Charlotte , The Colonel

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You can call me Sweet Charlotte; it’s a name I have great affection for because it was the nick-name the Colonel gave me. For two glorious weeks in my life ten years ago this mature, worldly man taught me that sex and its many acts can be a delicious experience even for a novice such as myself.

At 18 years of age I wasn’t the most experienced girl in the world; in fact you could call me very naïve. My parents were very protective of me, I was their only child, their pride and joy and so I was constantly wrapped in cotton wool.

I had very little knowledge about sex in any shape or form and as I went to a strict all girl Catholic school what I did learn was based on what my friends knew and they were as lacking in sexual education as much as I was!

My parents thought it was good to keep me in happy ignorance; you can’t blame them really but at some point I had to grow up and it was during that hot September in Cornwall I started my journey toward womanhood.

And all because I happened to make friends with a retired Army Colonel from the Queen’s own Dragoons…

My parents and I went to stay in a hotel on a cliff top. A wonderful building that had seen its hey day in the 1930s but still had that old world charm about it. It even had its own maze with a summer house placed nicely in the centre of it.

It was the end of the summer so there were only a few guests in the hotel, in fact my family and the Colonel were the only guests there for those two wonderful weeks in September, other than the staff that is.

Colonel Harry Chapman was 55 years old, tall, handsome, physically fit with salt and pepper hair combined back neatly, slightly tanned skin from his years traversing the globe, and a pair of shrewd intelligent green eyes.

My parents liked him at once. He was a gentleman, well spoken, and well educated. They trusted him instantly and had no problems with me being in his company when I wasn’t with them.

I liked the Colonel too, he was quiet, was willing to listen to my chatter and he treated me like a lady, not a little girl like my parents did.

As said before he took to calling me Sweet Charlotte and would open doors for me, pull out my chair at the dinner table and offer me his arm whenever we went out for walks in the Hotel’s vast cliff top gardens.

So when he invited me for a picnic in the maze’s summer house, I said yes without a qualm.

My parents were more than agreeable, my mother wanted to go to Penzance for the day where as I was not keen. This solved them worrying about me; after all I would be more than safe in the Colonel’s care, wouldn’t I?

So they drove off to Penzance and I went with the Colonel into the Maze and the delightful little summer house at its centre with its wicker chairs, soft rugs and flowery cushions for guests comfort.

The Colonel laid out the picnic whilst I gathered the cushions for us to sit on. He was watching me gravely as I set them out on the floor and we settled down to enjoy our meal of egg and cress sandwiches and freshly made lemonade.

I remember to this day what I wearing; it was a pale blue and white sleeveless frock, too young for me really, as were the white ankle bobby socks and black patent leather Mary Jane shoes on my feet, but like I said my parents wanted to keep me a child for as long as they could.

All the same I looked very pretty, with my long red gold hair falling over my shoulders, clipped back with two jewelled hair slides, my skin rosy from the sea air, my blue eyes wide and innocent.

I had even dabbed some of my mother’s favourite perfume on my wrists and throat, with her permission of course!

Before that I had never really noticed that I had attributes men will admire, but looking back I realise now that I was a blossoming peach that desperately needed plucking.

My breasts were firm and high, my hips rounded and shapely, my legs long and supple. My bud like mouth was as virginal as I was, but unbeknown to me, today was the day I got to have my eyes well and truly opened in the most delicious and wicked ways possible.

How the Colonel and I got to talking about physical sensations we liked I don’t know, but that is how it all started.

I think the Colonel said something about the human body liking to be touched and I think I agreed with him adding that I liked to have my shoulders and back rubbed.

I did too. My mother did it regularly for me of late because I was busy studying all the time, I was about to take my final exams that would get me into the University of my choice so I was forever hunched over a pile of books in my bedroom or in the family lounge.

“That is a nice sensation,” the Colonel agreed, “I like having my back massaged too, it’s very relaxing.”

I smiled and then was startled when he leaned over, positioning himself behind me then he put his hands on my shoulders and began to massage them.

I was a bit embarrassed at first; I mean I didn’t expect him to do that did I? But it felt very nice, very nice casino şirketleri indeed, what was odd was that it felt; well, very different from the way my mother did it!

The Colonel had large hands but they weren’t rough and his fingers were long and slender.

“Do you like it? “he asked me softly his mouth near to my ear, his breath hot on my flesh.

“It’s really nice…” I murmured closing my eyes and slowly letting myself relax

He rubbed my shoulders steadily, moving down my arms, squeezing them in delightful pinches of pleasure and then his voice was murmuring into my ear.

“It would feel nicer if you undo your dress; here let me do it for you.”

Before I could protest I heard the zipper at the back of my dress being pulled down and suddenly the top part of my frock was sliding gently down my arms.

My pink lacy bra was on display and I was momentarily embarrassed and then I gasped, because the Colonel suddenly cupped my bra covered breasts began to massage them too!

I was startled, so startled in fact that I didn’t protest and then the strangest of sensations began to ripple through me, delicious sensations, like having hundreds of butterfly wings brushing over my flesh at the same time.

I looked down at that instant and saw the Colonel’s hands, covering and holding my breasts and another new feeling ran through me,

I felt a hot cloying movement between my legs like I was leaking something moist and hot from deep inside me.

“Undo your bra,” the Colonel said in his soft but commanding voice and I found myself obeying him, even though he could have unfastened it from where he was sitting. He helped me remove it and he tossed it to one side.

I was feeling breathless and hot, I knew deep down that what the Colonel was doing wasn’t what he should be doing, but it was so deliciously nice I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to stop.

His hands slid under my arms and I watched mesmerised as his hands cupped my now bare breasts yet again; only this time the sensation was like honey on a spoon, tight and sweet and I found myself pushing my breasts into his hands, and he in turn grasped the two virginal buds of puckered flesh and twisted them between his forefinger and thumb, ever so gently but enough to make me cry out in pleasurable surprise.

He began to kiss the side of my neck, soft wet kisses that left me breathless, I’d never been kissed in such a way before, it was so strange it made my breath quicken and I found myself covering his hands with mine to help with the pleasurable feeling rippling through me, closing my eyes and sighing with pleasure.

“Shall I make it feel even nicer sweet Charlotte?” he said shocking me and I wondered how that was at all possible? I thought I was in heaven right at that moment, it couldn’t get any better, it just couldn’t!

“Yes please,” I heard myself say even though I knew I should refuse and he turned my willing body slightly, moved one hand off a breast and before I could exhale he had lowed his head and he began to lick my nipple, rolling his tongue around and around the soft pink pap, causing my eyes to shoot open, my mouth to form into an “O” my toes curled in their shoes and I let out a long drawn out moan:


It didn’t end there of course, his mouth moved back and forth from my two sensitive puckered flesh nipples. Very gently he sucked each of them, at first only for three seconds, per breast, sucking the nodule that turned into a tiny cherry and then into a miniature plum, increasing the pressure and time, making me pant harder with each left and right movement of his head.

I had no idea I was being ruthlessly seduced, all I knew right then was that I didn’t want him to stop because it was such an amazing feeling, not just in my breasts but throughout my whole body!

“Put your hands on your head,” the Colonel ordered me briskly, “Good girl, now straighten up your back, no don’t move, that’s it.”

He pulled me around so that I was now facing him, kneeling in fact, hot faced and excited, and he gripped my waist and began to kiss and nibble each of my nipples with grave concentration, and I watched him willingly, my hands on my head, whilst the feeling between my legs was getting stronger and stronger with each passing second.

It was like an ache, a hot, throbbing wet ache that was of divine proportions.

Was I peeing in my knickers?” I thought suddenly, oh God, I hoped not, but I was very wet down there, I could feel it soaking my crotch.

“We should stop,” I heard myself croak out; my nipples were coated with his spittle which his long fingers began to rub into to my breasts in steady circular motions.

I was hot and bothered but in reality I didn’t want him to stop even though I had said as much and he knew it.

He stopped all the same, the Colonel was a gentleman after all but he gently put his hands behind my neck and pulled my face to his, our mouths met and his tongue snaked between my lips and I found myself casino firmaları parting my lips and doing the same thing to him.

Whilst he was doing this odd thing with his mouth which I later found out was called French kissing he was playing with my breasts, and my momentary desire for him to stop, became a desire for him to continue.

“Do you know what these are called?” he said suddenly pulling away from me and he pointed to my heaving breasts.

I blinked, “Breasts,” I said uncertainly; he shook his head and smiled at me.

“They are your tits,” he corrected me, “Your tits, good girls have breasts, naughty girls my dear sweet Charlotte have tits, and you’re now a very naughty girl, so you have tits.”

I blushed but the cloying feeling in my knickers increased ten fold.

“Say it,” he commanded me, “Say it!”

“I have tits,” I said blushing furiously and squirming hotly under his intense grave gaze.

He smiled at me again and then he pushed one hand under the skirt of my frock, toward my now saturated knickers.

I started to protest, not because I didn’t want him to touch me down there, actually I did but my knickers were soaking wet, he’d know I’d wet them and I’d be mortified!

However his tongue lapped against at my nipples and I let out a moan and then his fingers were stroking my wet crotch, and the sensation was as good as what he was doing with my tits, even better in fact!

“Your knickers are wet,” he said upon “discovering” my secret and making me squirm even more, “We better get them off you.”

Blushing even more furiously I scrambled to get out of my soaking wet knickers, my crotch was just as soaking too, I felt tears well up in my eyes, humiliated that I could do such a thing!

The Colonel seemed amused by my discomfort, he laughed softly, and then made me sit rather than kneel and part my legs.

I gasped when he started to push a finger into the dripping hot slit that was throbbing almost painfully.

It was numb and yet it was so alive. I arched my back in surprise, tried to speak but couldn’t. He moved his finger in and out really slowly at first, it was a smooth slick sensation which I really liked, in and out he pushed this finger, watching my straining face with a small knowing smile on his lips.

I found myself rocking against his finger and the palm of his hand which was cupping my mound of Venus.

Now I shaved myself down below, I didn’t like having a lot of hair down there, it was untidy and so for some time now I had been trimming my bush into a neat red-gold “V” shape.

Because shaving it made it feel a little “rough” I had also been rubbing body moisturiser on my mound to soften it and though I had found this pleasurable I was not aware that I was starting toward the very first stages of learning how to masturbate.

I was so naïve I didn’t even know what masturbating actually entailed though I had heard the word bandied around the school yard on occasions!

But right at this moment the Colonel was masturbating me and I didn’t even know it but what I did know was that I liked it!

“This is your cunt I’ve got my finger in,” the Colonel said and my heart fluttered at his words, “Both good and dirty girls have cunts, shall I stop now?”

“NO!” I cried out, “NO!”

“Shall I put two fingers inside you now Sweet Charlotte?” he asked softly, his green eyes so bright and hypnotic and dumbly, unable to speak for a few seconds, I nodded my head and then groaned again.

“Go deeper!” I heard myself beg him.

“Go deeper into my cunt,” he corrected me.

“Go deeper into my cunt,” I repeated my voice raising an octave or two, “Please, oh please pleaseeeeeeee!”

He obliged, two fingers were now moving in and out of my slit, and I was rocking harder against his hand, wanting the feeling inside me to increase until it devoured me with its raging intensity. I let out another loud moan and I knew I had to have more.

“Put all four fingers in my cunt,” I begged him in a ragged voice and I parted my legs to show my willingness, “Do it with all your fingers, please?”

“Spread your legs wider,” he ordered me and he positioned himself nearer to my crotch, he was barely sweating, his concentration was intense, he was a true military man, totally in control of my seduction, playing each action with the precision of a military strategist” This might hurt a bit!

It did. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets, I let out a little wail, bucked against the brutal invasion of so many digits but the pain receded instantly and the sensation of pleasure rippled through me like a tidal wave once again.

“Lovely!” I gasped in awe, “Oh God, this is so nice, don’t stop, Colonel please don’t stop!”

“Lovely like you are my dirty little Sweet Charlotte,” he chuckled, “You’re going to come real soon, now that will feel really lovely, I can tell you!”

“Come?” I gasped not understanding what he was saying, only that I didn’t want what he was doing to me to stop.

“Yes,” güvenilir casino he said his hand moving faster and faster inside me, “You’re not experienced enough to hold on for much longer, don’t worry I know what to do my dear!”

I soaked his fingers when I came seconds later, I was startled and a bit frightened by the rippling sensation that shot from my curling toes through my shoes, up my legs, into my crotch and then through the rest of me rushing through my body like a fast flowing tide of hot foaming waves of pure pleasure.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” I cried out at that moment and I bucked against his hand hard, and then I felt something hot gush out of me, oh God I’d peed over his hand! I blushed bright red with shame and mortification when finally I could get some of my shaking and trembling under control.

“I’m sorry!” I stammered mortified with myself but he just smiled at me.

“That’s alright,” he said soothingly, “It’s your first time, you couldn’t help it, now lie on your back, and I’ll help make you feel just as nice as you did a few minutes ago.”

I obeyed him, not sure what he was going to do next, I gave a cry of shock when he lowered his head between my legs, what was he doing, how could that make me feel nic…oh my GOD!

The Colonel started to lap at my cunt with his tongue which was still trembling after having his fingers shoving in and out of it and I felt a powerful feeling rush through my belly, like I had drunk a lot of water and it was sloshing around inside me.

He licked harder and harder, his salt and pepper head bobbing up and down in my crotch and he was moaning now along with me and I found myself lifting my hips to buck against his face. He practically lifted my bottom off the ground, clutching at me legs and gobbling me as if I was a delicious meal.

I clawed at his head, crying out as I did.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

I spurted my juices in his face again, I couldn’t stop myself and he lapped it all up, and then he stayed down there until he had licked me clean of every last drop of juice.

Finally he got up, licking his lips and wiping his mouth as he did. He helped me sit up.

“You were wonderful,” he said and I found myself blushing yet again, but this time with pleasure rather than embarrassment.

“I enjoyed it very much,” I said shyly and he looked at me gravely.

“I should hope so,” he said, “You’d be a very ungrateful little girl if you didn’t”

I started to reach for my bra but he stopped me.

“Charlotte,” he said in a serious voice, “I think it’s time you learnt more about the birds and the bees, don’t you think?”

I blinked and I found myself nodding my head to his question. My heart began to hammer in my chest, and I started to feel excited again though I didn’t know why.

“I mean,” he said, “You’re already a very dirty little girl now sweet Charlotte, so we might as well finish off the job, mighten we? We might as well go all the way and make you a filthy little girl, what do you think?”

I found myself nodding my head again even though I had only had a vague idea of what he was suggesting.

A few minutes later I was totally naked except for my bobby socks and Mary Jane shoes which he insisted I keep on.

He started to play with my cunt again, only this time, I was kneeling in front of him and I was holding onto his shoulders. He used both hands this time, rubbing my cunt yet again; he licked his fingers and began to work them inside of me.

My eyes watered but it was not without pleasure, I found myself moving up and down on his fingers again. He talked to me more this time, and his words made me tingle and feel hot all over.

“You’re a filthy little girl now,” he said hoarsely, “And filthy little girls have to do filthy things, don’t they?”

“Yes,” I gasped, “Oh yes they do!”

He lowered his head and began to lap at my cunt again but I instinctively knew this was just a precursor to something new and more delicious.

“Tell me how filthy you are!” he commanded me when he came up for air, “I want to hear it from your mouth, tell me what a filthy little girl you are!”

“I’m a filthy little girl,” I panted over and over again, my eyes closed my body heaving against his moving fingers which were pressing against something inside of me that kept making me jerk and cry out, I didn’t know it then but the Colonel had found my clitoris and he was rubbing it hard to get me more aroused and ready for my next newest experience “I’m a filthy little girl!”

I was getting wet down below again very quickly, and then I heard something that sounded like a zipper but I wasn’t wearing any clothes so it had to be something the Colonel was wearing.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered me and I obeyed, squatting at his command, I felt something hard push upward, parting the hot wet slit of my cunt lips.

I looked downward and my eyes widened, I was balanced on top of this large swollen purple thing and it was throbbing, throbbing against my cunt and suddenly I knew that this thing was going to somehow fit all the way inside me.

Timidly I pushed downward and winced, it was very big, and I was very tight despite all the lubrication my cunt had received.

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