Cassie’s Love Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Karma, karma, karma karma chameleon,

You come and go, you come and go…

That line from another of Boy George’s great Culture Club classics played on the radio as Hector reamed Cassie yet again on their next rest stop, this time in the backseat. His dick went as deep as it could, once more taking her doggy-style, as this was the most practical position given their time crunch. Even so, they just had to fuck again, especially with the growing excitement over the risk of getting caught. Hector was as deep as he possibly could go in his sister’s sweet pussy, drilling her more aggressively than was usual, but this wasn’t one of their favored, gentle love-making sessions. This was just heated, animal lust at work, and there was nothing wrong with that, including with a young couple madly in love with each other.

“Oh, damn it, Bro! I’m gonna cum! Wow, that’s perfect!” Cassie reacted with yet more satisfaction at being plowed by her twin brother that way in the backseat.

“Don’t hold back, Sis! We have to get there in reasonable time, at least. We don’t want to lose our housing for the term, do we?” Hector encouraged his sister to cum, even though they both loved edging.

“GGGGOOODDDDDD!” Cassie squealed as she creamed herself on Hector’s dick, even if the doggy position wasn’t one of their favorites.

“Here I come, Sis!” Hector warned his twin as he exploded in her cunt in response to her very loud orgasm.

“God, that felt amazing! Just the whole…public, dangerous, risky sex aspect to it, you know,” Cassie confessed, even as she went back to the front seat…bottomless.

“Sis?” Hector questioned Cassie, who giggled in response.

“Hey, I want to leave you a nice little cum stain as a reminder of me. That should hold us over until at least this next weekend. You’ll visit me Friday night, right? Spend the weekends with me? Just go back on Sundays? I can’t take a whole month of this. I can already tell that I’d be climbing the walls without you that long. I doubt that you feel any less of a need for me, either. We’ve agreed that I go on ahead to secure the housing. We didn’t agree to you spending weekends at home, did we? What else is there for you? Temptation in the form of Natalie bending over a bit too often or even Kirsten…or Jamie…or Mom…or Aunt Haley or Aunt Michelle. Or maybe Karl or Daddy? Or some barmaid while you’re drowning your sorrow over separation from me, while she hits on you one time too many to resist her in your drunken state,” Cassie observed.

“To say nothing of the dangers that a hot, young single woman like you would have some asshat slip you a mickey and fuck you all night long. Or at least have to fight off groping by all of the usual bar or college crowd. My jealous rage seethes at even the prospect of it. Not to mention my protective instincts as a brother and lover, at the idea of some jackass forcing himself into your pants. Or that you’d get lonely without my arms around you at night, just as I would without your breasts crushing themselves against my chest. That’s the biggest danger: loneliness. Even more than sexual deprivation, it could well be the Kryptonite for either or both of us,” Hector feared aloud.

“So, you’re agreed, then? You’ll be here, spend the weekends with me, get used to college social life before starting your freshman term? Not deny us each other’s company?” Cassie pleaded with her brother.

“Hell to the yes! Sign me up for that! The same thought had occurred to me, but I hadn’t vocalized it yet. Glad that we’re on the same page. I’m not about to put either of us at unnecessary risk of straying from our pact of loyalty and fidelity to each other. This is our love. We’re not poly like Mom, Dad, Aunt Haley, Aunt Michelle, and our brothers and sisters. Well, Bridget’s not poly, either, actually. She, at least, can understand where we’re coming from on that issue. I think that she’d slit her wrists rather than cheat on Diane and vice versa. You still have your toy, your casino şirketleri gift from Trevor and Jamie?” Hector asked Cassie, enjoying the fact that she was bottomless now, since he thought of how sexy her ass was…and how much he would refuse to wash that side of the front seat.

“Hey, this means that I’ll have to grab the snacks myself, since you’re exposed below the waist. What did you want?” Hector asked Cassie, getting a snicker from his sister.

“Nope, I’m walking in with you, just like this, your cum leaking down my thighs, mooning everyone, and holding your hand to make it clear that I’m your private property and you’re mine. I dare say that no one will have me arrested, for one simple reason: men love to see naked booty and wouldn’t be able to stop ogling long enough to report me to the cops. They’ll look, but with you around, they wouldn’t dare touch. Mind if I buy a lollipop, stick it in my twat, and offer someone a taste of our cum mixed together on it? Or maybe a corn dog instead? What do you want to bet that someone will take me up on it, even knowing that it’s a man’s jizz on it along with my juices?” Cassie winked at him, knowing that she could get her brother hard again just like that.

“Okay, when you put it like that…I’ll be the envy of the whole shop, with a gorgeous ginger on my arm, bottomless to boot, her cowgirl boots emphasizing that she’s half-naked and freshly fucked, too. Many of those men would trade places with me in a heartbeat, though I wouldn’t with them to save my life. I don’t care if they’re dating supermodels or beauty queens or former homecoming queens. None of their ladies could ever be as classy, sexy, lively, and adorable as you. Like I said, I’ll be the envy of the store,” Hector agreed, leading a literally half-naked Cassie into the shop to pay for the gasoline and buy snacks and fountain drinks.

Sure enough, everyone stared, at both of them in fact. One lady openly couldn’t get her eyes off Hector’s muscles, for instance, while another ogled Cassie as frankly as the men did. She even wolf-whistled, and her friend, thinking that she was also lusting after Hector, added a whistle of her own. One brazenly, flamboyantly gay fellow, in full drag no less, tried to twerk with Hector, and when Hector tensed up, Cassie winked at him to encourage it.

“It’s just some harmless twerking. We both know that you’re straight as a razor, but indulge the poor guy his fantasies,” Cassie said, even as she winked at the bi or lezzie woman as she stood with her BFF, “I’m not nearly as threatened by a dude as by a woman, because I know that you’d never go for it. Same way that you should be with me flirting with chicks, in fact. I’m a true-blue, heterosexual woman, and very secure in that fact. It’s all in good fun. There’s no danger to our lifelong love affair, is there?”

“Touche,” Hector agreed, though he was still beet-red as the drag queen actually played soda jerk and poured his fountain drink for him.

“Thanks for letting me dream of you, dreamboat, even if I clearly don’t stand a chance while you’re with this strawberry cream puff you have with you. If you ever want to try out some dick, though, you know where to look, sugar,” Prissy, as the transvestite called herself (technically himself, but not in this persona) left an open invitation to Hector, “you got any sexy brothers who might go for this?”

“As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that both my father and one of my elder brothers would. They’re both bi, poly guys. My grandfather was gay, in fact. He’s dead, alas. So is his boyfriend. But, yeah, perhaps you’ll run into them. Dan von Greiner’s my father. Karl von Greiner’s my brother. Both very bi, trust me, and very poly. Their ladies would just like to watch, knowing them,” Hector chuckled at how the drag queen fussed over him, quite flattered by the attention.

Meanwhile, Cassie was practically belle of the ball, men rushing to wait on her, hand and foot, looking for any excuse to make her casino firmaları smile and blush. They grabbed food for her, paid for her drinks (just as the one straight lady did for Hector’s), despite her insistence, and even offered her cigarettes, until she made it clear that she only smoked weed. There was one guy who even suggested a threesome with Hector and Cassie, indicating that he was bi, though both of them made it plain that they were straight as they could be.

“So, wait, he’s your brother…and your boyfriend, too? Hot damn, that’s wild!” the bi guy exclaimed, “well, if you two ever decide that you want to stray, and stray together, that is, look no further than me. And there’s always your elder pair of twins…they’re incestuous, too? Karl and Kirsten, right? Can we at least get to watch you two do it? Please? We’ve been nice and paid for your snacks, right, even though you’re clearly rich as Rockefeller?” the convenience store manager, a happily married, heterosexual man who just wanted to see a ginger babe like Cassie plowed good for once, spoke up for his part.

“Want to tape it?” Hector laughed, even as Cassie bent over in front of her brother and pressed her wonderful buttocks against his prick.

“Yes, please! This will be stroke material for weeks!” one pimply lad about their own age stated, having clearly never been laid before.

“Alright, Bro, here we go! Fuck me…fuck me in front of the whole damn store!” Cassie invited her brother, more aroused than even during their anal bathroom sex earlier that day.

It wasn’t the slowest, most sensual, most tender sex of the kind that they generally went for, either of them, that is, but it was fun enough in its own, daring, spontaneous way. Screwing each other silly in public was a wild, kinky experiment, demonstrating just exhibitionist both Hector and Cassie really were. It was odd, given how monogamous both of the twins were at heart, but they seemed to utterly enjoy flaunting their passion for each other, and each other’s bodies. It didn’t last too long, as both of them came with amazing ease, Cassie creaming herself more than once in a few minutes as it happened. Even so, it was some of the most fun sexual activity that they had on their road trip, to say the least.

“Just wait until this goes viral. The Von Greiner twins commit incest in broad daylight! The cream of local society, son and daughter of a publishing magnate, and they’re humping each other like two yokels from the backroads or bayou! There is no question now about their relationship, is there?” the clerk coughed, stroking himself after taking the last payment since the romp broke out.

“Oh, fuck, yes! I had a sister like that, I bet that I wouldn’t be an incel at all!” the pimply college guy exclaimed, making the drag queen grab him and start twerking with him.

“No need for celibacy, honey. Just think outside of the box,” the transvestite punned, in reference to the other meaning of “box.”

“So, I can fuck you, then?” the lad asked the drag queen, who replied by bending over right next to Hector and Cassie while they fucked each other into near exhaustion.

That was almost the last straw, but the end of it came when Cassie told Hector, rather abruptly, “Oh, shit, I forgot to take the Pill today!”

Hector erupted like Vesuvius, spending his seed into his twin’s twat, already excited as he was by the public nature of the encounter, the reality of being filmed, and the way that Cassie put her back into it as she always did. When he slipped out, she turned around and gave him the wildest, raunchiest blowjob that she ever did, which lasted for several more minutes. She slurped down on that dick like it was an Otter Pop or something. She deep-throated her own, beloved brother like it was going out of style.

When Cassie rose to give Hector his snowball, he didn’t hesitate to swap spit with her or tangle his tongue with hers. He took it all in, his cum mixed with her own juices. He didn’t mind güvenilir casino in the least. It was their cum, the combined results of their mutual desire and love for each other. He adored her…and he was more than willing to taste himself if he got to taste her as well.

“So, you’re really fertile?” Hector wondered aloud, worry mixing with excitement in his belly and on his mind.

“Maybe. Want to fuck again later, just in case? I think that someone wants to put a baby in me, doesn’t he? Our love child. The fruit of our forbidden love and passion…and lust. Honey…let’s not do this. Let’s not go to college where we were accepted. Drop out. Stay home. Have babies. Raise them together. A lot of babies. Come on…you and me…I’ll take a job with Daddy, too, and we’ll stay home where we belong. This just feels wrong, doesn’t it? I don’t want to delay starting our family any longer than we must. Do you?” Cassie surprised Hector with her proposal.

“Marry me, babe. Marry me, come home with me, and let’s start our family together. We can go to college online. There’s no reason to live on campus. There’s nothing but cafeteria food, drunken frat parties, and people who’d disrespect our special bond for each other. I don’t care that we can’t legally wed, Sis. I just care about being with you, not about going to a college far away, not when it means being apart from you, especially for a whole month. I’ll ask Dad to tear up my resignation and stay on to work with him at Liberation House for the rest of my days. This is what it means to follow my heart, and I think that you would agree. Your heart tells you that we shouldn’t tear ourselves apart like this. What do you say, baby?” Hector proposed, having just fucked his sister in public.

“Do it, guys! Your love and lust for each other is beautiful! Marry each other and have plenty of six-fingered children together!” the clerk encouraged them, adding, “your money’s no good here. From now on, that is. They paid for it this time, but next time, it’s no good here. Come back any time, you hear me? As for me, I’m going home early and fucking the holy hell out of my high school sweetheart that I married, too. Time to call in Haddad for an early shift to fill in for me. He loves extra hours, anyway.”

“Hey, didn’t you say that your wife is constantly letting other men fuck her while you’re gone during the day? You really want sloppy seconds, Fred?” the bi guy, Charlie, asked the proprietor.

“So, join us and I’ll get some strange, too. Make it a threesome, or a foursome if she’s already busy with a man. Maybe an orgy,” Fred chuckled, “I’m far too hot and bothered to care. We both know what kind of woman Jay is. She just needs a lot of dick. More than I realized when we first met. You’ve flirted with both of us long enough, Charlie. Time to fish or cut bait.”

“Well, when you put it that way…,” Charlie gave Fred a wink and a French kiss in front of the whole crowd, “but don’t think that I won’t look up your father, brother, and other relatives, guys. I’m a real slut boi and proud of it! And best of all, I love to bottom! I understand how Jay feels. The more dick, the better!”

“Okay, let’s go before we get accidentally in some kind of orgy of our own making, Sis!” Hector urged Cassie, who blew a kiss to the other patrons as she mooned them one last time…

She would never fuck them, but teasing was another matter entirely. They couldn’t wait to tell the good news to their family. The women would especially love having a wedding to plan, wouldn’t they? That wasn’t even counting the fun of actively trying for a baby. Dad would enjoy having his youngest twins work for him, too. Of course, they were pretty tired, so perhaps they could stop at a motel somewhere and drink and fuck the night away.

“So…roadside inn, plenty of booze, lots of mind-blowing sex, and even some skinny-dipping in the motel pool?” Hector asked Cassie as he took the wheel again.

“I thought that you’d never ask,” his sister and lover kissed him fiercely as they drove away with their loot of junk food and soft drinks (it was a good thing that they had already some whiskey with them, just in case, as it turned out that they were driving through a dry county).

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