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Big Tits

Cathy was a good Catholic virgin when we met. When we parted, she was still Catholic, at least on the surface. We met on a blind date arranged by mutual friends, Cliff and Sara. The four of us went to a drive in movie. I have no idea what was playing on the screen, but I remember well what was playing in the back seat of Cliff’s Chevy. From the moment Cathy and I met, we both felt some sort of chemical attraction. Within minutes of parking at the drive in, we were making out passionately. That evening, I made it to “third base” with Cathy, but she wouldn’t go any further, especially with Cliff and Sara so nearby. Her hesitancy to get naked with other people nearby was a phobia that didn’t last very long.

After our first evening together, Cathy and I saw each other quite frequently. It was quite a drive from my apartment in White Plains, NY to her parent’s house in Croton-on-Hudson, but she turned me on so much that I hardly noticed the drive time. When we got together we had the obligatory “conversation” while her parents were around, but both of us hungered for our moments alone with each other. On our third evening together, Cathy went down on me and sucked my cock. She had never done this before and was rather clumsy at first, but that didn’t stop her from bring me to a climax. Surprisingly, she swallowed every drop and seemed to love it. Little did I know how much she would come to love the taste of cum.

Within a week of our first evening, we were naked in her bed, and her virginity had become a memory. As we lay in bed after our first fuck, she looked at me and said, “Where has that been all my life?” From that night forward, Cathy became insatiable. We had sex almost every night, frequently twice. I was young then, and I could handle it much better. We fucked in her bed, in my car, outside, standing up and sitting down. And when we weren’t fucking, she was sucking my cock until I came in her mouth. Often, as we were fucking, she would smile at me and say, “Don’t cum yet, I want to suck Ding.” Ding was her name for my dong. Ding dong, suck my dick. She loved it, and so did I.

Once while paddling around on a nearby lake, Cathy knelt on the bottom of the canoe and sucked me to a climax. We learned from her brother and sister-in-law later that we had an audience for this particular escapade; them. At first, Cathy flushed with embarrassment when her brother asked me how I liked getting blown in a canoe; but when her brother just laughed, Cathy started to realize that her sexual energy was nothing to be ashamed of. Her Catholic guilt training was quite deeply rooted; but her love of sex was becoming even stronger.

Unfortunately, about two months after meeting Cathy, I was offered a great job in Cleveland, Ohio. As I prepared to leave, she decided she would follow me to Cleveland in a few weeks. By the time she finally moved to Cleveland, we had been apart several months rather than just weeks, and we were desperate for each other’s bodies. When I picked her up at the airport, she had my cock in her mouth before my car made it out of the parking lot. The attendant who collected the parking fees smiled broadly as he saw her head bobbing up and down in my lap. As soon as she sucked me dry, she lay back in her seat and pulled her dress up to show me what she was wearing beneath it. Absolutely nothing.

As we drove up Interstate 71 into downtown Cleveland, she told me she had masturbated three times on the flight from LaGuardia to Cleveland’s Hopkins airport. The first two times, she went to the bathroom to masturbate. The third time, she took advantage of the empty seat between her and the middle-aged male passenger on the isle. She put the blanket over lap, pulled up her dress and frigged herself to a climax while pretending to sleep. She kept her eyes shut, so she couldn’t tell whether her neighbor saw her playing with her self; but that added to her excitement. As she was telling me about this, she started fingering her casino şirketleri pussy and rubbing her titties. We made the turn onto I-90 and headed towards Cleveland Heights (for those of you who know Cleveland, I was an East-sider), and Cathy was writhing with her fourth orgasm since leaving NY, and her first in Ohio. It wasn’t her last.

On her second night in town, we went to a party at a friend’s house. I had only met Jim a few weeks ago, but we had become good buddies quite quickly. I had told him about Cathy and he wanted to meet her, so he timed his party for her arrival. He told her it was in her honor, but to be truthful, he just loved to have parties. Several people were dancing to the music on the radio, and Cathy and I started dancing, too. As we danced to a slow number, I put one hand on her buns and the other on her boobs, and I started squeezing and stroking her. Her tits were super sensitive, and she was soon French kissing me on the dance floor. As the song ended, she said, “I want to suck Ding. I want to feel you cum in my mouth, and I can’t wait for long.”

“Do you want to leave the party?” I asked her.

“No,” she replied, “I just want to taste your cum. Can we find a bedroom?”

Now when a sexy woman tells me she wants to suck my cock, my rational brain takes a vacation, and my “Penis consciousness” takes over. Without even thinking, I took her hand and lead her to Jim’s bedroom where I lay back on his bed and let her unzip me. Seconds later, she was sucking and licking me. She had become quite adept at teasing me, and she started by gently tickling my balls and lightly licking the crease from my ass to my sack, then blowing and sucking on my balls. She played with Ding, and soon had the pre-cum oozing from its tip.

I was lost in ecstasy when the door opened and Jim walked in. He stopped in is tracks when he saw Cathy and me. He didn’t say anything, but looked at me with a question in his eyes. I just smiled back at him and shrugged. Cathy had her back to Jim and didn’t hear or see him enter, so she kept on sucking like there was no tomorrow. Jim looked at me and smiled as he softly walked up beside us and sat on the bed next to me where he was directly in Cathy’s line of sight. Cathy couldn’t miss him, but her eyes were closed as she sucked and kissed and played with her favorite toy. As if in a dream, she slowly opened her eyes, saw Jim and froze. Her mouth was wrapped around Ding, but she stopped bobbing and looked Jim square in the eye. Then, without loosing eye contact, she started in again, sliding my cock deeply into her mouth and back out again. Up and down, in and out. Nobody said a word while Cathy and Jim locked eyes.

I watched in fascination as Jim and Cathy stared at each other while Cathy’s head moved rhythmically, like a slowly rotating piston up and down on my cock. At first, Jim simply stared and smiled in appreciation, then he gradually moved his hand to his crotch and started stroking himself. Without loosing eye contact with Cathy, Jim unzipped his fly, pulled out his already hard cock and started stroking it up and down. Cathy’s right hand snaked across Jim’s bed, up his leg and wrapped itself around Jim’s hand, helping him stroke himself. Her left hand was still working on my cock and balls but her right hand was soon exploring Jim’s balls. Seeing quickly where this was leading, Jim unbuckled his pants and slipped them off, then lay back next to me. Cathy’s gaze returned to me and I could see the question in her eyes. “Is this OK with you?” she seemed to be asking. As I smiled at her and nodded my head, I could sense both her relief and her excitement. She continued to look at me as she moved her head from my cock to Jim’s and started sucking him. It was as if she was checking to see how I would react. When she was sure I was OK with her boldness, she let go eye contact and started sucking Jim in earnest.

I watched for awhile, and then my penis consciousness casino firmaları had an idea. I got up off the bed, moved behind Cathy and started stroking her buns again. She was wearing a short but tight fitting skirt that did little to hide her charms. I couldn’t see a panty line, and as my strokes progressed, I lifted her skirt and learned why I couldn’t find a panty line. No panties. Easy access. The next step was obvious. As I slid my pecker into her very moist pussy, Cathy wiggled her butt in appreciation. This was a new first for her, two men at the same time, but she was a quick learner. It wasn’t long before Jim came and Cathy vacuumed him dry. Then she turned around and inhaled Ding once again, and quickly extracted another load of cum from me. Jim was still recovering on his bed when Cathy finished me off, then stood up and said, “Wow! That was a trip! I’ve never done that before, but I have a hunch I’m going to like Cleveland.”

“Welcome to Cleveland, Cathy,” Jim said as he pulled his pants on. “You’re everything Bob said you were and more.”

Cathy smiled at both of us as she stood before the mirror in Jim’s room checking her self out. She brushed her hair, then turned to me and asked, “I’m feeling really sexy. Do you mind if I flash my boobies to some of the other guys here?” Before I could respond, she had unbuttoned three buttons on her blouse so that her bra-encased 36C boobs were quite evident. “Do you think I should loose the bra?” she asked. Still in my penis consciousness, all I could do was smile and nod affirmatively. Without taking her blouse off, she somehow extracted her bra and tossed it to me. “Throw that away. I’m feeling liberated,” she said, her cleavage now impossible to miss. Most of her breasts were visible, and as she bounced around, I could even see flashes of her nipples. Cathy was ready to party.

In a flash (so to speak), she was back in Jim’s living room dancing up a storm with somebody I had never seen before. I sat on the couch and recharged my batteries while Cathy teased her new dance partner. Apparently penis consciousness is highly contagious and Cathy was a carrier, because the guy she was dancing with was unable to remove his eyes from her tits, and was sporting a stiffy that made him look like he had stuffed a zucchini in his pants. He was still stiff and speechless when Jim returned from his bedroom and cut in to dance with her. They danced a slow number and Cathy pulled Jim’s head to her face and kissed him full on the mouth. I could see her tongue snaking into Jim’s mouth so deeply that it seemed to emerge in his crotch. Or maybe that was just his cock getting hard again.

There were about a dozen other people at the party with the guys outnumbering the girls by about a 3:2 margin. And it wasn’t long before another one of them cut in on Jim and asked Cathy to dance. They danced a couple fast numbers and Cathy’s boobs started to bounce free of her blouse. She made no attempt to hide them as her blouse got looser and looser. Soon, a couple more buttons had come somehow undone and her boobs were almost fully visible. When a slow song came on, her boobs disappeared into the chest of the guy she was dancing with. And then another fast song would come on and her boobs returned like the swallows to Capistrano.

The other women were mostly with dates, and after about an hour of dancing, they had all left. Only Cathy remained with me, Jim and four other guys whose names I never did learn. As they took turns dancing with Cathy, they started to cop feels of her breasts and buns. At first, they were just quick feels; but when Cathy didn’t object, the feel-ups got longer and bolder. Her blouse was now fully unbuttoned, and her skirt was bunched up on her hips exposing the base of her buns. In the middle of a fast song, Cathy’s blouse reached separation velocity and parted from her body, drifting across the room and landing on an end-table next to couch. Topless seems to invite güvenilir casino bottomless, and one of the guys who was stroking her buns in a slow number reached down and pulled up her skirt above her waist, exposing her bare buns and cleanly shaven pussy to the rest of the room. Cathy put her hand to her waist and unsnapped something, and her skirt dropped to the floor. She was now naked in a room with six other guys, and she wasn’t about to let this opportunity slide by. And neither was anybody else.

She unbuckled the belt of her dance partner, unzipped his pants and pulled his pants and under shorts down to his knees. Then she dropped to her knees in the middle of the room and started sucking this guy off in front of all of us. He lasted only a few seconds before he started spurting. Cathy pulled her head back and aimed his cock into her mouth so everyone could see him cum. A couple spurts missed and landed on her face and neck, but she ignored them as she looked around the room at the other guys. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she wanted, and in a heartbeat, the other three guys were lined up in front of her, naked from the waist down.

She sucked each of them dry, taking their loads in her mouth while the Jim and I watched. One of the guys wanted to fuck her, but she stopped him and said to the assembled penis heads, “Ring a ding, ding, don’t push a good thing. Thanks for the fun, but now I want to take Bob home and fuck his brains out. Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

Then she calmly excused herself and went to the bathroom to cleanup. Several minutes later, she emerged fully dressed. She kissed Jim goodbye, then pulled me to my feet and back to our car. Needless to say, I was quite exhausted the next day. And that was how Cleveland met Cathy.

Now I could end this story here, but that wouldn’t be fair to Cathy. Over the ensuing months, she became a legend on Cleveland’s East side. We got invited to lots of parties, and Cathy emptied lots of cocks. We went to a bachelor party where Cathy stripped naked and fucked the groom in front of everyone else. Then she handed me her clothes and she walked out of the groom’s apartment, down the elevator, out the lobby and into our car stark naked. We rode all the way back to our apartment before she slipped her dress back on.

There were lots of other wild parties. Our sex life was amazing and exhausting; but the rest of our personal lives together was in trouble. We were so busy fucking and sucking that we had never developed the skills of problem solving and conflict resolution. After she had been in Cleveland for about eight months, she tried to get a job with the phone company as a telephone operator, but flunked the test. Cathy was not a stupid woman, but somehow, I allowed myself to get judgmental and thought that someone who couldn’t pass the test to be a telephone operator wasn’t worthy of a hot shot computer jock like me. Judgment is death for relationships, and I broke up with her. Stupid me.

She moved out to her own apartment, and we crossed paths every now and then. Her legend as the lolly pop by the lake continued to grow, but I wasn’t getting any of it any more. I missed her and tried to reconcile, but she wouldn’t take me back. Then one evening, we bumped into each other at a local pub, and she looked strangely different. She had a glow about her that I had never seen (or at least noticed) before. When we talked, I realized quickly that something profound had happened to her. She told me about a trip she had just returned from. She went back to New York for a concert. It was on a big farm north of New York City. Lots of great bands, drugs and hundreds of thousands of people. She told me she had fucked or sucked over 100 people in the three days she was there, but that wasn’t the high point for her. Something had happened inside her. She now saw life and the world in a way she could never explain to me. She said it was as if she was a virgin and had just discovered spiritual sex. It was an awakening of her soul and an opening of her spirit. She had been transformed by Woodstock.

I never saw Cathy after that evening many years ago; but I miss her sometimes and hope she is well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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