Changling Ch. 01

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It was one of those late spring afternoons that slapped you upside the head and told you summer was on its way. The heat was almost unbearable, and only the canopy of the broad oak we sat under offered any comfort.

“Ryan? Are you ok?” Melissa asked.

“Yeah. It’s just really hot out here,” I responded.

“Its all that blonde hair. Makes all the peroxide in the world jealous. It can’t bleach your hair so it escapes into the air and messes with the ozone and boils your brain in retribution. So, it’s all your fault.” Through it all my sister wore a wry smile. It was comfortable on her mouth, spent a lot of time there, after all. It might time share with a frown, but it was the definite usual tenant.

“You’re just jealous.” I tended toward being morose. Dry humor doesn’t work as well if you’re grinning from ear to ear.

She had grabbed her blue braid from behind her head and waggled the end of it at me, saying, “I, at least, have the good sense to hide my natural color from other people. Good thing for you, too. No one would believe you’re my brother if I didn’t cover up my dull brown color!”

A smile slipped past my defenses. To cover, I leaned back, slightly, on the picnic table we sat across from each other at, and put my feet up on the opposite seat. We’d been coming to this park for years, across from our dad’s house. Where our dad moved after the divorce. Our childhood had been a two weekends a month, two months a summer, extravaganza of daddiness. Dad had a good bit of money. He liked spending it on us. I never thought he was actually wanting to shower Mel and I with goodies, more like he wanted mom to know exactly what she was missing.

“I thought Dad was going to forbid you entrance to the house. You know how stuffy he can be.”

“I’m an adult, Ryan. So are you, now!”

“I only just graduated high school, Mel.”

“Yeah, well, I just graduated college and it only took me five years.”

“It was that year in Ireland.”

Melissa smiled. “Not my fault the credits didn’t transfer. Professor Advisor told me they would.”

This time I actually did laugh, a barking sort thing that attracted much attention from a small band of miniature excavators in the sandbox nearby. Shovels in hand, they peered at me with thoughtful stares until the apparent foreman, with her pig tails tied up in little pink bows, thwapped her plastic shovel on the construction sight and said something that had her co-workers digging furiously.

“Wait until they figure out what the pay scale is. Then they’ll stop moving so fast,” I said aloud softly.

“Ryan? Dear? I love you, but you know you’ve got to either let your sister in on the joke or keep it to yourself.”

I shook my head clearing my thoughts. I looked at her and picked up the conversation where I’d left it, “The only reason you called him that is because his English was lousy and his name so foreign you couldn’t pronounce it. How could you expect him to know what a credit was, let alone that they would transfer?”

“Good grief, Ryan! Ok, try this. Say after me: Ireland.”

“Ireland.” I relished it, my body sang and my tongue danced a Meposian dance of happiness. A far away look that took me far away from the picnic table.

“Yes. Exactly, brother.” Glancing at her watch, she suddenly jumped up. “I need to get going. Stanley’s performing down at the pub and I’ve got to get a shower.”

Stanley was Melissa’s Fuck of the Month. She went through men like some people went through changes of underwear. Really smelly hippie type people who lived in the woods for months at a time, all alone, but still. The longest physical relationship she’d ever had was with Mr. Pointy, her vibrator. That I knew that much about my own sister told you what kind of a free-spirit my sister and mother were. How our father ended up having any kids, let alone two, was sort of a mystery to all of us. He didn’t have relationships so much as business arrangements with live-in financial partners.

“So I’m alone again tonight, Mel?”

“You’ll have Dad and what’s-her-face here.”

“So I’m alone again tonight, Mel?” I repeated, smiling slightly.

“If you don’t want to be alone, find a friend, silly.” She stuck her tongue out at me and ran towards the street. The light green hippie skirt she wore flowed behind her like water. When she reached the street she paused, waiting for some cars to pass, looked around, then lifted up her skirt and mooned me. She wore a thong bikini under her skirt, but she waggled her butt at me a for a few shakes, and then pretended she was just hiking them up for a run, and rushed across the three way intersection.

I watched people bob up and down in the public swimming pool, laughing and spraying each other, and could not help but feel a sudden stab of loneliness. A little sparrow flew onto the table in front of me, surprising me slightly. I watched as it pecked at a gap between two boards, looking for something. A sudden breeze made me look up, and the sudden movement caused the bird to fly away.

That day was probably the first avrupa yakası escort bayan where I discovered that lightning really doesn’t require the sky to be filled with clouds. Its sudden closeness forced screams from the people in the pool, and a mass exodus for cover. Everyone looked around waiting for the crash. The air hung heavy, we knew we’d seen the light, we felt the hairs stand on the end of our arms, and just when we thought it must have been our imagination, a thunderous CRACK shook us to the bone. A couple of people fell over with the sudden force of it. A dark cloud seemed to almost materialize overhead, and it seemed everyone was rushing for their cars.

I admit my indecisiveness. Scanning the park, I tried to decide what to do. Should I run for the large picnic shelter or chance heading to the house twice as far away? Then I saw the sheet of water heading for me. It was like a curtain of heavy, sparkling Niagara Falls heading straight for me. I ran for the picnic shelter, reaching it just in time to only get slightly wet. Oddly enough, everyone else was headed for other shelters, even passing the one I was under completely. I couldn’t see much of the park at all, and could barely make out the street, where the torrential downpour had forced traffic to a standstill.

Already, the streets were flooding, and water was running in small rivers in the park, quickly turning dry earth to a soupy mud. I marveled at it. It wasn’t every day you saw a sight like this. I watched the direction it had come from, looking for a break in Mother Nature’s faucet, and saw someone actually walking through the rain. Not just walking. Strolling. Not a care in the world. In fact, as she got closer, I realized she was singing. I couldn’t make out the words until she had almost reached the shelter, but I realized it was the song, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”. She smiled at me as she calmly stepped out of the rain.

She was beautiful, her long dark hair shimmering in the light, like a raven in flight. The smile rode her round face from cheek to dimpled cheek without effort. Eyes like little jade gems floating in little bowl of milk occasionally hid behind half-closed lids. I drank in her body like a drowning man gasping for air. I was done for. I just didn’t know it yet.

She was barefoot, and wore a sleeveless tie-dyed t-shirt that was cut off just below her breasts. Over that was a set of overalls that had their legs hacked off with something sharp. Or maybe a dull river rock. This girl seemed like the type to get something done once she set her mind to it. She shook her hair out, and that’s when I realized that she was barely damp.

Her eyebrows raised slightly, “Are you ok?” That beautiful face moved toward me slightly as she paused, watching me carefully.

I nodded awkwardly. A smell hit my nose, a damp musty rain dampened scent mixed with lilacs and stuff that left my brain slightly fuzzy.

“Good. You ever dance in a rainstorm?” The smile was back.

I shook my head.

“People used to worship rain like this.” She seemed to getting excited, her words rushing past her lips. “They’d baptize themselves in it, marking the start of something glorious and new. It’s magical. Rhiannon. Call me Rhia.” She grabbed my wrist. “Your turn.”

“Ryan. I’m Ryan.”

“You’re Ryan, I’m dying.” She laughed at that, and tugged on my wrist. “Come on. Let’s dance.”

Before I quite realized what I was doing, I was dancing with her, in a rain that left us almoststanding up to our ankles in water and mud. As we danced I felt an electricity in the air that hadn’t been there under shelter. It was like I was vibrating, humming, and though I started stiff, and most white-boy in my moves, the closer she got to me, the more I loosened up, and started feeling a thumping pulse in the rain itself. Her thigh brushed mine, and she moved in closer, touching my the sides of my torso, running her hands up and down. I pants grew tighter the closer we got. She gazed into my eyes as our thighs locked, and she grabbed hold of my ass, not quite squeezing it, before removing her hands further up my back. We gyrated there, in the rain, moving to a rhythm only we could hear. Her hand found the back of my neck, pulling me closer to her. Her face tilted up towards mine, and our lips brushed, my heartbeat pounding in my chest, my member throbbing like a baseball bat to the head. Hell, it felt like a baseball bat at that moment. Like a six-inch piece of thick re-bar. Our dancing had stopped, we stopped there, breathless, inhaling one another’s air. Standing at the edge of the abyss, and looking over its lip, wanting nothing more than to jump, only to be lost forever in its depths.

Her mouth was wet and warm as she sucked my tongue into it. It wasn’t insistent, just a nudge, and then, with a breath, we leapt into each other. She tasted like blueberries and warm stout, and never did I think that would be a good combination, but in quiet moments that taste still comes back to me. It was slightly musky too, and bahçeşehir escort bayan left me weak in the knees. Some kisses are possessive, a reminder of our baser desires and built-in greed. This kiss was a dance every bit as much as our gyrations were. We shared each other in the moments of that kiss, the rain forcing itself into our mouths as water can force itself anywhere.

She pulled away, taking a deep breath, panting. Clinging to me, she shuddered against me. “Let’s get out of this rain. Do you live nearby?”

“Yes.” The rain slackened considerably, and the cars on the street began to move.

She stroked my face. “In a few moments we are going to start getting very, very cold. We need to get out of these clothes. And under some blankets.”

I nodded. “Ok.” Walking towards my father’s house, she put her hand in mine, feeling it until she found just the right point to lock our fingers together. I blushed. There was something very intimate to me about the webbing between the fingers.

“You seem awfully monosyllabic, Ryan.”

“Ok’s polysyllabic. So’s Ryan.”

Her face sparkled as another grin danced across it. “Two points to you.”

“I didn’t realize this was a game.”

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t do something monumentally stupid, or mean, I think this is one game we’re both going to win.”

That comment definitely put a spring in my step. I knew my father and this year’s lady friend would not be home for a few hours. All that stood between me and paradise was my sister. Of course we ran into her as she was coming out. This time she was almost gothed out for Stanley’s performance. Stanley liked her in a good bit more lace and black than was her usual choice, but he seemed to keep her happy so she didn’t mind a little deviation in the apparel and make-up department.

“Hey Ryan.” It took her a moment to notice Rhia. And her hand in mine. “I, uh.” She blinked. She looked back at me with one eyebrow raised. “Oh my. I’m Melissa, Ryan’s brother.”

I smiled. “Sister. She’s my sister.”

Melissa blushed, “Right. I’m his sister.”

Rhia looked relieved, “That’s good. I don’t think I’d ever seen a drag queen look half as good as you. I was about to have my whole world view shattered in a heartbeat.”

It was the kind of thing Melissa would have said if hadn’t been caught off guard. It was fun to see the tables turned. Melissa muttered some excuses and rushed off.

As soon as her back was towards us, Rhia grabbed me and dragged me inside. Slamming the door shut, she almost ripped my shirt trying to get it off me. She’d turned almost feral, “Bedroom?”

“First door on the left, top of the stairs.”

She rushed ahead of me, standing at the top of the stairs, hurrying me along with her arm gestures. As soon as I was in reach, she grabbed my arm and almost dragged me into my room. She kicked the door shut with her foot, and pulled me towards her, grabbing my face and dancing her tongue over mine again.

She reached up to the clasps on her overalls and popped them free in one quick gesture. The top fell down, and the bottom part began to sag, stopped by her very feminine hips. I helped her out of her shirt, her breasts popping free to taunt me with their stiff nipples pointing towards my chest. We kissed, bare-chested, embracing more than just the moment of sudden freedom, rekindling some of what we felt in the rainstorm. Again, she initiated, unafraid, unlike myself. I’d never had a woman be anything other demure, and insistent about what was NOT going to happen. I didn’t know how far she intended to take this. But I was certainly excited to find out.

The button on my shorts was suddenly undone, and her kisses moved from my mouth to my chest. She moved down my chest, slowly, achingly, growing ever closer to my belly. She paused at my navel, breathing softly across it, awakening the hairs that stood there, the fine little hints at chest hair that might someday be something worth writing about. Regardless, there was enough to start driving me crazy.

In one swift motion, she grabbed my pants and pulled them down, taking my boxers with them. My soldier sprung forth, ready for any obstacle in his path to paradise. He was hardly given a chance to feel the air before she had taken him into her mouth, tasting him. Running her teeth lightly across him.

It was warm and wet and no woman had ever done anything like this for me. My knees buckled, and almost fell over. She grabbed my rear, and held me in place, taking me even deeper into her mouth. She pulled away, breath raspy and needy, “Lie down before you hurt one of us.”

I moved to the bed, and she finished removing my shorts and boxers, and then straddling me, resumed her attentions on my saluting soldier. Kissing it she said, “You’re still pretty new to all this sex stuff aren’t you?”

Nodding, I whispered, “Yes.”

She smiled. “The secret to good sex is communication. The secret to great sex is communication with out words. We’ll work on bakırköy escort bayan the former. We’ll find the latter when we find it. Right now, I’m going suck you and lick you until you blow your stack. What I need from you requires you to last longer than the three seconds you currently would. OK?”

I nodded. “But…”

“You’re young enough you’ll pop another woody in about 3 minutes. It’s cool. I may not have a lot of experience at this either, but I’ve had a LOT of practice.”

I nodded again, and she smiled a mischievous smile went back to working on my cock. It danced and twitched under her ministrations much like a rooster in a henhouse would react to being introduced to a new hen. So, yeah. It was behaving like a cock.

Her tongue danced across the head of my member and looped around it, and brushed against the underside. She was a maestro at the orchestra of fellatio. I melted, she raked her nails across my belly, and he exploded with a force that surprised the three of us and the cat lurking in the hall. I nearly ripped the sheets from the bed as I felt my whole being empty itself through that center and into her mouth. I felt like my pubic chakra just declared a holiday. It was done for a while. My gut was still twitching as she moved up my body, her pubic hair brushing against my leg. I expected a while to rebound, but this woman had already gotten him urging to re-engage the enemy. I really wish my nether regions could think outside military terminology, but I kind of understand where he was coming from on this one.

With a twinkle in her eye, she said, “Explore me. Touch me. All over. When I can’t stand it, I’ll tell you.”

I’d never felt the physical connection to another person that I’d felt with Rhia. It was like my genes were trying to jump out of my body and mingle with hers. I had to control the feelings, channel them. I wanted to take her, and my little soldier wanted nothing but to get to rutting. I knew something better waited, though. A little something more, stronger. Worth the wait. I rolled with her until she was on her back, her legs only slightly parted, waiting to see if I could control the urges. I smiled. The champagne bottle’s cork was popped and the genie was out of the bottle, but the cork wasn’t a deadly projectile anymore.

I started with her feet. I rubbed them, finding that spot that made my sister run out of the room and be alone a very long time. Rhia’s eyes flew open as her hips bucked upwards. I could see her labia through her pubic hair. I kneaded her calf, moving upwards, reaching a joint, moving to the other leg, stroking the thigh. I continued upward. I felt the lowest hairs at the lowest part of her perimeter. I skirted the edge, jumping up towards her belly. I danced my fingers across her abdomen and breathed across her navel, and she squirmed beneath my touches. I stroked gently, moving up her chest, avoiding her breasts, I was saving those for a bit later. I then stopped and used a back-hand scratch up her sides around her breasts and flowering my fingers at the base of her skull. The tense and release in her expressions were sublime.

I then leaned back, and repeated the gesture, only this time moving from ankles to near her vagina through the inside of her legs. She shuddered, and I knew I was certainly moving in the right direction. Next I took my hand and lightly clawed from her navel to the tops of her breasts. Then, slowly, deliberately, I spiraled inward towards her nipples, moving from claw to touch as I reached them. I took one into my mouth then, and felt her tremble below me. I repeated the gesture on the left breast, and sucked lightly on it too, feeling how firm the nipples were. I kissed her then, my body lying atop hers, my left thigh between hers. My firmness rampant against her left leg.

She ran her fingers across my back. I kissed her neck, and slowly began to move back down her body. I ran my nose down her sternum, and lightly clawed her tummy in a circular formation. I kissed the top of her pubic hair, and then slowly, gradually, moved my way down kissing and licking all the way. I could smell the musky scent of her, mixing with the lilac and rainwater, and who knows what all else. I found the entrance of our desires and as I kissed it her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me up to her mouth.

She rammed her tongue into my mouth, desire beginning to drip from her very pores. A thin sheen of sweat had appeared between her breasts and her breath came in ragged gasps. She sucked on the middle three fingers of her left hand and thrust them between her legs, touching herself, and readying things for my entrance. She then grabbed me and guided me in.

I sank into a wet, warm, velvet glove. Parts of my brain lit up like the Fourth of July and it was all I could do to just hold still and enjoy the experience. Her legs reached around and held me inside, I couldn’t move if I’d wanted to. Her hands gripped my ass in a death-grip.

She shuddered beneath me, her groin grinding into mine. In complete control, she slackened her grip and our pelvises stopped their cemented bond. She pulled me back in, hinting at a rhythm, grunting, moaning and guiding, but not demanding anymore. We sank into each other, dancing without the rain this time, pushing, thrusting, gyrating like before. This time when we became drenched it was perspiration and not the rain. She was so wet, I thought my penis was going to be like my fingertips after a bath.

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