Car Accident Ch. 05

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5th Day: Outside Duties

I think I’m getting better every day!

This morning I woke up early, in a very good mood. I got dressed and rushed downstairs to make breakfast for my mistress and then to her bathroom to prepare everything for her. I think I caught myself whistling as I was doing my chores. Not to loud though, in case I woke her up. I almost felt proud on being so efficient. I even switched the phone line to the living room set. My only objective was to keep Madame pleased and peaceful.

Then the phone rang. It was Miss Angela, one of the ladies I met in Madame’s get well party. She wanted to speak with Madame. I was a bit hesitant, since she was still asleep, but Miss Angela insisted on waking her up. I went to her room. I knocked at the door.


– I’ so sorry to disturb your peace Madame, but Miss Angela wants you on the phone.

– OK, I’ll pick it up.

I rushed downstairs to switch the line and waited, feeling very anxious. Was there something wrong? Why would Miss Angela insist on talking to Madame, so early in the morning?

The bedroom bell disturbed my thoughts. I ran to the kitchen, took the breakfast dish, and rushed upstairs. In no time I was knocking on Madame’s door.

– You may enter! she said.

– Good morning Madame!

I replied and entered her room, carefully placing the dish on her lap and keeping my eyes low. I then knelt by the bed waiting for orders. She didn’t say a word while eating her breakfast. When she finished, she put the dish aside and sat up on the bed. Before her bare feet touched the floor, my hands were ready to support them. I bowed down and started kissing her divine toes.

– Your Wish is my Command Madame! I humbly said.

She let me worship her for a longer time than usual, as if she was actually trying to prove to herself what was obvious; I was her humble slave, and she was my superior mistress. My kisses were soft and warm. Most important they were sincere. My only intention was to make her realize that I perfectly understood my position at her feet. Finally she said.

– I might have to change plans for today. Angela told me that it’s her day off, and asked if she could borrow you for the rest of the day. I remember her saying something about it during the party, but could never think she was actually meaning it. I tried to refuse but she was so insistent, I had to accept. I have to do without your valuable services for the rest of the day.

So here are my orders for today:

You are to report to her apartment, where you will stay all day, serving my friend Angela. Obey her as if it was me. I’ll drive you to her house myself, and come and peek you up late in the evening. And take the nail care set with you. I have built a good reputation about your pedicure skills and she wants to have a go. I won’t take a bath now. The sooner you go there, the sooner I’ll have you back. Help me dress now, slave!

– Your wish is my Command, Madame! I said, placing a last kiss on her feet.

I helped her dressed and put on her shoes. I could understand she was annoyed by the situation. If I could do something to make her feel better! When she was properly dressed, I kissed the tips of her shoes.

– May I say that Madame should not worry. I’ll do my best to be trustworthy to her demands. And I always think of her, during my service to Miss Angela.

– That sounds reassuring, she said. Remember, you are MY slave, and I’m your one and only mistress. You obey my friend just because I tell you to do so. Is this understood?

– Absolutely Madame, I replied.

– Then let’s go, she said and went downstairs.

I took the nail care set from her bathroom and ran outside. She was already in her car. She drove nervously, not saying a word. I had a chance to look around the shapely country side. It was some days since I was out. It was strange but life was totally normal in the outside world. I was beginning to think I was living in a dream. Maybe I wake up to find myself in my lonely apartment, getting ready to go for work…

Now traffic was heavier. We were reaching the city limits. No, I’m not sleeping, I said to myself. Everything is real. I was beginning to feel anxious about what was going to happen today. I only hoped that my mistress would be pleased.

– That’s it, we’re here. You see this block on the right? that’s here she lives. She’s on the penthouse. You get off here. By the way, don’t get any crazy ideas about leaving, or talking to anyone else! And don’t you dare calling her Madame. I’m your only Madame!

– No, Madame can be sure of that, I said, feeling a bit disappointed that she still didn’t fully trust me as her obedient slave. May I wish you a pleasant day, Madame!

– I’ll pick you up in the evening. Behave slave! Don’t disappoint me.

She quickly drove away. She didn’t even bother to say a word to her friend. She’s really upset, I thought.

I rang Miss Angela’s bell. Her voice came from the speaker.

-Who is it?

– It’s casino oyna ….me, I said. Madame Natasha sent me

– Come on up!

The door opened. I took the lift and in a couple of minutes I was ringing her apartment door, holding the manicure set. It could be an ordinary day for somebody else, I thought. Maybe a pedicurist visiting one of his customers for treatment. Not for me though. I was going to enter her apartment, not knowing what was going to follow. Madame’s last words came to my mind: “Don’t disappoint me”. The door opened.

Miss Angela showed me in. She was wearing a night gown, still eating a slice of toasted bread. She sat on a leather couch. I followed her and stood besides.

– I presume that my friend doesn’t prepare breakfast like poor me, she said with a spot of jealousy in her voice.

– It’s a great honor to serve Madame Natasha, Miss Angela. My only purpose is to obey her. It was her wish to come here and serve you.

– Don’t you have a name?

– Madame addresses me as slave, I answered confidently.

– OK slave, show me what you can do.

– I’m sorry Miss Angela, but a slave is to obey orders. If you could tell me what you wish?

– Then I wish that you jump out of the window, you stupid. Will you do it for me?

– If this is your command, I have to obey. But don’t you think that your friend would be very disappointed when she realizes that you “broke” something belonging to her? Something that you borrowed for a couple of hours…

– You’re playing smart with me, and I don’t like it, she said.

I immediately knelt to the floor.

– I’ very sorry Miss Angela if I offended you. I was only trying to protect you from a small mistake. Will you ever forgive me?

– OK,OK, anyway I was just teasing you. I don’t have many chances to look at a man, kneeling by my feet. Now make me feel good, slave! That’s my wish for now.

I bent down, took her feet in my hands and started kissing them.

-Your wish is my command, Miss Angela. I’m your humble slave!

As I was kissing her feet, she removed her slippers, revealing her orange painted toes. She placed her left foot on my back, while I was eagerly kissing her toes on the right. There was a faint foot smell, but I didn’t mind. In fact I actually liked it. As I said before, her pedicurist must not be that professional, and the paint was beginning to come off her toe nails. No wonder why she asked to bring the nail care set with me, I thought with a spot of pride.

She pushed me down with her left foot, so that now I was lying on the floor, her right foot in my hands, still kissing it.

– It’s nice to have a man at his proper place, she said laughingly. Natasha is very lucky. You really make me feel good, slave. It’s a sheer delight to have you down under my feet. A foot kissing carpet! Yes I like that. Don’t you slave?

– Yes Miss Angela, I said between kisses. I’m only here to serve you. My only purpose is to keep you satisfied.

– But of course you are! You silly slave. Indeed this can only be your sole purpose in your miserable useless life. At least you are useful somewhere.

She hit me with her foot on my back, pressing her right foot sole on my face.

– You are not here to talk, but to obey. Kiss my sole foot slave!

I started kissing her sole, working from toes to heels. She must be enjoying it, I though. If she’s satisfied, then Madame will be pleased with me. This is all that counts. I was beginning to feel confident that I could be up to Madame’s standards.

She swapped feet and I started worshipping her left foot. After a while, she placed both her feet in my hands and ordered me to kiss each toe once, from left to right and start all over again. I held her feet tenderly and started kissing her toes softly. It was like playing a harmonica, I thought laughingly, the only difference being that I was kissing a woman’s toes, instead of blowing or inhaling air through holes. Foot Music, I said to myself. I found it quite amusing, in fact I was beginning to enjoy it!

The process went on for more than an hour. My lips begun feeling numb after all these kisses. All this time, Miss Angela was relaxing on the couch, sipping a cup of coffee, watching me kissing her beautiful feet.

– Enough, she said suddenly and withdrew her feet. You’d better do the kitchen, slave! Report to me when you finish.

I went to the kitchen to clean everything up. God, what a mess, I thought! Luckily she had a dish washer. I put the dishes in the washer, and washed all other kitchen utensils that had to be done by hand. I then swap the kitchen floor and cleaned the table and kitchen benches.

Meanwhile Miss Angela had turned the stereo on. I could hear slow, soft and pleasant music. Yes, she was relaxing. At least she was trying to.

When I finished, I went back to the living room. I knelt in front of her:

– May I say Miss Angela that I’ve finished.

She didn’t say a word. She only placed her bare feet on my laps, pointing with slot oyna her fingers to her toes. I got the message and again I started kissing them gently.

The phone rang. She picked it up.

– Hello, Angela speaking…

– Hi Natasha, how are you?

– Yes, he’s here, right at my feet. He’s busy right now…

– You guessed right! That’s exactly what he’s doing at the moment…

– But of course he’s good. I never had a slave, but certainly he’s very efficient…

– Really? Never thought of it. Isn’t it ticklish? …

– Good, I’ll give it a try…

– I see! He can do this for soaking before treatment. Good thinking…

– Thanks a lot Nash for your suggestions…

– Certainly. I’ll let you know of any new ideas…

– I don’t mind, come anytime you like to pick him up, take your time. I’ll be fine…

– Bye Nash! And Nash…thanks a lot…

She hang up.

– Take care of my feet slave, make them beautiful. Show me what you can do!

– Shall I bring warm water to have your feet soaked, Miss Angela?

– Certainly not! She said. Nash told me that you can soak a woman’s foot in a more appropriate way.

– Yes Miss Angela, your wish is my command.

She took a magazine and began reading, not paying any attention to me.

I opened the nail care set and sat crossed legged on the floor in front of her feet. I placed a small towel on my lap, and she lazily rest her feet on it. Using nail polish remover and cotton pads, I carefully removed the orange polish from her toe nails. Luckily I remembered everything I learnt, during Madame’s pedicure some days ago. Since she made it clear that water was out of the question, I had to use other skills to clean her feet and soften her skin.

Starting with her right foot, I took it gently in my hands, carefully raising it until her toes reached my mouth. I slowly started sucking her toes, one at a time, using my tongue to clean any dirt in between. When her toes were perfectly clean, I worked on her beautiful sole, then her heel, leaving the top for the end. I then swapped feet and repeated the process, with her left foot. My mouth was now full of the peculiar foot taste, but I was beginning to like it. After a while, both her feet were properly bathed.

Using a pair of nail clippers, I carefully trimmed her toe nails to the right size. So far, everything was quite easy.

But now I was facing a small problem. Normally her feet would be in lukewarm water for soaking. But that was out of the question. And, the book Madame gave me didn’t cover such aspects. I had to improvise. I decided to do the soaking with my mouth, although there was no way to put all the foot in it. In fact that was Madame’s idea a couple of days ago, but I never had the chance to try it. I thought of working in small areas, soaking the skin, working on this area, and then moving on. The best thing to do was to try.

I started with her heels, where there were areas of hard skin. Licking the heel for sometime, while using my teeth to help the softening process, did the trick. Using a foot file, I removed the hard bits, licked them clean, leaving a velvet like skin . I went on with her soles, leaving her toes last.

Her toes were quite easy to work on, since I could soak each one at a time, work on it and go on to the next. Finally I filed her toe nails and carefully polished them with a special nail polishing file. I was working at her feet for almost two hours. But I didn’t mind.

– May I ask Miss Angela if you’d like to have your toe nails painted?

– Of course you idiot. What colors have you got?

I showed her the lacquers in the set.

– I prefer light colors. Try this satin pink. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you to change it.

She went back into reading, again not paying any attention to me.

After separating her toes with cotton pads (I must remember to get toe separators) I started the process of painting Miss Angela’s toe nails. First the base, then polish, finally varnish. I used my breath to dry her nails, which she found very amusing and ‘nature friendly’ as she commented..

when I finished, I kissed her feet and asked permission to show her the results of my efforts. She looked down at her feet on my lap, examining them carefully.

– Well, they certainly look nice, she said. You’ve done a fine job for a foot slave.

She stretched her toes apart, and looked closer.

– I don’t know… Maybe I don’t like pink after all. I think I should stick to orange. What do you say slave, do you like them?

– You have lovely feet Miss Angela, and they look perfect, no matter the color. But if you allow me, my poor opinion is to go for red next time. This way your divine feet will appear in their total beauty and splendor. But again this is my humble personal taste only. You know better than me. I’m just a slave attending to your feet, I said and bent down kissing them once more.

– You’re probably right. Maybe that red you used for your mistress might canlı casino siteleri be more suitable. I remember it glowing like a fire.

Let’s try it, shall we?

– Certainly Miss Angela, your wish is my command!

So I had to start the painting all over again, first removing the pink color. I didn’t mind really, since I was getting more practice this way. Next time I attend Madame’s beautiful feet, I’ll be more experienced and confident.

Certainly red was her color. When I finished, her toe nails looked absolute divine. I couldn’t help but kissing them passionately, before asking for her approval.

– Yes, she said with a voice full of satisfaction. This is it. Perfect! No wonder why my friend says you’re valuable. I’m very pleased with you, slave.

– Thank you very much Miss Angela for allowing me to treat your feet. Would you like me to put some lotion?

-Later, slave. I have something else in mind for now.

I laid down on the floor by her feet, face down, arms and legs stretched, a pose of total submission.

She stood up and stepped on me to go to the kitchen. She came back with a bowl and a bottle of wine.

– Let’s celebrate. You like wine?

– Excuse me Miss Angela but I shouldn’t be drinking when I’m on duty.

– Nonsense! I command you to drink. It’s a cheese and wine party exclusively for you. As a reward for your services so far. On your knees slave! Watch!

She put the bowl on the floor and poured some wine in it. I could also see small pieces of soft cheese and bread, now mixed with wine. She then used a piece of cord, to tie my hands securely at the back. Finally she sat on the couch.

– Let the party begin! You are allowed to eat and drink.

Normally I wouldn’t have any trouble. I eat from a bowl in Madame’s house too. But this time my hands were tied together at the back. It was very hard for me to balance, without falling down, possibly braking the bowl and generally making such a mess. Somehow I managed to pick a few cheese bits and sip some wine.

– Poor slave, she said mischievously. I think you don’t like the taste. Or maybe you can’t manage. We are having troubles aren’t we? Let me help you.

She put her right foot in the bowl, pushing hard and twisting. After a while wine, cheese and bread were mashed into a piece of dough some of it stuck on her foot. She raised her foot right on my face.

– Now you can enjoy, she said laughing hard. You see it’s NOT what you eat, but the way that you eat it!

Without saying a word, I started licking her foot, eating away the mashed cheese and wine right from her toes. It was quite difficult with my hands tied, but finally I managed to lick them clean, paying attention not to smudge her freshly red painted toe nails. When I finished with her right foot, she carried on with the left. That went on and on, until there was nothing left in the bowl and her feet were properly cleaned. Finally, I cleaned the dough stuck underneath her toes, sucking hard and using my tongue as a cleaning tool.

– Thank you very much Miss Angela for the wine party, I humbly said.

– Don’t mention it, slave! It was a pleasure serving you! She said and laughed again. I feel really relaxed now. And my feet look nicely treated, don’t you think?

-Yes Miss Angela. Thank you very much for allowing me to satisfy your needs.

She looked at her watch

– God! It’s almost noon. I’ve got a date with a friend for lunch. I must hurry up.

She pushed me hard on the floor with her feet and rushed to her bedroom. She came back dressed and ready to go. She was wearing black high heel boots. She ordered me to follow her to the kitchen, here she untied my hands, only to secure them on my back again, tied on the refrigerator handle.

– Don’t go away, I’ll be back, she said meaningfully and went away, locking the door behind her.

I was left alone, loosely tied on the fridge handle. I sat on the floor with my back close to the fridge door. I made myself as comfortable as I could. I was tired after all these things I had to do for Miss Angela, but at least she was satisfied. And so would me my Madame, when she hears the news, I thought . I think I did quite well, I told to myself. Madame will be pleased. That’s all I want.

It’s almost unbelievable; my life changed rapidly in a couple of days. My way of thinking too. As a free man, I wanted to succeed in life, make money, even become famous. Right now, I was just a humble obedient, slave, my only worry to keep Madame pleased. Somehow though, I felt happy and fulfilled. I found the meaning of life, maybe the purpose of my existence. Money isn’t everything I thought. Yes! I like my new duties, that’s final. I don’t know if Madame had any slaves before, but I’ll prove to her that I’m the best she’ll ever have. With this thoughts in my mind I fell asleep, still tied to the fridge…

I woke up by a hard slap on my face.

– I didn’t tell you to sleep! Miss Angela said in an angry voice.

– I’m sorry Miss Angela, I was feeling a bit tired.

– You didn’t do any hard work to feel tired. I think you’re just lazy! But we’ll see about that.

She untied me and I fell on my knees kissing the tips of her dusty boots.

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