Carmen’s Fantasies Ch. 8

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Like the gray skies brooding overhead, Carmen was in a sullen mood. But her dark temperament had nothing to do with the weather. Rather, it was the start of a new semester, meaning she had to go back to work. Fall was the busiest season for her, what with her new classes and students, and the paperwork alone was enough to give her a migraine. Worse, she had been too occupied of late to indulge in her favorite hobby. Now, on the first day off from her hectic schedule, she had to attend a baby shower!

“Why did I agree to come?” she grumbled, reaching her destination. It was such a waste of time. She’d have to sit and gab with a bunch of silly females about birth signs and pink booties. Now birth marks and pink panties were something else! Had the ladies been gathering for a sensual lingerie party–but they weren’t. It would be a dull, domestic affair involving punch, not wine, and silly word games instead of raw sex.

This seemed so ironic to Carmen, for women didn’t get pregnant by playing Scrabble and sipping fruit juice. Rather, sex was the key, often laced with taboo acts tinged with violence, and for a baby shower to have real meaning, it should include a week-long orgy!

In this frame of mind, she knocked on the door and soon was sipping punch with several silly women while talking about Libras and booties. Determined to spice up the drab affair, the naughty professor slyly emptied a flask of vodka into the punch bowl. Within minutes, the conversation dramatically improved, ranging from swingers and witches to bus station abortions and alien abductions. Personal tales of terror were traded like favorite recipes, each woman trying hard to outdo the others and claim the story-teller’s crown.

When Carmen’s turn came, the lubricated ladies were ready for a truly shocking expose. But the professor begged off, saying the story she could tell was far too steamy and wicked for their conservative ears. This only increased the collective appetite, of course, and all demanded that she relate the seedy particulars at once. Carmen, after making all promise never to repeat the story to another soul, took a gulp of punch and began.


“This involved a former student of mine, a woman named Sandy. She was an older student, about my age, who was doing graduate work. Well, there’s nothing odd about that. But you should know that she had two distinct personalities–one, troubled and insecure; the other, rash and bold. But her wild side was dominant, and it was impossible for her to deny it or hold it back. I talked with a friend who’s a psychiatrist about this and learned that it’s a terribly difficult problem to treat, for the person involved often appears possessed, and the change in personality can’t be explained by science alone.

“Anyway, it was on a gloomy Tuesday evening when Sandy appeared at my office. I was staying late grading papers, and I could see that she was disturbed and upset. Moreover, her hair and clothes were filthy, and her face was scratched and bruised as if she had been in a barroom scuffle. Naturally, I invited her in and locked the door for privacy’s sake. I kept a little brandy in my drawer for medicinal purposes, and I encouraged her to drink some in order to settle her nerves. When she grew calm enough to talk, I urged her to bare her soul, and the fantastic story she began to relate–perhaps I should stop here before I offend anyone.”

The ladies insisted that Carmen go on.

“All right. But at least I’ve warned you. Well, in order to picture Sandy in your minds, let me briefly describe her. She had thick red hair and very fair skin, and her figure was quite voluptuous. Hips today are out of fashion, but Sandy was a throwback to earlier times, and she had the bust to match. Her breasts were natural D-cups, and her nips were so large that they often showed through the little tops and flimsy dresses she wore. Her legs weren’t bad, though they’d never stride down a runway, and she was sensitive about her big calves and fat ankles. Though she’d never grace the cover on a magazine, her full lips and large eyes gave her a pleasant aspect, but her insecurity and poor self-esteem often made her feel ugly.

“Now when she first entered my office, her ‘good girl’ side was in control, but after consuming a little brandy, her darker half began to emerge. She was wearing a tight pink sweater and a black skirt much too short for her, and she went from sitting up straight with her legs pressed together to slumping back on the sofa and appearing…well, rather loose. I immediately noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties, but given our hot climate, that’s simply bowing to common sense and the local fashion.

‘Something incredible happened to me today,’ she began, lighting a joint. ‘So incredible, you probably won’t believe it. So I’ll come right out and tell you that I was abducted by aliens.’

I just stared at her.

‘It happened while I was in the park,’ she went on. ‘I heard this whirring noise overhead and saw a flying saucer following me. It scared the living shit out of me, of course, casino şirketleri so I started to run. But before I knew it, I was yanked off my feet by some kind of powerful ray that pulled me into the sky. The next thing I knew I was lying naked on a metal table with a lot of little green guys staring down at me. My arms and legs were tied so I couldn’t move, but I was able to understand what they said.’

“What did they tell you?” I asked.

‘That I shouldn’t be frightened, because they were only conducting an experiment, and that they needed me to complete it.’

“Did they tell you what kind of experiment?”

‘It was pretty obvious since they had me spread-eagled! I thought they were going to gangbang me, but instead they inserted some tubes in my pussy and watched lots of numbers flash on a screen. I guess it was a kind of X-ray device, and they wanted a peek at my private parts.’

“What did these creatures look like?”

‘Well, they were basically small green humans with really big heads and eyes. Their skin looked like greasy rubber, and their mouths were tiny and didn’t move when they talked. They spoke to each in a language that I couldn’t understand, but to me they spoke in English with something of a French accent.’

“Go on. What happened next?”

‘Well, after scanning me, they said I was a nearly perfect specimen, but that they’d have to tweak my glands a bit in order to maximize the performance of my sexual machinery. They inserted more long tubes up my snatch, and I immediately started feeling really strange! It was like an army of fire ants was making war in my belly while a swarm of African bees were stinging my tits!’

“It must have been terribly painful!”

‘Not really. Actually, it felt pretty good, except I usually don’t come on space ships with a bunch of aliens watching!’

“So you had an orgasm?”

‘Oh, yeah! I came so hard I nearly flew off the table! The aliens liked that because it meant their ‘tweaking’ had gone just fine. Then they instructed me to trust my conscience and let nature take its course.’

“What did they mean by that? Was the experiment over?”

‘Shit, no! It had just begun! You see, the point of the whole thing was to knock me up!’

“So was it then that the aliens had sex with you?”

‘They had only pulled me up to their ship to prepare me. The guys who would be doing the job were back on earth. Can I have more brandy? I’m really thirsty.’

“Drink all you like. Now tell me about these ‘guys.'”

‘Well, everything happened real fast, for I found myself floating over a backyard with several big barking hounds. As I hit the ground, the dogs went after me like I was some juicy steak, but before they did any damage, a lady came out of the house and called them off. She asked me what the fuck I was doing in her yard, but before I could explain, she grabbed me by my hair and dragged me inside where a bunch of naked people were getting naughty in the living room.’

“So you found yourself at a swing party?”

‘They weren’t there to make quilts! There were dildos and joy toys all over the place, and they were filming themselves in action. Well, the lady who owned the house accused me of spying for the Baptists and the police and the FBI and said she was going to teach me a lesson I’d never forget. So she stripped me naked and made me kneel on the floor and suck all the guys while she took pictures. Then she ordered the men to gangbang me three at a time and–‘

“Forgive me for interrupting, but did you put up a struggle?”

‘If you’re asking me if it was rape, well, it was, and it wasn’t. I mean, I didn’t go there to make a porn movie with strangers–though the aliens obviously intended for that to happen. But the fact is, the dicks felt pretty good in my holes, and I have to admit that I smiled for the cameras and even aided in the thrusting. Well, before long, my crotch was dripping long strands of gooey cum, and I figured the guys were all played out. But I forgot about the boys in the backyard!’

“You mean, you now were forced to…service the dogs?”

‘All four of them. I guess it was their owner’s way of making sure her lesson stuck. Besides, she wanted plenty of sick shit to blackmail me with to keep me from running to the cops. That’s why she made sure my face was on camera when I started sucking and fucking her dogs. Most of them had bigger dicks than the men, and they came a lot more often, too! Shit, I’d barely swallow one load before another began spurting in my face! And the dumps I took in my pussy and ass seemed never ending!’

“You don’t sound bitter about this.”

‘Why should I be? I mean, it wasn’t the first time I had pleasured some big hairy brutes, and these guys were cute. Besides, a dick is just a dick, right? And they’re all made for the same purpose, and with dogs, there’s usually no worry about getting knocked up. But since the aliens had played with my sexual glands, I began to wonder if I were now fertile ground for non-human seed, and if they planned for me to deliver a litter.’

“That casino firmaları would certainly keep me at night! So then what happened?”

‘I guess the swingers got bored with me, for the lady kicked me back outside and slammed the door. That was too bad for her, because she missed seeing me fly up into the air. This time I came down on the roof of a dorm where some college girls were partying. None saw me land, but all saw me lying in a pathetic heap as if I was exhausted from climbing onto the roof of their sorority. Now they say to beware of Greeks bearing gifts, but the warning should apply to those wearing thongs, for these bitches immediately decided to initiate me like some pledge.’

“Couldn’t they tell that you were…well, a bit too mature for that?”

‘Get this. They figured I was the mother of a girl they had recently rejected, and that I’d come onto their property to read them the riot act. So they decided to initiate me as they had my ‘daughter.’ They began by stripping me naked, spanking me hard, and taking turns sitting on my face. I kept wondering why the aliens wanted me to eat so much pussy, since going down on a girl doesn’t normally get you pregnant–unless her boyfriend is watching, that is. Well, that was the case here, for all their boyfriends were watching from another dorm, and the bitches invited them over to lend a hand. I got fucked so hard by these young studs that I feared I’d never walk again! But not all of the boys wanted to bang me, so some just jacked off into my mouth. However, the girls made the rest come into rubbers, and when they held my legs above my head and stuck a funnel in my cunt, well, it was pretty obvious what they had in mind.’

“Were you resisting or assisting them at this point?”

‘Neither, I guess. There wasn’t much I could do one way or the other except to moan and gasp. I mean, it’s hard enough to breathe when you’re upside down without having someone suffocate you! These girls were clearly finance majors who wanted to work in banks, for they loved making me suffer and turn blue as they took long turns sitting on my face! But though I was groggy, my body seemed to cooperate, for I felt my cervix rapidly pumping up and down as it drained the cum pool into my baby oven. The aliens had to be responsible for this, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. Now my usual orgasms are fairly wild, but the ones I now experienced were out of this world! It probably makes me sound like a slut, but I was kind of sorry when the cum ran out.’

“What happened next?”

‘I don’t remember. So much blood had rushed to my head that I was on cloud nine for awhile. When I recovered my senses, I found myself lying naked on a stone slab in some spooky place lit only by candles. At first I thought I was in a basement, but when my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw that I was in a some kind of weird church that had x-rated stained glass windows. There were pictures of orgies and bondage and shit, and a giant cross was suspended above me, hanging upside down. Then I heard a bunch of people chanting and–‘

“And you discovered you were with a coven of witches?”

‘I guess. The aliens must have beamed me there, for I don’t remember flying. Anyway, these people in black robes stood around me and started smearing blood on my body. I kept wondering if it was human or animal, because I sort of like dogs, and it would have hurt me to know that some sweet guy had been killed just for my benefit.’

“So you wanted the blood to be human?”

‘Well, there are a lot of cruel people in this sick world who don’t deserve to exist, and if it was one of them, I wouldn’t have shed big tears. Anyway, after my boobs and belly and thighs were painted red, the people dropped their robes and began to dance. There was an equal number of men and women, and I was tempted to get up and dance with them, for the guys were nice looking and well hung, and the women were real babes. I guess the devil takes care of his own in that department. Well, I watched them whirl and spin around the altar until this cloud began forming overhead. It grew bigger and darker by the second until it totally enveloped me like a thick blanket. The dancers had stopped and were kneeling on the ground, and when I looked up, I saw this huge winged creature standing over me! He stood ten feet tall, had fire for eyes, and he sported this long scaly tail! And the piece of meat hanging between his legs must have been-‘

“Wait a minute. Are you saying that Satan himself appeared?”

‘It wasn’t Michael Jackson. Call him anything you like, but he was the scariest dude I had ever seen, and when he rammed his huge cock into my cunt, I screamed so loud that the roof threatened to fall in! Now I’ve accommodated some big guys in my time, though not all of them stood on two legs. But this monster would have put a horse to shame, and the sensations he aroused in my body came straight from hell.’

“I’m surprised it didn’t kill you!”

‘It did. You see, I tried to keep up with him and match his thrusts, and for güvenilir casino awhile I was doing okay. But then he started delivering these full body slams that pounded me like bread dough into the altar. I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer and thought I was safe when I felt him start to come. But his semen was so hot that it burned like fucking lava, and the heat made me cry out and give up the ghost.’

“But…you’re alive.”

‘Only because the aliens revived me. The devil worshippers probably would have left me to rot in the road, but after dying in the service of the Prince of Darkness, I found myself flying again and back in one piece. I know it’s hard to believe, but it happened! See? I’ve still got the bruises on my belly to prove it.’

“Not that I’m doubting you, but you could have got those from anyone. And given your predilection for raucous sex, isn’t it more likely that–“

‘I was there! Okay? It happened! Now if you’re just going to trash my story, I’ll leave! I just thought you were someone I could trust!’

“You can trust me. And I’m sorry for upsetting you. Please go on.”

‘Well, my next stop was at a bus station. I came down on a bench and felt like going really bad, so I went into the ladies’ room. The place looked like some drug den that the police had just raided, for the mirrors were broken, the tiled floor was cracked, and the walls had more drawings and graffiti on them than could be found in the Sistine chapel. Moreover, all of the doors on the booths had been ripped off their hinges. Since it was crowded, I chose a toilet in the back to get a little privacy, but this rough-looking bitch suddenly appeared in the doorway. I told her I’d be through in a minute, but she told me to take my time because she wanted to watch. Well, I’ve run into a few kinky women before, and if you ignore them, they’ll usually go away. But this bitch obviously intended to stay, for she came in and spread my legs to get a better view!’

“So what did you do?”

‘Nothing. I mean, this woman had skull tattoos all over her arms, and I figured each counted for someone she had killed! So I just whistled and read the graffiti on the wall as if she wasn’t there–but then she started kissing me. It caught me off guard, but it was no big deal, for bus stops are known hangouts for gays and ax murderers and such. Anyway, she must have thought that I liked her advances, because she pulled off my sweater and started sucking on my tits. Then after playing with my nipples, she said she wanted to see me totally naked, and if I knew what was good for me, I’d take off my fucking skirt in a hurry.’

“That must have upset you greatly!”

“Actually, I was more upset about seeing my phone number carved into the wall. It was next to a drawing of a stacked woman giving another woman head. Now I don’t mind putting out for another lady, but I have more class than to advertise in a bathroom without doors on the stall.”

“I understand. But you said that the restroom was crowded. Didn’t someone notice what was going on?”

‘Not at first, for a lot of women were doing each other in the stalls, so I guess we just blended in. But once I got naked for this bitch, she clamped a chain to my nipples and paraded me around the bathroom, telling everyone I was her new slave, and that I was made for pleasuring women in the dirtiest ways imaginable! Now there isn’t a lot that I haven’t done, but I wound up learning a lot of new tricks!’

“So some of the ladies took up your mistress’s offer?”

‘I wouldn’t call them ladies, for they were far too wicked for that! Since they all were from out of town, I guess they felt safe about letting their hair down and acting out their lewdest fantasies. Anyway, after they took turns roughly feeling me up, I was ordered to thank them on my knees and beg for more of their sweet touches. Well, one woman found a plunger and used it on my tits, and the suction was so terrific it nearly pulled them off my chest! Then another took a toilet brush and applied it to my bush, and when I winced from the stinging pain, she spanked me hard for being a cry baby. My ‘mistress’ then made me lie on the floor while she fucked me with a broom handle, and when I broke out in a fierce sweat, she cooled me off by sticking my head into a toilet! The other women helped by holding me down till I nearly drowned. Needless to say, I gulped a lot of yellow water.’

“While all this humiliation was going on, someone must have reported it to the authorities.”

‘The only authority figure who came in was the janitor. His arrival was timely, to say the least, for all the women wanted to see me pleasure a huge black cock. Well, after sucking this guy hard to his fullest length, I had to bend over the sink while he took me from behind. He kept going back and forth between my pussy and ass as if he couldn’t decide which felt best. He finally said fuck it and came in my butt, which I thought was a waste of the aliens’ intentions. But as his cum oozed out of my ass, it ran into my twitching twat, so I guess the guys from outer space weren’t cheated after all. Anyway, I was ordered to suck his big dick clean and deep-throat him until he came in my mouth. He seemed a little flaccid, so I gunned his engine by tit-whipping his balls, and he shot his second load of cum straight into my gut.’

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