Charlie , Miley Ch. 04

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Numerous warnings to stop what he was doing screamed in Charlie’s mind as he followed Haley and Miley through the long hallway of his father-in-law’s house. The reasons why they shouldn’t engage in a threesome piled up faster than his brain could process. To begin with, he didn’t want to engage in intercourse with a woman other than his wife; Haley was his mother-in-law. Also, they all lived together – nothing good could come from a threesome, Charlie knew. It all seemed too much like a television soap opera drama which could only end in disaster, especially if Jack ever found out. One simple act of carnal pleasure could destroy the only family Miley had left.

Charlie wondered if the same warning alarms were ringing in Miley or Haley’s head, but they seemed oblivious to the potential dangers as they walked hand-in-hand towards his and Miley’s bedroom. Charlie understood Miley’s oft-casual attitude towards all things sexual; she rarely concerned herself with any consequences, social or otherwise, of engaging in whatever kinky passions crossed her fancy. But a threesome with her step-mother was beyond the boundaries of acceptable, even for Miley, despite the fact Charlie sensed Miley wanted to have a threesome with Haley way back when they all first met.

From the moment they first became a couple Charlie had always succumbed to Miley’s often wild sexual suggestions, unable to refuse her anything. He trusted her and that trust had led Charlie into numerous sexy situations which had provided a lifetime’s worth of excitement and pleasure. But he always wondered if she would one day lead him down a sexual road he couldn’t follow. Charlie finally had his answer.

“We can’t do this,” Charlie stopped just as the girls reached the bedroom door. “I mean – I can’t do this.”

Both Miley and Haley turned to his words with questioning glances towards his announcement.

“I already feel guilty enough about what we just did in the kitchen,” Charlie told them, referring to the hand-job Miley had given him while Haley watched.

Haley tilted her head, “We’re just having fun, Charlie.”

“It would be like that time with Stacy,” Miley added. “After prom, you remember? That was harmless, right?”

Charlie shook his head, “No, no that was different. Stacy wasn’t married to your father; she was single. Also, you weren’t pregnant and we weren’t married.”

Haley glanced down at the floor with a guilty expression.

Miley bit her lip.

Charlie looked to his wife, “Miley, I don’t want to be with any other women. For my whole life you’re the only girl I’ve ever wanted and that’s never going to change. And even if that wasn’t the case, we’d be betraying Jack – all three of us. I respect Jack too much to do that. I’m sorry, you guys. I just… I can’t.”

“God that’s so sweet,” Miley gushed, “But baby, I would never let you… you know, fuck her.”

Haley glanced at Miley, “What?”

Charlie’s eyebrows rose up his forehead.

“You can’t have sex with my husband,” Miley said in a tone which suggested that fact should have been obvious.

Haley exhaled sharply, “Isn’t that the point of a threesome?”

Miley spread her hands in a wild gesture, “No! I figured we’d just fool around, you know? Maybe masturbate each other or something. You can’t fuck him, Haley. Charlie promised me a long time ago that I would be the only woman he’d ever be inside.”

Charlie grinned privately, happy to hear Miley remembered their high school vow of exclusivity. Outwardly he remained expressionless, “Um, I don’t think we should do anything. We’re making a mistake. Imagine how Jack would feel.”

Both Haley and Miley looked to Charlie, guilt creeping onto Miley’s expression.

Miley finally spoke. “You’re right, Charlie. What was I thinking? This is all my fault. God, my hormones must be seriously out of control.”

Charlie sympathized with his pregnant wife. He wasn’t angry at Miley, or Haley. He simply didn’t want them to make a mistake they’d later regret

“Would you two stop?” Haley sounded frustrated, “Jack doesn’t care what I do, or who. Not anymore.”

Charlie looked confused, “Huh? Why would he not care?”

Miley looked curious as well.

Haley let out a long, slow breath. She spoke in a reluctant tone, “Jack and I aren’t exactly… active.”

Charlie squinted.

Miley tilted her head.

“Sexually,” Haley added for clarification.

“What are you talking about?” Miley pressed. “I saw you two just last night.”

“That was the first time we’ve been together in months,” Haley explained. “Since you moved in with us, actually. Which is why I was, you know, touching myself when you caught me watching last night. I’ve been unbelievably horny for weeks. So horny that I needed someone – anyone. Jack happened to be there.”

“Wait a minute,” Charlie interjected, “Why aren’t you and Jack -? Did something happen between the two of you?”

Haley turned away, embarrassed.

Miley reached for her hand, “Haley, what happened? You soğanlık escort bayan can tell us.”

Haley pressed her lips together and closed her eyes, struggling.

“Haley?” Charlie urged gently.

Haley took a deep breath, “We were planning on getting a divorce, but when Charlie had to leave and Miley moved in we decided it wasn’t a good time.”

“A divorce?” Charlie sounded surprised. “But you guys seem so happy?”

“We’ve been putting on a good front,” Haley answered.

“I don’t understand,” Miley said. “Why would you two divorce?”

“I caught your father cheating on me,” Haley finally admitted.

“No way,” Miley’s jaw hung open. “With who?!”

Haley winced, reluctant to say. She knew Miley wouldn’t live without an answer, however. “Victoria,” she finally answered, “Your mother.”

“WHAT!?” Miley shrieked.


Brian leaned against a wall in the lobby of Tallahassee’s county courthouse wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a Deadpool tee-shirt, and sneakers. He felt sorely underdressed amidst the bustling professionals in their suits. He had spent the entire morning there, waiting for Stacy’s appearance before a judge. It had taken longer than he expected but bail had finally been set and Brian gladly paid it; he was waiting for Stacy to be released.

His cell phone buzzed in his pocket, breaking the monotony of people-watching. Brian saw it was Samantha and answered, “Hey, Sam.”

“Hey,” Samantha greeted. “What are you doing right now? Are you sitting?”

“No,” Brian answered. “I’m, uh, standing in a courthouse, actually.”

“A courthouse?” She sounded worried, “You didn’t get arrested, did you?”

“No,” Brian chuckled. “Stacy did. I’m just here to bail her out.”

“Stacy got arrested?”

“Yeah, she punched a mall-cop.”


Brian sighed, “Long story.”

There was a pause on Samantha’s end before she spoke, “So, are you guys back together now?”

“Not exactly, but short of calling her parents I don’t think Stace has many people willing to help her out right now. I felt kind of obligated; especially since it was because of me she got arrested.”

“Whatever,” Sam replied. “I don’t even want to know the details. I’m actually calling with some really good news.”

“About the show?” Brian grew excited.

“Yeah. I’ve been texting with this executive at HBO all night and through this morning, trying to come to an agreement. We finally settled.” Samantha paused for dramatic effect, “They’ve agreed to give you and Charlie full creative control over the scripts. You’ll have veto-power on any story aspects, but you won’t have any say in anything else. HBO’s executive producers will decide on directors, the cast, and everything else. It would be thirteen episodes and they want to start shooting by next year.”

“That’s fine,” Brian was grinning, “Charlie and I don’t know shit about any of that, anyway. How much money are we talking about?”

Brian only heard silence. “Sam?” he said, wondering if they had been disconnected.

“Two and a half million dollars for the first season,” Samantha stated flatly. “Four million for every season after if they decide to continue past the first. You’d also receive ten percent of all merchandising and DVD sales.”

“Holy shit,” Brian was suddenly having trouble breathing.

Samantha continued, “I haven’t been able to reach Charlie. You should find him. The two of you need to talk it over and let me know by the end of the day if you want me to move forward with the contracts. I’ll need to hire an attorney as soon as possible, if that’s the case.”

Brian nodded absently, as though in shock. “A-All right, I’ll find him. I-I’m pretty sure he’ll have no problems with that deal.”

“Congratulations,” Samantha spoke in a purely professional tone, “Captain Darkness has officially turned you and Charlie into millionaires.”


Jack loosened his tie as he sat at a wide mahogany desk to eat his lunch of Chinese take-out. One of the things he missed most about working from home was eating lunch on his own table, rather than out of a Styrofoam tray at a desk. Reaching into the take-out bag for a set of chopsticks and a package of soy sauce, Jack was startled when his office door burst open.

Miley looked furious as she stalked through the door.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Andrews,” Jack’s secretary pleaded, trailing Miley into the office. She was a hefty, middle-aged woman with dyed hair. “I asked her to wait, but -”

“I’m his daughter!” Miley fumed. “I’m not sitting outside and waiting for my own father!”

Jack lifted a hand, “It’s okay, Susan. Hold all my calls, would you?”

Miley crossed her arms over her pregnant stomach and glared at the secretary as she left.

Jack regarded his daughter. She looked hastily dressed in a pair of pink cotton sweatpants, one of Charlie’s tee-shirts, and a light jacket. Her wavy curls were pulled ümraniye escort bayan back into a wispy ponytail. “Hi, honey,” he greeted. It was obvious Miley was angry, but Jack didn’t have the first clue as to why. He offered, “Would you like some beef lo mein?”

“You’re sleeping with MOM?!?” Miley accused as soon as they were alone. Tears began pouring down her cheeks, “How could you?”

“Oh boy,” Jack exhaled, rising to approach his daughter.

Miley halted his advance with a firm palm, “Don’t you dare come anywhere near me.”

Jack stopped and stood at the side of his desk, “Haley told you?”

Miley nodded, wiping at one of her cheeks in a futile attempt to conceal the tears.

“And you came all the way downtown just to yell at me?”

“Charlie wouldn’t drive me and took my car keys,” Miley sniffed, “He said I was too hot-headed and upset. So I took a cab.”

Jack chuckled, “That’s my girl. When you get a mind to do something, neither hell nor high water is going to stop you.”

“Stop being charming,” Miley warned, “It’s not going to work this time.”

“You’re just like your mother, is my point. You both have a stubborn streak that I’ve always found to be admirable.” Jack approached his daughter once more.

Miley let him hug her though she didn’t reciprocate. “Is it true?” she bit her lip against his chest, “Are you sleeping with mom?”

Jack took a deep breath and nodded.

“Oh my god,” Miley stepped back to lift a hand to her forehead, “I need to sit down.”

Swiftly moving to his daughter’s side and taking her arm, Jack led her to a leather sofa.

“What about Haley?” Miley asked, reaching back to support her pregnant form as she sat. “You guys seemed like you were so in love?”

“I never meant to hurt Haley,” Jack answered, sitting as well. “It just happened.”

“What about Brad?” Miley wondered about her step-father, confused by the whole situation.

“Your mom left Brad,” Jack informed her.

“Seriously?” Miley realized she had no idea what her mother had been up to after their falling out many months prior.

Jack clasped his hands together between his legs, “Your mom came here, to the office, about four months ago. She wanted to know how you were; if you were happy; that sort of thing. One thing led to another and we ended up on my desk and -”

“Ew,” Miley gestured with a palm, letting her father know he had said more than enough. “So that’s it? ‘One thing led to another’? That’s your excuse for cheating on Haley? She’s your wife, now. How could you do that to her?”

Jack exhaled heavily and pushed a hand through his neatly-cut black hair, “Yeah. It’s not a good excuse, granted, but I’m not going to pretend anything more profound happened. Miley, I never stopped loving your mother. There’s still a lot of old feelings, old attractions, between us.”

Miley showed him a doubting frown, “She’s a deplorable human being; she tried to ruin my life on several occasions. Plus, she has never been anything but cruel to Charlie.”

“There are a lot of reasons I still care for your mother, not the least of which is that she gave me you.”

“You’re sweet, but sweet isn’t good enough, daddy. Not this time. How could you risk your marriage? How did Haley even find out?”

“Haley decided to bring me lunch that day,” Jack answered sheepishly, “She caught your mom and me on the desk.”

“Oh my god,” Miley shook her head, chastising. “Did you apologize? To Haley? I mean, sometimes marriages can survive stuff like this. Right?”

“I tried. She agreed to forego a divorce and remain at the house, more for your sake than mine I think, but she’s pretty distant most of the time whenever we’re alone. Eventually we agreed, quite civilly, to see other people. Discreetly, of course.”

“Wait,” Miley closed her eyes at a suspected realization, “You’re not still sleeping with mom, are you?”

“Well…” Jack let his sentence hang without an answer.

“Ew!” Miley shivered in horror. “Oh my god, daddy. You’re so unbelievable!”

Jack commented dryly, “I think you’re being a little over-dramatic. Your mom isn’t that bad.”

Miley leveled a dangerous look at her father, “You’re participating in a sham of a marriage and sleeping with your ex-wife, my mother, who happens to be a complete monster, and I’m being dramatic? This is the woman who repeatedly put Charlie down and told him he wasn’t good enough for me. She tried to buy him away from me, do you remember that? Not to mention the fact she almost ruined my wedding day.”

“She’s not without her faults,” Jack admitted.

“You have to fix this,” Miley demanded imploringly. “Things are crazy. Haley almost joined Charlie and me in a threesome this morning!”

“What?” Jack sounded alarmed, taken completely by surprise. “Why… I mean, how…?”

“Because she’s been lonely and turned into this horny voyeur, or something. Plus, I’m crazy-hormonal with this aksaray escort baby and wasn’t thinking clearly…” Miley indicated her round stomach contained within Charlie’s tee shirt. “Thank god Charlie had enough sense to stop us.”

“Jesus,” Jack wiped his forehead with a palm. “I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. You, Charlie, and Haley have history after all.”

“Don’t worry,” she assured him, “Nothing really happened. I made Charlie show her his thingy and she watched us…” Miley shook her head, “Never mind. It doesn’t matter. But you have to figure this out, daddy. Do you want Haley? If so, you better smarten up because you’re inches from losing her forever. But if you don’t want her, if you want mom… you have to understand that I’m not going to have anything to do with her. Not ever.”

Jack gave his daughter a concerned expression, “How can you say that, honey? I know you two have had your differences, but she’s your mother. She’s your family.”

Miley shook her head, “Not anymore. She made me choose, daddy. Between her and Charlie. If I’m put to a choice, I’ll always choose Charlie. Always.”


“C’mon, pick-up, pick-up, pick-up,” Brian was speaking into his cell phone, listening to it ring. Eventually he reached Charlie’s voicemail – for the fourth time. “Charlie, it’s me. I’m back in town. I need to talk to you right away, dude. Call me when you get this.”

Stacy watched Brian hang up his phone from the passenger seat of his car, “What’s going on?”

Brian dropped the phone into the front-seat package tray, “HBO wants to buy the film rights to Captain Darkness for an hour-long series.”

“You’re kidding,” Stacy gave him a look of disbelief.

Brian shook his head, “No, I just got off the phone with Sam a half hour ago. She’s been in New York for two days setting it up.”

Stacy’s expression soured when Brian mentioned Samantha, “So you guys are selling your comic?”

“No,” Brian laughed, “It’s like… permission. HBO pays us to make a show based on our property. We still control the comic and any other licensing rights.”

“How much money are we talking about?” Stacy wondered.

“Two and a half million for the first season,” Brian grinned. “Four million for any season after that.”

“No way!” Stacy gasped. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Brian shook his head and glanced at her, “No.”

“Two and a half million,” Stacy stared at him in disbelief. “Just for permission to use your crappy comic characters for a show?”

An annoyed look decorated Brian’s face as he drove, “Crappy? Have you even read Captain Darkness? It’s the best-selling comic book on shelves right now!”

“Best-selling?” Stacy sounded confused, “Of which ones?”

“All of them!” Brian exclaimed. “What in the hell do you think Charlie and I have been doing for the last year?”

“Don’t yell at me!” Stacy hit his leg with the back of her hand, “I don’t understand all this comic mumbo jumbo.” She frowned, pouting, and glanced out the side window of the car. Suddenly, Stacy realized the freeway Brian had exited onto was not one that led home, “Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you to rehab,” Brian declared.

“WHAT!?!” Stacy shrieked.


After flipping through several hundred satellite-cable channels, Charlie realized he wasn’t even paying attention to the television screen. He was worried about Miley and decided he’d better call Jack’s office to make sure she had arrived and was okay. Looking around for his cell phone, Charlie realized he must have left it upstairs. He was about to retrieve it when he heard a car and instead dashed to a window to see a taxi driving around the massive circular driveway. It pulled to a stop in front of the house.

“Miley!” Charlie exclaimed worriedly as he exited the house to see his wife awkwardly maneuver her pregnant body out of the taxi’s back seat. He rushed to help her.

Miley smiled at his worry and let him take her arm, “Hey, baby.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Miley assured him.

“I should have gone with,” Charlie said as he paid the cab driver. “I’ve been worried sick about you.”

“Charlie,” Miley gave him a look that let him know he was being over-protective, “I’m pregnant, not helpless.”

“I know,” Charlie nodded as he walked her towards the house, “But my mind automatically goes to the worst-case scenario, you know? Like, what if you were stuck in traffic inside a taxi cab and suddenly went into labor?”

Miley giggled, “You realize I’m not due for like, another seven weeks, right?”

Charlie opened the door for her, “After our little trip to the hospital the other week you can’t blame me for getting a little freaked out now and then.”

Before entering the house, Miley lifted a kiss to his cheek, “I love you, Charlie. You’re the perfect man for me, you know that?”

“It’s a good thing we got married, then.”

“I mean it. I love that you’re over-protective, and I love that you stopped things this morning from getting all weird with Haley, and -”

“She left,” Charlie interrupted. “Right after you did.”

“What?” Miley blinked. “Where did she go?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie shrugged, “But she packed a big suitcase full of clothes and said she couldn’t take the lies anymore. I assumed she was going to a friend’s house, or a hotel, or something. She wouldn’t say when I asked her.”

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