Charlotte , The Pirate Ch. 10

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The following story is the final chapter in a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I’m afraid you’ll have to go find each part, or you can click on my name above to see all parts as well as my other stories.

Part 1: Non-Erotic.

Part 2: First Time

Part 3: Loving Wives

Part 4: Exhib & Voy

Part 5: Lesbian

Part 6: Interracial

Part 7: Letters and Transcripts

Part 8: Romance

Part 9: Mature

* * * * *

When everyone was aboard, the Anvil set sail. The king’s men weren’t far behind, and as soon as they reached the harbor French warships would be after them.

The little ship was crowded, but William tried to give the women separate quarters as best he could. They would have to double up, though. There wasn’t any possibility of giving each lady a room. William would miss having Charlotte with him, but there was no way that would work. The men were having to sleep four or even six to a room. The captain was no exception.

There was one nice surprise waiting for Charlotte. Priscilla was there. The English woman had said she was going to make her way back to Britain, but here she was on the ship. When Charlotte asked her what happened, Pris said that she really had intended to go home, but things just kept delaying her. First, there was no ship leaving for Britain for a month. Then she got a job in a shop for people she really liked. Well, one thing just led to another and somehow she never got around to leaving.

When she heard what was happening, and that everyone would be leaving, Priscilla had left her job and headed to the coast to join the group. She realized she just had to see Charlotte again, and also that there really wasn’t anything in England to return home to. So here she was.

Charlotte gave her old friend a huge hug. Then she and Priscilla decided to trade cabinmates and take a room together. It would be like the only good parts of old times.

Meanwhile, William was making for the open sea as fast as he could. A couple of hours had passed, and through his glass Bill could see a full-sized French man-o-war leaving the harbor to make chase. She would be at full sail shortly. With a good wind behind her, the Anvil would be a bit faster, but not much. And if the wind turned wrong, the huge warship might overtake them. Sporting over 40 guns, she would blow the Anvil out of the water in the blink of an eye.

The Anvil was sailing for all she was worth. For three days she made her best possible speed. The French ship dropped back, but not much. She was still in full pursuit, and only about six hours behind. The Anvil had to make for the Straits of Gibraltar. If she could get though there, and into the open Atlantic, the French ship would never catch her.

The wind remained friendly, and William thought he might actually make it. Another day had passed and the straits were in sight. Bill ordered his helmsman to make right for them. If they could just get through. Everything looked like it was going to work out.

Then, as if fate was just playing games with them, everything went wrong. From out of the straits came three English warships. Each carried 36 guns and they were headed straight for the Anvil. There was nowhere to go. If she turned, the Anvil would end up in range of the French ship behind her, and if she kept going, the British would destroy her.

Well it didn’t matter, so William decided to press forward. They might as well take a path between the British ships. It at least led to freedom. They didn’t have a chance of course. The English ships would turn and destroy the Anvil long before she reached them, but at least they would go down fighting.

The Anvil closed on the British ships, faster and faster. To William’s utter shock, the British ships just kept coming. They should have turned and blown her out of the water with broadsides. What were they doing? There was no time to wonder about it. The French ship was still behind them and the Atlantic beckoned in front.

The pirate ship was almost right upon the British ships, when finally they began to turn. The Anvil was really too close to be a target, but she was going to have to slow and turn herself to navigate her way between them. And when she did, the French ship would make it into firing range. It didn’t matter what the British did, in a few minutes the French would have them.

William gave the order to turn. The Anvil dropped sail and slowed. There wasn’t much room between the British ships. As she maneuvered, William waited for the sound of firing cannon that would mean the end of his ship. There it was. BOOM!!!!. And then another, and still another. What was going on? Bill looked around and realized that the English ships were firing on the French. The French ship was trying to return fire, but she was too heavily outnumbered. She fired a broadside at the British and a couple of balls hit one of the ships. But there was no serious damage. avcılar escort

The French ship then tried to turn and run, but she was much too close. A few minutes later, the British fired again. Over 50 guns targeted the French battleship. One second she was there, a moment later a ball hit her powder magazine and the ship was splinters. After that, one of the British ships signaled for the Anvil to stop.

Bill debated running, but it was pointless. The British could destroy them just as easily as she had that French ship. Besides, they could have blasted her already, and they had sunk the ship that was chasing them. More was going on here than William knew. So Bill ordered the Anvil to full stop and waited to see what happened next.

One of the British ships pulled alongside the Anvil. Then someone shouted down for William to come aboard. Bill shouted back that he thanked them for the invitation, but he’d rather decline. He really didn’t feel like walking to his own hanging. However, if the captain of the British ship would like to come aboard the Anvil, William would be happy to show his hospitality. Then, to Bill’s absolute utter shock, the British captain shouted that he accepted.

A moment later, Bill was still trying to sort out what was going on, as three British officers made their way onto the Anvil’s deck. One of them introduced himself as Captain Langston of HMS Defiant. When he asked if he might have the pleasure of meeting the notorious Black Bill, William went ahead and introduced himself.

Then, as if the day wasn’t already strange enough, Captain Langston informed William that he had a full pardon for him from the king. A pardon. A PARDON!!! And why would James be wanting to pardon Black Bill?

But the captain told Bill it wasn’t King James, it was King William. William!!! Who the Hell was William?? It took a while, but Captain Langston finally managed to explain the whole thing.

The British people had had enough of that sniveling worm, James. They had risen up in revolt. James, had escaped however, and had fled to France. The British had demanded that France turn James over to them, and when the French refused war was declared. At the same time, William and Mary of Orange had come to England from the continent and were now ruling the country.

The new king needed every good naval officer he could get. And one of the most brilliant sailors of the time was the notorious pirate Black Bill. It hadn’t taken long for the king to learn the whole story of how Bill had become a pirate. The king knew that he had been shanghaied aboard a crooked merchant vessel. And that he had been condemned in absentia for a mutiny that was more than justified, considering what the captain of that ship had been up to.

Of course there was the matter of piracy, but for a price, the king was willing to pardon those crimes as well. And the price was simple. William would accept a commission as captain in His Majesty’s Navy. When William asked what would happen if he refused the commission, Langston said that he would then have to return to his ship and all sorts of unpleasant things would begin to happen. Bill just laughed and said that he certainly didn’t want to be responsible for any unpleasantness. So to prevent such hardship for his new friend, he would accept the king’s commission.

However, he wanted two things in return. First, he would remain in command of the Anvil and that he would also take command of the other two ships. Second, that he would be named governor of the island of St. Dominique. When the captain laughed and said that the British didn’t own that island, William laughed right along with him and told Captain Langston that he intended to change that.

Langston just shook his head. “Bill, I actually know what you want to do, and you’ll have to forget it. There is a French fleet at St. Dominique. At last report there were five full-sized French warships, each carrying over 40 guns, anchored at the island. Apparently the governor of St. Dominique did some great favor for the king of France which helped him with James’ relocation.

William began to laugh so hard, he almost fell. The British captain wondered if the pirate had lost his mind. When he was finally composed again, Bill explained what had happened. He told Langston the whole story of Charlotte and her father’s estate. Apparently, the secret guest who was supposed to take the place was James. The king of France would not be nearly as happy with Andre Panvois when he found out that the great estate he had given him was in ashes and ruins.

“William, as much as I would like to stop you from this madness, I can’t. I have strict orders to give you whatever you need to fight the French. And, it would be a great service to his majesty if the French fleet at St. Dominique was destroyed. I have a feeling it is more likely that it will be you who ends up at the bottom of the ocean, but so be it. The ships avrupa yakası escort are yours, and their captains will be ordered to obey your commands. God speed and good fortune be with you.” With that Captain Langston said goodbye and returned to the Defiant. A few minutes later she set sail, leaving the Anvil and the other two warships behind.

As soon as they were ready, Bill ordered his new fleet west. It was a long sail back to the Caribbean and they might as well get started.

William was a little worried about how the British sailors would adjust to their new situation, but it didn’t turn out to be a problem. Sailors were pretty much sailors, and they all managed to get along. Also, the captains of the other two ships were both on their first commands. Neither had any experience at all in commanding a fleet and were more than willing to let William do it.

After a couple of days, when everything was going smoothly, William finally got an opportunity to check on Charlotte. It was late and he didn’t want to wake the lady if she was asleep. So he just opened the cabin door and peeked inside.

Charlotte was definitely not asleep. And neither was Priscilla. They were both in bed, but there was nothing restful about what they were doing. Both women were naked on the bed, and they were deeply involved in kissing and fondling one another.

William wasn’t sure what to do. He was about to turn and leave quietly, when Charlotte looked up and saw him. For a second she was a bit embarrassed, but then she just smiled and waved at William to come over and join them.

As soon as Bill reached the bed, Charlotte began undressing him as fast as she could. When he was as naked as she was, Charlotte pushed him down on his back and almost dove for his crotch. William let out a small moan, as Charlotte engulfed his organ in her mouth and began to lick and suck it.

Priscilla just sat there puzzled for a moment until Charlotte waved at her to come join them. Pris moved her head next to Charlotte, and the lady lifted her mouth off of Williams’ rod. It was standing firm and tall now. With it in between their faces, both women began running their tongues up and down it. Bill couldn’t believe the feeling of those two tongues working on his cock at the same time.

Just when Bill thought he might lose his mind from the sensations, the women both sat up. Charlotte quickly straddled him and then settled down with Williams’ cock firmly up inside her. Priscilla just moved up to William’s head. Before he could even think, she sat down so that her quim was directly over his face. Bill didn’t need to be told what to do, he just began to use his own tongue to work on the little clit that was directly over him.

William had to smile at the squeal that came from Priscilla when his tongue made contact with her. It was hard to concentrate on what he was doing, with Charlotte moving up and down on his shaft the way she was. He managed to focus though, and put all his effort into making Pris completely lose control. He ran his tongue down between her lips and straight up inside her. Then he worked his way back, and gently sucked her clit into his mouth. It took a few minutes, but Pris finally let out a shriek and began pressing herself into his face. When she finished, the blonde girl just sat there panting.

Bill couldn’t really see Charlotte. Suddenly, he felt her lift off him. He didn’t know what she was doing, but then Pris was moving as well. Then, to his utter shock, Charlotte moved over his face and Pris moved down to his cock. A moment later, Charlotte’s quim was at his lips, and his rod was embedded deeply inside Priscilla. William was astonished that Charlotte would be willing to share him like this, but he certainly wouldn’t complain. God, it was incredible.

Charlotte was already so close when William began to work on her, that he knew there was no way this could take very long. And that was good, because he wasn’t going to last much longer either. Priscilla was moving up and down, and the sensations coming from being inside her body were just about to finish him.

Barely five minutes later, it happened. Charlotte let out a shriek and began to bounce on William’s face. Pris pushed herself down onto Bill’s shaft as hard as she could. Bill could feel her muscles squeezing him. He thrust hard up into her, and began to shoot deep inside her channel. A few seconds later, Pris let out another squeal and began to cum along with her companions.

When they were all done, Bill just ended up lying in the middle with the two lovely women snuggled up against him. One on each side. Within seconds, all three of them were happily asleep.

The next morning, Bill awoke to the most incredible feeling. He looked down, and there were both women back at his groin. Once again, his shaft was between them and they were both whipping their tongues all over it. Then one of the women would move her head and pull bağcılar escort his rod into her mouth. After she had sucked it a couple of times, she would take it out and her friend would come over and do the same thing. Bill couldn’t believe the number of times his cock went in and out of each beautiful woman’s mouth.

The captain tried to make it last, but with all that attention he reached his limit very soon. Bill just threw his head back and began to shoot. He was inside one girl’s mouth when he began firing and he didn’t know which one. Then, he felt one girl quickly pull her head off his cock, and the other girl immediately suck it inside her own. William happily finished cumming down the second girl’s throat.

After that, the two women came back up and snuggled against William again. Bill stayed there a few minutes to catch his breath, but then he told the two ladies that he was sorry but he had to get back to work. Pris and Charlotte just smiled and told him that they hoped they would see him again soon.

William staggered out the door and tried to concentrate on returning to duty. For a moment he felt a little guilty. It wasn’t really fair for him to enjoy himself like this, when the rest of his crew had it much harder. But he consoled himself, realizing that he certainly hadn’t planned any of this. So William made his way on deck, having decided that he would definitely be revisiting that cabin very soon.

The next couple of months passed quickly. Bill spent many nights in that cabin. There was no limit to the attention the women would pay him, or that William would give them in return.

The one night that they both bent over and asked him to take turns going up their backsides certainly surprised him. But after he was inside Pris’ rear tunnel, it was obvious from the sounds she was making that she definitely enjoyed it. And then, when he pulled out and moved over, Charlotte could barely wait to be plugged herself. Bill only managed to make it through four or five turns up each girl, before he was shooting a huge load deep into Priscilla’s bottom.

After that, nothing shocked Bill. Each of the three would do his or her best to please the other two. Most nights Bill wouldn’t even know which girl he would cum inside, or for that matter even where. The rest of the crew wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but they were all amazed at how relaxed and patient the captain was.

When the lookout spotted Tortuga, William guiltily realized that part of him was disappointed. But he had to put that behind him, there was work to do now.

At first, when the two British warships approached the harbor, the natives began to prepare for a fight. But when they saw the small ship between them flying the banner of the Anvil, everyone relaxed.

The small fleet resupplied and got ready to sail again. The women and children were put ashore, and William made arrangements for their room and board. Three women stayed on board, however. They were Charlotte, Priscilla, and Tekumbe. There was no fun and games in mind for that decision. Rather, the three women wanted vengeance as much as the men.

With all the arrangements made, the three ships headed out to sea. They would be badly outnumbered at St. Dominique, but even his new British allies had come to trust Black Bill. If William said they would take St. Dominique, then that’s what they would do.

Bill knew what he was facing. There were five warships at St. Dominique, and each one of them outgunned any ship that he had. But he did have a couple of advantages. The French didn’t know he was coming, and they didn’t know how many ships he had.

Well away from St. Dominique, William split the Anvil off from the fleet and headed on towards the island. As he approached the harbor, his fears were confirmed. There were indeed five French ships of the line in the harbor.

The French fleet commander couldn’t believe his eyes. A small sloop flying a black anvil was sailing into the harbor. Then she turned and fired a broadside at his fleet. She was well out of range of course, so there was no damage. But how dare that scurvy pirate fire at his ships. Black Bill would pay for his arrogance this morning.

After he had fired, William ordered the Anvil to turn hard and head back to sea. Behind him, Bill could see one of the French ships slipping from the dock and making chase. Apparently she had been ready to sail. William knew he’d better keep well ahead of her. If the French ship got within firing range, the Anvil would be done for.

The chase went for six hours. The Anvil maintained her lead, but couldn’t seem to pull away. Then she approached a small island. As soon as Bill had his ship past the island, he turned hard towards it. A couple of minutes later, the French captain lost sight of his quarry behind the little spit of land.

The Frenchman ordered his ship to all possible speed. He wasn’t about to lose the Anvil now. Aside from the fact that the cocky bastard had fired at him, the man knew that capturing Black Bill would make his career.

The French ship cleared the island, and there was the Anvil still sailing away. But now the French ship was gaining. Slowly it was true, but inexorably the Anvil was coming closer. It was only a matter of time now before she was in firing range.

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