Catch and Release

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All Characters In The Story Are 18+ Years Old.


CATCH AND RELEASE. September 8, 1992, Los Angeles, CA

**TUESDAY, Pre-Dawn**

Carter sat in the dark. The only sound was an occasional clink of melting, bumping, ice cubes as he sipped his rye whiskey. His luminous watch dial showed 2:14 a.m. A waxing moon, about three-quarters full, reflected light off the still swimming pool surface. The muted blue-white beams, filtered through the sheer patio drapes, cast oddly angled shadows across the walls.

Periwinkle Halstead, Carter’s 18-year old, nubile, newly subjugated, consort and personal assistant slept in his bed while he sat, in his big chair, in the living room, thinking. Carter faced a critical crossroads.

Ruth, Jenny, even Luz, were well integrated into routine lives before Carter coerced them. Thus, it was a relatively simple task to re-shelve their sex-slave personas; allowing them, in blissful ignorance, to re-enter their mundane worlds until Carter again wanted to fuck them. Peri was different and problematic.

First, and logistically foremost, she had not even claimed her dormitory room before Carter plucked her. He still did not know where she had lodged on her arrival, let alone how long, who she had met or whether she was by herself. His impetuous indulgence of his immediate lust, now placed him on a personally perilous precipice. “Jesus Christ!” he swore, under his breath, “What a fucking fantastic weekend,” he thought, “but now what? This must be what ‘Tiger By The Tail’ means!” Clink! His ice rattled as he took his final swallow of Canadian Club and put the empty glass on the table beside his chair.

Of course, he also needed to decide if he was going to keep her semi-permanently in performance mode. Besides the mental strain of such an undertaking, not to mention the unbelievable sexual energy Peri generated, he would be imprisoning a live creature, a pet, without the benefit of being able to do so openly. She could never leave the house without the greatest precautions. “This past weekend,” he thought, with an unavoidable self-satisfied grin, “has to have been a ‘one-off’ not to be repeated.” He could not know who saw them, what was thought, or worse, what might or would be remembered and said, if he or Peri had been recognized. “God forbid an official inquiry, for whatever reason!” he said to himself. “Ann was enough, wasn’t she?”

Brooding, and idly rubbing his cock through the vent in his boxers, Carter recalled the petite, blonde, 20-year old gymnast as he first saw her, doing her mat exercises, warming up for an intercollegiate dual meet, at the University. Her bright green leotard clung like saran to her lithe body. The program informed him she was a Junior, from Sweet Home, Oregon and studying Physical Education. She was 5’1″ tall and weighed 96 lbs. Carter saw, unlike the other girls on the floor, she had a decidedly hourglass figure. The lemon-yellow piping, diagonally slashing down from her left shoulder, between her mounded tits, to her right hip, at the highest point of her leg-hole, was electrifying.

Carter had opened the folding, 3.5 power, theater glasses he had found in a pawn shop in San Francisco, and focused on the little blonde. She was bent into a backward bridge, supported by her flat palms and the balls of her feet. As Carter surveyed Ann Temple’s magnified croquet-hoop form, he noted her pixie haircut topped a cute, round, face with a clear complexion, cherubic cheeks and chin. She had a button nose below bright ice-blue eyes and above a small, thin-lipped bow-shaped mouth.

Her taut, arched neck, disappearing into her discreetly scooped leotard, pointed him to the lemon stripe separating her breasts. Ann’s nipples were a small, but erotic, display, pushing stiffly erect, against her stretched chest under her uniform. Carter remembered how he had remarked to himself “The Yellow Brick Road leads to The Emerald City” as his eyes crossed the lemon band, traversed the Kelly field of Ann’s flat abdomen, with its indistinct, barely visible, navel depression, and studied the very distinct, highly visible, outline of the girl’s cunt.

As she walked her bridge into a still tighter arch, Ann’s quivering quadriceps created a verdant shimmer at her crotch. Her pussy flattened and disappeared. Continuing her crossover, Ann kicked into a handstand, held for a frozen moment, then, slowly lowering herself, she reversed the arch. Palms still flat, bottom up and legs stiff, she sat in a split. Raising her arms, Ann twisted her torso left, then right, alternately stretching her fingers to touch her toes, before ending the exercise and darting across the mat to join her team mates in a huddled mass around the coach. Carter thought their collected bottoms looked like scoops of sherbet as the girls bobbed in pre-match excitement, focusing on their final instructions.

Shaking his head and dropping his thickening cock, Carter stood and walked to the bar. He poured another half-inch of whisky over the last casino şirketleri bits of ice in his tumbler, tossed it back, set down the glass and stepped into the moonbeam at the patio door. “Goddamnit!” he cursed, staring at the glass-smooth pool, “Have I learned anything besides hypnosis? Can it be different?” Crunching the dwindling cubes in his teeth he sighed.

Preoccupied, Carter did not see or hear Peri as she came up behind him. However, he caught the slight strawberry scent of her hair, and stifled his startle reflex, just before he felt her strong, slender, fingers. They gently pinched his small rolls of fat resting on the elastic waistband of his shorts. Carter heard a delicate rustling as she advanced. Her warm hands slid forward along his waist, joining in front, cradling his pot, while her cool silk kimono sleeves pressed softly on his sides.

Peri stepped in close behind Carter, folding him into her open robe, clasping his belly and laminating her chest, tummy and crotch against his back and butt. Only the thin satin layer of her pink teddy separated them. “Whatchya doin’, Uncle Bill?” she cooed softly, peering over his right shoulder into the moonlit backyard.

Carter looked at the enveloping crimson and gold patterned kimono, washed pale by the moon, and smiled. In that instant, he decided “She’s a keeper.” He mused internally, “The re-programming may be tricky, but, she stays, at all cost.” Carter turned his face, tipped his head and replied, “Nothing much, Sweetheart. Just watching the moon. I expect it will be full by tomorrow or the next night.” He rambled, side-stepping a full disclosure of his thoughts.

“Mmm Hmm,” Peri murmured, resting her chin on his shoulder and pulling him tighter against herself. “It is pretty. I’m glad I woke up and got to see it with you.” Her hands diverged. Moving her left one up, Peri stabbed her index finger into Carter’s navel and scratched its tiny knot lightly with her nail. She lowered her right hand, spreading her fingers wide. Closing them into a loose fist, Peri captured Carter’s penis and scrotum in a firm trap. She thrilled to feel his cock swell. “Are you glad I found you?” she teased, tickling his nuts through the cotton underwear. “It seems like you might be.”

Carter covered her right hand with his and reached his left hand behind, squeezing Peri’s bottom beneath her silk and satin, compressing their bodies further, yet. “Oh, I am very glad, Sweetie,” he confirmed.

Peri tucked her chin and nipped Carter as she felt her pussy getting ‘gooey’ at his touch. “Yay!” she exclaimed, in a whisper. She drug her right hand up the outside of his boxers and dove into their fly, grabbing Carter’s cock just below its head. Her thumb brushed his gathering pre-cum and smeared it across the precious plum before returning to his rigid shaft. She stroked his dick, once, to its base and then retreated. Using both hands, Peri pushed Carter’s shorts down, freeing her prize.

Carter leaned forward, pressing his right palm against the glass door. He felt Peri’s breasts slide, under the satin teddy, along either side of his spine, as she followed his contour with her own bending posture. Her long, light-brown, hair streamed fragrantly past his face as he scrunched back beneath her draped kimono. He continued flexing and releasing his left hand grip on her ass, maintaining the closest possible contact between his butt and her warm snatch.

Peri spread her legs, opening the secret, crotchless seam of her teddy’s tap pants’ bottom. Her ‘Mickey’ remained hidden behind the pearlescent pink satin while her wet, bald, cunt rubbed, uncovered, against Carter’s hairy ass crack. Peri’s hands, actively stroked and squeezed Carter’s thick prick and fondled his heavy balls. She smiled, unseen, into the back of his neck as she heard him groan.

“Unh-hunh, Uncle Bill,” Peri crooned behind his head, “That’s right, Peri’s got you.” She rubbed her squashed breasts against Carter’s back and thrust her bare, open pussy hard against his butt. Carter responded by pushing back, growling. Peri’s hands rode his moving cock, undeterred, “Yes, Uncle, Yes,” she continued, “soon your tension will be all gone. Cum for me, cum for me.”

Carter felt his seed rising as Peri coaxed and stroked. “Cum, Uncle, Cum… Cum… Cum!” she breathed hotly on the nape of his neck, as she increased the tempo and pressure on his dick and pushed her cunt up and down his cheeks.

“AARGH!” he shouted. His semen shot explosively past Peri’s hand onto the patio door.

“Ooops!” she giggled, and swiftly closed the top of her right hand over his pulsing bell, collecting its remaining squirts on her fingers. When his dick quit twitching, Peri slid away from his body and raised her sticky hand to her mouth.

“MMMM, this is so yummy, Uncle!” she said, sucking the goop from each digit. Pop! Pop! Pop! Five times her cum-coated fingers noisily left her lips. Pop! Pop! Cleaned, glistening with Peri’s saliva, they found their way to Carter’s mouth. casino firmaları Peri pushed her first two fingers past his teeth. “Don’t you think so?” she asked, nibbling his ear.

Carter straightened up and spun around, seizing Peri in his arms. raking her fingers with his teeth as she pulled them free. “Oh yeah!” he snarled, “But not as ‘yummy’ as your juicy apricot!” Pulling her with him, he backed up and sat on the sofa. Peri, standing between his legs, held his head as he buried his face in her groin.

Carter’s hands slid up the loose legs of her teddy, gripped her bottom and hugged her close as his mouth found the open seam that framed her dripping, naked, twat. Feasting at her trough, he worked his tongue in, out, up and down while his fingers spread her cheeks. His right middle finger pushed against her rosebud, insisting on entrance, while his left middle and ring fingers crowded past his tongue and dug deep into her vagina.

Peri moaned and whimpered, “Ooo, Uhhhnn, Mmmm…” as she twerked and writhed before him. “Unnn… unnncle!” she cried, when he latched onto her clit and her orgasm began.

Peri pushed her hands down between Carter’s legs and found his semi-soft penis. Remembering what Ruth taught her, she wiggled her fingers under its base and around the top of his bag. Carter’s cock stiffened with the stimulation and Peri grinned happily. “Thank you, Aunt Ruth!” she exclaimed to herself, pleased to have learned such a marvelous trick.

Peri walked herself, on her knees, up onto the couch, forcing Carter, still sucking on her cunt, to fall against the sofa back. When he could retreat no further, his dick was again turgid and pulsed in Peri’s hands. She raised her left hand to Carter’s forehead, moved his face away from her pussy and squatted, spreading her knees between the cushions. Her right hand steered Carter’s cock into her aching, waiting, cunt and she slid down until her bottom rested on his thighs and he was completely inside her.

Carter’s hands rose from her ass to her armpits. He lifted and dropped her as his pelvis thrust up and down. “UUUNNNHHH!” Peri cried repeatedly, and Carter matched her grunt for grunt. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Uncle!” Peri screamed. “FUUUCCCKKK MEEEEE! Fuck me, Uncle! Fuck me, Uncle!” She cried as she flooded his lap.

Carter felt her walls squeezing and grabbing his throbbing piston. His balls tightened once again in his sack. Out of control, hanging on, staring at Peri’s bouncing tits, the left under satin, the right fully exposed, Carter discovered a reserve squad of semen and dispatched it deep into her body before he collapsed from exhaustion.

Peri fell forward, limp, against Carter’s chest. “Oh my gosh, Uncle Bill!” she gasped. “You are so fantastic! Oh, thank you for you! I love you forever!”

As Carter’s breathing returned to normal, he slowly rubbed Peri’s silk covered back. “You are inspirational, Peri. I thank YOU for THAT!” He looked as his watch. 3:00 a.m. “Let’s get a couple of hours of sleep before my alarm goes off, OK?”

Peri nodded weakly. “OK, Uncle,” she said as she slid to her left and got off the couch. “I’ll clean the glass door later,” she laughed softly.

Carter stood and they leaned against each other as they walked arm-in-arm down the hall to the master suite.

**TUESDAY 6 to 8 a.m.**

At 6:00 a.m. the alarm buzzed on schedule. Carter shut it off fast, looked at Peri, and saw her eyes were still closed. Her placid face with its faint, dimpled, smile suggested she had not been disturbed. He quietly eased out of bed, stepped into the bathroom and turned the shower taps on. As the hot needles hit his back and he soaped himself, his mind returned to that fateful night in 1988 when he abducted Ann Temple.


He had watched her throughout the meet, whether she was on the floor or just standing with her other team mates. He was obsessed by her vivacious attitude and her proportionately voluptuous curves. As he watched, he decided he had to fuck her, but it was clearly impossible for a 60-plus year old man to legitimately induce a strange girl, less than a third his age, into a sexual encounter. Moreover, she was travelling with a group and not likely to be on campus, or even in town, very long.

Carter left the gym when the men were competing and hustled to his office. Pawing through his desk drawer he found what he had hoped would be there: an envelope with a torn scrap of blotter paper and some chloral hydrate Chad had given him when he had that bout of insomnia a few months back. He shoved the envelope in his pocket, went to the men’s room, prepped a good dose of chloral hydrate with water, stuck the stoppered tube in his jacket and raced back to the gym.

After the meet, while the gymnasts were showering and changing to street clothes, Carter delicately inquired among the Oregon fans how they enjoyed the trip to LA and were they staying with the team in the same hotel. His research revealed the girls were quartered at a moderately priced, güvenilir casino nice, hotel not far away. At the first opportunity Carter left the gym and set himself up in the coffee-shop at the hotel, where he could keep an eye on the lobby. A fisherman may only know where the trout may be and the rest is luck, but, at least, he can be ready on the river.

Carter remembered he did not have a long wait. He was sipping his first coffee refill when he heard a gaggle of giggling, excited, teenagers walking, talking all at once, across the lobby. He immediately spotted Ann, in a trio at the elevators. He was wondering what he would do next when, to his amazement, he saw her give her pals ‘high fives’, then turn and walk directly toward him. She was wearing a lemon-yellow track warm-up suit with a large, green ‘O’ over her left tit. The zip-up legs flapped open, from ankle to mid-shin, flashing green-topped ankle socks above her Nike’s as she strode across the carpet.

Carter looked up at Ann, smiling, as she breezed by and stopped at the counter. He got up, scanning the room quickly and saw they were all alone except for a skinny, black, waitress and a latino fry cook in the back. He looked at his watch. 11:42 p.m. “Perfect!” he said to himself and hurried up behind Ann.

“Hi there!” he greeted, her with a big open grin. “Man! I saw you up at the gym on the uneven parallel bars. You were terrific!”

Ann turned and briefly took in the pleasant older man’s nondescript face. “Oh, thanks.” she replied. “That’s my favorite routine. I’m glad you liked it. I wish you were a judge, I came in second!” she said, proud and disappointed at the same time. “Of course the main thing is the Ducks won the team match…” her voice trailed off as the waitress came over.

Ann ordered a large lemonade and reached for her gym bag while the waitress went to the machine to pour the drink. “Hey, I may not be a judge, but you looked like the winner to me…let me buy that lemonade for you. It’s the least I can do” he suggested with a casual voice and an easy smile. “After all, we’re practically neighbors. The program said you are from Sweet Home and I sell wholesale lumber for Brand S out of Albany.”

Ann’s surprised look was unmistakable. “Really? Wow!” she exclaimed. “My boyfriend pulls ply on the green chain there! His name is Tom Steele, do you know him?” she asked.

The waitress brought the glass of lemonade and Carter answered his own question affirmatively by pulling out a five dollar bill before Ann could protest. The waitress reached into her apron for the change and Carter said, “just give me two dollars back and keep the change.”

“Yessir!” she said, handed him his bills and left.

Carter said to Ann, “I can’t say I know him, to be honest. I am on the road 46 weeks a year over the Eleven Western states selling the wood. I don’t know the fellows working the mill.” He picked up the lemonade in his left hand, deftly slipped his right arm around Ann’s shoulders and turned her toward his table. “I’m just finishing my coffee, will you join me while you drink your lemonade. I’d like to learn more about gymnastics. I just stopped in because I saw Oregon was competing and I had a couple of hours to kill after my last appointment.” He kept walking, talking, and steering Ann to the booth opposite him.

She was in her host hotel, her friends were upstairs, but, she felt safe and this gentleman was obviously lonely and homesick. “Sure, what the heck!” she smiled at Carter, “Why not?” as she slid into the booth.

“That’s right, ‘why not?’ indeed!” Carter echoed, and seized the moment to empty his knockout vial into her drink. Pushing it across the table, he gave a subtle stir with the straw, making sure the chloral hydrate solution was well mixed.

Ten minutes later, the drink began to have its effect. Ann’s speech was less precise and she asked, “What’s your name again?”

“Well we didn’t introduce ourselves. I recognized you and your name on the program. My name is Dan Smith.”

“Oh…s’nice to meet you Mr…Smith”, Ann said, with difficulty, “I feel…weird, kinda…woozy, like, you know? Mr…”

“…Smith,” Carter filled in, “But we’re home town folks, call me Dan. Everyone does, you know.”

“K… D..Dan”, she said, beginning to slump in the settee. “I feel so tired…my legs are …heavy…”

“You’re probably worn out from the meet,” Carter offered solicitously, “Why don’t I help you to the elevator and up to your room?”

“K, D..Dave”, she agreed, getting his name wrong, “But don’t tell coach…she won’t let us bring men to our rooms!” Ann giggled and winked. “I can…trusss you, rye?” she stated as Carter got up and slid her out of the booth.

Propping her up, but not obviously, he walked into the hotel lobby. The wall clock said it was midnight and there was no one visible anywhere. Carter walked right past the elevator bank, down the hall to the garage, and through to the exterior parking lot where his Toyota was parked in a dark corner.

He opened the back door and gently pushed Ann into the car, letting her lay her head on the back seat. He locked and closed the door, then swiftly stepped around to the driver’s side, got in and drove straight home.

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