Casual Friday

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I’ve made love to you in my head a hundred times. Okay, probably more. I’m not usually the kind of girl who “fucks” a guy. For me, it’s more than just the physical act. It’s more than just bodies entangled and exploring. I want my mind to explore you, experience you. I want the intangible things too….the energy, the feeling. I want ALL of your attention. I’ve gone to bed many a night running a sensual erotic scenario through my mind with you. My first time with you would be one where I take you home and take my time with you.

Well, I must have woken up on the horny side of the bed, because one look at you today and I want to devour you. As you walk past my desk to go to your office, I thank God for Casual Fridays. Today, however, is “Can’t Concentrate” Casual Friday. My head never moves, but my eyes follow you left to right and the jeans you’re wearing show off your package nicely. And that ass? I want to bite it like an apple. If you said something as you passed, I never heard it. Don’t even know what color shirt you are wearing. The phone rang and as I answered it, you disappeared into your office, closed the door and the morning ensued, but I knew who I was having for lunch today….

….Everyone has left for lunch. But I notice your office door is still closed. I am not letting this opportunity pass. I want you for more than just sex, but this has been building up inside me since we first met. I want you so badly and today is the day and the time is now.

I walk over to your door and listen to be sure you’re not talking on the phone. Perfect. All I hear is typing. I knock lightly and maltepe şişman escort you respond for me to come in. I open the door and walk in and shut the door behind me. I don’t utter a word. I just look at you and that sends a rush of hotness right into me. The way you’re looking at me speaks volumes. You know why I’m here. You want me as much as I want you. We’ve never spoken of it to each other or anyone else but the attraction is noticed by everyone who knows us. Today will be the beginning.

“I have a meeting in twenty minutes,” you said. I nodded and walked over to you as you stood up to meet me. There was no hesitation as we instantly started kissing, slowly at first. Up to this point, I imagined how you would taste and I wanted to savor it. You have a saltiness that is like candy to me and I wanted it all. I was breathing in your scent and it was getting me hotter, sending pulses through me. The feel of your lips on mine, communicating with our tongues with no words, and as you pressed yourself into me, I could feel you responding to me as I have wanted you to for so long. As it intensified, our breath becoming heavier, our heartbeats accelerating, I wanted to attack you right then. But I intend on making full use of all 20 minutes.

I gently pull back and run my hands down your chest and stomach to get to your belt buckle, never taking my eyes off yours. “Your clothes make me uncomfortable…let’s take them off.” I released the hook from the strap and as it loosened you removed your shirt, which I now see is dark blue. My eyes couldn’t get enough of you; pendik escort the muscle, the color of your skin, and the perfect amount of hair on your chest which narrowed to the happy trail which I intended to follow. The feel of your skin, the warmth, you heart beating, was intoxicating to me. I gently kiss your lips and kiss my way to your ear, nibbling on it softly, letting you hear my breath, feel the heat of my exhales. You start to caress the back of my neck and shoulders, working you way down my body, but I remove your hands from me. I feel your frustration and excitement at the same time. But this is my time. I’m in control for this brief time…

I continue to your neck, kissing you, running my tongue down to taste you more. Your quick breathing and light moans are anticipating where I’m headed. Be patient. I lightly bite one of your nipples. You may not be sensitive but I love how it feels between my teeth as my tongue plays with it. You’re right where I want you. I then unbutton and remove my top and lower my skirt to the floor and step out of it. The rest will come off shortly.

I kneel down in front of you and I lower your jeans and your underwear to the floor. I tap one foot to lift it and remove them then the other. Now it’s time to get you ready for the finale’. You are most definitely aroused but we want you at full attention. I take you in one hand and start teasing you with my tongue. I get the tip good and wet and then run my tongue underneath all the way to the base. I lick my way back and now take you in slowly, tasting every inch. I move back and forth not too pendik eskort bayanlar quickly, feeling you stiffening with each stroke. You place your hand at the back of my head, lightly grabbing my hair and set the pace that you desire. After I understood, I removed your hand and continued taking in your vim, your scent, your reactions. The happy trail that lead me to your manhood was a longer trip than it took to get you ready for me.

I stood up, motioned for you to sit in your chair. Your eyes were wild with passion. You want to take me now, don’t you! As I remove my bra and panties, you stroke yourself waiting for me to engulf you. I walk over and straddle you, lowering myself onto you slowly, our eyes locked to each other’s. You fill me perfectly. You command me with your length but I hold the reigns. You feel my heat around you. You feel how much I’ve ached for you. I ride you steadily and want to treasure every inch of you, but you have a meeting. I increase my intensity and as I feel your member rubbing my button, I devour you and you feel me clutching you as I start to climax, my hips gyrating and pressing into you so feel every tremble, every movement. I gasp a breath of gratitude into your ear.

I keep riding you as I feel your body tighten ready to release. You pull me to you, hands on my ass, forcing my hips to ride you harder and faster. Your body tightens as you explode your essence into me. I love the feel of your body as you feed me the nourishment I’ve been waiting for. You remain inside me for a few more moments, both of us still, in each other’s arms, reflecting on what just happened. We kiss softly but passionately. We know this was not just sex. The smiles on our faces verify that.

We get up and we have a few minutes to get cleaned up before everyone returns and you have your meeting….

Next time, it’s my place. No time constraints and I WILL…take my time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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