Cathy and Dave Pt. 04

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Chapter 12

By the time Cathy got back to her room it was pushing 4 o’clock. Seeing her message light, she dialed the automated attendant and got the following voicemail, “Hi Cathy, it’s Jason. I spoke with Julie and she said you had something that you wanted to give me. Call my room when you get in.”

Even with all of the fucking that she had just enjoyed, she was instantly wet at the thought of Jason fucking her.

Cathy dialed his room and Jason answered on the second ring. “Hi Jason, it’s Cathy.”

He replied, “Hi Cathy. I heard you had something for me?”

Then in a voice filled with innuendo said, “Yep, I need to give you ‘something’. Can you stop by my room in about an hour?”

Cathy could tell that Jason was smiling as he brightly replied, “Sure thing Cathy.” Then he added, “I’ve been looking forward to it.”

As Cathy replaced the receiver she understood what he was, “looking forward too”. Clearly Julie had told her brother about more than just cuff links. She figured, oh well, this will just make getting him in my bed all the easier.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was a bit of a mess. Her hair had dried funny from the ocean water and she had sand and Mark’s sticky cum all over. Quickly Cathy jumped into the shower and cleaned up. After drying her hair and re-applying her make up, she went to her closet for something to wear.

After trying on several outfits and driving herself crazy with trying to select an enticing outfit for her young suitor, Cathy decided to change her tactics – quickly coming to the conclusion that worrying about a garment selection that would be swiftly pulled from her body was kind of stupid. There was no need to seduce Jason with clothing as he was clearly coming to her room to fuck.

When Jason showed up at her door, he was wearing a beautiful silk Hawaiian shirt and matching shorts. As Cathy opened the door to let him in, he noticed that all Cathy had on was a short terrycloth robe.

His mind took in how absolutely sexy she looked with her tan legs accentuated by the white fabric of the robe. Her face was radiant and her tits were barely concealed within the fold of the garment.

Feeling a need to speak, Jason blandly said, “Hi Cathy. Did you enjoy your day?”

Cathy flashed him her patented smile and replied, “Right now Jason, all I want to do is enjoy you this afternoon.”

Pulling the tie on her robe, she let the garment fall to the floor. After allowing Jason a moment to look at her nakedness, she went into his arms where the hunger of his kisses made it very clear that he wanted to fuck her as bad as she wanted him.

Taking him by the hand and leading him to the bed, Cathy said, “Take me to bed and fuck me Jason.”

Cathy lay on the bed and watched as Jason positioned his face between her legs for a taste of her freshly scrubbed pussy. As his tongue hit her clit, Cathy’s back arched as she said, “Oh yes, Jason. Lick me. Make me cum!”

Jason pushed first one and then a second finger into Cathy’s cunt as his mouth assaulted her lips and clit.

Cathy’s mind was on fire. “Oh baby. Eat me. Emmm….,, I need you to make me cum. Suck me. Eat me!”

Jason was up for the task. “Cum for me Cathy. Cum on my mouth and tongue. I want to hear you scream.”

Cathy’s hips were bucking as the pulsations from below her waist were driving her to an extreme climax. “Jason. Oh baby. Yeah. That’s it. Lick right there, baby. Almost there. Almost…. Almost…. Emmmm…. Yeah, that’s it….., cumming!”

Then Cathy did scream. “YES! YES! OH GOD!!!!!!!” as Cathy’s body released in rapid succession a series of intense orgasms.

Her mind was somewhere else as Jason disrobed. She was so spent from the orgasm that she barely felt him crawl up her body but when his cock touched her hole, she knew exactly what it was that she wanted.

“Oh baby, push it deep. Push that pecker deep inside me and fuck me hard.”

Jason mashed his pussy stained lips to Cathy’s mouth and kissed her. His cock was pushed deeply into her snatch and his thrusts were showing her no mercy. Jason was here to fuck this woman and that was exactly what he was going to do.

Jason was totally ravishing his fiancés mother. He was determined to give her a fuck that she would not soon forget so to get more leverage, Jason raised up on his arms so that his cock could shove even deeper. In response and almost out of breath, Cathy kept repeating like a plea, “Fuck me Jason. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Rather abruptly, Jason flipped Cathy over and positioned himself behind her. Cathy merely encouraged him, “Go ahead lover. Take me anyway you want.”

Jason lined up his pecker to her pussy and shoved back in.

Running his hands up and down her ass, Jason said, “You have a great ass Cathy. You know, I am gonna fuck it later, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah baby but first finish fucking my pussy and cum deep inside me. I need you there first.”

For the next moments all that was heard was their bodies casino şirketleri slapping together. Then the urgency of Jason’s thrusts signaled a clear indication that he was going to cum.

Cathy demanded, “Cum inside me baby. Cum deep. I want to feel you blasting inside my tubes baby.”

Jason pushed in as deep as he could and let his spunk fly.

Cathy could feel the hydraulics of Jason’s cock sending his seed deep inside of her and as Jason pushed and retracted and pushed his cock deep inside of Cathy again and again, he got her off one last time.

Cathy wagged her bare ass as she could feel Jason’s cock start to shrink.

“Baby, I don’t want to be done. Here let me see if I can help you with that.” Cathy spun around and took Jason’s deflating member into her mouth. As he lay down on the bed to enjoy his blowjob, Cathy ran her hand to caress Jason’s ass and once she found his sphincter, she pushed her finger inside to massage him and bring him back to full mast.

Cathy’s head bobbed up and down on his shaft making sure that he was good and hard to fuck her again. Once she was sure he was ready, she said, “Now Jason. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass with your big fat cock!”

Rolling onto her stomach, she felt the bed move as Jason positioned behind her. She felt her ass cheeks being spread and then heard him spit as his spittle settled on her rectum. After sliding his finger into the goo and then pressing it into her asshole, he was ready. Taking his cock in his hand, Jason pressed against Cathy’s brownie hole and pushed it in.

Cathy loved being fucked in the ass so she had no hesitation and instead pushed hard against his invading pecker. “Fuck my ass, baby. Fuck it hard and fuck it fast. Yeah baby. Fuck me.”

He grabbed her hips and pushed her flatly onto her stomach while his cock was impaled into her ass. Then he fucked her every bit as hard as she wanted. Cathy loved the feeling of Jason’s ball sack flapping against her as his penis pushed ever deeper into her bowels.

“Oh baby. So good. Oh, you fuck my ass so good. I love your stiff pecker Jason. Promise that you’ll fuck me always.”

Jason continued to pound Cathy’s ass until the inevitable occurred and from his pecker flowed another stream of his cum but this time, it was spraying all over the inside of her ass.

Overcome with emotion and her own orgasm, Cathy cooed, “So hot. So good. Oh Jason, I wanted this to happen so very much!”

As Jason extracted his pole from Cathy’s ass, he tumbled next to her and they held each other.

Cathy was staring up into Jason’s eyes, with such affection and joy that she had tears in her eyes. “Kiss me Jason.”

And he did.

First lightly and then with more passion as his tongue played with hers while their hands explored each other’s bodies.

Jason spoke next, “Let’s take a quick shower and fuck some more.”

Hand-in-hand they walked to the shower where they cleaned off the sweat, the cum and the shit from their bodies. All the while, little touches and little kisses continued to keep them motivated and excited for another round.

Once they dried off, they went back to bed where after kissing, followed by a little oral, they finished in a missionary position with Jason again firing his seed deep into his future mother-in-law.

As he eased the last of his sperm into Cathy’s needy cunt, Jason said, “Cathy, we need to meet everyone for dinner in about 45 minutes. I’m gonna head back to my room to clean up and then I’ll pick you up and we’ll walk to the restaurant together.”

Cathy’s mind was aflutter, he was like a wonderful drug and Cathy didn’t think that she could get enough. While she would have preferred to stay in bed and fuck his brains out all night and into the morning, she instead replied with, “Dinner sounds wonderful.”

As Jason got out of bed, Cathy marveled at his beautiful body. So tan, so muscular, so young and so, very, very sexy. Her body was already responding to it and was more than ready to be invaded once more by his stiff prick.

Chapter 13

Jason knocked on the door to pick up Cathy. She was dressed in a beautiful, short flowered skirt.

Taking one look at her as he closed the door behind him, Jason said, “Damn girl, you look good!”

Cathy liked looking good. Especially to studs like Jason. She walked up and kissed his mouth.

While their tongues toyed with each other, Jason’s left hand slid up to fondle Cathy’s breasts through her dress while his right hand grabbed at her ass. Cathy loved the attention and his big dick that was already sticking her in the tummy.

As the kiss grew with passion, the two lovers were moaning their pleasure into each other’s mouths.

Cathy wanted to fuck again and there was no doubt that Jason did as well but there wasn’t time and she’d have to clean up all over again.

Pulling away she said, “Jason, we don’t have time for this. Later, baby. Later.”

Jason took her back into his arms and said, “I won’t casino firmaları make it. I need you now.”

Smashing his mouth back to hers, his passion grew as he tried to get Cathy out of her dress. However, as bad as she wanted to let him have her, she knew that there wasn’t time so instead, she walked Jason over to the bed, sat down, unsnapped his shorts, pulled his zipper down and pushed both his shorts and underwear to the floor.

As she started to fist his cock, she said, “Baby, we don’t have time to fuck but maybe this will take some of the edge off” and then she took his dick into her mouth.

Jason’s head fell back as Cathy expertly sucked his cock while fondling his balls.

“Oh Cathy, I just can’t get enough of you. Suck me, baby.”

Cathy took that as a sign to increase the tempo so she started to suck hard and fast on his thick cock.

“Oh god Cathy. You sure can suck a cock. Baby, I’m gonna cum. Here it comes! Ahhhhhhh…..!!!!!!!!!!”

Cathy felt the first blast in the back of her mouth and then she tightened her seal on his pecker so that he didn’t accidentally jet semen into her hair or onto her clothes. Jason could feel her tongue swirling over his shaft and cock head while he heard the sound of Cathy swallowing his cum. He could feel his cock fire load after load into Cathy’s mouth as she continued to maintain tight suction on his pecker until she was sure he was spent.

Then as she let his cock slip from her mouth, she gave both his balls and pecker a few more licks and excused herself to the bathroom to clean up a bit.

Before leaving her room, Jason took her into his arms and said, “Cathy, I am really going to need to fuck you tonight.”

Smiling broadly in return, Cathy countered with, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now let’s go and have a nice dinner.”

Steph, Sean and Julie were already seated when Jason and Cathy arrived. Cathy couldn’t help but notice and return the bemused grin worn by Julie but Steph appeared unaffected. Cathy was grateful, as it appeared that maybe Julie didn’t tell her that she was just fucking her daughter’s fiancé.

The orientation of the chairs was such that Cathy was seated next to Sean with Steph on her right. Cathy was as horny as ever as pleasing Jason before they left was a precursor to the fucking she was sure she would get later that day.

However, to her surprise, she felt a hand on her bare thigh. Looking over, Sean had a broad grin on his face as he proceeded to feel up Cathy’s leg at the dinner table. Cathy thought, maybe Julie didn’t tell Steph about me but it is obvious that she told Sean.

Cathy was honest enough with herself to know that she wanted to fuck Sean too so grinning back and welcoming the attention of his hands, Cathy parted her legs a bit and allowed Sean to move his hands over her panty clad pussy. As his hands slid against her pussy lips, Cathy had to muffle a moan that nearly escaped from her lips. While she was sure that her juices were going to soak through her panties and was fearful that the table would start to smell her sex she made no effort to dissuade Sean from running his hands up and down her thigh and between her legs.

After some small chit chat and making every effort not to cum from Sean’s probing fingers, they all ordered dinner and afterwards, she excused herself from the table to go to the ladies room.

Once safely inside, Cathy closed the stall, sat down, pulled down her panties and peed. Her panties were soaked and she was so fearful that Steph would smell her that she decided to just throw them away.

After cleaning up and flushing, Cathy left the stall and was immediately confronted by Julie. Smiling warmly, Julie walked up and kissed Cathy open mouthed. At first Cathy was surprised by the advance in the ladie’s washroom but quickly reciprocated.

She heard Julie moan, “Emmmm…..” into her mouth as she slid her hands up over her breasts and held her face.

Breaking the kiss she asked, “So, how was it?”

Smiling broadly, Cathy replied, “Wonderful.”

“I’m so glad.”

Both women stared at each other a moment and then Cathy leaned in and kissed Julie with passion. Their mouths and tongues attacked each other for a moment and then, almost if at once, they both realized that they were in a public bathroom and as they broke their kiss they started to giggle.

“Look Cathy, don’t worry about picking up your husband at the airport tomorrow. Steph and I will have that covered for you which should give you a little more time with Jason and Sean, that is, if you want.”

“Julie you are so wonderful for doing this and willingly sharing Sean with me. Thank you.”

“C’mon, we should get back to the table.”

Once seated, Sean’s hand slid back up Cathy’s thigh but this time, there was a surprise. As his fingers felt Cathy’s naked clam, she looked over at him and while Sean looked at her with complete surprise, she merely flashed him a lovely smile.

As dinner was delivered to the table, Sean retracted güvenilir casino his hand and with a smile on his face, he slipped his fingers to his mouth.

Conversation over dinner had a great deal to do with the golf match from earlier in the day. The sauna the girls attended and of course the wedding.

As the last of the wine was consumed and the table was cleared, Julie said, “Hey Steph, can you come up to my room with me. I have something to show you.”

With a broad grin, Stephanie replied, “Sounds great.”

Cathy couldn’t help but think that the “something” Julie had to show her was the “something between her legs”.

As the girls stood to leave, that left her with Sean and Jason. Almost on queue, Sean’s hands slid back up to Cathy’s pussy and instead of sitting straight in her chair, she slumped forward to give him even more access. She could hear his fingers sliding in and out of her very wet cunt. She needed to be fucked and she needed to be fucked this minute.

Looking over at Jason she remarked, “Jason, Sean has his fingers in my pussy right now and I am so wet and horny that I can barely think. So, before I scream out with an orgasm in the middle of this restaurant, would you two gentlemen care to escort a lady to her room where you can ravish and fuck her all night long?”

Both men were up in a flash.

The walk to Cathy’s room was swift and with purpose and once the key opened her door, it was all hands, mouths and peeling out of clothes.

Cathy took Jason’s cock in her mouth while Sean fucked her from behind. After taking Jason’s cum in her mouth and Sean’s in her pussy, they all laid on the bed where Cathy alternated between sucking first Jason and then Sean’s cock.

Once she got them hard, she had Jason lay down and then she climbed up on top of him. After she lowered her pussy onto his shaft, she leaned forward so that Sean could fill her ass.

Her young lovers did an exceptional job of timing their thrusts as they drove deeply into both of Cathy’s love tunnels.

After Sean blew his load into her ass, Cathy leaned forward and kissed Jason deeply while she rode him to completion.

Once the last stream of cum flew safely from Jason’s cock into her pussy, Cathy finally felt a measure of relief. After sliding off his pole, she laid beside him and fell asleep.

Unbeknownst to Cathy, Sean was expected to join Julie and Steph for a solid round of three-way fucking so he had to dress and leave. Jason snuggled up next to Cathy and slept comfortable that he would be fucking her all morning long and for the rest of his life.

Chapter 14

Dave woke up at 6:15 AM about 15 minutes earlier than usual because Sarah was already busy with his morning blow. As he looked down at her servicing his unit he smiled and with a mouthful of cock, her eyes, smiled back. Closing his eyes, Dave encouraged her by saying, “Nice baby. Nice.”

Candice, still sleepy, snuggled next to Dave and rubbed and caressed his torso while watching Sarah suck his cock.

Dave, Sarah and Candice had been at it all night. Now waking up sandwiched between them, Dave knew that there was a little time to play before he had to depart for the airport.

“Are you gonna share that with me this morning, Sarah?”

Letting Dave’s dick pop from her mouth, she replied with a smile, “Sure but I get the first stream.”

“Sounds fair to me.”

Then Candice scooted down to the end of the bed and kissed Sarah before bending down to share Dave’s, “meatsicle”.

Dave looked down at the two women giving him great pleasure with their mouths. Their tongues were bathing his shaft and scrotum with affection and he loved it.

With his shaft deep in Candice’s mouth, Dave said, “Gonna cum soon.”

As promised, Candice released his pecker so that Sarah could get the first morning shot of cum.

Dave started to hump more aggressively into Sarah’s mouth and then his first stream of cum splashed into her hungry mouth.

After watching Sarah take the first of his load, Candice moved in and took over for the last few splashes of pecker juice that Dave could provide.

Dave got up and went into the shower leaving the women in bed. After washing and shaving, he toweled off and went back into the bedroom. Hardly surprised, Dave stood and watched as both women had their faces buried in the others pussy.

Pulling his own prick to attention, Dave said, “Damn, you gals just can’t get enough!”

Candice peeled her mouth from Sarah’s pretty pussy and while looking at Dave’s enlarging penis responded, “Perfect timing Dave, we both just got each other off and a little dick right about now would be perfect!”

Dave jumped back onto the bed and both women started by servicing Dave with their mouths but once they got him fully erect, Candice jumped on top and started to ride him. Dave just laid there and let Candice bounce up and down on his shaft.

Sarah moved up and started to passionately kiss Dave’s mouth. After about 10 minutes, Candice relented and allowed Sarah to switch positions with her. In turn, Candice first kissed Dave and then squatted her pussy over his mouth and rode him to her own orgasm while he shot a stream of cum into Sarah’s hole.

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