Cassie Ch. 02: Thirsty for Milk

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Okay, so can I please just say something before we get into all the sexy details? 🙂 Yes, my real name is Cassie and yes, I am totally a normal person haha! I have been having so much fun with my nephew these past couple weeks and if y’all are judging me, then so be it! 🙂 Oh, and if you haven’t read his story yet, go find it first! It will help all this make more sense.

So, to protect my nephew’s identity I am just going to call him “Will” in my story. He and I have been talking about this website and we’re excited to share! I also wanted to write from my perspective cause I think y’all will enjoy it too! 🙂

So yeah, “Will” and I have been totally going down on each other for the past little while. After my sister and her husband came back from vacation, we’ve had to be a little more sneaky 😉 but it has been so much fun! I think Will was pretty fair in how he told our story, but he was also pretty generous and I’ll just leave it at that lol.

Anyway, I consider myself a generally good and caring person. But, I’m always trying to control my dirty thoughts. I like sex way too much and you know, when it comes to Will, I finally lost control and now we’ve been fucking almost constantly.

And just for context, Will is a few inches taller than me, He has a muscular body and a really handsome smile. We’re still working in the confidence department, but we’ll get there. 🙂

So first, I need to tell you that I never planned for all of this sex to happen. I’ve never been into taboo relationships and I just kind of fell into this with Will, ya know? I love him so much and I want him to be happy! He’s my nephew and we’re supposed to take care of family, right?! 🙂

Also, we’ve talked a bunch since that night after his 18th birthday, and he now knows my exact age, my measurements, my interests, and a whole lot more about my body. 😉 I’m actually almost 40, but people usually mistake me for early twenties, cause ya know, I’ve got that kickin’ “moneymaker” haha. His story was so cute btw, and I love that he remembered most of what I said to him. Honestly, I couldn’t remember what happened if someone asked me to tell them, and that’s because of how cloudy my head got that night. When he talked about it feeling like drugs, yeah haha, about that, he is totally right! 🙂

When we had sex that first night it felt like I was 18 again. The only difference being that I’ve since gained a little more experience lol. Will did a great job and described everything really well and so yeah, you don’t only have to take his word for it! It really happened just like he said it did!

Anyway, I want to talk about that first orgasm with Will. Holy hell, that was one of the hardest, longest lasting orgasms I’ve ever had. It just kept running through me like I had an out-of-body or somethin’. It was SOOOOO dang good! Will’s dick is a perfect size for me too, it’s almost like we were meant to be together or something haha.

Okay, and I also want to talk about what Will likes most now. We have been going on a lot of drives in my car and he really likes it when we find a quiet place on this back road by the lake near his house. We like to just sit underneath my sunroof and look at the stars. We talk and hold hands for hours, and it makes us so happy. I feel like young again, in case you didn’t already notice lol.

So yeah, about what he likes. He really likes me to climb on top of him in the backseat of my SUV, 69 style, and to squeeze his dick between my boobs. I also love to swallow his cum and so it’s a perfect match! Oh, and he always wants me to wear a sports bra under my shirt when we go out lol. I think that’s the cutest thing btw! I guess that first night really had an impact on him cause of my pink sports bra. I thought I looked pretty good in it, and I guess I was right! 😉

Like I said, I’ve taught him a bunch since we started, shall we say, “dating”? 🙂 He’s patient with me and he’s also a fast learner! Oh wait this is funny, he’s sitting by me while I’m typing this. He’s poking the side of my chest and it’s making me horny. Hold on everybody! I’ll have to come back and finish this later tonight…

Alright, well that was fun! So like I was saying, we’re having a ton of fun together, sneaking out late at night and we even find times together in the house. If we’re in the house we have to be super careful (for obvious reasons haha), but that’s what makes it even more exciting. Honestly, I have really doubted that my sister would even care if she found out about us. He’s 18 now and that means he can do what he wants, right!? 🙂

But yeah, I almost accidentally broke the news the other night after this one thing happened, which I want to tell you about. It started when we were all sitting around the kitchen table eating snacks and playing cards. Will was sitting across from me and he reached his foot out and began to play footsie with me. I started to blush because it was unexpected, but I let him rub his toes on my foot a little. After a few minutes no one at the table seemed to notice, so he got a little more brave. He started to move his foot up and down my casino şirketleri leg and that totally made me giggle! It was so funny cause we were all quiet at that moment and my sister elbowed me and asked, “What’s so funny, Cass?”

I lied (of course), but part of me just wanted to stand up on my chair, shake my ass, and yell, “Will is playing footsie with me!” You laugh about me thinking that, but I almost did it haha! 🙂 I know, I’m crazy, but we’re all a little crazy in different ways, doncha think?

Anyway, so even after I covered his butt by lying, and even after giving Will the stink-eye, he just kept going! I guess it’s because he’s 18 and he’s got a lot of energy? I dunno, but his leg kept creeping up higher until he went under my blue skirt and was nearly at my mound. At that point I wasn’t laughing but it sure made it hard to pay attention to the card game! Then his toes reached the end and he started to rub my pussy under my panties. I took everything in my power to focus my mind on my surroundings and avoid being caught! It was a tough challenge lol.

He kept poking and rubbing and so I opened up my legs a little more. This allowed his toes to push on my clit through the fabric of my panties. I started to get super wet and I’m sure that he could feel it too. While he was rubbing on me we kept staring at each other. Then suddenly I impulsively reached across the table and grabbed his hand. I had to quickly cover my flirty tracks, so I blurted out something dumb like, “Hey you’re doing a great job!” No one else seemed to notice cause they thought I was talking about the card game. Then a little while later I grabbed his hand again and said something like, “Hey, you almost got me!” and “Oh yeah!? I’m going to win soon!” Haha super cheesy innuendos I know, but Will knew exactly what I meant! I’m super flirty with almost every person I meet, it’s just my personality, so I’m pretty sure no one realized.

So yeah, he kept rubbing against my pussy and clit under my panties, and I needed just a little more so I shifted in my seat and quickly put my hand under my skirt, hoping no one would see. I pulled my panties to the side and that gave him total access to push inside my wet pussy with his toes. He kept pushing his big toe on my clit and sticking his toes inside. It was so hot! Probably because we were being so sneaky around the family. Then, to avoid making a big scene by cumming in front of everyone, I stood up and excused myself from the table.

I must say, I was looking pretty dang sexy in my short blue skirt that night, and so as I walked away, I swung my hips seductively cause I knew that no one, except for Will, would be watching. 😉 The sultry shake of my ass was the only subtle sign he needed, and after a few minutes of me hiding out in the bathroom, I heard some footsteps near the door. I quietly opened the door and he slipped through, locking the door behind him.

I turned on the loud (thank goodness) bathroom fan and pushed him up against the wall, moaning and biting at his ear. “I want you sooooo bad right now.” I hissed. “Do you like my little skirt? I wore it for you. Did you feel my wet panties with your foot?”

Will kept nodding at all my questions as I lifted up the bottom of my t-shirt above my rack. I grabbed his head and shoved him down into my cleavage. I had a purple bra on and it barely kept my girls inside. The tops of my areolas were peeking out from under the fabric. He began to stick his tongue down to find the most sensitive parts of my boobs. Like a horny animal I started to dry hump his leg as he pressed up against my wet mound.

We shifted positions and I sat up on the bathroom counter. My skirt hiked up a little so that the bottom of my white panties could be seen. He kneeled down and put his face between my legs, wetting his nose with my pussy juice. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side and he began licking me with that 18 year old tongue. Don’t get me wrong, Will has had some practice over the past 2 weeks, but my goodness, the kid can lick.

His tongue almost sent me over the edge, especially as I pulled his head hard into my hungry pussy. Just before cumming I pulled him up and said, “I want to taste my pussy juice.”

He stood up to make out with me and the smell and taste of my pussy turned me on even more. I started to dry hump the air as I sat on the counter. I couldn’t control my hips. It’s like they have a mind of their own haha!

His kissing started to go down my neck at that point and I took off my t-shirt. He pushed my boobs together, allowing my nipples to be exposed above the lining of my purple bra. He started tickling my sensitive nipples with his tongue, moving back and forth to give his love to each of my big girls. While he was feeding on my tits, I pulled his shorts down, freeing his bulging cock. I reached down again under my skirt and pulled my panties to the side, giving him access to my pussy. Then I silently mouthed the words, “Fuck me HARD!”

I’m fairly flexible (as you already know haha) and so he pulled my legs over his shoulders so he could go super deep inside casino firmaları of me on the bathroom counter. He pushed his cock up against my pussy line, teasing me. He started to slap my mound with the head of his cock and I used my two fingers to spread my pussy lips, exposing my clit.

He kept slapping and shaking his cock-head along the lips of my pussy, avoiding penetration cause he knew I wanted it. I took my other hand and grabbed the head of his cock and rubbed it like a sex toy against my clit, sending me into a super strong orgasm. My legs started to clench and he knew exactly what to do. He rammed his bulging cock deep inside my wet pussy and humped me like a horse. His cock felt huge inside of me, pushing against my vibrating pussy walls, intensifying my orgasm.

“Yusssss” I whispered, as the waves rocked through my body. “Give me all your cuummmmmm.”

Will began to slam me even harder, grabbing my hips under my skirt and pulling me violently back and forth. He lifted me slightly off the counter and used my hips and pusssy to stroke his cock. My pussy was super slippery, but also very tight because of my orgasm, so I’m sure the extra pressure felt really nice against the sensitive head of his dick.

Deeper and deeper he went, until I could feel his cock at the very back, bumping against my womb.

At that point something crazy surprising happened, I’m not sure if it was because of all the sex, or because Will was constantly sucking on my tits, but I suddenly felt my milk come in!

I grabbed Will’s head and stared at him in the eyes, “Hey, wait! Look!” We looked down together and saw the dark wet circles on my purple bra.

“Huh, what’s that, Aunt Cassie?” He asked.

“Honey, I think my milk is coming in.”

“Whoa” was all he could muster.

I thought about it for a second and then whispered with a raised eyebrow, “Would you like to try some?”

Just the idea of this almost put Will over the edge, so he quickly pulled out and rested his twitching dick on my pussy mound.

“Yeah, I want to suck your titties.” Will whispered.

I undid my bra clasp in the back (Will was still figuring out how to do this lol) and let my large naturals drop down in front of Will’s open mouth. He gasped as little lines of milk dripped from my nipples, hitting the bathroom tile.

“Aunt Cassie, why is this happening? You aren’t pregnant, right?”

I laughed at such a silly thought and warmly caressed his face. “No, hun, I’m not exactly sure why this is happening, but I think it has to do with how much you are sucking on my tits right now. My body thinks a baby needs my milk.”

Will’s jaw dropped even further and he looked at me with wide eyes. “What does it taste like?”

I smiled, “You’re so cute! Why don’t you try a little and find out?”

He leaned down and opened his mouth under my dangling teet, allowing a little drop to hit his tongue. He tasted it and smiled softly, “Hmmmm. It tastes sweet, and warm.”

“Yeah?” I replied “Do you want me to feed you a little?”

“Yes, please, Aunt Cassie. I’m getting thirsty.”

I got off the counter and sat down on the bathroom floor with my back against the wall. Then I whispered gently, “Shhhh, come here sweetie.” and motioned for Will to lay down like a baby on my lap. I held him in my arms and allowed him to nuzzle up into my warm welcoming breasts. I ran my fingers through his soft hair and said, “That’s it honey, let me get you a little bit of milk from your auntie’s breasts.”

I pulled his head up into position and rested his lips just under my engorged nipple. Instinctively, he opened his mouth and gently latched on. I looked down with loving care, caressing his face as he began to suck my tit. I felt the milk slowly leaving my breasts, so I reached down and began to massage a little around my areola to increase the flow of my warm milk.

The flow increased and he started swallowing every couple sucks. I was enjoying this loving embrace and the gentle suckling sensation on my nipple. I could tell he was enjoying it too, because when I looked down I saw his large cock pulsing high in the air, begging for me to finish him off.

I whispered gently, “Hun, can you spit a little of that milk into my hand? I’ll use it as moisturizer for your cock.”

He took a mouthful of my milk and let it fall out into my hands. I delicately rubbed the milk over the head and then covered the rest of his shaft, down to the base of his cock. I used my hands to catch any excess at the bottom, and then slowly started to stroke him up and down. It seemed like I was producing wholesome fatty milk, because it lubricated his cock really well.

I stroked him gently at first, allowing him some time to fill his belly with my sweet milk. But then he started to buck upward, so I increased my speed and pressure on his bulging cock, pulling down harder and faster, trying to bring his cum to the surface.

As I stroked him, Will started moving his fingers toward my inner thigh, and so I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving him full access to my soaked white güvenilir casino panties under my skirt. He pulled my panties to the side and started flicking my clit really fast. I could feel a second orgasm rising deep within my loins, so I used my other hand and started to help him flick my clit. I eventually took over that spot with my wiggling fingers. This allowed him to move down a little to my open pussy, and he started pumping me hard with his fingers. He also reached down with his third finger and found my ass hole. He explored it gently (he knew I was sensitive down there) but we both could tell a little more lube would be needed.

Will cupped his hand and let more milk spill out, then tenderly transferred it to my pussy and ass. With all this extra lube his other finger started sliding easily into my other hole.

By the way, did I tell you that I love getting fucked like a dog in the ass? I know it sounds dirty, but it’s true. There is something so carnal about it that drives me nuts, and that’s part of the reason why I loved my first night with Will. That downward dog position was so hot! 🙂

Anyway, with him milking my dripping tits, his fingers in both my holes, my fingers frantically flicking my clit, and my other hand on his cock, I began to exhale with a long hiss, “Your auntie is gonna cum again, please push as hard as you cannnnnnn.”

Will looked up into my eyes as I squeezed my hand as hard as possible around his rock hard cock. He started thrusting his hips toward the sky, sucking even harder on my leaky tit. As he drank my milk I felt him squirm and heard him let out a low growling noise. His cock shook and I watched his hot cum spew high into the air like a rocket. It landed on my chest and he quickly moved his mouth up and started to lick his own cum, which almost sent me into another full orgasm. I wasn’t quite there yet, so I raised my skirt up with my hands and pulled my panties down fast. I lied flat on my back and with both hands I grabbed the lips of my hungry pussy, opening it wide. I then used all my fingers and violently started pushing as hard as I could against my clit.

My second orgasm began and it felt like an erupting volcano, as liquid deep within my vagina began to ejaculate from my pussy lips. My mouth was in an “Oh” shape as I exhaled and squirmed on the floor. Even though I was wriggling around, Will put his face between my legs and started to kiss the most sensitive parts of my inner thigh helping me cum even harder. As the biggest wave of my orgasm started, my big round ass started shaking uncontrollably. Then my legs clamped around his head, locking him in place.

I looked down into his eyes as my pussy shook violently with the deepest possible pleasure. It’s then that I noticed how my titty milk was shooting straight up into the air like two little fountains. With each orgasmic pulse I felt in my pussy, my nipples responded by shooting a little extra milk. It was like all of the muscles in my abdomen and chest were rhythmically clenching and releasing, which sent little streams of milk spurting into the air.

I kept wanting more and so I took my right hand and started slapping my clit as hard and fast as I possibly could. “Yus, yus, yus, yusssssss.” I heavily whispered as I squished my face. This sent another shockwave through my system. It seemed to start at the tips of my toes, riding through me until I gruffly whispered, “SHIIIIIIIIIIT, that’s good right THUUUUUUURRRRR!”

My orgasm didn’t seem to slow down and by that time Will was hard again. He got on top of me and started thrusting like a mad man. Slapping our horny flesh and ramming his cock deep inside my cumming pussy. I couldn’t believe it but another wave started to come, and this one was even bigger than the others. All I could do was wrap my arms and legs around Will and hang on for dear life as he pounded deep into my pussy. I was pulling down so tight that even his strong young body had trouble lifting away from me. I was clamped down onto him like a hungry Venus Fly Trap and he fought for his life. I even dug my fingers into his back, trapping him, because my body had no idea what to do with so much pleasure.

As this extremely intense orgasm finally slowed, I could sense my large breasts under Will’s chest and felt the milk running down onto the bathroom tile. It felt like we were covered in warm slick oil, and that slippery feeling only seemed to encourage Will more. He started sliding up and down along my body, as my milk lubricated our glistening skin. Each time he slid up toward me, his hard dick would pound the deepest recesses of my pussy. He wouldn’t stop, and I didn’t want him to. The harder he slammed my pussy, the higher I raised my hips. I wanted to comfort him in his time of great need.

We interlocked fingers above our heads and that seemed to give him extra stamina. He kept pushing off the bathtub like a swimmer in a pool, shooting forward and then letting his throbbing dick slide through my pussy walls, and hit the back of my deep vagina. As he neared his final orgasm he stopped sliding and wrapped his arms around my neck and shoulders. His hips started humping me as fast as I have ever seen him go, to create the necessary friction to finish. I tried to help him by matching him a little, but it was no use. He grunted one last time, “Aunt Cassssssie, Hunnnnnhhhh.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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