Catching Mom

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I know a lot of these stories are about moms catching their sons at sex, usually jacking-off or something. Well, this is a bit different. First about Mom and me.

I’m Brett and I’m eighteen, a senior in high school. I get good grades and have applied to several colleges, wanting to major in mechanical engineering. Yeah, I’m kind of a nerd about it, I watch the ‘How-it’s-Made” programs on cable to see all the neat kinds of machinery that are specially-made to make everything from pencils to helicopters. It’s what I want to do.

Mom is a manager in a local bank. She’s worked hard and long to get where she is and I’m proud of her. She had two years of college when she got pregnant and the bastard just upped and left. But, she’s been great.

My mom is also a looker. She’s got long blond hair, blue eyes, a perfect complexion that I inherited, I skipped the whole acne and zits thing (thanks, Mom), a nice figure, she’s five-six, trim, and C-cup boobs. Yes, I’ve looked at her bras.

I’ve looked at her, too. She’s a MILF for sure, lots of my guy friends talk about her all the time, I’m kind of proud, actually, she’s pretty hot. I’ve never seen her naked but I have gotten glimpses of her boobs at times. I would immediately go jack-off, yes, my own mom, you should see her. You’d understand.

Actually, at this time, I have seen her naked. The first time was one afternoon after school, they cancelled soccer practice (I’m not all nerd), so I took my regular bus home, not the later one and I came in the back door, went upstairs, then down the hall to my room to change and got to my mom’s bedroom door, which was open, and there she was, naked under the husband of one of her best friends.

They fucked for a minute as I stood there, then she opened her eyes and let out a screech. I told the guy to get out and he grabbed his clothes and left.

Mom, now huddled under her covers, spoke first, “Oh, god, Brett, I’m so sorry…”

“Nothing to say, Mom, but I want to finish what he started.”

She looked startled and confused and I reached down and loosened my belt, undid my pants, lowered them to the floor and pulled down my briefs.

“Brett, you can’t be serious,” she said as I pulled off my shirt and came to her bed, now as naked as she was.

I nodded down and told her, “Does this look like I’m serious?”

“But it’s not right, Brett.”

I pulled the sheet away, knelt on the bed, pulled her knees apart and began licking and tonguing her wet pussy as she lay there looking down at Kayaşehir Escort me as I feasted on her. It was something I just loved doing. I’d had several girlfriends who always had me eat them out, one, Becky Rollins, she just went crazy when I opened her with my fingers and ran my tongue around inside her.

So, I did the same and found that my mother was just like Becky.

“Omigod, oh, oh, Brett, mmm, it feels so…UUNH, UUNH, UH, UH, uh, mmm, mmm,” she screamed as her hips jolted up and down and her whole body trembled. Her hands came down gripping my head, pulling my face into her wetness, rubbing me all over her pussy.

“Oh, baby, you are so good, my god, oh, my pussy…mmm, don’t stop, just don’t stop,” and she lay back down and I gave her two more orgasms with my mouth.

At that point, she was just laying on her back, knees up, but just limp and breathing hard. I crawled up next to her and she turned to me and kissed me like few girlfriends have kissed me. Her hand was squeezing my cock, then she hugged me, whispering, “Yes, yes, please fuck me, Brett, god, I want your cock in me.”

I got up over her and knelt there as I pressed my hard cock through her wet pussy lips up into where I had come out of so many years before. The return was awesome.

“Oh, oh, Mom, you feel so good, oh, this is so good.”

“Yes, oh, yes, mmm, I do want this, I want it with all my heart. Oh, I just never…oh, but now, oh, you make me feel so good. I love you Son, I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Mom, this is just the way I want to love you. I want to be your lover. This is what I want most of all.”

“Just make me happy, mmm, cum in me and make me happy,” she whispered as I fucked her in and out.

We never had supper that night. I fucked my mom three times and she finally sucked me to sleep. We showered together the next morning, hungrily ate our breakfast as we made quick lunges at each other’s bodies.

As she left for work, she said she’d be home early from work so we could make love some more. Wow, this was all I’d ever hoped for.

It was all I could do to keep from jacking my cock when I got home from school. I did figure that I’d just go ahead and get naked and wait for Mom in the kitchen, whenever she came. I was hard just like I’d been all day. Knowing I was now fucking Mom and she was loving it, wanted more and more, well, it just kept me hard every waking minute.

Then I heard the garage door going up. I reached down and stroked myself Kayaşehir Escort Bayan as I sat at the kitchen table, deciding to continue as Mom came in the house. I wanted her to see how horny she was making me.

“Oh, my god, look at you,” she cried as soon as she opened the door. “Are you really that horny, Brett?”

“For you, I am, Mom, see,” and I let go and it just stood out rock-hard, throbbing, wanting my mother’s mouth and pussy to calm it down at last. She came over and knelt down as I watched her red lips slide over the head and down the shaft as her hands rubbed up and down my abdomen as she sucked up and down. Her eyes were looking up at me as she pulled on me, it was exquisite.

She sucked me until I began to squirm, then pulled up off me, leaving a circle of lipstick red around the base of my cock, a decoration I would begin to wear from that day on.

“Come on, I’ve got to change, we’ll take care of that properly upstairs,” she said as I followed her up.

While I sat on her bed, my mother did a slow strip for me, smiling, teasing me as if I needed it, my hard cock now seeping precum in anticipation of our sexual reunion.

“Lay down, Brett, this one is one me, I just want to fuck that beautiful cock of yours,” and she got up on the bed, put a leg up over me, reached under, gripped my cock and slid down sending me deep up inside her as I rubbed her wonderful boobs.

“I hope you saved all your cum for me, I’ve been wanting this all day, god, I’ve been wet all day.”

“Well, I’ve had a major hard-on all day, Mom, that’s how much I’ve been wanting this.”

“Mmm, me, too, you are so much better than Sylvia’s husband, well, we have each other now.”

“If it had been up to me, Mom, we’d have been doing this when I was twelve or thirteen.”

“That long? You were just a little boy.”

“May be, but I was jacking-off thinking about you when I was that age.”

“Me, when there are all kinds of girls around? Really, me?”

“Oh, yeah, you. I’m in a high school full of girls and I wouldn’t trade this for any of them.”

“But, honey, I’m thirty-eight, I’ve seen the girls you go to school with, I’m not even in the running.”

“Mom, look who I’m fucking. Case closed.”

She leaned over me and gave me a long, deep kiss as I kneaded her breasts, the breasts that once fed me when I was small and now delight me as I’m grown.

“Well, I’m really glad this has all happened. I was so afraid that it as the wrong thing to Escort Kayaşehir do but this feels so right.”

“It just feels wonderful to me, Mom, just wonderful.”

“Mmm, yes, to me, too, I’m sure this feels much better than if you were twelve or thirteen. Yes, you really satisfy me like a man, oh, like my man,” and she rose up over me and began moving up and down on just the tip of my cock, up and down just like an inch at a time, over and over. It was phenomenal.

“Oh, Mom, that’s gonna make me cum, oh, for sure,” I groaned as my cum began to spurt into her, right then she started to pump all the way down and up just siphoning everything I had up out of me. Some of my cum was even dribbling back down the shaft of my cock as she fucked me up and down.

“UUMG, UUMG, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, Mom, oh, wow,” I groaned as my mother brought me off in such a spectacular way.

She rode up and down a few more times, then said, “Well, I’ve got to get supper going or we’ll never eat.”

“Well, that was just the best sex I’ve ever had, who wants these young girls I go to school with when I can have you.” That got me a long, hot kiss and a few more pumps up and down.

“Come on, help me in the kitchen,” she said as she stood and pulled me up into her arms and held me tight, her hands down rubbing my butt just as I was rubbing hers.

We stayed naked from then on, it just became our routine. Being eighteen, I was pretty much horny all the time and it seemed to please my mother no end. I would always meet her when she came home from work, naked, with a raging hard-on from going without sex since being sucked-off that morning.

I would follow her into her bedroom, where I was now also sleeping, and help her take her clothes off, then we would have an energetic fuck, usually lasting at least a half-hour, often more, then go prepare supper as we fooled around with each other, teasing, playing, just having as much sexual fun as we could.

Then some television or a movie, maybe even some porn on the computer, that was always fun, then off to bed for a great fuck, maybe two.

After a month or so, we were laying in bed in each other’s arms as she said softly, “I’m so happy we have each other like this now, Brett. I’ve just never had a lover who wanted sex as much as you. I just hope you never get enough, you’ve made me so happy. We’re like two rabbits all the time and I just love it. Mmm, can you do me again?”

Mom made sure I could give her another go by sucking me up good and hard, something she’s just so good at. And, yes, she got her wish.

I’ve been accepted at our state university which is only thirty miles away, so I’ll continue to live at home with my mother and my lover. We both know that this may not last forever but, for now, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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