Caught Wanking

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Linda and Scarlett, my two nieces, had come to stay and from the outset I could see that they were maturing into very beautiful young women.

Scarlett was 18 and had her mother’s generous and full hips with her equally generous breasts. She was shy but affectionate and due to misunderstandings with her parents was pleased to be staying with us. She liked to dress fashionably which meant she had several low cut blouses and skirts and jeans that sat on her hips. Her long auburn hair meant that she was demure and attractive.

In contrast Linda, 19, was a real tomboy. Into riding horses and so often wore tight-fitting jeans or riding pants. She was extraordinarily beautiful but blissfully unaware of the beauty she had. Linda’s breasts were small and firm and her blonde hair and stunning facial features made her immediately attractive to me – even at such a young age.

We had really been enjoying our time with them. Horse riding, swimming (I’ve always loved what cold water does to nipples), trips to the cinema, meals out, and generally getting to know each other.

The girls had often expressed how difficult it was to grow up under the conservative and watchful eye of religious parents. They were loved but often felt repressed and “boxed-in”. Time limits on how late they could be, limits on where they could go and with whom were all things that they thought cramped their style.

Over the weeks that they stayed with us, I found myself turning my thoughts to them. They were very pretty! Occasionally they would reveal a little more then they should. On occasions Scarlett would forget how low cut her blouse was and bend over to pick something up and I would get a lovely slice of boob and lace showing. I walked passed the bedroom where Linda was sleeping and she was only partially covered by her bedclothes. Her nightie had ridden up and I gazed upon a wonderful slice of shapely leg and panties. I hurried away that day worried at where my thoughts had wandered as I had stood there gazing and knowing how aroused I had felt.

And then one day as I home I over heard my wife talking to Scarlett and I realized the topic was sex. I stood in the hallway listening intently.

“Do you masturbate, Scarlett?” Liz asked

“Do women masturbate? I thought only men did that” Scarlett said uncertainly

“Well of course they do!” Liz replied with a sense of bewilderment “Have you never masturbated then?”


“You don’t know what you’re missing” Liz went on to say.

“Can you show me Aunty Liz?” Scarlett asked candidly

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea” Liz said

“Please!” Scarlett pleaded

“Well you would have to do it with me. I don’t want you just watching” Liz insisted

“Well…” Scarlett began to say

“Its only fair”

“Ok” Scarlett finally agreed

As I stood in the hallway listening to all of this and knew I was getting a hard-on. I had no idea where Linda was but decided that I had to do something to release my sexual tension. So I undid the front Topkapı Escort of my trousers and pulled my cock out.

“Take your jeans off Scarlett and I will take off mine” Fiona said

I heard zips being undone and realized they were undressing.

“You’d better take those panties off too or you will get them wet”

“But….” Scarlett began to protest

“Just do it, Scarlett” Liz ordered gently

“Now climb up on the bed next to me and lie down” Liz directed “You could take your t-shirt and bra off so that you can play with your nipples. I’m going to take mine off”

Again there was the rustle of clothes

“Gosh your boobs are large Aunty Liz” Scarlett exclaimed

“Yes. Do you like them”

“Yes” Scarlett admitted

“Would you like to touch them, Scarlett?” Liz asked softly


“Go on” Liz said “I don’t mind” Liz was seducing the young lass

I knew they would be so caught up with each other and that I could now sneak a peek through the gap in the door. It was just as Scarlett reached out a nervous hand to touch Liz’s nips. The nipples distended with arousal

“They seem to like your touch Scarlett” Liz said provocatively “Can I touch yours Scarlett?”

“Yes” replied Scarlett in a croaky whisper

Liz reached out a hand and cupped a boob, kneading Scarlett’s nipple with her thumb. The young lasses nipples responded too.

“Oh Aunty Liz that tingles”

I found I was stroking my erect cock as I watched.

“Now when you masturbate you do this. Give me your hand Heather”

Liz took the young girls hand and led it over to her own cunt.

“You’re all wet there Aunty Liz” Scarlett said surprised

“Slide your finger in there” Liz said

Liz had an involuntary intake of breath as Heathers finger rubbed against her clit.

“Now slide it in and out” Liz went on “You can put n two fingers if you like”

Liz felt a second finger penetrate her hot cunt.

“Can I touch you at your wet spot Scarlett?” Liz inquired

“Yes” Scarlett whispered

I began stroking my cock even harder as I saw Liz slide her finger into Scarlett’s virginal cunt

“Oooh” exclaimed Scarlett as she felt Liz’s finger brush her clit.

At no stage had I asked myself where Linda was whilst this episode was occurring. She must be out I reasoned in my mind. I continued to stroke myself as I watched Liz lean over and kiss the now highly aroused Scarlett. Scarlett responded eagerly to Liz’s attention. There were pleasured moans coming as Liz manipulated Scarlett’s clit.

It was then that I discovered where Linda was. She was standing right behind me!

“Oh Dear” I whispered

“It’s ok Uncle John” she said “I’m as horny as you are”

I had turned to look at her and realized that in doing so I had revealed my engorged cock to her. She stared at it in wonder

“It’s so hard Uncle John” Laura whispered

“Yes” I croaked

Scarlett was now beginning to moan loudly as Liz started Topkapı Escort Bayan to stroke her to orgasm. She even slid a finger in Scarlett’s ass whilst sucking the young lady’s tit

“I’m feeling all hot down there too” Linda admitted

“Undo your jeans Linda and give your cunt some air” I said

“Uncle John I….” She whispered

“Go on. You’ve seen me haven’t you” I interreupted

“Well… ooooh …” she muttered as she tried to gather courage

She was wearing a tight shirt and bra and her nipples were beginning to show.


Linda protestation were suddenly interrupted a scream of delight in the bedroom and Linda looked up to see Liz licking at Scarlett’s cunt. She was writhing under the ministrations of Liz’s tongue and clutching at her own boobs in ecxtasy.

“oooh I can’t bear it!” Linda whispered “I’m going to undo them”

She unbuttoned her hipster jean knowing full well that they would plummet to her ankles. Her divinely shapely legs appeared and her sheer panties could not be hidden by her short top. She was wet down there and thus her darker pubic hairs could be seen.

“You been wet like that before Linda?” I whispered as we watched Scarlett convulsing under Liz’s tongue.

“No. But it makes me feel warm inside” she admitted to me

“have you ever seen a man’s rigid cock before?” I went on

“Saw Dad wanking in front of his computer one night and knew he was pulling himself off but I couldn’t see it” she said candidly

Liz had now adjusted her position so that her cunt was resting on Scarlett’s face and the lass instinctively started licking Liz’s cunt. They were in bliss.

“Come with me Linda” I said as I stepped down the corridor toward Laura’s room

“But I can’t walk with these around my ankles”

“Well take them off or pull them up girl” I whispered

She pulled them up but didn’t do them up, holding them up with her hands as she walked quietly and compliantly into her bedroom.

“Sit on the end of the bed” I said

She did so obediently. I lifted up one of her legs at a time and removed her shoes and socks. I tugged her jean legs firmly and her jeans came away with my hands.

“Are you undressing me Uncle John?” she asked with an innocency that was so erotic

“Only as far as you agree to” I said

“You can take my top off if you want” she said assuredly

I leant over and started peeling her top off over her head. Shit, she was beautiful.

I had tucked my cock away as I had walked to her room so that now she was in just her bra and panties but I was fully clothed

“Can I take your jeans off Uncle John?” she asked most politely

“Yes” I said

She stood up, staring me in the face as her hands moved to undo my belt. She unbuckled the belt and opened my jeans again. She pushed them down off my hips and then made me sit on the end of the bed as she removed my shoes and socks and trousers. I was just in my shirt and jocks and knew she could Escort Topkapı see my rigid member etched in the fabric. She knelt between my open legs and started unbuttoned my shirt peeling it off my shoulders. We were in our undies only!

“We should stop Linda” I pleaded

“But Uncle John, I have never touched a man’s cock before” she said forcefully “I want to see you completely naked”

“But Linda…”

She pulled the front of my jocks and they tore away. My cock popped out as hard as a rock

“Oh my! It’s lovely Uncle John”

“Is it?” I enquired

“Oh Yes!!!!” she replied eagerly

This young lady was seducing me good and proper so much so that I did not want to stop her.

“Can I touch it?” she asked

“Yes” I croaked

“I lied when I said that I saw dad wanking at his computer. I did see him wanking but I went over to him sneaking up behind him as he was concentrating on the web cam on screen I grabbed him like this”

Linda reached out and clutched my shaft and started pumping it

“ooooooooh” I groaned as I felt her hand on my cock

“I stroked him like this Uncle John” Linda said cheekily as she worked my cock

“Did you?” I croaked

My cock was as hard as a rock.

“Would you like to see the rest of me?” she asked

I nodded approval, unable to speak. She stood up and in a moment had undone her bra and removed it.

“Not very big are they” she said apologetically

They were not big but they stood up firm and proud. The nipples were a deep maroon colour that on her pale skin was so attractive.

“You have beautiful breasts Linda” I muttered mesmerised

“Would you take my panties off Uncle John” she asked assertively

As I pulled them down to reveal her lightly haired mound I asked “Is that all that you did with your Dad that night Linda?”

As she turned to show me her firm butt she replied “No, He said it was only fair that if I was going to pull him off then I should allow him to see my nakedness – like I’m doing now. You know, it really turned me on to undress for my dad”

I swallowed deeply as I pondered what she was saying.

“Do you like my body Uncle John?” she asked seeking my approval

“Oh its beautiful” I said inadequately

She moved even closer to me so that her cunt was in front of my face.

“Do you like this?” she said thrusting her hips forward so that her cunt just about brushed my nose. She spread her legs I could see her flowering cunt lips. I found my hands coming up behind her and clutching buttocks to pull her cunt onto my lapping tongue

“oooh “ she squealed “just like daddy”

I was losing control of my actions and when she collapsed onto the bed with arousal I positioned myself so that I could continue sucking her cunt whilst presenting my cock to her hot mouth. She seemed to know instinctively what to do and took all of my cock at once. I sucked even harder as she did and soon we were bucking and sucking to an amazing orgasm.

We fell on our backs on the bed to catch our breath and when I looked up there was a naked Scarlett and a naked Liz framed in the doorway. They were smiling and I nudged Linda so that she would look up. When she saw the two of them she laughed and said “Oh dear, has Linda been a naughty girl?”

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