Caribbean Holiday Ch. 09

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Today was to be our last full day in Jamaica. We will be leaving for home tomorrow afternoon. Negril Beach has been a great place for my wife and I to holiday. One of the things I will miss our most is our morning breakfasts on the beach. Soon as all of the women sit down at their table their tops come off. All around us are almost naked young women having their breakfast getting those first rays of sun. A real tit lovers paradise. I enjoy the men around us watching as my wife takes her top off.

My wife, Irina, is from Finland. Looks as if she stepped out of Playboy. She’s a typical blond Scandinavian, 120 lbs., firm 36C, 24″ waist, 5’8″ with long legs that go all the way to heaven. Heaven is a beautiful blond pussy with puffy lips. What gets most men’s attention is her large bright green eyes and her firm and tanned 36C tits, topped with dark nipples that stand up beautifully. I like the way they jiggle like firm Jell-O when she moves her arms. This morning, her nipples are standing out almost an inch from the cool morning breeze.

Yesterday Irina and I spent the day naked on the beach with a couple of lovely young women. Their husbands had gone to play golf all day. Hope they had a good game. I fucked both of them a number of times while they licked Irina’s pussy. Today we are going into Negril Beach for some shopping.

Upon arrival in town we are met with a rush of vendors. Once we waded through them we spend the next hour looking at woodcarvings, drums, batik material, jewelry, and clothing. We took a break from the shopping and stopped at a small beach bar for a cold Red Stripe beer. Irina was wearing a mans white sleeveless undershirt and short cut-off jeans shorts. I can see the cheeks of her ass and she has cut one side all the way up to the belt loops, showing all of her thigh. Her hard nipples are clearly visible through her shirt.

The bar owner was a young guy from Canada. Jack was friendly and asked how we liked Jamaica and Negril Beach. His wife and partner was Jamaican. They had met during university in Canada. Jack said his wife had the bikini shop next door if Irina wanted a hand made suit. Jack went and brought his wife Jeanie to meet Irina. Off they went to look at bikini designs while I had another beer with Jack. He asked if Irina was a model. Saying he sees thousands of women here and that Irina was one of the prettiest women he has ever seen. He asked if her tits were real or plastic. They look so perfect a lot of people ask this. I told him they were god given.

Irina came back in about 30 casino şirketleri minutes wearing a little white lace bikini. The top was two small triangles of transparent delicate white lace held together by light blue ribbon. Irina’s 36C tanned tits were beautiful in the sheer white lace. Her dark nipples were the focal points. The bottom was a very small triangle of the same lace. I could just see the top of her blond pussy hair peaking over the top. There was no back and Irina’s firm tanned ass was bare.

Jack said “WOW.” Jack and I were sitting at the table when Irina came over and stood beside us, we could see her blond hair and puffy pussy lips through the lace. Irina slowly turned around and asked me if I liked the back. Jack and I both was staring at her nice tanned ass. Irina sat down and had a beer with us saying she had bought the suit because it would drive me crazy and hoped that I did not mind. The white lace top played games with my mind. It was almost like it was not there. Jack and I could see all of Irina’s tits and her hard nipples.

Jack asked if we wanted some special homemade jerk chicken for lunch. After a quick yes from Irina and I, he called one of his friends and left to get our chicken. Jack said if we wanted anything to help ourselves while he was gone. Irina was behind the bar getting us a couple of beers when two guys came in from the beach and walked up to the bar. They were very young, maybe in high school. The guys were getting a good look at Irina and could hardly speak from staring at her. They thought Irina worked at the bar and one guy finally said they wanted two beers. She opened two beers and teased them by asking for some IDs. Asking how old are you. They were looking at Irina’s nipples.

Irina turned around and bent over the cooler to get two more beers, giving the guys a look at her ass. Irina brought our beers to our table saying she liked the shy young kids. Irina remembered she forgot to collect Jack’s money and went back asking the guys for 3 dollars. The guys started talking to Irina. Asking where she was from and all the typical tourist questions. Irina was enjoying the young guy’s attention. Irina’s little lace top had a design flaw, it kept sliding to one side letting her nipple out. One of the guys shyly asked if Irina would be in a picture with him. Irina came around the bar and stood beside him. The guy was really shy. Irina reached behind her and took off her top. The guys were speechless and staring. She took his arm and put it around her waist with his hand resting casino firmaları on the underside of her tits and leaned against him. One of her tits was pressed against his chest and her lace-covered pussy was showing as his friend took the picture. They changed places and took another photo. This guy was a little braver and put his inched his hand up onto her tit. As they went outside to the beach they were talking about how the guys back home would die when they saw how beautiful Irina was, and topless, and they were touching her tits too.

We were laughing about the young boys and their photos when Jack came back with our lunch. He said the two young guys had been hanging out on the beach in front of his bar. After we had eaten Irina said she wanted to go lie on the beach. I wanted to finish buying some things for our friend’s back home. Jack had offered to take me to his friend’s shops for some good deals.

I watched Irina walk to the beach to see where to find her when I returned. Irina took a place near the two young guys. I watched as she took her top off and sat on a sun bed next to the guys. The guys were visibly excited to see that Irina was going to join them.

I went with Jack and did all of the gift shopping. Through Jack I got some really great bargains. On return to the bar we got a couple of cold beers and I went to the beach door to see how Irina was doing on the beach. It was not hard to find Irina. The beach was empty except for Irina and the two guys. Irina was lying on the sun bed on her stomach. The two guys were rubbing oil on her back. One was working on her ass. I saw his fingers slipping between the crack of Irina’s ass. I know he was caressing her pussy. Both of the guys Speedo swim suits showed their hard cocks. The other guy was working on Irina’s back as he watched his friend finger Irina’s pussy. Irina turned over on her back. The guys now had a clear view of her naked tits and lace covered pussy. One guy put oil on her tits and began to caress them paying special attention to the hard nipples. The other guy was letting his hand slid under Irina’s lace playing with her pussy. I could see that both of the guys had hard cocks trying to escape from their suits. I told Jack to come watch, that neither of the young boys knew what to do and Irina was enjoying the attention. Wish we could hear what they were saying.

She rolled onto her stomach and one of the guys climbed on the sun bed with his knees on each side of Irina. He put oil on Irina’s back and began to give her a massage. güvenilir casino The other guy started massaging her arms. The guy on top was pressing his crouch against Irina’s ass. Irina saw me and Jack sneaking looks from the bar door. Irina did not stop him from humping her ass and he gained confidence. The guy moved the little strip of lace to the side and began to finger her pussy. Now Irina was moving her ass up and down. I watched him pull the leg of his suit up to let his hard cock out. Irina felt his hard cock pressing against her ass and parted her legs letting him slide his cock into her pussy. Irina reached over and took the other guys cock out of his suit and began stroking it. These young kids were in heaven. Big grins on their faces. He started to move quickly like a rabbit and then became still. He had cum. The guy getting a hand job changed places with his friend and was soon fucking Irina. Irina was sucking on one cock while getting fucked by another.

Irina rolled over on her back and let them fuck her a second time.

Jack and I had our cocks in our hands. I said, “let’s go show the kids how to fuck.” Jack pounced on Irina and fucked her for a long time. I had Irina get on top of me and fuck me where I could watch her beautiful tits move up and down. Jack stepped up and put his semi-hard cock in her mouth and was soon hard and coming again. I got a great blowjob watching Jack fuck her. The kids fucked Irina once more and left. It was dark out when Jack took Irina and I back to the resort.

We went for a swim at the resort pool and had some snacks from the pool bar. The pool was beautiful at night with the underwater lights and candles on tables around the pool. There were another 10 or 12 couples in the pool and all of the girls were topless. Irina had on her white lace bikini bottoms and nothing else. Irina got out of the pool and went to the bar to get us a beer and I saw that her bottoms were so transparent she may as well not have them on. The two bar tenders were enjoying her. Irina walked slowly around the pool to where I was and sat on the side of the pool for everyone to see. Her tits were so beautiful, tanned, firm and moving with life.

Irina and I sat in the shallow end on the steps and had another beer. She sat in my lap kissing me and started playfully humping me. I slipped my cock out of my suit and right into her hot pussy. Irina said someone would see us. I did not care and started moving my hips up and down slowly. Irina started to moan and cum. Some of the couples were looking at us fucking in the pool. I did not care because I knew they all wanted too but did not have the courage. I came and held Irina for a long time.

We slept well that nigh but was sad knowing that tomorrow night we would be back in ultra-conservative Mid-west America.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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