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Stephanie walked John towards a dressing room and said, rather urgently, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, you have to meet somebody.” She opened the dressing room door, instructing him to close his eyes. She stood him in the room, he heard her click the lock on the door. “Hey Steph, is this the guy you’re talking about all the time?” A pretty sounding voice asked. “Yeah, this is John, he’s been kind of like the WWF women’s fuck toy.” Steph said playfully. “Oh, where are my manners? John, this is Stacy. Stacy Keibler. John extended his hand, not knowing where she was, hearing both girls giggle. Stephanie told him to open his eyes. John opened his eyes to see a regular dressing room with a leather couch. On that leather couch, lay a naked blonde girl, who John assumed was Stacy. He heard clothing slip off, and looked beside him, Stephanie was topless. He saw Stacy get up from the couch, his eyes on her long legs as she walked towards him. John felt two pairs of hands on his body. He looked down, seeing Stephanie on her knees, unbuckling his belt, while Stacy was pulling his shirt over his head. Stacy began to kiss him, using her tongue, John felt his pants and boxer-briefs come off, as he felt another tongue on his body. He reached around Stacy, grabbing her ass, as he felt Stephanie slide his prick into her mouth.

John moaned into Stacy’s mouth and grabbed her ass even tighter, pulling her towards him, jamming his tongue further into her mouth. Stephanie began to sloppily lick the shaft of his cock, lubricating it so that she could jack him off. John broke his kiss with Stacy, diving his head at her breasts. They weren’t as big as Stephanie’s, but they were a handful. He lowered his mouth to her nipple, taking it in his mouth just as Stephanie shoved his cock back into her mouth. John licked Stacy’s nipple, rendering it stiff and rigid, before moving to her other nipple, and repeating the procedure. He took her nipple in his mouth, licking circles around it, before taking it back out and gently tweaking it. As John got Stacy’s nipple’s hard, Steph was hard at work on John’s cock, sliding it into her throat, feeling the pulsation of his heartbeat as she held it in her throat.

She heard Stacy moan, as John kept up his assault on her tits. Looking up, Steph saw that Stacy’s wet pussy was directly above her, Stacy’s ass swaying from side-to-side. Slowly, Steph reached her hand up to Stacy’s pussy, sliding John’s cock from her throat, keeping it in her mouth, and gently touched Stacy’s clit. Stacy jumped in surprise, before a huge orgasmic wave flowed through her body. Stephanie felt her hand and forearm get covered in Stacy’s cum, and she happily pulled her arm away, tasting Stacy’s juices. With some still on her hand and arm, Stephanie popped John’s cock from her mouth, dripping Stacy’s juices on John’s prick before sliding it back in her mouth. Stacy had now pulled John back up to her face, they passionately began to kiss again, with Stacy slowly pulling away from him, and making her way down to her knees with Stephanie.

As Stacy knelt down next to Stephanie, she saw that Steph had John’s entire cock in her mouth, and was bobbing her head back and forth, obviously not ready to stop. Stacy looked at other options. She eyed John’s balls, but saw that Steph had John’s cock in her mouth, up to the base of his shaft, thereby making it impossible for her to suck John’s balls at the same time. Instead, she reached her hands out towards Stephanie’s chest, squeezing her left breast in her hand. Steph moaned loudly, her mouth stuffed full of John’s cock. Stacy took the cue and lowered her head to Stephanie’s swinging breasts, taking Stephanie’s left nipple in her mouth. Stephanie moaned her approval, slipping John’s cock from her throat and her mouth, seeing it shining with her saliva. She began to slowly jack him off with her right hand, her left hand reaching down to Stacy’s head, pushing it closer to her breast. Stacy felt Steph’s nipple stiffen and grabbed her right breast, pulling her nipple to her mouth.

Stephanie happily sighed, before sliding John back into her mouth, licking the underside of his cock. Stacy felt Stephanie’s other nipple harden, so she pulled herself away from Stephanie’s chest. She stiffened her back, now kneeling in front of John just like Steph. Stephanie saw Stacy, knowing what she wanted, she took John’s member from her mouth, seeing it still covered with saliva, and beckoned Stacy to put it in her mouth. Stacy beckoned Steph to kiss it as well. The two gorgeous women began to lick and kiss both sides of John’s cock, sending him over the edge. He moaned as Stephanie took his prick back into her hands, closing her eyes and feeling two warm streams of cum land on her nose and cheeks. Steph then aimed it at Stacy, who was kneeling directly next to casino şirketleri her, and watched as three streams landed on her cheeks, nose and around her lips. John sighed contentedly, thinking the whole ordeal was over.

He happily sat on the couch, immediately in front of the two women. Both saw the cum on each other’s faces. Stephanie leaned in at the same time Stacy did, their lips meeting as they kissed tenderly. Stephanie broke the kiss to lick Stacy’s cheek, tasting John’s cum as she had before. Stacy also licked Stephanie’s cheek, tasting John’s cream. Keeping the cum on their tongues, the two girls began to slide their tongues together, fervently tasting each other. Stacy broke the kiss, looking down at Stephanie’s waist. “That’s coming off,” Stacy said, pointing to Steph’s skirt. Steph responded by lying back, propping herself on her elbows, and watching Stacy shimmy her skirt down to her ankles, before pulling it off and tossing it across the room. Stephanie was now lying in her blue thong. Stacy lowered her head to Steph’s waist, grabbing the thong with her teeth, and yanked it down to her ankles.

Stacy slid the thong off, and began licking Stephanie’s muscular, firm calves. Stacy slowly licked her way up Steph’s legs until she was burying her face in Steph’s pussy. John watched the whole thing happen, and his cock had sprung to life. He slid off the couch, walking on his knees towards Stacy’s pussy. She was lying on her stomach, Steph’s legs wrapped around her head, feet lying on her back. John knelt behind Stacy’s ass, reaching down to grab Stacy’s hips, raising her ass up, and guiding his cock to her pussy. He closed his eyes as he entered her tight pussy from behind, his cock surrounded by tight softness. Opening his eyes, he looked at Stephanie. She looked angelic, as her hands were down at Stacy’s head, holding her there. Steph’s breasts were squeezed together, making her look ever hotter. Slowly, John slid his cock out a bit from Stacy, driving it back in, he heard her elicit a small moan, it was all she could manage with her face buried in Steph’s pussy.

John slowly built up speed, until he was pistoning into Stacy’s pussy at top speed, her tightness hugging his shaft the entire time. Stacy was doing a good job on Stephanie as well, as Steph had cum twice now and based on the noise she was making, would be very soon. John continued to fuck Stacy, grabbing her ass with his hands, hearing her moan into Steph’s cunt. All of a sudden, Stacy’s body tensed up, she shivered and John figured that she must have cum. He knew it to be true when he felt her pussy grip his shaft, squeezing it gently. This was all it took for John, he grunted, and deposited his jism into Stacy’s tight pussy. Exhausted, John pulled his cock from Stacy’s sheath and collapsed on the floor, lying on his back. Stacy continued to eat Stephanie’s pussy, as John watched them continue to go at it. After a few more minutes, Steph’s moans became louder, and she grabbed Stacy’s head, pulling her into her pussy. John saw Steph’s body shake, and she let out a very loud moan.

After a few seconds, Stacy pulled her face from Stephanie’s lower region, leaning her body up and began to kiss Stephanie. John’s cock rose back to formidable condition, and he crawled over to Stephanie’s cunt, sliding his tongue around. Steph broke her kiss with Stacy to cry out, before Stacy turned herself around, squatting down on Stephanie’s face. Steph took the message, and began to lick and suck Stacy’s pussy, just as Stacy had done for her. John decided to suck Stacy’s tits, and as he leaned his head up to her chest, his cock brushed Stephanie’s pussy. Gradually, he eased his cock into Steph’s pussy, hearing her gargle out a moan from Stacy’s special area. John began to pound away at Steph’s pussy, while he sucked Stacy’s nipples, making them erect. Stacy moaned as well, feeling Stephanie bring her to a wonderful orgasm, as she came all over Steph’s face. Stacy pushed John’s head from her breasts as she came, wanting to enjoy the feelings. John simply lowered his head to Steph’s chest, sucking her left nipple into his mouth. Steph cried out, her cunt clutching John’s cock as she came. John thrusted three more times, unloading another round of his sticky, white cum. The three of them spent, they gradually disintegrated from their sweaty pileup. It was minutes before anybody said anything.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Stephanie said quietly. Stacy, now lying on top of Stephanie, could only nod her head. John, sitting on the couch, exhausted, couldn’t even nod his head. Stephanie and Stacy got up, as they still had some work to do. John remained in a heap on the couch, watching the two girls dress. Stephanie walked into the bathroom, leaving Stacy and John together. “How come you’re so tired?” casino firmaları Stacy asked innocently. “Well,” John began, “I’ve officially had more sex in the last week, then I had in high school.”

Stacy laughed, leaning in to kiss John. She kissed him on the cheek, adding, “Well, take this to heart, I haven’t been fucked like that since high school.” She kissed him on the lips, her left hand reaching down to massage his wilted cock. Stephanie came from the bathroom, and Stacy went in, leaving John with Stephanie. Stephanie repeated the questioning, “So, John, have you been enjoying yourself this last week?” John could only nod his head. “Well, you’d better get dressed, because we need to get to work.” John mopingly got to his feet, picking his clothes up, and dressing. Stacy came from the bathroom, and John kissed her, giving her a tight hug, squeezing her ass. Stephanie opened her arms, and John hugged her, squeezing her ass and giving her his keys. “Can you drive my car to the next town?” John asked. “Sure,” Steph replied, “no problem.” The three left together, each walking in their own direction away from the dressing room. John walked to the catering room, grabbed something to eat, and waited for the show to start, naughty images dancing in his head.

As the show wound down, John was shown by the ring crew how to take down, move and load the ring into the truck. As soon as that was through, John got the keys to the truck, and started it up. He asked where he was bringing it, and the answer was Cleveland. John set out for Cleveland at about midnight, barely able to keep his eyes open. He stopped at a convenience store, getting the biggest coffee they had, so that he wouldn’t fall asleep. He drove into the night, until he reached the building, pulling into the parking lot about three hours early. He backed the truck into the loading dock, in perfect position and glanced at his watch. 4:27 AM. “Jesus Christ,” he thought to himself, “I need to sleep.” He crawled into the cab of the truck and slept for three hours. All he dreamt of was what happened the previous day.

He awoke to the sound of a honking horn. Startled, he jumped up from the cab, slamming his head on the ceiling. Cursing loudly, he glanced out the window to see the ring crew. He climbed from the truck, assisting them in bringing the ring into the arena. He helped them set it up, until one of the guys noticed the black circles around his eyes, instructing him to go back to the truck and sleep. John happily walked to the truck and resumed the same position, dozing off into a great dream of himself fucking Torrie, while he sucked Stephanie’s tits. As he got off, he pulled out of Torrie and shot a load on Trish’s tits. A knock on the truck door woke him from his blissful slumber. He glanced out the side window, seeing a cute looking blonde girl that he had never seen before. Regretfully, John unlocked the door, opening it a crack. “What?” he called out sleepily.

“I was wondering if I could talk to you,” the girl sheepishly replied. “Who are you?” John asked, opening the door a bit. “I’m Nora, but I’m better known as Molly Holly.” John opened the door about two feet, glancing at her body. She was a bit pudgy, but she looked like she was very pretty. “Well, go ahead,” John called out impatiently. “I was wondering if I could talk to you in there,” she replied, pointing to the truck, “it’s kind of private.” Sighing, John opened the door for her, helping her into the truck. As she climbed in, John was afforded a fantastic view of her breasts, as her shirt was quite low cut. She sat on the passenger seat, whilst John lay back in the truck cab. “Well…” John said. “I know about your little affairs with the WWF women,” she said, confidently. “And…” John replied tiredly. “Well, if Vince McMahon found out, he wouldn’t be to happy,” she replied boldly. John bolted upright. “Ah, now I’ve got your attention,” Molly said, an evil smile creeping over her face, “Now, I won’t tell, but only if I get a little reassurance,” she said seductively, her eyes glancing down to John’s cock. “But, I’m fucking tired,” John whined, “I haven’t slept in a very long time.” “Not my problem,” was the reply, “unless I get it now, you are gonna get shit canned.” John knew he was beaten, sleep was not going to come his way, but it appeared that something else was about to.

He looked up and got a great look at her ass, she was leaning over to lock the door. She had a chubby ass, but it wasn’t a big, fat ass. She was in the middle. He heard the door lock, and her eyes fixed on his. The cab of the truck was about eight feet long and five feet wide, giving the two a lot of room. Molly was still in the driving area, her eyes fixated on John’s body. He was sleeping without a shirt on, and had on a pair of basketball shorts, with a sheet over his body. güvenilir casino He saw her cross her arms, grabbing the bottom of her green top, raising it above her head. John stared at her exposed breasts. They were round and looked like they would bounce very well. Molly moved away from the driving area, ducking her head, and crawling her way into the cab of the truck.

She rested on top of John, her thighs straddling his waist. She leaned in and began to kiss him, distantly at first, but their kisses became more and more passionate, until, John noticed, the windows were fogged up. Reaching ahead of her, Molly opened one of the cab windows a crack, allowing air to get in. John slowly sat up, his face directly in front of her breasts. He reached out, squeezing her left breast, feeling it’s softness. Molly gasped, pulling John’s head into her chest, encouraging him to suck her breasts. Taking her nipple into his mouth, John heard Molly gasp again, whispering, “yes.” John continued to suck her left breast, his left hand kneading her right breast. He switched sides, taking her right breast into his mouth and cupping her left breast with his right hand. Gradually, he kissed his way up to her neck, until he reached her mouth, kissing her fervently, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

Molly kissed him back, her hands clutching the back of John’s head, pressing him harder onto her mouth. She broke the kiss, stealing away from his comforting arms, and standing up as much as she could in the low cab. John heard her unzip her black, tight pants, watching her push them down revealing to him, her sexy red lace panties. John could smell her pussy, and was eager to taste it. She was ducking against the ceiling, but John sat up, crawling towards her pussy. He grabbed the waistband of her panties, lowering them, with her pants, down to her ankles. He looked up at her sweaty, pretty face and saw that she was waiting for him to eat her. John stuck his tongue out, and moved his head closer to her pussy.

“She tastes sweet,” he thought to himself, “Not as good as Stephanie, but, it’ll do.” He licked his tongue along her pussy lips, tasting her wetness. As he began to swirl his tongue, Molly pulled his head up from her pussy, pushing him back down onto the floor. She stepped out of the pants and panties, leaving herself naked. John looked at her, her body was gorgeous. She bent down, pulling the sheet up, pulling his basketball shorts off, revealing to her, John’s cock, standing at half-mast. Molly got onto her knees, leaning towards John’s cock, licking it softly with her tongue and sucking it into her mouth. As she made it stand, Molly pulled the cock from her mouth, looking proudly at John’s now throbbing hard-on. Lowering her pussy down, Molly impaled herself on John’s eight-inch rod. John couldn’t believe how tight she was. Instinctively, John’s hands went up to her chest, grasping her globes in his hands.

John began to thrust, sending his cock into Molly’s tight cunt, hearing her breath become ragged. John upped the tempo, sliding his cock into Molly faster and faster, until he felt her cunt clamp onto his prick, and Molly began to cum. She emitted a squeal, then John felt his lap get soaked. She came a lot, drenching John’s thighs, and finally began to slow down. John still hadn’t cum, and he kept thrusting, wanting to empty his load into her pussy. Molly stopped him from thrusting, confusing him. “What does she want?” John thought to himself, angrily. Molly did a 180º, her back now facing John. She began to raise and lower herself onto him, allowing his hands to snake up her sides and squeeze her breasts. John took over the thrusting, and again, he was plowing into her cunt with all he had. He pinched her nipples and again heard her squeal, and clench his cock in her pussy.

This time, John felt his cock surge forth with a geyser of semen into Molly’s tight cunt. He heard Molly moan, and finally, she fell backwards onto his chest, breathing heavily. John pulled his cock from her, and she rolled over, kissing him again on the lips. “Well, I’d better get going, I have stuff to take care of,” she said, tossing her panties to him, “I heard you like to keep those, so, go ahead.” John tossed them back, adding, “Yeah, but I already have to many.” Molly shrugged, and dressed again, leaning down to kiss him. “Well, good night.” “Yeah,” John said, rolling onto his side. Molly kissed him on the cheek, before unlocking the door to go out.

He slept for a few more hours, until he got up, dressed, and walked back into the building, hoping to get a shower. He ran into Stephanie. “Where have you been?” she asked, pulling him aside, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” “Can I ask you a question, Steph?” John asked. Stephanie nodded. “What does your father think of inter-company relationships? Like if he knew that Trish and I had had sex?” “Nothing,” Stephanie said, “He doesn’t care. That’s our business. Why?” “No reason,” John replied angrily, “no reason at all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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