Carol Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Business is Business

I don’t really know how to start this. How does a woman my age tell how she suddenly becomes….well, I don’t suppose there is any other way to put it, a slut. Maybe I am jumping the gun a little though. A little about me first I suppose.

I am Carol, forty eight years old, though I have been told that I look ten years younger, not by men but by women. If it had been a man I would have just thought he was after one thing, the usual thing men are after but rarely ever got from me. But I am rambling, I apologies. Five foot eight, blonde and a fit size twelve (uk) as I exercise daily and attend the gym twice a week.

I was married at twenty to a wonderful man. Tom and I had met at university and got on so well right from the start. We had so much in common, apart from Tom was a gambler, not money gambler but life gambler. He set his mind on a project and went for it, never really knowing the outcome. That was where I came in. He always called me his stabiliser. I usually brought him down to earth, mad him think things through. Him Anyway we married straight out of university. Tom still kept trying new things and then one day, after eight years of trying, one of these mad ideas actually seemed to make sense so we started our little business. To begin with I kept my job and let Tom get things set up.

Things really seemed to be taking off when I lost him. After ten happy years together he was killed in a car accident. I was devastated as I am sure you can understand. My life fell apart. After a short period of mourning Daniel, Toms business partner, came to my house and asked me what he wanted to do about the business. Daniel was in his fifties and was more the financial director than the business brain, we had met once or twice. He was very nice and of course understanding and he hated to talk business but as I was now the senior partner, “We need to make some decisions soon.” he said

I suppose in a way that brought me back to the real world. Gave me focus. I made the decision that I would be damned if Tom’s years of trying would be wasted because of me. So I threw myself into the business. It wasn’t too hard once I started because Tom and I had discussed it many times and I had a fair bit of input. After all it was only importing to resell. Nothing complicated, and we had a good product, exclusive. Anyway I am rambling again.

The business took off and then a year ago poor Daniel died. It wasn’t a surprise, he had been ill for sometime and at least he died happy, or that’s what he said anyway. All of a sudden I owned the whole thing, even worse I saw the futility of working all my life just to die before you can enjoy the fruits of that labour.

Although I had never looked into my own financial situation, leaving all that to Daniel who I trusted implicitly, I knew that I wasn’t short of a few bob. Daniel, wise old Daniel, had already placed both mine and the company accounts in the hands of a man who he said was totally trustworthy. Shortly after Daniel died I went to see this man.

Sean was in his mid thirties but very old school, purely business and a gentleman, holding my chair for me to sit down when we met for lunch, which I found very surprising in one so young. We made general chit chat till after we had eaten our meal. Sean, ever the gentleman, made no mention of business. Waiting for me to broach the subject first

Anyway the short story is, the business was worth quite a lot of money and so was I. In fact I was, it seemed, quite a wealthy woman. I told him that I wanted to semi retire and the upshot was we sold off the retail side of the business while I retained the import side as it was more or less self sustaining and all done online.

Apparently for tax reasons I should invest some of the money in property, preferably running my business from it. So this I did and now I have a huge house. With woods set in parkland in the middle of Norfolk (uk)

So now we come to the start of this, change, in me. I was never a prude and Tom was not the first man I had been to bed with, or fucked if you prefer. While I was no virgin it seems that I was somewhat naïve. My sex life with Tom consisted of every Friday or Saturday night, if we had the energy. Before that it was just quick fumbles really with boys who wanted to make another notch on there bed.

Anyway the retail outlets were sold off and I had secured every store managers position. I had met them all at one time or another but couldn’t say that I knew them all personally. To put them in the picture before it became public knowledge, and hopefully to reassure them. I had rang a old friend of mine who owned a business and leisure company. Basically a huge house that had been converted into a sort of health centre with gym, swimming pool restaurant and bar. Kim also told me that the walks in the woodlands and gardens would be wonderful in the summer and that the lake had some really good fishing. So something for everyone really. casino şirketleri

She had her own apartments in the house and as she would be away I could make use of them. There were also several other rooms we could use for the rest of the group. This was my farewell and I wanted it to be a good one.

Anyway I arrived at the Larches about lunch time on the Friday. By 5pm we were all assembled in the reception room with wine flowing freely. Usually the Larches was closed at weekends but the staff had agreed to be available during the day but would not be there after 8pm. Food and drink would be made available and we would have the run of the place. As security would be on site 24 hours we were all given ID badges.

I knew a few of those present better than others of course and these seemed to congregate around me while the others drifted in and out. It seemed that three groups of five had formed around the room. It was only now that I realised that they were all men. As the evening wore on some drifted off to there rooms while I went to the apartments. I sat on the balcony taking in the warm summer evening. It had been a nice warm day and was set to remain like that for the weekend.

I got up early as usual and made my way to the gym dressed in a leotard and a gym skirt. I was going to have a swim after my exercise so had a bag with my bikini and wash things in. As I arrived in the gym I was surprised to find three of the guy’s I had been chatting to the previous evening already on the machinery.

“Morning guys, your up bright and early.”

“Morning Carol.” they said in unison.

“Well you did say bright and early.” Eddie said

“Yes but not for you. Your supposed to be taking it easy, or do you always workout this time of the day?” By now I was on the cycle machine next to Eddie.

“I wish.” he laughed

As I got into my regime all was silent. I worked out for forty minutes on several pieces of machinery. I don’t know how long they had been exercising but I was only half way through by the time they stopped. They stood watching me, drinking water and chatting.

Once I finished I said. “I’m going for a swim to cool off.” I walked off to the changing room, which in these modern times of course were unisex. As I left my cubicle wearing my bikini I suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Not that the bikini was particularly revealing because it wasn’t, not really. The five that were sitting with me last night were now waiting for me to appear.

“Told you, come on pay up.” One of them said. The others laughed.

I suppose I must have looked a little confused. “Bikini or full suit.” Eddie said.

I must have flushed a little because they laughed a little louder. I didn’t say anything just headed straight for the pool where I threw my towel on a seat and dived in. The five all followed me into the pool and swam around with me. As none of these men were much more than late thirties I think I was a little flattered that they wanted to spend time with me. There was a lot of laughing and I have to say that I joined in a lot of it. While there was a lot of playing around nothing in the slightest untoward happened or even looked like it would happen. I felt relaxed around them

As I entered my cubicle to get dressed Ralph said, “Shout if you need a hand with that clasp.” The others laughed.

“Go on.” I said, “I think I can manage.” I smiled. I was having fun and it was nice to mix with people for a change. Since Tom had died I had worked mostly on my own and rarely had I spent any time meeting people or socialising. There had certainly not been any man in my life.

As I left the cubicle they were waiting for me. Ralph and Jim both held out an elbow and Ralph said, “May we have the pleasure of escorting the lady to breakfast.” They had big smiles on there faces. How could I refuse. I looked at my bag which was taken from me by Charlie. I took there arms and was led to the restaurant where we all sat together. We ate our meal amid bursts of laughter. We did get some strange looks from the other tables but I made it a point to get up and chat to as many people as I could before I finally left the restaurant, followed by my trusty entourage.

“So what now then gentlemen.”

“We thought maybe we would take you on a walk through the gardens as the sun is out already.” Eddie said. When I asked the question I meant what were they doing but I had to admit that a stroll around the gardens would be nice so I agreed.

“I will need to change though.” I said. I had only put on a thin skirt and top after the gym as I had intended getting changed into something more suitable after breakfast.

“You look fine.” Charlie said taking my arm and leading me off into the gardens. Jake now took my other arm. The banter seemed never ending with these guy’s it seemed like they had known each other for a ages.

We walked for a while round the garden and into then went into woods. The time was spent chattering casino firmaları interspersed with silences and it was during one of these silences that I suddenly realised I was all alone. I was concentrating so hard on not falling into a pot hole that I hadn’t even noticed that they had all vanished. I had no idea where I was or of the way back.

“Oh come on guys I’m totally lost I cant get back on my own.” I was laughing as I said it but a part of me admitted that actually it was true. I was lost.

“Ohhhh. Hear that guys. Little miss riding hood is lost. Will she become prey to the wolves. I can hear them the wolves are coming. Run!”

I had no idea who shouted it but suddenly I heard wolf cries all around so when the voice shouted ‘Run’ I did. I could hear the crashing of bodies through branches, and even though I was laughing I fled as though my life was in real peril.

Suddenly my ankle gave way and fell forward landing on a tree stump just below the surface. The stump was quite large and had jagged bits on it where it had been sawn down. The jagged part was about eighteen inches long and caught me from my lower stomach down to inside my upper thigh. I screamed in pain rolling off the stump and curling up, my arms across my stomach following the line of pain.

Almost immediately I was surrounded by the five men, all concerned. “Carol are you hurt, I’m so sorry it was just a laugh.”

“No I’m not bloody alright.” I said

“Where doe’s it hurt, let me have a look.” Eddie said.

“I….I cant.” I stammered.

“Why not, we need to know if your ok or do we need to call an ambulance.” This from Charlie.

“Because it goes from here to here.” I said pointing out the line of the injury.

“Oh well that’s not a problem then. You know we are all first aid trained as you insisted we do the course. Eddie here is a Red Cross trained part time ambulance driver. He does all the football games at weekends”

“Yes but….”

“I am completely professional Carol you should know that surely.” Eddie said, “We have to assess the damage we may need to carry you out of here or even get an airlift as this place is in the middle of nowhere.”

“Yes but it, well it’s down there and your all men. It’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Well it isn’t going to show any more of you than your bikini this morning is it so come on lets get on with it.” Eddie said.

The pain seemed to be getting worse and I was sure I could feel blood sticking into my knickers. “Oh all right but I don’t want all of you looking at me when he lifts my skirt.”

“Ok then.” Eddie said all professional. “Charlie put your shirt under her head and keep her busy, chat about the weather or something then she wont get so embarrassed. Ralph and Jim I will need you either side to support Carol while I raise the skirt. Jake your Red Cross trained so you can help me. So everyone know what they have to do?”

They all murmured agreement and took up there positions. Charlie was so gentle as he lifted my head and I kept my eyes on him as the others lifted my skirt. I know I went bright red but Charlie bless him just kept chatting like nothing had happened. I felt the warm air running over my legs and my knickers.

“Ooo that looks nasty.” Eddie said. “Its mostly down one side but I can see splinters as well as dirt. I am going to have to clean it up, and, I’m afraid I am going to have to cut one side of your knickers as the blood is drying on them.”

“Do you have to, can’t you just move them or something.”

“Well I can try. Let me know if it hurts

I felt his finger slide inside the material running along my groin and downwards. I felt a lump form in my stomach and a tingling between my legs. This is the closest any man had been to me since Tom died. Suddenly the material caught and I jumped. “No” That’s too painful.” I said

“I thought it might. Ok guy’s give me your bottled water, I can use it to clean Carol up.”

Two of the guys had bought large bottles of water while the rest of us had normal size.. Without warning I felt the warm water hitting my knickers and running over my pussy, making it’s way down between my legs. That strange feeling in my stomach was still there rumbling a little more now. I felt my legs being spread wider.

“Is that really necessary?

“Well we need to clean up your thigh and I cant get to it like this, sorry.” Eddie said.

“Well if you must. It’s just so embarrassing.”

So that’s what he did, I don’t know if her needed to spread them as wide as he did but what choice did I have. I knew my pussy was open now as I could feel the warm air on my pussy lips. This in turn was making my stomach even more active. Eddie pulled a pocket knife from his pocket and cut the side of the knickers. Peeling them, back to reveal my thigh. He started to cut the other side.

“What are you doing?”

“Well they wont be any good so I was going to use them as a cloth to wash your wound. güvenilir casino I don’t really want to use my hand.”

“Well I would rather you used my top if you don’t mind. At least my bra will give me a degree of modesty” I said pleadingly.

“Ok if your sure.”

Charlie lifted me up enough to take my top off and I folded my arms across my chest. I heard the knife go through the material and then heard the rip as he tore off a lump of material. I silently hoped it wasn’t as bad as it sounded, I had hoped to put it back on afterwards. He soaked the cloth in the water and then started wiping away the dirt. As he moved to my inner thigh I jumped, but said nothing. His fingers were now brushing my pussy lightly and much to my dismay my pussy was responding. He poured more water over the injured area and the splashes on my already active quim were like sparks of electric. He tore another piece off the top. I was too tense to say anything as he used it to dry the damp area, running up my leg till his hand pushed into my pussy, I could feel the material of my knickers brushing my inner lips. As his hand made contact with my bud I let out an involuntary moan.

“Are you ok Carol?” Charlie said

“Yes can we just get this over with please.” I said quietly

“I can see some splinters. I should try and pull them out or they may turn septic. Is that ok?” Eddie asked

“Yes just do whatever you have to.”

“Are you sure as I may need to use my teeth.”

“Just do whatever you need to do to get this over with please.” It was more a demand than a plea.

Eddie went to work on the splinters, brushing his hand against my now swollen quim. It had been many years since a man had touched me there and it had never felt like this. His hand was working on my inner thing, resting on my pussy and he was moving up and down as he worked. Each move would brush my clitoris and the more he done it the harder it became to stifle the moans of pleasure. He eased my leg up so that the knee bent and I felt the knickers mover aside.

Now half of my pussy was on show and his continued hand movements brought him into contact with my naked swollen lips. At the first contact it became too much and I let out a moan. The more he worked the more I moaned. Then I felt his breath on my leg, very close to my throbbing quim, moving closer till he was breathing directly onto my pussy lips. I felt his mouth lock onto my inner thigh, lightly nipping at what I assumed was a splinter. After only a couple of seconds my hips thrust up and I felt his lips on my pussy, as I came back down my knickers were pulled right over to one side and his mouth was glued to my swollen lips. I felt my leg being raised and my knee bending. I was now completely open for him.

He worked my swollen clitoris and with each moan he would flick his tongue deep inside my pussy. I couldn’t explain why I was doing this, not then and not now. It just happened and I was lost to it. I felt a hand slip inside my bra and another undo the clasp from behind. Then I felt hands playing with my breasts and nipping at my nipples, my bra was gone and my legs were being raised over my head. Eddies tongue was now going from deep inside my pussy to my bum crack, sliding in and then returning to my pussy.

My head was rocking back and forth and I was moaning wildly. I felt lips on mine and responded pulling them to me avidly. Tongues were at war now inside my mouth, moving in and out. I felt lips on my neck, running down to my nipples as well as on my pussy and my bum. I felt something again press against my lips and opened my mouth for the expected tongue. But this wasn’t a tongue, this was long and hard and throbbing so much it had to be a cock. I had never sucked a cock before but I went for it, I gorged myself on it.

I knew that sooner or later the next step would happen, I was waiting for it and when It did finally happen I was ready for it. The cock touched my pussy lips and I thrust up to it, taking it in. I thrust up again and felt balls bang on my bottom. It wasn’t long before I felt the splatter of come hit my throat as the cock squirted it’s juice. I swallowed all I could get and that cock was soon replaced with another. The cock in my pussy exploded soon after and with it my own orgasm. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, like I was shot into the sky without a rocket, just me, bodily thrown into the heavens at light speed.

From what I was told later I took all five of them, those that had come in my mouth also came in my pussy. They said that they were so worried about me that they stopped and I just rolled into a ball and was like that for ages thrashing about like I was possessed. When I finally came to my senses they were all looking at me strangely.

“Are you alright?” Jake asked obviously worried.

“I’m fine. Can I have a drink please?”

Eddie handed me a bottle of water. “I’m really sorry.” he said quietly, “I didn’t that….well, you know. It wasn’t planned or anything”

“Shut up Eddie.” Charlie said.

“You don’t have to tell me it wasn’t supposed to happen. In fact I don’t even know what happened, to me anyway. I have never…..done….that.”

“What not even when you were married?” Jim asked.

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