Carolyn Johnston’s Affair Ch. 04

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This is nothing more than fantasy fiction that I have created in my mind and is for your reading pleasure, hopefully. If this story resembles you or someone you know it is one hell of a coincidence. So either read on or not, your choice. If you leave comments, please be kind, as I am trying. This story cannot be duplicated in any way, without written permission from me.


Mike walked to the window peering through the slit he had created watching her ass as she crossed the street while nasty fucking thoughts roaming around inside his mind. As he was turning away he caught a glimpse of Marks truck coming up the street. Easing away the curtain closed some, leaving a slight opening he watched the two of them meeting in their drive way. CJ opened the truck door, leaning in she kissed Mark on the mouth. Mike wondered if Mark could taste his cock while they kissed. Despite the cold temperature outside they remained where they were and soon it appeared there was a disagreement between them. The gap was almost closed, but he could still see through the sheer, he watched as Mark seemed to be questioning CJ happy he was not. Shortly they were both outside and looking in his direction. A short minute later the two of them were headed toward his house. Calmly Mike moved to the foyer closet retrieving his ‘disguise’ material. Glancing out the window again his instincts were right, they were on their way, Mark looking a little tempered. Moving to his comfy chair he sat quickly spreading the old afghan across his legs and shoes. Pulling his quad walking cane next the chair, he picked up the remote. His TV came to life on some channel and he cranked the volume up to what would normally be very annoying to him. Breathing deeply he worked on his sickly look. Shortly he knew he looked as if he should be on his way to the doctor’s office or to an emergency room his face pale looking and sad.

The volume of the TV almost drowned out the knocking that one of them was doing on his door. Mike let them pound the second time when he yelled towards the door.

“Who is it?” He yelled. “It’s open you don’t have to knock the damn house down.”

He could see the door was opening from light that entered the foyer area, leaving the volume up on the TV making it appear that he was half def. Mike heard Mark call his name as he entered. His voice had a hard bark to it.

“Who is it and what the hell do you want?” Mike hollered toward the door.

Mark appeared in the entryway to the living room with CJ close behind him. Mike turned towards the pair and just stared at them like they were total strangers. Cocking his head to one side giving off the impression he was confused. Slowly he pulled the afghan off his lap never taking his eyes off them. Afghan off to one side Mike pulled the cane closer and acted as if it were a great effort for him to stand using the arm of the chair and cane. Moving slowly exerting what would seem like to others was a great effort for him to just stand. Mike returned his gaze to the pair.

“What the hell do you want?” He croaked out.

“Can you turn the TV down; I want to talk to you.” Mark said loudly.

“What’s this about you don’t have to knock the damn door down to come in.” Mike said, as he slowly turned away from them to retrieve his remote and hide the smirk on his face. The look on CJ’s face had almost cracking him up, he didn’t want to be discovered.

With the TV down, the smirk gone Mike turned towards them again. He knew he looked pale and fragile, just what he wanted them to see. Mike didn’t want Mark to get any inkling that he was capable of banging the shit out of his hot ass wife. Mike appeared to steadying himself with the cane before taking a couple of steps toward Mark. He extended his hand for a hand shake Mark took it and they shook. Mike looked at CJ and almost broke out laughing her expression was one of bewilderment.

“What do you want? I’m missing my TV show.”

Mark stammered a second then stole a glance at CJ who had changed her expression to calm and I told you so. Looking back to Mike, Mark shook his head.

“You still want CJ to come over once a week and clean for you? Maybe it would it help if she come over more often to maybe cook a meal or two once in a while.”

Mike looked him in the eye and a small grin formed. He shook his head slowly and looked right at CJ. Still behind Mark she was grinning with a questionable look on her beautiful face.

“Yeah, that would be alright, can she cook worth a fuck?

Mark’s face turned slightly red and CJ’s went white.

“Mike, you don’t need to use that kind of language, but yes she can cook very well and as long as you keep the language in check I don’t think she would mind helping out a little more.”

“I’ll pay more if she wants, to cook for me once or twice a week that would be good, besides I like looking at her big tits. Not that I can doing anything about it anymore, the damn thing is only good for peeing now, can’t tell you the last time it was hard.” Mike loved bağdat caddesi escort the shocked look on Marks face and CJ’s now red face.

“Mike are you getting senile in your older age there buddy? I don’t want CJ exposed to somebody who isn’t real stable and who might make her uncomfortable.”

“OH shit, I’ll do better with my language around her. Besides she’s too quick for me, I’ve reached for her ass a couple of times she just giggles and walks away before I get there.”

Mark turned to his wife she raised her eyebrows while smiling slightly, shrugging her shoulder. “No harm to foul.” She said.

“Alright Mike, you and her can talk about the details as to when and what she’ll cook for you. As for the money you work that out with her. We’re going to go so you can watch your TV show and I’m glad we had the chance to meet and talk a little bit.”

“Yeah, me to, I guess, but next time don’t knock the fucking door off the house, OK?” Mike said as turned towards his chair.

Mark took a few seconds looking around the room carefully, taking in the surrounds his wife was working in at times. The place seemed clean and tidy. Mike was moving back towards his chair when they turned and started for the door. Mark opened the door and was half way out when CJ turned to look at Mike. The evil grin on his face told it all and she smiled. Quickly her expression turned to awe as she watched Mike grab his crotch and thrust it at her. She lightly patted her ass as she disappeared out the door, she could feel her pussy juices increasing as she walked with her husband back to their home. Her next call was going to be to Laura and it was going to be a good one.

At the window again he watched them enter into their house. Mike smiled to himself as the afghan and cane were back in the closet. Dumbass Mark has that great fucking woman right next to him and he’s too damn dumb to know it. Were they married Mike would be pounding that every night he could and the others he have her putting on shows for him. Hell he might ever share her to make sure she stayed well fucked and happy. Damn she was built and pretty, his cock started hardening just from the nasty thoughts he had about her.

Back in his chair again his mind started fantasizing about her and Laura. He wondered if CJ had ever eaten pussy before or Laura for that fact. Well he was going to find out and if they hadn’t before he was sure he could persuade one or both of them to eat the others pussy. Maybe he’d pump a load into Laura and have CJ eat her clean while he fucked her. Running several fantasies around in his deviant mind was causing his cock to get hard as hell. The phone ringing brought him back to reality. No caller ID so he answered it.


“You are one deceitful old bastard aren’t you? Jesus, Mike I almost laughed out loud and peed myself when I saw you with your afghan and cane. Mark was already to confront you head on and you stopped him in his tracks. How did you know to use that get up? I didn’t call ahead or anything?”

“I was watching that fine tight ass of your walking across the street and thinking about fucking it when I saw shithead coming down the street. When you were talking I pictured you looking like a fresh fucked babe to a husband that hadn’t just fucked you, so I prepared for the worst. You think he bought it?”

“Oh yeah, he might have thought something, but when he seen your get up, his blood pressure went to normal.” She was almost snickering.

“Good, want to come over and give me a long leisurely blowjob, my dicks hard just thinking about you naked on my bed all spread open and wet. Where is that ‘man’ of yours anyway?”

“He’s taking a shower and then I need one before he finds out my pussy if full of your juices. He just might be able to put things together if felt how wet I was.”

“Why don’t you strip down and join him in the shower, or go dress up like a slut lay on the bed and play with yourself, make him think you’re hot for his dick and ask him to eat that juicy pussy. Hell he’ll think you’re hot for him and he’ll never know he’s eating mine and yours. Would serve the shithead right for neglecting you the way he does. Hell he might even like it and if he does I’ll send you home every Friday night with a treat for him. My dick is hard as hell just thing about it. Do that CJ get him to eat you out with our combined juices still in there? You do that and I’ll fuck you in the ass like you want even sooner than I planned.” Mike was using his authoritative voice.

“OOHH shit Michael, I can’t. I’d love to follow your instructions but if Mark found out its hard telling what he’d do.”

“Do it CJ. Get your husband to eat your pussy while it’s still wet with my sperm in it. Talk to him convince him you loved the way he was going to clean my clock because you thought I was making a move on you and that you love him for it. Tell him his masculinity makes his devoted wife’s so fucking wet that her juices are flowing and that he bağdat caddesi olgun escort should eat her to orgasm. Tease the fuck out of him, talk dirty to him, you know you like that, being a nasty talking slut who loves all kinds of dirty sex. Pull your legs up and get him to lick your asshole for you. Test him CJ see if you can turn him into a cuckold.” Mike was stroking his cock thinking of her turning her husband.

Before Mike was done talking, CJ’s nipples were hard and almost hurting. She rolled and pulled on one making it harder and bigger as she felt more of their combined juices leaked into her already sticky panties. His nasty talk was pushing her into uncharted waters. She both hated and loved it that he so easily manipulated her. Holding the phone between shoulder and cheek, she started towards the bedroom unfastening her jeans as she walked. The more he talked and pushed the more desperately she wanted to do what he wanted. Her jeans down she stepped out of her shoes and jeans. Mark had just turned off the shower.

“Mike, I have to go.” She whispered into the phone.

“Feed him woman, throw his stupid ass on the bed straddle his face and feed him our combined juices, do what you have to, but get your shithead husband to eat my well fucked pussy.” The phone line disconnected.

“CJ, did you say something to me, I didn’t hear it if you did.” Mark called from the bathroom.

They didn’t see or speak to each other that weekend or the next week until Thursday evening. CJ would come home from work pull in the garage close the door and that was it, until Thursday that is. After stopping in the garage she walked behind her car and looked his way. Yes, he was in the window as was his habit. CJ smiled in his direction and then gave him the finger before closing the door. Mike was not happy, disregarding their agreement he phoned her number. After several rings and no answer he hung up as his mind went to work, think of different ways he could punish her. Shorty doubt set in as he dropped into his chair and turned the TV on. Maybe he really pissed her off demanding she do things. Wondering whether to call again his phone rang.

“Hello.” He answered.

“Got your ass wondering don’t I big boy? Are you thinking you really fucked up, that I’m having doubts about us? You’re at the window every evening and I haven’t even acknowledged your presence until this evening. Well I am, not doubts but desires. It’s been my time of the month and well your big cock has been on my mind all week. Damn I’m horny, but I’m also thinking it’s only fair that if I can’t get fucked then you can’t get sucked. Right, yes of course CJ dear, should be your response. We both know that if I were to come over there, then you’d try to talk me into sucking your cock and I wouldn’t get anything in return.” She giggled into the phone.

“CJ, you love to suck my cock, you told me so but you’d have to beg me for it. Oh for your information I have it out right now and it’s really hard. Why don’t you trout close those beautiful eyes and imagine I’m standing in front of you with a hand full of your beautiful locks while I’m feeding you this hard cock a little at a time before pulling it out and slapping your face with it.”

“Well Mikey, for your information I’m sitting in my bedroom naked with a brand new butt plug in my asshole and two fingers gently sliding in and out of dripping wet cunt. Want to hear how wet I am, thinking about how I’m going to have you fuck me in front of Laura tomorrow. Then I’m going to watch you fuck her. She told me she’s got some roleplay things she wants to try with you. We talk a lot at work and I have to tell you, I know she could be very kinky. She says her old man is not the adventurous type, more of a get on get off type guy, so she might just surprise the crap out of us tomorrow.”

“CJ, you need to stop teasing and get over here and suck this cock now.”

“OOHH shit Michael, I’m going to cum, of fuck yes, tell me how much you want me to suck your cock and swallow your hot cum load.”

“You nasty fucking bitch, tomorrow I’m going to fuck Laura, dump a big load of cum in her well used pussy and then I’m going to force you to suck it out of her. How does that sound for some punishment?”

All he heard was her gasping and moaning into the phone. It lasted several seconds before she returned.

“You wouldn’t, but fuck does that sound hot.”

“Don’t bet I wouldn’t woman. You’ll do as I tell you, with whom I tell you and when I tell you. You’re mine to do with as I see fit and you know it, so be prepared and don’t be shocked when I make you do really nasty shit.”

Before Mike hung up the phone he told her to fantasize about some really kinky shit that they could all do tomorrow. To and with each other, think about me making you and her putting on a show for me.

“Now leave that wet fucking cunt alone and go cook your husband supper, think kinky the rest of the evening.” With that he hung up.

Up bağdat caddesi sarışın escort early with a hard on, Mike wanted to call her to tease her some more. Marks truck hadn’t even gotten on the road when his phone rang. She didn’t talk just gasped into the phone which quickly turned into deep moans. There was no question as to what CJ was doing. Masturbating and wanting him to hear it. Mike listened to her not saying a word as she kept pleasuring herself for several minutes when she finally said.

“OOOHHH, Jesus I’m stretched out and it feels so good.”

“What’s stretched out and feels so good?” He teased.

“I’m on all fours with a dildo deep inside me, and I just finished pushing the next size bigger butt plug in my virgin asshole. I may not get your cock in my ass today because of Laura, but soon and I want to be ready, willing and able to handle you.” CJ hung up the phone just he was about to respond.

In the shower he stroked himself, running different pictures through his mind as to what Laura looked like. How was she built, was she tall or big tits like CJ or short maybe a red head he like dark red haired women. Out of the shower he decided not to shave, he wanted to eat one or both of their pussy while rubbing them with whiskers. He snickered and smiled, wondering if CJ had ever eaten another woman’s pussy? Had Laura? Maybe they had been together sometime, after all what lead CJ to tell Laura that he had a big cock. Maybe CJ was licking Laura’s pussy and telling her about him. “Laura baby I should take you over to Mike’s and have him fuck you stupid with his big cock, you’d love him pounding away at the sweet pussy of yours.” Mike snapped back to reality when he heard the front door open.

“I’m in the bedroom getting dressed. You and Laura have a seat and I’ll be with you in a second. Laura is with you isn’t she?” He asked.

“Well I’m happy to hear from you too, asshole.” CJ yelled. “Yes, you horny old stud she’s with me and you may or may not get into her panties today.”

“Hey bitch, watch that mouth of yours, after all we have company. You’re going to give her the wrong impression of us.” Mike yelled back.

“I’m right here Mr. horny of stud, you don’t need to yell, we can hear you just fine.”

Mike turned to find CJ standing in the doorway. Laura was behind her looking over her shoulder. The raven haired beauty CJ was in tight jeans with boots and a snug white sweeter which was filled with her nice big tits. His semi hard cock twitched in the front of his loose shorts, leaving no question as to his thought of seeing her again. CJ eased into the bedroom revealing an attractive Laura standing in the doorway. Her reddish brown hair framed a sensual smile, small nose with beautiful eyes. Her hair stopped just below her ears revealing a lean neck then down to a nice pair of large apple sized breast. Below that a hint of tanned skin showed between her top and the well-proportioned jeans that were tight nice curves. Mike’s cock was completely hard now and it did not go unnoticed by both women.

“Well, I’m glad at least one of the heads in this house happy to see us.” CJ said as she looked stared at his crotch.

Laura didn’t say a word she just stared at the bulge unconsciously she lick her lower lip. Her right hand rose covering her left breast kneaded some. Mike watched as the nipple of her right breast pushed a protruding nub against the thin material covering it. CJ followed Mike’s gaze to Laura and watched with him as Laura continued to roll her right tit and pull at its nipple. Her smile grew as her left hand went to her crotch and two fingers rubbed her crotch she moaned slightly. CJ almost laughed out loud at Laura’s brazen move.

“Jesus Laura, you just laid eyes on him. You could play just a little hard to get you know, or do you want him to just throw you on the bed and fuck you in front of me.”

“CJ,” she said not taking her eyes of his shorts. “Michael Sir; has a very hard cock that is obviously in need of attention. So I intend to attend to his every need to help relieve all of the pressure that wonderful thing in his shorts needs. Yes, if that means him throwing me on the bed, making me kneel or bend over the bed anything he demands of me. You best not get in the way.”

Laura looked away from Michael, glared at CJ with an aggressive face which slowly turned to sweet smile.

“CJ, I’m going to do anything and everything he tells me to do. He’s had his way with you, you told me. Well now I want him to have his way with you and I together. I’m serious, I’ll do whatever he wants nothing and I mean nothing is off limits today. You’ve wanted him to take your ass, well I’m ready to help you get ready for him, or he can have mine, or both of ours, whatever he wants.”

“Strip each other.” Michael said. “Kiss and caress each other’s bodies while I lay on the bed and watch.”

Laura grabbed a hand full of CJ’s hair and pulled her mouth to hers. They both moaned as hands explored each other’s bodies. Mike eased onto the bed and pulled his cock out and slowly started stroking himself. The women kept at each other, stealing glances at his big cock and moaning with their mouths locked together as they seductively removed one another’s clothes. Mike could see that these two had lusted after each other and now was their chance. It was going to be wonderful day for all.

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