Charmaines Downfall Pt 1

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Their anniversary was coming up this weekend. It would be James and Charmaine’s fifth wedding anniversary. They married when Charmaine was 19 and James was 23. He had a really great job and Charmaine was just graduating. They met a year ago when she came for a job interview and ever since then it was nonstop romance.

Her parents were not sure about her marrying at still a young age, but they didn’t try to stop her. James is now like one of the family to them, as well as going on family holidays he also now goes on fishing trips with his father in law.

Charmaine was a very stunning young lady; she was now 24 and her body had matured into pure beauty. She had long brown hair, blue eyes and worked out regularly to keep her body in shape. You could tell she worked out as her figure was amazing. She also played tennis which helped keep her in shape as well. She is petite, slim with a round bottom.

James was 28 now, he was medium height and also liked to keep in shape, he was very busy most of the time, being promoted to regional manager for the car dealership chain they both worked for kept him that way. His parents had both passed away and he was an only child so being accepted into Charmaine’s family felt like a new start in life.

With James being in a senior role and taking home a decent wage packet and the benefit of having a company car each, Charmaine was able to reduce her hours so now only worked part time having every Wednesday and weekends off.

Sex had been great, Charmaine was still a virgin when they met and James used that to his advantage, getting her to try all the positions he could think of so they could find their favourites. She was very open to try new things with James but his fantasy was always to let somebody else watch them and see how beautiful she was. He had told her this many time before, but it wasn’t something she wanted to let happen.

They were planning a really nice evening dinner out on Saturday night, which was their anniversary. James was working hard to make the night a really special occasion. Charmaine was also planning a lot of surprises for him also. One of her surprises was she was going to shave her cute little pussy bald. She knew he liked it that way and had done it once before on their wedding day for him.

As this was a special occasion, she also went out and bought a very sexy short dress and picked some sexy erotic undergarments to go with it. James bought her flowers, champagne for later in the evening and to top everything off a diamond tennis racket bracelet. It was really beautiful and cost a small fortune, it was going to be a surprise gift for her.

When Saturday finally arrived, they spent the day out on the town, shopping, eating a small lunch and going to the movies. It was a very nice day. They arrived home around 6pm, after that they went to start getting ready to go out to dinner. James was dressed very quickly and waited downstairs. When his wife was finally ready, James’s eyes almost popped out of his head “Wow you look amazing.” He said.

She was dressed very sexy in her short red dress and had applied makeup which she doesn’t usually wear, the bright red lipstick topped it off. She looked so stunning like a real version of Jessica Rabbit. James was tempted to take her straight back to the bedroom right then and there.

He wolf whistled and told her the new outfit was really sexy. She liked the attention and soon they were walking out to the car. James walked behind Charmaine admiring the view of her round ass swaying down the path.

They ate dinner and drank two bottles of champagne in the restaurant. Charmaine wasn’t a big drinker so the champagne was already starting to get to her. She was feeling tipsy but still having a lot of fun. They decided to go clubbing and ordered more champagne. James thought about giving her the bracelet then but it was noisy and crowded so decided to do it at home. They drank and danced for a few hours then headed home.

They got home around 11pm and James immediately opened the bottle of champagne he had bought earlier. They had already drunk way too much but they were at home and decided not to let the champagne go to waste. They then decided to give each other the special gifts.

James told Charmaine he would give hers first. She had no idea he had gone out and spent a lot of money on her. She closed her eyes and James slipped the Diamond Tennis Bracelet around her wrist. When she opened her eyes and saw her present, she started crying. It just overwhelmed her so much all she could say was it’s beautiful.

Then she thought about what she was going to give him. Her present to him was the sexy outfit and

her shaved pussy. She now thought it was not enough, she started feeling guilty. “I’ll be right back,” she said. She quickly went to the study and found a small 3X5 card. She started writing on it. “The owner of this card is allowed one wish. Whatever it is, I will grant it. NOTHING will be denied.

Just tell me your wish and the answer is YES!”

That’s all Charmaine could think of to help make her gift a little better. She knew she would treasure that Tennis Bracelet for the rest of her life and she wanted her husband to hopefully have something to remember also. She was drunk and really didn’t think of what might happen, she just wanted to please him.

She put the card in a little envelope and took it out to her husband. She said “now it’s time for your present.” First, she had him close his eyes. Then she guided his right hand under her dress and right to her shaved pussy. It took him about two seconds to figure out what she had done. He loved his present.

He would have been happy with just that. But then Charmaine handed him the card. He opened it quickly and as he was reading it Charmaine told him “I mean it, ANYTHING, ANYTIME, all you have to do is ask.”

He knew Charmaine was a very drunk tonight, he knew what his fantasy was and now he could have it. This was the most drunk she had ever been around him; he knew if there was ever a chance of him getting his wish, tonight would be the night. He quickly told Charmaine he wanted to cash in his

ticket tonight.

Charmaine seemed pleased and asked him “Tell me your wish and I will make your dreams come true.”

Charmaine’s face dropped a little as her husband told her. “I want to invite Dave and Mitch over and I want you to put on a show for us.”

Charmaine was drunk but this still took her by surprise. Then she saw her husband’s hand holding the card. It was their wedding anniversary and she just promised him anything. Now how could she say no. She was stuck, after a short pause she just nodded her head and said “OK, but not tonight it’s our anniversary.”

“Ok, let me go and get us both another drink, will you do a show just for me?” James said as he picked up his mobile phone leaving Charmaine just sitting there looking at her new expensive bracelet. She was in so much awe of what her husband had done for her.

“Yes babe, of course,” she replied.

While she sat there thinking how beautiful her bracelet was, her husband had text both Dave and Mitch and told them what was going to happen. Neither of them could believe that he had talked Charmaine into it. James knew once she was sober there was no way she would do it. He sneaked out and sorted out the lawn.

The guys knew how perfect a body Charmaine had and they both said they would be there in 15 minutes. They were told to park on the driveway then walk around to the back garden. James had put a couple of garden chairs right in the middle of the lawn. He also placed a few cans of lager in-between them. They would hopefully get a show like they had never seen before.

Finally, the time had come, James heard their cars and watched as they walked around to the back garden. It was close to midnight now so it should be fairly safe as most people would be in bed. James led Charmaine upstairs to the bedroom, once there he opened up the sliding glass door. There was a little balcony that they never really used. It was just a small metal frame balcony and not very useful for much of anything.

James put on some loud sexy dancing music on the stereo, Charmaine was led to the balcony and then her husband started giving her commands. Charmaine did not know the two guys were sitting down there. Just before Charmaine started to dance, her husband hit the switch to the patio lights and she was lit up like she was on a Broadway stage.

It was a good thing she was really drunk as she would never do this normally. She started dancing outside on the small patio. She was lit up very brightly and both Dave and Mitch had great seats. Charmaine just sort of closed her eyes and listened for her husband’s commands as he gave them.

“Remove your dress,” he ordered. She slowly unzipped the red dress, she danced seductively and let it drop to the floor. She had on a very sexy light red under gown. She looked very hot in it and her husband had her dance for a few minutes longer. He then told Charmaine to feel up her breasts and rub her hands all over her thinly clad body whilst she danced.

The lights made the thin little outfit completely see through. The guys below were getting the best show of their lives. She then heard her husband tell her to remove the straps of the thin under gown off her shoulders and let it fall. She did as she was told and the gown slowly worked its way down her body. First her firm breasts hidden behind a lace bra came into view, she was told to massage them as she danced.

Then her movements caused the gown to drop completely to the floor, revealing a matching pair of panties. James told her to keep dancing while playing with her pussy through her panties. Down below Dave and Mitch were in shock at how far she was going.

“Unclasp your bra and drop it to the floor,” came the next command from James. Charmaine continued to do as she was told. “Now face me and slowly remove your panties.” Again, she did as she was told. The view from the lawn had Dave and Mitch pulling their cocks out as her pussy came into view.

She was now entirely naked dancing on the balcony. Her freshly shaved pussy was on view for all 3 men to see as she continued to dance. Something that was meant for only her husband and as far as she knew it was only her husband watching. Charmaine was starting to get really horny now and slid 2 fingers into her pussy, “Come and fuck me honey,” she begged James.

“Put one leg on the railing and keep fingering yourself,” came the next command the view down below just got even better.

“Ooh honey, I need fucked now,” Charmaine begged again.

“Turn around and grab the railing,” James stated as he got up and started casino şirketleri to remove his trousers. She did as she was told. James knelt down behind her and started to lick at her pussy, shivers ran through Charmaine’s body. He then stood up and slowly pressed his cock towards her pussy, slowly sliding between her lips and penetrating into her soft wet vagina.

“Fuck me honey, fuck me hard.” Charmaine spurted out which was quite unusual for her as she usually controlled her animalistic instincts. James didn’t need to be asked again, he wrapped one hand round her waist the other under her breasts to hold her upright and he started to pound into her pussy.

Charmaine let out loud moans of pleasure, the mixture of alcohol and sexual pleasure had her forgetting where she was. James continued to pound and pound at her pussy and soon they were both ready to cum, Charmaine let out a loud powerful moan as she reached orgasm.

James dropped both hands to her waist and started to pound as if his life depended on it. Charmaine lowered her head as she was no longer being held up and for the first time Dave and Mitch came into view. She was just about to say something when James grunted and released his hot warm seamen deep into her vagina.

Knowing they had been seen Mitch said “Hi Charmaine, amazing show.”

She turned around to her husband, “What the fuck are they doing here James?”

“It was my whatever I wanted card; you know I’ve always wanted to show you off to my friends.”

“Charmaine, any chance of finishing us off?” they were interrupted by Dave shouting up.

“I’ll be there in a minute boy’s,” she said thinking it would piss off James. She stood up still naked and headed downstairs and out to the back garden. She walked straight up to them, “You like what you see?”

“Fuck yes,” replied Dave

She then knelt in front of him, glanced up to the balcony to make sure James was watching “I’m only doing this to get revenge on James,” she whispered then took his cock into her mouth. The guys both looked up to James looking for an ok sign. James gave them both a thumbs up. This was backfiring on Charmaine; James was actually enjoying it, not that she knew as she had her face buried in Dave’s lap.

Mitch then stood up and knelt down behind her, he lifted her ass up so she was on all fours, “You know what would really help you get back at him Charmaine?” he whispered into her ear.

“mmm what” She mumbled around Dave’s cock.

Mitch looked up to the balcony again, and again James gave him the thumbs up. He then slid his cock into her wet sperm coated vagina, “this will,” he whispered into her ear again.

Whilst Charmaine was loving being spit roasted and thinking she was getting revenge on her husband she couldn’t have been further from the truth. James was mouthing “Fuck her hard,” from his perch on the balcony.

Dave then stood up and kept a hold of her head, and started to thrust hard, fast and as deep as he could into her throat. Mitch grabbed a tighter hold of her waist and also started to thrust fast and deep. “Oh, he’s starting to look angry now,” Mitch told her.

Dave then pulled out of her mouth and lay on the lawn. “Climb on top, it’ll drive him mad,” he said.

“You don’t think I’ve taken it too far?” she asked.

“No way, he deserves it. We didn’t know you weren’t aware we were here, so we’re also getting a little bit of revenge.” Dave stated back.

“Ok,” she said and she climbed on top of Dave and helped to slide his dick into her soaked pussy. Mitch dropped to his knees near Dave’s head and pulled her head down to his cock. She instantly took it in and started to suck him deep.

At this point James had made his way down to lawn and was happily watching his wife getting fucked. That’s when Dave slid a finger into her anus. “Ohhhh,” Charmaine moaned.

James then knelt down behind her; Dave slid another finger into her anus. As soon as James was ready, he pulled them out and James slid his cock in. “Oh, fuck that’s not your fingers Dave,” she squealed as James pushed his cock in deeper.

“No baby it’s me, I guess this is still part of the anything I want card,” he laughed.

Charmaine couldn’t believe it, the 3 of them had tricked her, she was angry but at the same time she was having fun, she had never been with another man never mind taking 3 men at once before. Overflooded with emotion she let out another loud moan as she orgasmed again.

As she writhed between the men’s hot sweaty bodies it encouraged the guys to all pound harder. “You can’t cum in her,” James said. He stood and pulled Charmaine away from his friends, “Get on your knees babe.”

Dave and Mitch stood next to him forming a triangle around her and they all started wanking, Dave blew his load first all over her face coating her right side, James then blew next coating her left side and finally Mitch blew his load of hot sticky cum which covered both her eyes, forcing them closed.

“Wow that was amazing,” Dave said as the men all headed inside.

“Thanks Charmaine,” Mitch added.

Charmain was left in the middle of the lawn unable to see due to the vast amount of semen covering her eyes. She heard a rustling noise though. “Who’s there? Is that you James?” no reply came, she could then make out what she thought was the silhouette of a person but couldn’t see which of the guys it was.

“Stop messing about and get me something to clean myself up with please.” Panic had set in a little as she suddenly remembered where she was. Again, no reply came she then heard the rustling noise again and felt all alone.

She scooped as much cum of her face as she could and made her way back into the house. “Which ever one of you was just outside and didn’t help that was a shit thing to do, and don’t be getting any ideas this’ll be happening again.” She said then headed upstairs.

James and his friends just looked at each other confused. They had a beer then the guys headed off. When James got upstairs Charmaine had already had a shower and was almost asleep in the bed. He cuddled up next to her. “Thank you babe, love you,” he said as he kissed the back of her head.

“Just remember it was a one off, your card is expired now, love you to,” she replied then they both fell asleep.

The following morning Charmaine woke up first and headed downstairs, she was a little groggy from the alcohol consumed the night before. She put the kettle and thought to herself “what the hell was I thinking last night, any of the neighbours could have seen us. I can’t believe I did that.”

James came down shortly after “Morning, what a great night last night was. Thank you for my present,” Charmaine was about to speak but he continued, “before you say it, I know it won’t be happening again.”

They sat down for breakfast and continued throughout the day as if it was any other Sunday. Charmaine had put the shape she saw down as shadows and maybe a cat or other animal rustling in the bushes.

A few weeks passed and although they didn’t talk about it, Charmaine did think about it and how good the foursome felt. Having 2 cocks inside her at the same time had felt amazing. So amazing she was starting to consider doing it again, she hadn’t spoken to James yet as didn’t know how he would feel about it. So, she decided for now not to mention it.

Another week had gone and it was Wednesday morning, there came a knock at the door. Charmaine stood up from watching TV and answered the door. She was surprised to see 2 young boys standing there. They were both quite tall and looked about 18 or 19 years old.

One of them spoke, “Hi, I live across the back from you and my drone has crashed in your back garden somewhere. Could we go through and have a look for it please?”

Charmaine thought what a well-mannered young man, then replied “You two wait there and I’ll go and find it for you.”

As there was no drone to find the boys knew they had a bit of time. They walked into her living room and plugged a USB stick into the TV, quickly entering the settings and started to play the movie that was on it. They then took a seat and waited for Charmaine to return.

As she was walking back through the house she shouted, “I can’t find it, are you sure it’s in my garden?” then she saw the boys sat on her sofa, “What the hell do you think you’re doing.”

“Just shut up and watch this,” the same boy who had spoken before spoke again.

“How dare you talk to me like that in my own house!” she shouted back, “now get up and get out!”

The other boy who had the remote turned the volume up on the TV, Charmaine hadn’t noticed they had changed what she was watching. “Take a look at the screen bitch,” the 1st boy spoke again.

“Who the hell are you calling bitch! now get out before I call the police.”

The boys didn’t say a word, then the one with the remote put his finger to his eye and then aimed at the TV. Charmaine heard music coming from the TV, she turned to look for the first time and there she was, dancing on the balcony.

“Turn that off, how did you get that?” she asked with anger in her voice.

“I filmed it a few weeks ago, I’m studying movie making at college so I often have a camera ready to film wildlife in the garden,” replied the only boy to speak so far.

The other boy finally spoke, “looks like he caught a wild fox on camera on that particular night.” They both started laughing.

“What do you want? Money?” she asked?

“No, I think we can start with a repeat performance of the dance from that night, Matt go upstairs and see if you can find the outfit.” Said the boy who seemed to be running the scheme.

She now knew one of their names, “Ah so its Matt and?” the boys stayed silent “I’m going to call the police and tell them you broke in here and tried to blackmail me.”

Again, the boy in charge spoke, “Go ahead, my Dad’s the Chief superintendent at the police station, let’s see who he believes. Also, the good thing about my course is it teaches you how to make documentaries and study what’s legal and not. I can legally film from my house and as you were outside your house, I broke no law.”

“That’s bullshit, now get out before I call the real police.” She replied.

“It’s not bullshit, here I’ll prove it.” He took out his phone and showed her a picture of him and his dad outside the local police headquarters. “That’s the day he was promoted. Now as I was saying I did nothing illegal, whereas your display of nudity and sex was a crime. Indecent exposure, outraging public decency and of course breaking the sexual offences act 2003.”

“You’re making this up.” Charmaine said, her tone of voice was now starting to sound worried.

“Also, you casino firmaları live in an area where young children live, any of them could have seen. You and your husband could both get jail time.” He paused to see what Charmaine had to say, but she said nothing. “Looks like we’re getting through to you. So, as you know that’s Matt and I’m Andy. We’re going to be your new best friends.”

“My husband will be home soon; he’ll kick your asses and take that movie away from you.” Charmaine made a different play hoping to scare the young lads.

“Oh, Charmaine how stupid do you think we are; did you not think it was strange we came on a Wednesday?” Charmaine looked at them with a confused stare. “I did my scouting before coming here, you don’t work Wednesday’s and your husband doesn’t get home till after 6pm.” Andy stated with smug look on his face.

“I’ll go and get the outfit,” said Matt and he headed upstairs to have a look.

Andy started talking again, “Also I’ve made copies of this movie and it’s ready to go online. I could post a few through your neighbour’s letter boxes, I know yours and your husband’s bosses’ emails, I also found your Dads. I couldn’t believe it when I found out he was a local councillor, imagine the scandal when I send it to him and a few of the other councillors.”

Charmaine at this point realised she was screwed, she couldn’t believe she had let herself get into this position, or that James had let it go as far as it did. “So, what do I need to do to make this and you go away for good.” She reluctantly asked.

“In all honesty we won’t go away. To keep us quiet you just need to do as your told when your told.” Andy replied.

At that point Matt walked back into the room, “wow, you should see the sexy outfits and underwear she has.” Were his first words. “Here you go slut, go get changed.”

Charmaine’s head dropped as the realisation sank in of the situation, she was now in. She headed to the window and closed the curtains then headed to the back room to get changed.”

“That’s a good idea, you never know who might be watching.” Andy said as the 2 boys started to laugh.

10 minutes had gone by and Charmaine had not returned to the room, “Hurry up slut,” shouted Matt. Charmaine had changed into the outfit but it didn’t feel sexy like it did when she donned it for James.

When Charmaine finally entered the room, the boys were stunned into silence. She just stood there looking at the TV while the boys sat staring at their prize with mouths open. The movie was at the section where James was fucking her from behind on the balcony.

“This is one of my favourite parts, the passion in your expression as you cum, followed by the look of confusion as you see the guys below, then the look of satisfaction as he cums in you.” Matt said, then followed up with “I’ve wanked so many times to this movie.”

“Change of plan Charmaine,” said Andy. “Come and sit here between us and watch the rest of the movie.” Charmaine did as she was told it wasn’t long before she felt the hands of the 2 boys rubbing her thighs and cupping her breasts. She continued to watch as the movie paned down and she was stood in-front of Mitch and Dave on the lawn. “This is where it starts to get really good.”

Charmaine felt a hand slide under her dress and up towards her pussy. “Stop, I can’t do this,” she said as she pushed the hand away and stood up. “I’ll dance for you if you want but I can’t do that.”

“We’re both 18 so yes you can.” Matt replied, “now come and sit back down.”

“No, it would be cheating on my husband, it’s taking it to far.” She worriedly replied.

Andy stood up and headed for the kitchen, he could be heard rummaging through draws. “ah, this will do nicely,” he said as he headed back to the front room.

Charmaine decided to make one final plea, “look I can give you money how does £100 each sound?” they both laughed at her “£200 each?”

“We don’t need your money, what we’ll get from you, money can’t buy.” Andy said before he revealed the wooden spoon he had brought back from the kitchen. “Bend her over your knees Matt,” he stated. Matt grabbed Charmaine and bent her over his knee. She wriggled but he was strong enough to hold her.

Andy rolled her dress up, then smack went the wooden spoon on her ass cheek. “Owww,” cried out Charmaine. Smack it went again and again, Charmaine cried out in pain. “Please don’t do that again, I’ll sit back down.” Smack it went again, “Please stop,” she cried out.

“Ok, that was just 3 taps,” Andy said as he looked at the oval bright red patch on her ass cheek. “If you don’t do as we want again next time, I’ll do 5 and email a copy to someone randomly chosen. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she sobbed back.

“Since your standing up you can dance for us like you did that night.” Andy stated while Matt skipped back on the video to the dance scene and turned up the volume.

Charmaine just stood still her head hanging down stuck thinking about her predicament and what she could do. She glanced up at the boys and Andy waived the wooden spoon at her. She knew she had no option but to do as they ordered. She started moving a little side to side.

“What the fuck is that?” Matt stated. “My Gran has sexier dance moves than that, do you need another meeting with Mr Spoon?”

“I’m sorry, I’m not used to dancing and I was drunk that night.” Charmaine explained hoping they would go easier on her.

Quickly she learned that wasn’t going to happen as Andy replied, “Get sexy or get spanked and,” he paused whilst he pulled his phone out after scrolling through a few screens he continued “be prepared to explain yourself to a Mike Janson.”

“No please, he’s my Dads friend,” she pleaded. Mike was one of her Dads fellow councillors and she had actually caught him eyeing her up in the past. If he got it, he would probably try to blackmail her as well she thought.

“Sexy this dance up now or I’m hitting send on this email,” he angrily replied.

“Ok, ok,” she answered and started to sway her hips from side to side and play with her hair. In a sultry voice she said “how’s this boys?”

“Much better slut, now let’s see you without the dress.” Matt replied.

As much as she was hating it, she knew she had to keep it up. She continued dancing and slowly started removing her dress. With 2 sets of eyes watching her every movement she knew she had to keep up the dancing.

“I can’t believe how sexy you are in person, you looked great in the video and covered in cum but seeing you now, just wow.” Andy spoke as he fished his cock out of his trousers.

“We are going to have so much fun with you,” Matt added as he also pulled his cock out.

Charmaine kept dancing, she was now down to just her bra and panties. She glanced at the clock, “oh god,” she thought to herself as she noticed it was only 10:30, James wouldn’t be home till after 18:00 and the boys new this. “What do you want me to do next?” she asked?

“You’ve not finished yet, those bra and panties need to come off,” Andy answered back.

Charmaine composed herself and turned away from the boys before unclasping her bra. She then slid her panties off before turning back to face the boys. She used one hand to cover her breasts and the other her pussy. “Can I get dressed now?” she asked.

“What a stupid fucking question, I may have to get Mr Spoon for another visit to punish stupidity like that,” snarled Andy. “Put your hands behind your back and stay there,” he then added.

Charmaine did as she was told and placed both her hands behind her back, revealing her full naked body to the boys. The boys just watched and stroked their cocks for about 5 minutes but it felt a lot longer for Charmaine.

Andy stood up and started to walk towards her, “don’t you dare move bitch!” he picked up her panties held them to his face and took a deep breath, “smells good.” He then passed them to Matt, “give them a smell mate, that’s a real woman’s scent right there.”

“Damn that’s a fine smell,” replied Matt who then put the panties in his pocket.

Andy picked up Charmaine’s bra and used it to tie her hands together behind her back, “we have a problem here, this is not how you looked on the video.”

Charmaine replied “what’s wrong, I’m naked, I thought you’d be pleased now.” Andy grabbed the short pubic hair that had grown back over the past few weeks and gave them a pull, “Aaaahh,” Charmaine screamed in pain.

“I don’t remember this being here,” Andy snapped at her. He grabbed her round the back of the neck, “Let’s get it sorted.”

“Andy any chance we can leave a little, I like the Brazilian strip look,” Matt asked, it was quickly becoming clear Andy was the boss in the room.

“Ok, you take her upstairs and sort it then.”

Matt lead Charmaine upstairs and into the bathroom, quickly locating her razor and shaving cream or so he thought. “That’s my husbands, why don’t you let me do it?” Charmaine asked worried about the state a boy would make of her private area.

“Ok, but I want you to leave a nice thin strip.”

“I know what you want, I heard fine downstairs,” she replied with a bit of attitude in her tone.

“You can drop that attitude right now or I’ll get Andy and his spoon up here pronto.”

“Please don’t, I’ll do it exactly how you want.”

“That’s a better attitude,” Matt answered back as he untied her hands. “Go on then we don’t have all day.”

Charmaine retrieved her own razor and cream, lathering up her pubic area had Matt getting hard in his pants again. She shaved as was instructed then washed herself, she turned to face Matt “how’s that?”

“Perfect, that’s how I want you to keep it from now on.” He then tied her wrists together again and lead her downstairs.

“Looks good bitch,” stated a now naked Andy sat on the couch. “Whilst I’ve been sat here, I’ve come up with some new rules for our meetings. Myself and Matt have no rules we’ll do whatever the fuck we want but you slut, here are your new rules.”

Charmaine listened intently while also noticing Matt was now stripping off as well.

“In fact, whilst I’m reading the rules you can come here and give me a blow job.” Charmaine froze still, “what you waiting for?” Still no reply came.

“Don’t be a stupid cunt,” Matt said as he took hold of her, walked her over to Andy and pushed her down to her knees. “Do as you’ve been told.”

Charmaine leaned forward and licked the tip of Andy’s cock, then she pleaded again, “please I don’t want to do this.” She was suddenly taken by surprise when Andy stood up and reached for his clothes.

“Fine, come on Matt, we’ve got a lot of emails and web postings to go sort out.” Andy said as he stood directly güvenilir casino in front of her and started to put his T-shirt on.

Charmaine didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t let that movie be shared. In panic mode she did the only thing she could think off. She opened her mouth and quickly moved forward taking Andy’s semi hard cock into her mouth.

“Hold on a minute Matt, I think we may be coming to an agreement here after all.” Andy said as he sat back down holding Charmaine’s head in place. “Are you ready to hear the rules?”

“Charmaine removed her mouth from around Andy’s cock, “Yes, whatever just please don’t send that movie anywhere.”

Matt joined Andy on the couch, “come on then Andy, let’s hear these rules.”

“Rule 1, you do whatever we tell you to do whenever we tell you to do it. Rule 2, you will not speak unless spoken to. Rule 3, you will address us as masters. Do you understand slut?”

She slid her mouth off his cock and with a tear in her eye she replied, “yes master.”

“Excellent, now the punishment for breaking the rules, if you need to be reminded anytime of the rules you will be spanked 5 times by Mr Spoon, on a 2nd reminder you will be spanked a further 10 times by Mr spoon, on a 3rd reminder the movie is sent to a recipient of our choice. Do you understand slut?”

“Yes master,” she replied again.

“Good now get back to sucking my cock!” Andy stated whilst Matt untied her wrists.

Charmaine started to lick his shaft up and down, she felt revolting but she had no choice. After a few minutes she was pushed over to Matt’s cock, she slid his length into her mouth and started to suck and wank him off at the same time.

She was passed back and forth for a while before Andy eventually said, “I want to fuck her now.”

Charmaine was about to say no but caught a glimpse of Mr Spoon and thought she was better just to accept what was coming. Andy knelt down behind her and started to thrust his cock between her legs, “It’s so wet back here, she’s enjoying it.”

“Really, what a slut she is,” replied Matt.

Andy was stabbing forward with his cock but to no avail. “Fuck this, it looks easier in the movies.”

“Take your time and slide it in, feel for her entrance with your fingers.” Matt started coaching him.

“Like you would know what to do!” Andy stated back.

Charmaine couldn’t believe what she was hearing, these 2 boys who are dominating her are virgins. She didn’t have long to dwell on the fact as Andy finally managed to enter her wet pussy. “oooh” she let out a slight whimper as she felt his girth opening her inner walls.

“Fuck, that feels good, and it sounds like you’re liking it as well slut,” said Andy.

Matt slid across the sofa so that he was between her arms and guided her head down to his cock. “That’s it bitch, satisfy us both at the same time,” he said whilst taking a tight hold on her head.

After a few minutes Andy started to lose control and started fucking Charmaine faster and faster, she was having trouble keeping Matt’s cock in her mouth. Matt had to hold onto her head tighter to stop her being pulled away by Andy’s thrusts.

“Aaaaargh,” shouted Andy as he ejaculated deep inside her pussy.

Charmaine pulled her head away from Matt “What the fuck, you can’t cum inside me, I might get pregnant.”

“Does it look like I care,” Andy replied with a huge grin on his face. Then he continued “Hold her tight Matt, she just broke rule 2,” Andy then grabbed Mr spoon. With Matt holding her tight and her ass waving in the air cum dripping from her pussy. Andy let rip, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack went the spoon against her bum cheeks.

Charmaine knelt there in pain, tears running down her face, Matt slid out from between her arms. “Do you think you went a bit too far Andy?”

“No, she needs to learn the rules, that’s reminder number 1 slut, do you understand?” He replied whilst directing the conversation to Charmaine.

“Yes Master,” she whimpered.

“Your turn Matt,” Andy said as he slid himself into position where Matt had just been. “Now suck my cock clean again slut.” Charmaine took his cock into her mouth and started to suck.

Matt lined himself up slowly behind Charmaine and started to slide his dick into her pussy slowly, Matt started to thrust back and forth but was more controlled than Andy, Charmaine let out a little moan of pleasure. “See Andy just take your time and enjoy it like I was saying before.”

“You only slid in first time because I opened and lubed her up for you,” he said with a laugh.

Matt could feel his cock get stiffer as he knew he was about to cum. “Aaaaargh,” he cried out “that feels fucking amazing.”

“Better than a sock isn’t it mate” Andy replied laughing. “Now clean his cock as well slut,” he told Charmaine as he pushed her upright on her knees. She did as she was told, tears running down her face at the thought that one of these 2 young men might have just impregnated her.

Matt pulled his cock out of her mouth and sat on the sofa next to Andy. They both just stared at Charmaine as she was trying to scoop out the cum from her vagina. “Suck your fingers clean each time you scoop some out,” Matt said.

Charmaine couldn’t believe how much the boys had cum in her but she did as she was told, the look on her face was clear that she was disgusted by it. Then she noticed the show had started to get the boys hard again.

Charmaine quickly stood up and headed for the stairs, “Where do you think you’re going?” asked Andy.

“I was going to have a shower and get dressed, you boys have had your fun. I thought you were finished.” She replied nervously.

“Well you thought wrong, come back here now,” he replied back. Charmaine walked slowly back to where the boys were seated. “Turn around for me,” he instructed and Charmaine complied.

“Wow, look at the damage Mr Spoon has done, that’ll leave a bruise.” Matt added.

“Hopefully it’ll help her remember the rules,” replied Andy laughing. “Now bend over and touch your toes, then stay like that,” he barked out his next instruction. Again, she did as she was told, she was hating this, facing away from the boys in this position exposed both her holes to them.

Charmaine saw a flash of light, and looked back around her legs, Matt had his phone in his hand. “That’s going to be my new screen saver,” he laughed.

Charmaine wanted to object but was too scared of the spoon, she already had to think of an excuse in case James saw the marks so kept quiet. The boys sat still for a few moments then Andy got up and walked beside her. He wrapped his arm around the base of her back and round to her bum cheek then placed his other hand on her other cheek and proceeded to spread them.

“Looks even better now doesn’t it Matt?” Andy said as he pulled her cheeks apart.

“Oh yes, but I think something needs to fill her holes,” he replied.

Andy kept his arm wrapped around her but let go with his other hand. He then slid 3 fingers straight into her pussy. He slid them in and out for a moment then spat on her anus, while keeping his fingers inside he started to rub her rosebud with his thumb slowly letting it enter inside her as well.

Charmaine again wanted to object but was still too scared to say anything, she felt ashamed, embarrassed and her ass hurt also.

Andy now had his whole thumb in her anus and started to really thrust has fingers and thumbs inside her. “This bitch is soaking my hand,” he laughed whilst continuing his assault on her pleasure holes.

“ooooohh,” without warning Charmaine moaned with pleasure as she orgasmed around Andy’s hand. This took her embarrassment to a whole new level; she couldn’t believe these boys had made her orgasm in front of them. Although she felt pleasure from the orgasm her eyes still filled with tears.

“Wow I can feel her squeezing my hand when she climaxed,” Andy told Matt, “I think I’m ready to fuck her again.” He stood up behind her and slowly started to push his cock into her waiting, soaked pussy.

Matt moved around her and lifted her head up so she could suck on his cock at the same time. “That’s it cunt suck my cock,” Matt grabbed at her head and pushed his cock deep into her mouth opening her throat.

“uuugh, uuugh,” noises came from Charmaine as she struggled to breath around the intruder in her throat. Matt pulled out to let her get some air. Charmaine breathed in deep as saliva kept her mouth and his cock connected before he inserted himself back in. At the same time Andy was thrusting as deep and hard as he could into her pussy.

“Oh shit, I’m about to cum,” said Andy taking a tight grip around her waist.

“Me too,” shouted Matt as he gripped the back of her head and started to throat fuck her.

“Fuuuuckkk,” the boys both cried out as they simultaneously came, Andy was as deep as possible in her pussy and Matt in her throat, they both held her tight while she tried to fight away from the sperm injections being released inside her.

“You better swallow every drop,” said Matt. “That’s good quality cum slithering down your throat.

She gagged on it but managed to swallow it all, she was more concerned that another load had been emptied into her pussy though. She didn’t want to get pregnant, especially to these boys.

Andy pulled out of her and gave her ass a slap before sitting down and saying, “tell you what, I’m feeling peckish after that, go and make me a sandwich slut.”

“Make me one as well while you’re at it bitch,” said Matt.

“Yes Masters,” came her reply. She went to pick her clothes up to get dressed but Andy stopped her.

“You don’t need clothes to make sandwiches,” he said as she dropped her head in shame and made her way to the kitchen.

Whilst Charmaine was in the kitchen the boys got dressed, when she came out Matt took another picture of her serving them food in the buff. “Now I need to choose my favourite pic,” he said laughing.

The boys took the sandwiches and headed for the door, “see you again soon slut,” Andy said as they left her house.

As soon as the door closed, Charmaine dropped to her knees and burst into tears, what was she going to do now, she was stuck with nowhere to go and no one to help her. She couldn’t risk that tape getting out it would ruin her and her family’s reputation.

It was now 3pm, she finally got up and gathered her clothes and headed for the shower, she kept thinking back to that night and how it caused all of this. If only James hadn’t invited his friends’ round, it would never have happened. Now I have to pay the price in silence she thought to herself.

She got dressed and tidied up, and tried to continue about the rest of her day as usual, her thoughts though turned to what if I’m pregnant, when will the boys come back, what would they do next time.

Who knew what the future held for her?

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