Change of Life Ch. 05

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To the individual who keeps writing me telling and tell me how bad my stories are, please do us both a favor and stop reading them! Don’t bother with my stories! I don’t want you to get all upset and be pissed off at the world. I think you are a little sad. If you don’t like the type of stories I write, why the hell do you read ALL of them? Maybe you just like to write me nasty notes and give my on grade on them just to lower my score. If so that’s OK. But, news Flash guy, I’m not in this to try to win anything I don’t care what my score is. And I have large shoulders so you don’t upset me. But it sounds to me like you protest to much! Come on now, tell us all, you really like my stories deep down inside that small brain of yours. Oh, and perhaps you might write a story or two of your own so we could review yours! Just an idea since this is a place you could write if you could write.

Now all of those nice folks who have sent me your good wishes and those who have made real recommendations on improving my writing, I thank you very much!

“Where the hell have you been for the past 3 hours?” my wife asked as I opened the door.

I replied, “I was over Paul’s you knew that. I told you before I left where I was gong.”

Shirl said, “What could you possibly do over there for almost 4 hours?”

I said, “what the hell do you do when you’re out all weekend for more than that?”

“Was Mandy there too?” she asked.

I smiled and said, “Yes she was, but Paul and I were in the basement talking about learning to play golf. There’s a class starting next week. And, Mandy thinks it is a good idea. She told us we need the exercise. Why? What did you want me for? Weren’t you out too?”

She said, “Yes I was out for a while. I went to the store with our daughter and brought groceries. That’s when I could have used some help with them bring them into home.”

I said, “Well I’m sorry but I wasn’t about to sit around here another Saturday all by myself while you’re out doing whatever the hell you do all damn Saturday, every weekend. By the way they’re coming over tonight to play cards.”

The fight lasted about a half hour with her finally leaving and going upstairs to sew and get ready for her Sunday Sewing class. As usual our relationship fell another step deeper into regret again this weekend. It seemed like this was a normal weekend. We weren’t together and when we were we were bickering as my daughter calls it. But there was something deeper between my wife and I, deeper than just bickering!

She said, “Oh good I want to talk to Mandy anyway. What time?”

I said, “7:30 PM and I’ll go get the snacks.”

At 7:30PM Paul and Mandy came over and we sat around chatting for a bout half an hour before sitting down and playing cards. As we started to play Mandy said mainly to Shirl, “Did Bud tell you the boys are thinking about playing golf? They’re actually going to get lessons!”

Shirl said, “Oh yes Bud did mention it. When are you going to start?”

Paul said, “I….I’m not sure when the class actually starts do you know Mandy?”

I smiled and waited for her to tell me when our next sex would be. She said, “well the ad I saw said it actually starts this coming Tuesday. It’s actually sign up that night. But if you can’t make it I’m sure you can go the following Saturday afternoon. That’s when the classed start for real.”

I was looking at her and smiling as she pushed her big breasts up on the table. I said, “Well I can make the Tuesday meeting can you Paul?”

Paul said, “Well I’m not sure Bud.”

But Mandy said, “Oh sure you can Paully what else do you have to do?”

He said, “Nothing I guess. OK Bud Tuesday it is. I’ll check the time and let you know.”

“Great”, I aid, “I’m really looking forward to it!”

Mandy said, “I bet you are. Shirl have you ever wanted to play golf?”

Shirl told them, “Well I don’t really casino şirketleri have much interest in it Mandy. I would rather sew.”

Mandy said, “Oh yes! That’s what Bud said this afternoon. To bad I hear it’s a lot of fun playing with those small balls.”

I busted out laughing and my wife just looked at me. Paul smiled and Mandy’s eyes glazed with an evil smile. She said, “Oh you men!! Get your mind out of the gutter for once! GOD!”

We played cards and the lady’s were not winning for once. I said, “Too bad we’re not playing strip poker tonight Paul. We’re kicking ass!”

Shirl said, “Leave it to you to bring sex into this. Don’t you ever have anything else on your small brain?”

I said, “DA Nope! Wish you had it on your big brain at least in al the years we have been married.”

She didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Then she said, “Well maybe I do and it’s just you I don’t want! You ever think of that Bud?”

I said, “Actually Shirl, yes I have more than once. But I figured you don’t want to be shot dead because if I catch you, you and your lover are both dead!”

I spelled it D E A D!

Mandy said, “Woo violent isn’t he Shirl?”

Shirl laughed and we continued to play cards.

Paul was very quiet and I wondered if anything was wrong. I asked him in the basement when we were taking the card table and chairs back down. He said, “well to be honest Bud, Mandy surprised me about Tuesday. I wasn’t expecting you again until maybe next Saturday afternoon. I need to talk with her about it when we get home.”

Shirl was standing at the bottom of the steps ands asked, “Talk to whom about what Paul?”

He said, “Oh…. Oh just the lady at the golf course about lessons. That’s all Mandy, why?”

“Oh I was just wondering. You sounded so serious and sad.”

I said, “Well he wanted to know about the fee and how often we would be playing that’s all.”

And with that we walked pass her and up the steps while she stood there looking at me. . As we sat and drank coffee and desert Shirl said, “Maybe you and I should play golf too Mandy. What do you think?” She was looking at me when she said it.

I said, “Well sure but you’re not going to make it a foursome with us. I want some time away from you so that’s why I have decided to play.”

She said, “I don’t want to play with you either! I want to play with Mandy!” Mandy almost spit the coffee out her mouth! She laughed a little and said, “Well what about the sewing class you’re taking Shirl? Don’t you go to it on Saturday or Sunday?”

Shirl said, “Yes. But it will be ending in a month or so. Then we could sign up for the next set of classes. Plus we’ll have the guys to show us some of the things they learned.”

Mandy said, “Well Shirl as much as I would like to be with you, I don’t think it would be a god idea right now I have to many things on my plate to start another one. But, maybe later on in the summer we could do it. After the boys have been doing it for a while. You know let them tell us what we need and have to do to get all four of us involved in another game.”

It was me that almost spit the desert out when I head Mandy say we would have a foursome in the summer. I was thinking, “Oh yea! Like that could happen.”

Shirl said, “That’s sounds OK to me Mandy! It will be good to get Bud out of his chair on Saturday and out of the house. He doesn’t want to go anywhere with me in the winter.”

Mandy said, “Yea I know Paully is the same way. This golf will do everyone some good.”

We all smiled even Shirl but she didn’t realize why the three of us were smiling.

As the evening came to an end, I helped Shirl clean up and she went to bed with one of her usual Saturday night headaches. It was only 11:30 PM . I got on the Internet and checked out the most recent stories on Lit. Locating the ones I like the best, they are usually about casino firmaları “Loving Wives, I started to read it.”

I slowly began to rub my cock. It excited me very much since the wife was having her pussy split, by what else, a big hard cock. No this one was white for a change! And her husband was watching them do it! God I was thinking! That is almost what Paully was doing today with me. The next time he might just become a, oh….what did they call it? Oh yes, a “cuckolding” husband. I started to feel sorry for Paul. Maybe he should be married to Shirl. No I wouldn’t wish that on my best friend!”

Anyway, the story was very well written and the woman was heavily into being fucked and she screamed as she arching her back and lifted her ass up off the bed. As she began thrusting and pumping her body on her lover’s big dick buried al the way into her so the cock head was in her cervix, she had one orgasm after the other. She was cumming over and over again. Jesus! She sounded like Mandy! I was hard as a rock thinking about what Mandy and I had done that afternoon!

Of course in the story, her lover shot huge amount of cum into her fertile pussy. There was much more than her husband ever shot in her! Then when the wife was back to earth from her extremely hard orgasms, she worried about whether or not she was pregnant. “Now’s a great time to be thinking about that”, I said almost out loud!

So after thinking about Mandy and her body and what she did with it as she fucked me crazy this afternoon, I turned off the PC. It was a little past 1AM but I was off Sunday so Shirl and I could both sleep in. I walked upstairs and got undressed. I moved into bed after brushing my teeth and washing up.

As I lay there I closed my eyes and wondered if Paully got fucked after I let this afternoon, or maybe he was being fucked now after the card game or hell with Mandy maybe he got it both times? He was one lucky guy as far as having a wife whom liked to fuck. But he was sharing her and that wasn’t good. I was thinking, “Shit, I could never do that! I couldn’t stand there and watch Shirl fucking some other guy!” Well maybe if that was a way to have her fuck me more. Shit it was better than this cold fish I was married too now! Anything was better!

As I rolled over I was now facing my wife. I don’t know how long I was laying there when, I knew if I didn’t get some relief from my hardon I would never get to sleep. So I figured I try to get Shirl involved. I mean what did I have to loose?

I really wanted to make love to her but even more I wanted to eat her pussy before I fucked her. I moved on to her bed and ran my hand up and down her shoulder and arm moving it over and cupping her full breast. She shook my hand and pushed it off of her. I tried again with no suggest. Again, nothing but rejection! Finally I said, “Come on it’s been almost 6 weeks since we did it.”

She said, “I’m tired and have a headache and don’t feel like it.”

I was thinking, DAMN! She had simulated “cuckolding” me for over 6 weeks now only she didn’t cheat on me. At least I didn’t think she did! Let’ see, when was the last time? Oh yea! It was the around the week before Thanksgiving and I guess she felt thankful and gave me about a half-hour of sex. I said, “But Jesus Shirl we haven’t done it since November and it’s now the week of January 10!”

She said, “Well can’t it wait until tomorrow I’m tired?”

I sat up quickly and sighed loudly. She said, “What? What! Now what’s the matter now?”

We sat in the dark of the room and I said, “Let me ask you something. Do you ever get hot? You know, hot like you want or even need sex?”

She said, “Yes! Yes I do.”

I said, ‘And what do you do about it?”

She said, “We have sex.”

I said, “So the last time you were hot and wanted sex you got it from me. Did I turn you down? JESUS Shirl! That was mid-November! You mean to güvenilir casino tell me you haven’t been hot since then?”

She said, “Yes I have been Bud.”

I said, “Well the last time you had sex with me was November Shirl. So who relieved your sexual needs the last time because it wasn’t me.”

She said, “You’re crazy. Of course it was you. Who else would it be?”

I said, “Who else indeed. I wish I knew. Look, do you have any sexual feelings for me any more? Or….or am I like the last resort when you’re “hot”. Once every 3 months isn’t cutting it Shirl. I need more, even if you don’t. I’m sick and tired of jerking off because my loving wife would or doesn’t want sex. So I really don’t think you have much if any sexual feelings for me any more. Maybe you never had it!”

“Yes! She said, “Yes I do have sexual feeling for you Bud. But…I’m…. really tired tonight. If you wanted to do it you should have come to bed earlier.”

I said, “For Christ sake it only 1AM and we can both sleep in. If you have sexual feelings for me it wouldn’t matter how late it was. In fact you should have told me to come to bed because you wanted sex. Why don’t you ever show your feelings to me if you have them?”

She said, “I do Bud! I really do!”

I said, “When? When was the last time you ever asked me to take you to bed and make love to you?”

She didn’t answer me so I asked again, “When Shirl? I would like to know. Because I do! I know exactly when that was.””

She said, “I don’t know Bud! I don’t keep track of that stuff. Just like you don’t keep track of stuff.”

I said, “OK I’ll tell you when it was Shirl. Never! You have never asked me to do that since we came back from our honeymoon. Never, not one time! And I don’t keep track of those things that don’t interest me Shirl. So I guess sex doesn’t interest you. At least sex with me. I love sex and enjoy making love to you. But apparently you don’t feel the same way. If you did you would show it”

She said, “I do! I really do. Look I’m not going to fight about this. Don’t even go there this late in the night Bud. You’re wrong about this.”

With that she rolled over and I moved back to my own bed next to hers. “How the hell did we ever get this way?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. About 10 minutes I heard her heavy breathing and it seemed that she wasn’t worried about this problem at all. She was sleeping like a baby. I got up and went back downstairs to the PC again. I went back to the Lit. site, and checked out another Loving Wife story. It took about 2 minutes to find one I liked and I slowly started to jerk off! I got super hard and while I wished it were with my wife, I masturbated and came like hell into a paper towel. I continued and stayed hard and shot off again. When I was finished, I was sexually drained.

As I climbed the stairs I got into bed and rolled over on my side. Shirl was sleeping like a log. While I still have trouble sleeping I did finally fall asleep thinking “Tuesday! Oh well it’s only 3 days away. Mandy will get me off! I know that and I won’t have to ask her she’ll be the one in charge. I wondered how it would be with Paul watching and then participating?”

I started to smile as I closed my eyes again and said, “And they wonder why men cheat!”

I heard Shirl mumble something and I knew she was talking in her sleep. As I lay there my wife continued to mumble as she slept. Between sighs and sort of funny moans, I heard parts of what she was saying. All in all they made no sense but the words that I did understand were something about “Paul”…then…”sucking” then “fucking”……then Mandy’s name was said. Then nothing then the word “fucking”…was used again..then the word sharing, and threeway. Minutes passed and I was listening much harder. She rolled over and said, “Cheating SOB, fucking Mandy”! I said, “What? What shirl” What did you say?”

There was nothing. She rolled over again and was sound asleep!

“Jesus WHAT!” I said almost lout loud. If you put all those word all together she is talking about the other night! How the hell was that possible. And if she knew why didn’t he say something?

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