Carny Ch. 03

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My brother instantly fell in love with her. Lance’s eyes popped out when I met him out front, pushing Lacey’s wheelchair and he dropped to his knees in front of her, spouting flowery words of adoration. Lacey laughed and if I wasn’t already in love with her, I would have been after I heard that beautiful sound.

“You should have been a knight, Lance.”

“I am for you, milady.”

She laughed again and he took over for me, allowing me to walk next to her and smile down into her soft eyes. “Are you hungry? Lance and I haven’t eaten yet.”

“I am hungry but … ” She looked down at her lap. The short pink skirt that she was wearing wasn’t long enough to cover her stumps and I gathered that she was very self-conscious about it.

“But what?” Lance stopped the chair as I bent down to talk to her. “Lacey, I promised you that nothing would happen to you and I intend to stand by that promise.”

“But people say things … “

“Let them say whatever the fuck they want.” Lance chimed in, patting her shoulder. “You’re on a double date.”

“Nobody will touch you, Lacey. Let’s have some fun.”

Again, casino oyna she hesitated but she smiled quickly, squeezing Lance’s hand. “All right. Let’s go.”

I let Lacey choose the place since it seemed like she didn’t get out much and I was very surprised that she chose Chuckie Cheese, professing a love for video games. Lance wheeled her in and I gave him money to order two pizzas, a pitcher of beer, a pitcher of Dr. Pepper and singles for the token machine. I found a booth for us and helped Lacey move over, taking the pillow from the wheelchair and placing it in the seat first. When she was comfortable, I sat down next to her, shoving the chair out of sight and concentrating on her.

“Is your name really Steven?”

“Yes. Why, did you think I lied to you?”

She nodded and I began to really realize what a treat this was for her. “I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I met someone who was really interested in me.”

“I don’t know why, Lacey. You’re such a fantastic person.”

“Sure, loads of personality but romance … “

“I’d date you if you lived here.”

“Steven, you’re slot oyna going to get to fuck me. You don’t have to say that.”

“I’m not just saying that to get laid, Lacey. I can get pussy any time I want, if that’s what you think.” I saw her upper lip quiver and immediately regretted my words. “But that’s not what I’m about. I want a connection with someone I’m sleeping with. I want to feel something when we cum together.” Lacey’s eyes were closed and bright jewels of tears glittered on her eyelashes. “When that curtain opened tonight, I don’t know what happened to me other than I fell in love. I think those stumps of yours are sexy. I’m sitting here hard as a rock, fantasizing about touching and licking them.” I leaned in close, seeing Lance coming toward us. “If you don’t believe me, rub my cock again.”

She wiped her eyes quickly and started up a conversation with Lance, asking him about school. I put my arm on the back of the chair, letting my fingers rub her exposed shoulder and she leaned into me, much to my happiness. I slipped my arm around her and tried to smile when I felt her hand moving over my crotch, stroking canlı casino siteleri first, then searching for the zipper which she quickly found. My entire body began to vibrate when her small hand fisted around my cock, blindly examining my rod.

“You like to play games?”

“Oh, yeah! I love ’em!”

Lacey continued her conversation with Lance while she fondled and stroked me, finally settling into a rhythm that had my toes curling in my shoes. It didn’t help that she was using her other hand to pull her skirt up, drawing attention to her rounded legs and I had to bite my tongue to keep from groaning. Her hand moved a little quicker, sending spikes of tingles through my torso and legs and I raised my glass of beer, hoping to disguise my response. The moment I swallowed, I was cumming, spurting a heavy load into her hand and I kept my mouth buried in the foam, gasping in release.

“Lance, would you do me a favor? Grab me some more napkins, would you? I’m a messy eater.”

When Lance got up, she quickly poured my cream into a napkin, then cleaned me up, leaving me to zip my pants back up. I set my glass down, closing my eyes for a moment and letting my body enjoy the moment before my little brother returned. Lacey just smiled when I sat up, emptied my beer and poured a fresh one.

“I guess I believe you.”

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