Caroline Reveals her Dirty Secrets

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As the EWAC group settled down in their comfy chairs for another session, Caroline climbed up onto the viewing platform and knelt on all fours with her bottom facing directly at John Cooper’s armchair. He was not particularly ‘into’ fat women but at the same time he was curious to take at look at Caroline Whittaker. She was a very polite and well spoken forty something year old lady, but not exactly pretty in the conventional sense. She had a round gentle face with neat features, large blue eyes and a full mouth. She also had big pendulous breasts. He had known her for nearly twenty years — all the way back to junior school where as classmates, she had been literally the butt of every ‘fatty’ joke imaginable. Although he did not fancy her, he had on a number of occasions found himself wondering what she might look like between her legs. At last, she would now be totally humiliated before him by having to spread her enormous buttocks and let him examine her private parts. He imagined she would be very hairy and smelly in there.

“Anytime you’re ready John,” instructed Mark, the group’s chairman. EWAC was an acronym for Examine my Wife’s Arsehole and Cunt and that was exactly what the entire room of friends and neighbours was here to do to Ralf Whittaker’s wife. As per the rules, however, Ralf himself was not allowed to attend this particular session.

“OK, well here goes then,” replied John, “You OK Caroline?”

“Well I suppose so. We’ve known each other a long time John so I guess if I’m going to let myself be totally degraded in front of you — the sooner we get it over the better.” It had been Ralf’s idea to join the group. Although they had enjoyed sharing some fantasies of humiliation in the privacy of their own bedroom, and she had enjoyed watching the other wives being humiliated in public, she had never been sure how well she would cope with experiencing the reality of it herself. She had an adventurous spirit though and Ralf had spent most of the day persuading her to take her turn. For his part, the idea of his wife exposing herself in front of his friends was a massive turn-on. . “Ask me to do it Caroline.” John loved to hear his ‘victim’ beg him to inspect her.

“Please take a look at me John.”

“No, I don’t mean nicely. Tell me in the crudest language you can.”

“You mean like this… John, I want you to have a good look at my bare bottom.”

“Say my cunt and arsehole Caroline.”

“I’m just not used to that kind of language.”

“Say it — tell me exactly what to do.”

“John, I want you to pull my pants down and have a good close-up look at my cunt and arsehole.”

“Are you very hairy Caroline?”

“Well yes I am pretty hairy down there.”

“Tell me more about your pubes — where do they grow?”

“Everywhere between my legs – they’re dark brown and very curly.”

“Are you clean?”

“Well, err, yes I think so, I had a shower this morning but Ralf wouldn’t let me clean up again before this evening. He said I would be fresher for you.”

“Have you been to the toilet since this morning?”

“Yes. Three times, but only a pee.”

“Well then your cunt must be a bit smelly Caroline.”

“I don’t know.”

“Well we’ll find out in a minute. I must say I’m really looking forward to finally getting to see you Caroline after all these years.”

“I suppose you are,” she replied.

I’m now going to pull your pants down and take a good close look at your genitals. I’m betting that you smell quite strong down there.”

With that, John leaned forward and raised up the multiple pleats of her dress to reveal the largest pair of white ‘old lady’ cotton pants he’d ever seen on a woman. Even so they barely covered her huge bottom. Nestled between her cheeks, was the bulging, slightly yellow stained gusset which contained the mass of her vulva. Strands of hair protruded from the edges. He tested his index finger against the taught fabric and instantly felt the springiness of her pubes. She was indeed a hairy lady.

He craned his neck and sniffed at her bottom. “Phew, yes! I can smell your sweaty fat arse from here. Now, for the moment of truth everyone …”

He hooked his fingers and thumbs into the waistband of her pants and with some effort, peeled the material down over her buttocks. As the top of her arse crack was revealed to him, he was greeted with the musky smell of her anal region. A pungent mixture of stale sweat and other genital odours. Small tufts of wiry brown hair sprung out from the deep cleft. They were quite curly and shiny, like they had been coated in Brylcream. He tugged at her pants and with a great deal of effort managed to pull them down around her knees.

“Lift up your left leg Caroline so I can get these big lady pants of yours off altogether.”

With some grunting and wobbling, Carolyn leaned to one side slightly and raised up her fat knee and lower leg. The action of doing so caused her bottom cheeks to splay slightly casino şirketleri and release more of the smelly air trapped in her crack. John bunched up the fabric of her pants and wriggled the leg hole down the length of her flabby, hairy calves and over her foot. She now repeated the process with her other leg allowing John to completely remove her pants and at the same time, study her feet and thick, stubble covered ankles. Her feet were disproportionately small relative to the size of her upper body and were generally unattractive. The soles were dirty yellow in colour and for the most part covered in hard white calluses and flaking skin around the heels. She did not look after the hidden areas of her body well at all. That was an exciting thought — maybe she didn’t clean her holes very well either.

He turned his gaze away from her feet and decided to inspect the inside of her pants. “Mark, grab the other edge of these and let’s spread them open for everyone.”

Mark grasped a section of the waistband and together they stretched open the massive gusset of Caroline’s pants. Displayed before them was the most disgusting array of stains carpeted with a random assortment curly brown pubic hairs of all lengths. A clearly defined stripe of milky yellow, leading to brown, ran down the centre of the material exactly where it had been rubbing against the twin openings of her fat cunt and arsehole. A dark brown smudge, about the size of a five pence coin, marked the exact spot where the fabric had been pinched into her anus. With a mix sense of excitement and apprehension, John lowered his nose into the mess and breathed in the salty smell of Caroline’s vaginal secretions.

“Pass them around guys while I take a close up look at her holes. Get yourself comfy Caroline, this could take a while.”

With her pants now removed, Caroline arranged herself in a more comfortable, low crouch position. She splayed her knees as far apart as she could and then rotated her feet outwards at ninety degrees in an effort to settle her pendulous stomach and breasts into the cushion below. Her massive buttocks wobbled uncontrollably as she thrust them backwards into John’s face. Her bottom now conveniently positioned right at his eye (and nose) level.

“It is a bit smelly down her Caroline,” confirmed John as he gently placed the palms of his hands on her massive buttocks. They were a daunting sight: two enormous globes of flesh pockmarked with large spotty blemishes and stretch marks. He gently prized them open. Now the odour of her bottom intensified as he released the remaining pocket of stale air trapped in the deep crevice. In contrast to the pale skin of her cheeks, the inner sides of her arse crack were quite discoloured — turning almost yellow the deeper in he looked. Irregular growths of curly pubic hair appeared randomly along the walls of her crack. It was hard to tell how long they were because of the way they curled — but he estimated they ranged from around half an inch to an inch in length. Still he could not see her anus.

He dug his fingers into her buttocks in order to get a better purchase and pushed his hands sideways. Caroline screwed her eyes shut and bowed her head as if trying to block out the utter humiliation and shame of what was being done to her. She knew that her private parts were not pretty, in fact, like her feet, she thought they were probably quite unpleasant compared with some of the other wives that had been laid bare before the members.

John continued to spread her buttocks and slowly the secrets and inner glory of her bottom were revealed. The colours intensified and the hairs grew more densely as the large yellow halo surrounding her magnificently slimy anus was finally revealed to him. He was now able to study her entire anal region. The puckered pink and purple skin of the hole itself spread out about an inch or so in diameter. Deep, sticky looking creases radiated from the centre, and as he stretched her cheeks apart to the limit, the shiny hairy rim started to expand slightly. There, lodged within the muscular ring of her anus, John could clearly see tiny smears of feces and traces of toilet paper from where she has last wiped herself. By reflex, Caroline clenched and unclenched her sphincter and John watched in amazement as her arsehole winked at him. He picked up his camera and started to photograph her anus in close-up.

“I’m going to put these in my special album Caroline so I can wank over your fat arse any time I choose.”

“Tell us what it’s like in their John?” asked Mark.

“Well she’s got the biggest flabby buttocks as you would imagine and it took some effort to get them apart. I’m now looking at a huge area of discolouration around her anus. It’s not a neat circle of darker skin like in Mary’s arse — referring to Mark’s wife who he had finally had the pleasure of examining a couple of weeks back — it’s like a massive yellowy stain spreading out all around the inside of her casino firmaları crack. It’s quite amazing really – and there’s loads of curly brown pubes. The nearer you get to her actual arsehole they tend to be all stuck together like oily kiss curls. I guess that’s because she’s pretty sweaty in here most of the time.” John talked about Caroline as if she were just an exhibit on display — which she was – rather than try to be at all sensitive to her feelings. The more he described her this way the more she was stripped of any dignity. Throughout the whole experience, Caroline suffered her humiliation in silence. They could expose, smell, pull at, stretch open and stare into pretty well whatever parts of her genitals they wanted to and as a fully signed up member of this group (they each had to give their consent to being examined in writing) she had no control.

“How does it smell John? When are you going to get your nose in there?”

“It’s bad but she doesn’t smell of shit but of very stale sweat, urine and fishy cunt all mixed up.” He looked forward of her anus to gaze up at the fleshy bulk of her hairy vagina — as yet uninvestigated – hanging between her thighs. He couldn’t wait to get her legs apart and spread those big meaty cunt lips. He pushed his face into her butt crack and released the grip on her buttocks. Instantly they closed up tight around his cheeks and nose leaving him with nothing to breathe except the stale musty aroma of her sweating anus.

After about two or three minutes he pulled his face away, panting for fresh air, at the same time removing several wiry hairs which had caught in the razor stubble on his top lip. He rubbed the tip of his nose and sniffed at the slimy residue on his fingers.

“Is that the slime off Caroline’s arsehole John?”

“Want to see it for yourself guys?” replied John as he took a tissue from the table beside him. “Hold your buttocks apart for me Caroline.”

Caroline reached behind her and obligingly pulled her own buttocks apart. He loved the power of being able to order a woman to humiliate herself. John wrapped the white tissue over the two middle fingers of his right hand and gently wiped it down the length of her arse crack. He inspected the results and then passed the soiled tissue around the room for each member to take a look. Clear to see was a long yellow and brown smear formed by the combination of sweat and the slimy anal secretions which coated the inner regions of Caroline’s bottom. He wondered what it would be like to see a big lump of shit hanging out of her anus. Maybe, if he could last out long enough, with his nose buried in her bottom, breathing just the smells from her genitals, he would get to find out. The house rules declared that he who lasted out the longest in this test of endurance would win the option to spend a private session in the bathroom, watching the subject go to the toilet. He doubted that his time to date of three minutes would be enough to clinch it though. He would try again later. In the meantime, there was lot more of Caroline to explore.

“Is your cunt as disgusting as your fat arse Caroline.”

Caroline’s voice cracked as she said “I don’t know John, I’m just feeling so ashamed at what I’ve let you do to me. You’ve been putting your face right into my bottom you know — you’ve no idea what it feels like to be looked at and talked about as if you were a specimen in a lab.”

“I have,” said Mary, “they treated me as if I wasn’t there at all. Like a specimen. Mark calmly sat by as every man in the room took his turn at putting his face up between my legs and smelling my ass. John here even pulled out some of my pubes to put in that horrid scrap album of his.” Mary was not a willing participant. She had to follow her husband’s wishes in all things — and he was the founder of this whole depraved enterprise.

“As I recall, Mary, your arsehole is quite small and tight and very neat looking compared to Caroline’s – and it doesn’t have such a powerful smell to it,” responded John. “I easily spent fifteen minutes sniffing your arse. You’ve not even got much in the way of pubic hair – you look just like a young girl down there.” Mary was twenty five. “A few odd wisps around the edges of your cunt and nothing round your anus. Not nearly as exciting to look at as Caroline. Her holes are so much bigger, more colourful and hairier than yours.”

“Perhaps we could have another look at your Mary?” Suggested Clive, leering intensely at Mary, before looking back over at Mark to seek reassurance of his right to examine his wife’s private parts. “I didn’t get to see her last time.” Clive Wilkins had been absent on the occasion, two weeks ago, when they had publically humiliated poor Mary in a ‘pit inspection’. It was a term normally used in a garage to describe the excavated pit in the floor used by mechanics to examine the underside of a car. Because the lighting was usually quite poor, they would rely on a powerful inspection lamp or torch güvenilir casino to investigate the parts that interested them. So too the members of EWAC had devised their own version of this procedure for the sole purpose of inspecting the hidden private parts of each other’s women.

Before the entire group they had forced Mary to strip naked and then climb up onto the padded armrests of two adjacent dining chairs – which Mark had carefully spaced about one foot apart. By straddling the two chairs, Mary was forced to adopt a low squat position which had the effect of splaying open her genitals in the most humiliating and degrading manner. They then each took it in turns to crawl underneath her with a powerful torch and inspect the most intimate, private areas of her body now on display for their viewing pleasure. They discovered she was menstruating and so the members had the added bonus of seeing poor Mary spread open with a long white string hanging out of her cunt. Mark had then invited each of them in turn to pull out her Tampon – causing a slight trickle of blood to drip down onto the carpet — and examine the stains. There was the further excitement of pulling open her vagina again and pushing it back in with their fingers.

Mary hung her head withshame, not only had she had to endure the extreme humiliation of having all Marks friends poke, prod and sniff at her genitals, she was now being told by John that she wasn’t even very interesting to look at. Clive thought differently however, he liked to see a vagina in all its colourful glory, not hidden behind masses of hair. Mary did not shave herself, but she had hardly any pubic hair, just a few wavy black strands on her mons and along the edges of her lips.

“I’ll let you inspect Mary again another time,” replied Mark, “and I promise you Clive, you will get first turn. Mary will spread open her bald cunt and arsehole for as long as you want to look — won’t you darling?” He glanced over at his wife and she immediately turned away, tears in her eyes. She couldn’t bear the idea of having to expose herself all over again; particularly to this man who was without doubt the worst pervert of all of them.

Mark continued: “but tonight, I want us to focus all our attentions on Caroline. I for one have waited a long while for this.”

They all looked back towards poor Caroline who was still kneeling quietly on the viewing platform; head buried in the cushion, big spotty bottom thrust into John’s face. She was enduring her humiliation with a great deal of stoicism.

“Caroline love,” said John, “can you show me what the front looks like now?”

“Of course John,” she said in a husky, resigned voice. She obediently raised herself up with another grunt of exertion and swiveled around on the viewing platform to reveal the big hairy mass of her pubic mound. She squatted down on her haunches facing towards John and slowly opened her legs wide for him. He started to study her hairiness. The hairs started growing just below her navel and continued right across her under belly and down around the top two inches of her inner thighs. Her vagina was well concealed — Caroline would be unable to see it at all beneath the folds of skin which formed her belly. John leaned forward and lifted the great belt of fat around her stomach to get a better view.

“Sorry to have to do this,” he apologized, “but I need to get to your cunt.”

There, in amongst the huge forest of hairs and stuck tightly together, hung the two of largest, crinkly cunt flaps he had ever seen. They were very dark brown in colour and glistened with sweat from having been compressed so hard between her thick thighs.

“Stretch your lips out for me so I can see how big they are.”

Caroline reached down and pinched the edge of her labia between her forefinger and thumb and gradually unfurled the twin flaps of crinkled skin. She tugged them downwards as far she could. His expectation was confirmed, they were big alright. John stared at her dangling wattle with appreciation.

“Now pull them open them wide so I can see in your hole.”

She did as she was told. It took some effort to overcome the stiction caused by the creamy white substance which was now oozing out along the exposed edges of her labia. As she parted her lips for him, John could clearly see the bubbling, translucent coating of cream around the inner surfaces of her vagina. Surprisingly, her clit was quite small, even in its current erect state. It was little more than a raw pink bud pushing out from the engorged brown hood formed by her upper lips. Immediately below, he could see her tiny wee hole and then, opening up before him was the ragged pink entrance to her vagina proper.

“So that’s what your cunt looks like Caroline — after all these years of knowing you, I finally get to see it. You don’t mind if I take a souvenir do you?”He reached forward and plucked out a few loose strands of curly pubic hair, which had found their way inside her lips. He stretched one out and mentally measured it. “Your pubes are a good inch and a half long when they’re uncurled!” He placed them in the centre crease of his open scrap book which lay open on the coffee table beside him.

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