of cocksucking takes lots of practice. Who else have you blown? I bet there’s half a dozen guys on this floor you’ve done, haven’t you?”

“No, no, no! This is the first time I’ve ever done that! I swear to God! Please don’t tell anyone else!” Vincent pleaded.

“I don’t know man. I’m not sure I can keep this a secret, you being a cocksucker and all,” Gilly said with a lewd smile.

Vincent though terrified, thought quickly, he was always smarter than his roommate and this time was no different. “You can do that if you want. But what’s stopping me from saying the same thing about you?”

“What! You wouldn’t!”

“I know how to keep my mouth shut, Gilly. Do you?”

And for the next twelve years he did.

The Present

Cabaret’s opening night performance was a smash hit with its audience. Tim Lunceford, the director, Mallory Wainscot, the Choreographer and Vincent Landis, the proud producer were ecstatically exuberant as Erin Lunceford who played Sally Bowles one of the principal characters poured champagne over the three of them. The performance had ended about an hour before, and the celebration had begun immediately after the final bows were taken and the curtain stayed down for the night.

Vincent had already caught Jim Nowitski, AKA the Emcee, bending his girlfriend Nora, over the back of a chair and putting it to her from behind in his dressing room. No one else seemed to take notice, or if they did, they didn’t care. And two of the Kit Kat Girl’s were frenching one another off in the wings. He was almost certain it was Marcie and Laura.

Hmmm, piano and trombone … an odd coupling, he thought and laughed to himself.

“Vincent—Vincent—Vincent. You’ve done a magnificent job with this show,” Lunceford said after placing an arm around Vincent’s shoulder.

“Here–Here!” Wainscot added, drunkenly lurching to his left and colliding with several stage props that toppled over. No one moved to set them back in place.

“No,” Vincent objected. “It was a collaborative effort. We did it. No one person should get credit. We all did our jobs and did them well. It was a collaborative thing. Kudos to everyone!”

“Well said, Vince!” Wainscot said and toasted them all.

Jim Nowitski and his girlfriend sauntered over to bask in the praise just as Tim’s wife, Erin, AKA Sally Bowles arrived.

“Jim,” Mallory Wainscot said, “you and Erin were as good as it gets tonight.”

“Wow, praise from on high! Thank you, thank you one and all!”

“You and Erin could have easily lit up Broadway tonight instead of here in Chastened,” Vincent said and looked around for another bottle of bubbly to pour on them.

He didn’t find one.

There was an abundance of kissing casino şirketleri and hugging -friendly kisses and hugs, not really sexual in nature and the group slowly said their goodbyes and drifted from the theatre in small groups of two’s and four’s.

Willie Pickens, AKA, Slim, the stage manager would, as usual, be the last to leave after a last minute check that everything was in order and would lock the theatre up for the night. Slim had already stashed the young ticket taker Taylor Laurent, in a storage closet where the others wouldn’t notice her. She was nineteen years old and white, whereas Slim wasn’t, and in southern Florida that combination might cause unwanted talk as well as trouble. They would continue the party at his condo when the theatre emptied out.

Vincent was with the Lunceford’s and Mallory Wainscot when he saw an all too familiar face wearing a 10 gallon hat and cowboy boots waiting outside the theatre. Wow! What the fuck is he doing here? And a moment later he found himself walking over to his old roommate and greeting him like a long lost friend.

“Gilly Reese! Is it really you? Jesus Christ, how long … no, it’s been at least ten years!”

“Hey—Hey—Hey, Vinnie! I saw the play mentioned in the newspaper and caught your name and said to myself I gotta stop in and say hello!”

“Did you enjoy the performance?” Vince asked, he was delighted to see his old roomie.

Gilly laughed and shrugged. “Truth is I couldn’t, you know, snag a ticket. You guys sold out!”

“Well, if you’re still around I’ll make sure to get you a complimentary ducat for tomorrow night,” Vincent said and meant it.

“Great! That’d be great, but, uh, could you make that two? I’ve got my buddy here,” he gestured at his companion, “Um, Jake Riser, meet my college roommate and the fuckin’ Producer of this play we couldn’t get into, Vincent Landis.”

Riser was just short of six feet, with long, dirty blonde hair and a nose that had been broken more than once. Vince shook the proffered hand that was heavily callused and knew immediately Jake was probably a laborer in construction.

“So what have you been up too, Gilly?” Vincent inquired as he deftly separated the two men from the other members of the Chastened Theater Ensemble and started walking them toward the corner.

“Oh, you mean since college? Well, Vin, I’m in the oil bidness,” he said, pronouncing the word as he’d heard some Texas oilman at a party in Dallas several years earlier. “I don’t have any oil wells per se, but I do have a fleet of tanker trucks that deliver the gasoline to stations from Jacksonville down to Key West. Made me some money doing it and I intend to make a hell-of-a-lot more before I pack it in.”

“He’s sure as shit loaded,” his friend Jake Rieser chimed in,. Rieser was obviously well on his way to being intoxicated.

Gilly laughed at Rieser. “He’s just a good old boy, you know?”

“I’m certainly glad to hear that you’re doing well, Gilly.”

“And you, Vin … how’re you doing, you know, other than acting in plays and all?”

Vincent ignored the comment and answered formally, “I’m in financial management. I watch over people’s money, unlike most banking institutions.”

Gilly slapped him on the back, and said, “You ain’t changed much have you, Vincent?”

What’s he up too? Vince asked himself. Why has he turned up now, like the proverbial bad penny?

“Hey, I seen you guys were doing a little celebrating. Where’s the party going to next?” Rieser inquired slyly.

Drunk like a fox, Vincent thought. Well I’d better get them away from the others. I might be able to maintain some control if I have them over to my place.

“Well, this wasn’t a party, guys. It was more of a celebration, you know, like a team after it’s won the pennant or a championship. We didn’t plan on a party, so there isn’t one. But if it’s a drink or two you’d like while we catch up on the past, why not join me at my place?”

Gilly quickly accepted the invitation and they walked the two blocks to Vincent’s ocean-fro9nt condo.

Once they were situated on the tenth floor, overlooking the ocean, Gilly commented on the décor of the condo. “Have some fag do your decorating, Vince?”

Vincent handed them the drinks he’d poured for them, bourbon, water on the side. Doubles at that, and sat down across from Gilly with his own Vodka on the rocks.

“No, Gilly, at least I don’t know who the decorator was. The unit came already finished and I took it. The price was right and I’d have been foolish to quibble about how it was done.”

“Mind if I make a call, Vin?”

“No, why would I? Oh, here, Jake, right? Let me refill your glass for you.”

“I thought I’d have some female company come join us. You do like the ladies, don’t you, Vin?”

Vincent smiled at his old roomie. He’s playing me, well two can play the game my old friend.

“Go right ahead, Gilly. It’s a night for celebrating. “

Gilly took out his cell phone and dialed a number. “Hello, that you Bambi? Yeah, it me, Gilly. Say, we’re casino firmaları having us a little partay over her in Chastened.

“You know it? Good. Um, what’s the address Vince?”

Vince gave him the address and Gilly passed it on to Bambi.

“Hey, um, sweetness. You said you had a couple friends liked to partay along with you. Are they available? They’re sure as hell welcome.”

Vince could hear a female calling out to someone nearby. Heard the female voice respond affirmatively, and then Gilly brightened as he turned to Jake and said Hannah’s coming. They got to call Rita. You remember Rita? She’s the one with those humongous tits …”

“Oh, sorry, Bambi, I didn’t mean nothing by it, honest to god!”

Gilly cursed himself, but did so loud enough for everyone including Bambi to hear and was force to beg her forgiveness several times before she relented and let his remark pass.

“Okay—Okay, so you’ll be here in about half an hour, right?”

He gave the two men in the room the thumbs up sign, said a few sweet things to Bambi and then ended the call with a big grin on his face.

“Gonna be here soon, huh?” Jake said, already beginning to slur his words. Vincent made him a second double bourbon. Gilly declined, saying he wasn’t but half finished with the one he had.

“Let me tell you how this is going to play out tonight,” Jake said. “Gilly and me been working on getting these two for a long time. Bambi has the hots for Gilly and I think she wants him bad.”

He wiped his nose with his forearm before continuing. “They’re a couple college kids want to try older, more experienced guys, you know? Now I had my eye on her best friend Hannah for a while and finally convinced her to party with us as long as Bambi and Gilly are with us, see?”

Vincent nodded understandably and made himself a second drink.

“This should be a sure thing, so if you screw this up for either of us we’re both gonna make your life miserable. Got it?” Vincent nodded again and Jake took a big swig from his bourbon.

“He’s a good guy, Vincent. Really he is, a bit on the horny side; but a good guy at heart. Now I’ve been thinking about whether to include you in the fucking; which is why I had Bambi invite her friend Rita. Maybe we’ll even switch off as the night goes on, you know?”

Then he grinned, “Maybe I’ll let you blow me, you know, so’s to compare you with Bambi’s technique. She’s really good, but as I recall …”

“Fuck you, Gilly. That was a long time ago.”

Vincent had just put some Prince on to provide background music for the girls when there was a gentle knocking at the door. Vincent hurried to answer, motioning Gilly and Jake to remain where they were.

He opened the door to see two women standing in the doorway. One was tall and absolutely stunning with wavy, strawberry blond hair, green eyes and full, firm, high breasts. The other was slightly shorter with straight, jet black hair, dark eyes and modest sized breasts. They both gave Vince a half-hearted smile as if to say, why is there a Fifth Wheel at the party?

“Hi, girls, I’m Vincent, or Vince, this is my place.”

“Oh,” both girls said together.

“Hey, baby!” Gilly called out from the sofa, and then thought better of it and stood up to greet them with tight hugs.

“You ‘all remember my buddy, Jake, don’t you?”

Jake remained seated, but condescendingly raised his half empty glass in a toast to the ladies.

“Yeah, Hannah said, coolly. “Hello Jake.”

Vincent jumped in and saved the day, for the moment anyway, offering the girls a drink.

“Sure.” they said in unison and walked to the large sofa and sat down, revealing a flash of white panties beneath their respective sundresses.

“Whoops!” Bambi shrieked on realized she’d shown them all much more then intended.

Still giggling over what she’d revealed by sitting carelessly, Hannah said, “Could you make mine a rum and Coke?”

“Sure,” Vincent said and looked to Bambi for her choice. “Vodka martini if you can make it, please.”

“I can, and I will,” he said and made both girls drinks, and in addition poured the remainder of the bourbon into a fresh glass and brought it over to Jake when he served the girl’s their drinks.

“So, where’s Rita? Gilly inquired

Hannah answered him, saying: “Rita couldn’t make it her son got sick and couldn’t find a sitter.”

Bambi shifted positions on the sofa and looking guilty said: “I’m sorry but we couldn’t find anyone else to come over on such short notice.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Sorry Vince, but that’s how the cookie crumbles,” Gilly said sarcastically and drew curious looks from both Hannah and Bambi.

“Uh, well okay. I had no idea I was going to party when I left the show earlier,” Vincent said.

Gilly couldn’t keep the frown from forming on his face.

Noticing Gilly’s frown, Bambi inquired, “What show was that?”

“Oh, I … err, I’m involved with the Cabaret production here in Chastened,” Vince replied.

“You’re an actor!” Bambi güvenilir casino said shrilly. This caught Hannah’s attention, and caused her to ask, “What movie were you in?”

“No—No, I wasn’t in any movie. I work with the local theatre ensemble. We’re currently putting on a production of Cabaret. It opened tonight. That’s the ‘party’ mentioned earlier. It was just a little champagne thing for the cast and crew to celebrate a successful opening night.”

“I think that’s exciting enough, don’t you Hannah?”

“Yeah, Bambi. I mean, it’s still show business, am I right?” Hannah turned to Jake and Gilly for confirmation of this fact, and when neither responded, she grew angry.

“Say, what the fuck kind of party is this? You have something to celebrate and don’t even aah…ak…now…ledge it. Shit I always fuck that word up.”

“You should stick to small words, darlin,’ Jake said, just before he passed out.

“Well that solves Vince’s problem,” Gilly chirped, then handed his empty glass to Vince for a refill.

“You girls live here in Chastened?” Vincent asked as he accepted the glass from Gilly and walked over to his little bar.

“Um … yeah. We um, go the Nichols College, “Bambi said and added, “We’re like both juniors.

“Do you enjoy college life?” Vincent asked, although as far as he was concerned both girls were married, possibly divorced, and definitely had kids at home. A moment later he added: probably never even passed by a college.

“Mmm, sure,” Hannah replied giddily. It became obvious that the rum and Coke he’d made for her wasn’t the first one she’d had that night. “But mostly we like to party at Eric’s Bar and Grill, you know, down on 4th and Charter.

“Well we do spend time there,” Bambi interjected, “but studying takes up most of our time.”

“Have you ever been to Calvin’s End?” Vincent asked Bambi.

Bambi’s forehead suddenly creased in puzzlement. No, I haven’t. Have you, Hannah?”

Uh, no, I don’t think so.”

“It’s a small place … a hole in the wall, actually. It’s just around the corner from Eric’s. You have to go down a flight of stairs to find it. As I recall there’s no signage outside, but you can tell you’re in the right place from an old, and I mean very old, Pepsi Cola sign painted on the building’s wall. Just to the left of the Pepsi sign there’s a door. That’s it. I recommend the place for a good night’s entertainment. People have to get up on the pool table and sing or dance or even tell jokes. And when they’re half drunk, or even if you’re half drunk, it makes for a deliciously funny night.

Gilly couldn’t let that pass without comment. “Deliciously funny? Sounds like queersville to me, Vinnie. Not my kinda place. So, what say we get the partay going?”

“What about Jake?” Hannah asked Gilly, pointing at the inert Jake sprawled half on and half off the arm chair he had been sitting in, with his mouth open and drooling down his chin.

He’s a mess; we should do something about him? Bambi asked Gilly.

“Why are you looking at me?” Gilly said defensively. “Man can’t hold his liquor that’s all.”

Just then Jake started to snore. Both girls’ eyebrows arched questionably.

“All right–all right, c’mon, Vince, let’s put him to bed.”

“He’s not going in my bed. Why not walk him out to your pickup?”

“I don’t drive a pickup, Vincent. I drive a Cadillac convertible.”

“Better yet. Put him in there and let him sleep it off. I’d add a note telling any interested policeman that he’s not driving the vehicle, a designated driver is.”

“I can’t maneuver him by myself!” Gilly protested.

Vincent stared at Gilly a long moment, then said, “Wake him up and tell him to walk, then steer him to the Caddy.”

To everyone’s surprise, Gilly tried his suggestion and it worked!

“Ugh,” Hannah said as soon as they stumbled out the door, “I’m glad he’s gone. I remember him now, hands like an octopus.

“And … and the tiniest dick I’ve ever seen outside of a baby boy. I should call him baby-dick next time I see him,” Hannah was laughing by the time she’d finished her sentence.

“He wouldn’t appreciate that, especially coming from a woman. He’s the type that wouldn’t hesitate to hit you,” Vincent said.

Both women gave Vincent a look that told him they were reassessing him. “Can I fix those drinks for you, ladies?”

“Yes,” Hannah said. Bambi nodded, still appraising him and held her glass out when he approached her.

“You’re different,” Hannah said while he refreshed their drinks.

“Yes, I guess I am. Is that good or bad?”

Both Hannah and Bambi laughed, Bambi said, “That’s good, Vincent, or do you prefer Vinnie?”

“Either will do,” he said as he brought the drinks over to them just as Gilly returned.

“You don’t look happy, Gilly,” Hannah said.

Gilly was obviously disgruntled, so Vince pressed the point, asking, “What went wrong?”

“Son-of-a-bitch threw up.”

“In your Caddy?”

“No, on my fuckin’ boots!”

“Well take them off and bring ’em into the bathroom. There’s wash cloths and soap to help you clean them up.”

“Uh, yeah … thanks.”

“Hey, Gilly?”

“What now, Vinnie?”

“How about taking ’em off here and not walking through the house with them on?”

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