Caught in the Act

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Tanner was sitting in the art room with his friend Brian during his open block like they did everyday. They were both nearing the end of their senior year of high school and were ready for high school. Both men had brown hair and blue eyes. They had the same bigger build and we both about six foot.

Tanner was going on about his girlfriend this particular day and Brian was walking around. Brian passed the room when he quickly took notice of Tanner’s rising shirt. Tanner was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. The red shirt seemed a little too short as it was pulling up revealing Tanner’s black waistband. Brian vegan to investigate and soon noticed that the Tanner was wearing a pair of white briefs.

“My favorite!” Brian thought to himself. Brian pulled out his phone and began to take pictures of Tanner’s receding pantline. He quickly took a few snaps and tried to hide the phone as Tanner turned around.

Tanner spoke up, “Brian? Could I see you in the back room.”

Tanner led Brian to the back room and closed the door behind him. Tanner stood in front of Brian in the cluttered room. The room was full of old tables casino şirketleri and chairs and other supplies.

After awhile Tanner spoke up, “I saw you taking pictures of me!”

“I wasn’t taking pictures,” Brian stated.

“Wanna bet?” Tanner threw out.


“Fine,” Tanner started, “If you have pictures on your phone I get to fuck you anyway I want. And if I’m wrong you can fuck me.”

“I’m down!” Brian said forgetting he had actually taken pictures of Tanner.

Brian handed his phone over and Tanner looked through it. He laughed as he saw the pictures of his backside. He set the phone down and grabbed hold of Brian’s shoulders. He shoved Brian to his knees and went for his zipper. Tanner undid his zipper and dropped his pants.

“Here’s a closer look for you,” Tanner laughed pressing Brian’s face into his tightly covered crotch.

Brian moaned through the fabric making Tanner’s dick stick straight up. Tanner removed his underwear and slapped his dick against Brian’s cheek. He continued to pummel Brian’s face with his dick before suddenly shoving all 8 inches down his throat. casino firmaları Brian gagged on Tanner’s thick cock. Through the gagging Tanner continued to relentlessly pound Brian’s face.

Soon Tanner grew tired and slowly removed his rock hard cock from Brian’s mouth. Brian sighed as he stood to his feet. Brian tried to walk out the door when Tanner grabbed him and threw him down on a table. Brian lay there face down as Tanner removed his pants and stood back. Tanner checked Brian’s underwear out for a moment before proceeding. He took special notice on the white briefs with a superman logo on the butt.

“Nice undies superman!” Tanner said slapping Brian’s ass making Brian jump.

Tanner pressed his rock hard cock against the material making the fabric tighten between Brian’s cheeks. Brian began to plead with Tanner not to do it. Tanner responded by shoving his own briefs into Brian’s mouth.

“Hope you like the taste,” Tanner started, “I jacked off in them this morning.”

Brian gagged on the underwear as his own hit the floor. Tanner pressed the head of his thick cock against Brian’s tight bubble butt. güvenilir casino He slowly began to press his cock between Brian’s cheeks separating them. Brian whimpered through the underwear as Tanner pressed his head into Brian’s ass. Tanner laughed at Brian’s whimpers and jammed his whole cock into Brian’s tight virgin ass. Brian let out a cry as Tanner began to relentlessly pound Brian’s ass. He quickly removed and replaced his cock in Brian’s ass. Tanner continued for what seemed like hours to Brian. He would hump Brian’s ass and Brian could feel Tanner’s large balls smack his own. Brian began to cry as Tanner pounded harder and harder.

Soon Tanner slowed down. He slowly entered and withdrew. Tanner removed his cock and gave one final grand hump. He laid on Brian’s back and moaned into Brian’s ear as he released a large load deap into Brian’s ass. Tanner kept his dick in Brian as he lay on Brian’s back.

“You’re welcome,” Tanner whispered into Brian’s ear as he stood up and withdrew his dick.

Tanner removed the underwear out of Brian’s mouth and put them back on. He replaced all of his clothes and left Brian laying naked on the table. After Tanner left Brian got up and returned all his clothing to their rightful places. Brian reached for the handle and opened the door as the bell rang for his next class. He slowly limped to class holding is sore ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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