Candy’s First Orgasm

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She reached underneath me and caressed my balls, then whispered in my ear,

“Cum for me now I want to feel your cum.”

I was completely aroused and overheated with both of our bodies covered in sweat but I told her no, I wanted to wait for her, I said,

“Cum with me baby, let’s cum together.”

I began to think of the Beatle’s song of the same name, while trying to hold back to wait for Candy. She brought my head to her breast and as I kissed and nibbled at her aroused nipples, once again she told me she wanted me to cum right now.

“No, no don’t wait I want you to cum now, please cum now.”

Well who was I not to honor a lady’s request so I did my best to fill the reservoir tip of my Trojan.

After, as we lay spooning, our sweaty bodies ever so slowly cooling back to normal I began kissing the back of her neck and softly rubbing her nipple. Candy responded by rubbing her tight little ass against my still limp dick. As I switched from kissing to licking her behind the ear, she started to breathe in almost a pant. I began to finger her still damp pussy and she spread her legs to give me access. I took a finger wet with her juices and began to rub her clit and she began to writhe, still rubbing her body against me. She was obviously excited and I was sure she was ready to climax and then suddenly she grabbed my hand and pushed it away.

“Candy, did I hurt you? I’m so sorry.”

She lay with her back to me but we were no longer spooned as one. She spoke slowly,

“Ah, no, you didn’t hurt me I just wanted to stop.”

“Why,” I asked thoroughly confused.

“I guess I kinda went over the top.”

“OK let’s try again,” and put my hand between her thighs.

She once again pushed my hand away then jumped up and ran into the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

I knocked quietly on the bathroom door,

“Candy, I’m sorry, please come out I won’t bother you, just come out and talk to me.”

Slowly the door opened and Candy walked past me to sit on the bed, she would not look up to me and I could see her tears running down her cheeks to fall on her pert little tits. I went to her, kneeling casino şirketleri beside her I raised her chin to stare into her sad eyes,

“Please talk to me, tell me what I did to make you feel so bad.”

She just sat there as her crying turned into sobs, finally I laid her on the bed and crawled in next to her and just held her until we both drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night, I awoke to Candy holding my cock and kissing my face. As my erection throbbed and my only thought turned to relief, Candy said,

“Roger I have to tell you something, it is so embarrassing but I really like you and I want to be honest with you.”

“Candy honey, you can tell…”

She put a finger to my lips,

“Please, don’t talk, just listen, this is hard enough. Roger, it’s just; oh I don’t know if I can say this.”

I leaned over and kissed her,

“It’s OK honey I’m here for you.”

Once again she sighed and I thought she might began crying again but then she blurted out,

“Roger, I just can’t cum, either I don’t know how, or it’s broken, or something, I cannot cum no matter what I do or try.”

“Are you telling me you’ve never had an orgasm?”

“That’s right, not by myself, not with a man, not even with another girl, yeah I even did it with a girl I knew thinking that maybe I was gay or something. Hay I felt your dick twitch, did that turn you on thinking about me and Cindy? Well maybe in your dreams buddy boy, I tried it once but I didn’t like it so don’t get your hopes up. I mean I get real turned on but just before I think I might cum I lose it and that makes it so disappointing knowing I can get close but still can’t get off. “

The next night we went out to dinner at her favorite Mexican Restaurant and as we dined on Fajitas and Margaritas I told her, I had a plan to fix her broken orgasm machine.

“I’ve been on line all day researching our little problem and I believe I’ve come up with a solution.”

“Roger believe me I’ve tried everything and nothing works, I’ve tried a dildoe, vibrators even those special creams they sell in the back of magazines and nothing works on me.”

“Believe casino firmaları me I understand but I think I have the answer and when we get home I want you to try it with an open mind and we’ll just see if it works.”

I told Candy I didn’t want to say anymore about it until we got home. We finished our meal talking of other things but we both knew it was now the ‘elephant in the room’ and all other discussion was meaningless. We walked home holding hands, both tipsy from the Margaritas and then the Mexican Coffees for desert. At her front door I held her tight and kissed her deeply,

“I want you to know that I think I’m falling for you and no matter what happens later I want to be with you and you alone.”

She didn’t react as I’d hoped to my statement but instead searched my eyes for honesty. As we went inside, she said she had little hope that whatever plan I had would work. I sat her down then knelt beside her taking her hand and looking into her pale blue eyes I said,

“As I said in the restaurant, after searching all day what I kept coming up with was most women who get excited, turned on if you will, yet still cannot reach orgasm usually have a problem with letting go. They want to be in control of their body and in order to climax; they have to release control of their body to their urges. My plan is simple, I want to submit to you; that is I want you to control my body as we make love and then you can let go of yours as you control me.”

I could see the puzzled look in her eyes,

“Are you saying you want to be my love slave, to do my biding?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.”

She giggled, “OK slave take off my shoes and rub my feet.”

I gently removed her shoes and began to rub the balls of her foot and then the rest of her sole. I began to kiss her toes and as I took them in my mouth one by one I found it very erotic and I noticed I was getting a hard on. Next I did the same to her other foot, as I was shrimping her second biggest toe I noticed it reminded me of a large clit and I treated it as such. I began sucking it then holding it in my lips and licking the end, I couldn’t güvenilir casino tell about Candy but this was turning me on something fierce.

“OK slave you may massage my legs but don’t you dare take liberties any higher than my thighs.”

“Yes my Queen,” was all I said as I massaged her legs as best as I knew how all the while staring at her tiny little thong panties. I could tell she was beginning to enjoy all of this by how wet her panties were getting.

“You may now take off my undergarment but do not try to peek underneath.”

“Your Highness, may I be allowed to kiss them once first?”

Her only answer was a slight nod and I noticed her breathing was increased and she seemed to be getting quite hot. It was easy to find her clit as I rubbed my nose in her slit until I found it, as I put my lips around the tiny protrusion in her panties she grabbed my head and held it in place. I held on to her cotton-covered clitty as a baby on his mother’s nipple. When she released my head, I reluctantly pulled my head from beneath her dress and as I stared into her eyes I could see they were filled with lust. I reached up and pulled her soaked panties down and off. She then instructed me to take my clothes off and then to remove the rest of hers. We went to her bedroom and I lay down on her bed, she then straddled my chest and as she looked into my eyes, asked what she should do next.

“My Queen I am merely your vessel of pleasure, please use me as you see fit.”

She moved up and sat on my face still looking me in the eyes she began to ride rubbing her wet pussy on my tongue and nose. She grabbed my hair and held my head to her as she moved faster and faster. She closed her eyes and began to moan and then suddenly let out a loud scream. Collapsing on top of me, she was panting and still sighing and her whole body was shaking.

When she sat back up, she had tears in her eyes,

“Oh god that was so good, I had given up hope, I didn’t think I could ever cum. Thank you so much, can we do it again, like right now?”

We did it many more times not only that night but for many nights after that, yet she never said I was her special guy and sadly when she found someone else who could do as well as I, she kicked me to the curb. After we split up, I saw her around a few times and although friendly she never let on that, it was I who gave her the first orgasm in her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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