Candice’s Lust

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“I seriously can’t fucking believe this! This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!” Jordan stared at the computer screen in disbelief, transfixed by the image of his precious mother, Candice, sucking his friend Shane’s dick. Behind her, his other friend Josh was pounding into her furiously while slapping her ass.

As he continued to watch the videos, things kept getting worse and worse. Three of his other friends were lined up behind her waiting to take turns, and as soon as one finished fucking her, they would go around to her front where she would suck them passionately.

Finally, Jordan couldn’t bear to watch the debauchery any more. He didn’t even know why he subjected himself to it for so long. Earlier this afternoon he found the tape in his inbox, attached to an email from his father. His dad told him the grim news that his mom had been fucking all his friends for years.

The video continued on in the background, but he wasn’t paying much attention until Candice uttered a phrase that made him wretch with disgust.

“There’s nothing like being filled up by all my favorite boys,” she moaned. “Now if only Jordan were here.”

He thought back to all the times his mom had paraded around the house in short skirts and tight tops, or how she’d wiggled her bottom a little too close to his crotch while bending over to pick something up off the ground. Suddenly, it made so much sense.

“Their dicks are so much bigger than yours, Morris. These younger guys are huge compared to an old man like you!” She laughed, leaning back on Blake’s dick, her eyes rolling back into her head with pleasure. Jordan couldn’t believe his mom would tease his dad like that. She really was a repulsive whore. He knew the second she got home, he had to confront her.

The moment Jordan heard the door slam downstairs, he jumped up out of his computer chair and ran to meet her. She smiled cheerfully when she saw her beloved son, reaching out to give him a hug like she always did when she got home from work.

“You’re such a disgusting whore! I can’t believe you’d be such a bitch to dad and send him all those videos!” Her arms were still outstretched for a hug, but all he could think about was the look on her face when she was getting pounded by all his friends.

“I’m never going to be able to look at you the same way again! You’re seriously so disgusting and used up, what a bitch. I’m going to go live with dad after all this, and there’s no way you can stop me. I’m leaving first thing in the morning!”

She stared at him in complete and total shock. Her brown hair was falling out of her ponytail from a busy day at her job as a waitress, and her blue eyes were quickly filling up with tears.

“Jordan, no! Please! You were never supposed to see those videos!”

“I don’t give a shit! I can’t get them out of my head now, can I?! Leave me the fuck alone, you dirty slut.” He stormed away from her, hurrying back up the stairs and into his room. He slammed the door behind him and bolted it, leaving Candice all alone in the doorway with tears streaming down her face.

“You guys won’t believe what just happened,” she said to the group chat. “Morris must have sent Jordan the videos.”

She strolled over to the couch and sat down, and her phone beeped quickly with a response. She knew the boys would always be there to calm her down, and sure enough, all 5 of them were eager to help her feel better after such a traumatic encounter.

Not only did they help her stop crying after a few minutes, but they also decided that there was no way that Jordan could get away with his horrible behavior. Slowly, they devised a plan to teach him some respect once and for all.

“See you at 2 AM, Mrs. B. ;),” read the final message.


“Shh, you’re making too much noise!” Candice scolded, watching Josh fumble with the lock to Jordan’s room. Finally, to her relief, the lock made a victorious snapping sound. Josh pushed open the door to Jordan’s room silently, and the six of them walked in.

As they approached his bed in the darkness, Candice saw Jordan stirring in his sleeping. He rolled over on his side and grunted, threatening to wake up at any second.

“Hurry!” casino şirketleri She demanded. Josh and Harry scurried over and stood by the side of the bed, rope in hand. By the time Jordan finally peeled his eyes open, it was too late. The boys have already pinned him to bed and started undressing him. Jordan tried to scream, but Harry manhandled a small red ball gag into his mouth before he had a chance to alarm the neighbours. When they got him completely naked, the boys grabbed his wrists and ankles roughly and tied them to the bedposts. Jordan was naked and tied spread eagled to his own bed, ready for the debauchery that’s about to happen.

The ropes instantly grew taught with Jordan’s struggles, and his eyes were wide with shock.

“I bet you think this is a bad dream, huh?” Candice smirked, straddling her helpless son and staring down at him. She began to unbutton her pajama top, revealing the delicious curves of her breasts to her unwilling son.

“So you think I’m a whore and want to go live with your dad? Well, let’s see if you still feel that way after I fuck the shit out of you.” She climbed off him and untied her striped pajama pants, and wasted no time in climbing back up on her son’s flaccid cock. He desperately wanted to fight her off, but the ropes prevented him from being able to do anything more than flail pathetically.

“I was always so good to you, Jordan. So sweet and caring! I tried so hard to make sure you were happy and had everything you needed. I don’t know where I went wrong. You hurt me so much by saying those awful things . . .” Her pretty pink nipples were quickly growing hard, and the cold air of the room was making her wish her son wasn’t wearing a ball gag so she could warm them up in her mouth. “It’s time to feel my sexual wrath at last. I’m going to teach you to be grateful once and for all!”

Blake snickered in the background, watching Jordan struggle against the ropes, but all in vain. “Your mom is a great fuck, you know that? We’ve been pounding her ass almost every night for the past year.”

Josh shrugged at Jordan without any sympathy as his eyes desperately pleaded for help. “It’s for your own good, bro. You can’t keep being such a dick to your mom all the time. It’s gone on for way too long.”

As if their teasing wasn’t bad enough, Harry chimed in as well. “You don’t know what you’re missing. You could have been fucking her tight pussy all this time, but you were too busy whining and being a little bitch.”

Candice giggled at their endless complements, reaching into the pocket of her pajamas for her phone. She pressed the record button and set it down on the nightstand, propping it up against a pile of books.

“I didn’t want to have to go down this road, Jordan. But you gave me no choice but to play dirty. How about this: You can go live with your dad, sure. But if you do, I’m going to release this video to any school you ever go to, and any job you ever have.”

Jordan’s relentless screams were mostly muffled by the ball gag, but he still managed to make enough noise to fill the room with his pathetic whimpering. Candice stared directly into his eyes as she pulled down her striped pajama bottoms, offering her pussy up to the first boy who happened to be behind her. Blake was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, and slid his already-hard dick into her tight, delectable hole.

Jordan closed his eyes to avoid watching the madness unfold, but Todd came up behind him and forced his eyes open.

“What’s wrong, don’t want to see mommy getting fucked by all your friends?” He laughed, enjoying the show of Blake’s dick sliding in and out of Candice from behind. Soon, she wriggled her legs out of her pajama bottoms and was completely naked from the waist down. Shane stood in front of her by the side of the bed, reaching out to unbutton her pajama top and free her beautiful, big breasts. They bounced wildly with each movement of her head as she began to lap at his waiting dick.

As the debauchery unfolded, Josh picked the camera up from the nightstand and held it at a much better angle. He managed to film a close-up of Blake’s cock filling Candice up to the brim, and he immediately followed it by a shot of Jordan’s horrified face.

“I casino firmaları bet the college admissions team will love that,” he laughed.

Jordan couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of Shane’s cock sliding in between his mom’s plump lips. She was starving with lust as she lapped at it, and the wild look in her eyes made it clear that it was going to take more than two cocks to satisfy her lust. She moaned loudly as Blake fucked her from behind, staring directly at Jordan while the other boys stuffed her.

“Why does she have to be so goddamn hot?” Jordan thought to himself. “She looks so good on her knees like that. I know it’s wrong, but . . .”

To his absolute horror, his cock was beginning to stir. The way his mom made eye contact with him as she sucked wildly at Shane’s dick was driving him crazy. He struggled to cover it up, but of course his movement was severely limited by the thick, unforgiving ropes.

“My little boy can’t resist his mom after all,” she squealed with delight. She abandoned Shane’s dick the second she noticed Jordan getting hard. “Looks like he wants a turn, boys. Make sure you get every second on film!”

Josh zoomed the camera in on Jordan’s cock, and Candice’s starving lips soon came into the frame. She kissed her son’s cock passionately, running her lips up and down the shaft with delightful little pecks. He grew harder with each passing second as she slowly began to suck his dick. He felt the desire building wildly, unstoppably as she took his entire length into her throat, and before he knew what hit him, he filled her mouth up with a hot load of cum.

“How the hell could a guy his age cum so fast? Pathetic,” Josh said.

“Yeah, you can tell he’s a virgin for sure,” Blake laughed, slapping Candice on the ass as she continued to grind back against his hard cock. She pulled away from him, choosing instead to straddle her son’s face and rub her pussy all over it. Her juices soaked him from his forehead to his mouth, and he had no choice but to inhale her scent deeply.

“Are you afraid of my pussy, son?” She asked in a mocking tone. She climbed down off his face, straddling him and rubbing her soaking pussy up and down on his cock. “Look, mommy’s pussy is so wet and warm for her little boy. Aren’t you going to fill me up like a good boy, Jordan?” She cooed, teasing the head of his dick against her slit.

Before Jordan had a chance to thrash in protest, Candice impaled his rock hard cock with her tight little slit. His eyes practically bugged out of his head as he slid into her, and in that moment he was forced to accept the fact that his mom had robbed him of his virginity once and for all.

His vision was blurry as his mom wiggled his hips on his cock, but he could make out the shadows of his friends gathering around the bed on all sides. All their cocks were so massive and hard that he couldn’t tell them apart anymore—all he could focus on was the feeling of his mom riding him furiously, and he didn’t care who was who.

Shane and Josh stayed by Candice’s sides, and Blake, Todd, and Harry made their way towards Jordan’s upper body. He was completely surrounded by their warmth and desire, and he spotted them eying his mom hungrily as she rode him. Before long, Candice started lapping away at all their cocks, spreading the pleasure evenly between all 5 of their waiting dicks.

Jordan’s eyes rolled back into his head. He didn’t want to admit how much he loved it, but he’d never felt anything quite as hot as his mom’s pussy squeezing him with every amazing thrust. But there was also the humiliation of seeing his friends’ huge cocks getting sucked by his whore of a mother, only inches away from his face.

“Imagine losing your virginity like that, how sad,” Todd laughed, staring down to watch Candice deep throat his shaft.

“Yeah, only a pathetic loser would let their mom rape them like that,” agreed Josh. It was his turn now, and Candice switched over to suck gently at the head of his dick while she continued to pound her son.

“I wish they would shut up,” Jordan thought to himself, his thoughts racing wildly. He continued to try to break free every now and then just for the show, but deep down, he was savoring each squeeze of his mom’s pussy güvenilir casino around his shaft. “Goddamn, I love being buried deep inside her like that,” he admitted to himself, embarrassed.

“Am I disgusting now, baby?” Candice purred into his ear, kissing him passionately on the neck. She wiggled her ass invitingly at the boys behind her, and Shane took the opportunity to slide his cock into her waiting asshole. She gasped with delight and bent over farther so it was easier for him to fuck her.

“You like the way mommy’s pussy wraps around your cock?” She rasped into Jordan’s ear. He felt the incredibly hot sensation of Shane’s dick rubbing against his own shaft through his mom’s slit, and he felt himself inching closer and closer to orgasm.

“Not so tough now, huh?” Candice smiled seductively as she squeezed Jordan’s explosive load out into her pussy for the first time—but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

For the next three hours, the debauchery continued. Every single one of the boys had their dick sucked several times by her, and they’d all been in her ass at least twice as well. Candice even talked them into playing a game of who could make him cum the fastest by rubbing against him through her ass.

“Look at how he tries to fight right before he cums,” Blake laughed, driving his huge cock into her ass as hard as he could. Jordan still hadn’t learned his lesson, and was pitifully squirming around to try to escape. Still, he was no match for Candice’s hips pumping up and down on him.

“Come on, Blake, fuck me, fuck me hard, this will be your third win if you make my boy cum again!” Candice was moaning like crazy, getting destroyed by Blake’s fat cock and squeezing her baby boy’s penis with her incredibly wet pussy.

Jordan had already cum four times over the past few hours, but he felt one last load welling up in his balls. He was completely exhausted, but somehow his body had still continued to betray him.

“I love it when my little boy stuffs my pussy so full,” Candice moaned. “We’re going to have to do this every night.”

That was all it took to push Jordan over the edge for the fifth time. His cock was shoved as far into her as possible, and a huge load of cum squirted out of him right into the entrance to her womb. By the time she finally collapsed on top of him, his load was dripping out of her. He could still feel Blake buried deep in her ass, but soon he spilled his seed inside her as well.

They all panted loudly, getting their bearings after so many hours of passionate fucking. Candice’s mouth was covered in cum from all the times the boys had finished in her mouth, and she was stuffed to the brim with their seed, just like she always wanted.

“Looks like you filled your mom up pretty good in the end,” Blake smirked. He pulled his cock out of Candice’s ass and got up off the bed.

“For someone who claims he doesn’t want to fuck his mom, you sure came enough times,” Todd snorted. The other boys were getting dressed in the background.

“If I was such a fucking desperate loser I think I’d kill myself,” Shane took one last look at Jordan and shook his head before heading for the door.

Candice continued to snuggle with her beloved son, resting her head on his chest. “Awww, don’t listen to them, sweetie. You can fuck mommy’s pussy all you want. It doesn’t make you a loser.”

She kissed him gently on the lips and waited for the rest of them to leave before untying the thick ropes around his wrists. There were deep, blistering marks where the ropes had cut into him as he struggled, but Candice rubbed them gently.

“So what do you think, sweetie? Are we going to have to send that video out to everyone you know, or are you going to be a good boy and keep your mother happy?”

Jordan let out a resigned sigh, cuddling up again with his dearest mother and enjoying his newfound freedom. “Maybe we could do it again sometime, I guess.”

“Sometime?” She seemed perturbed, and rubbed his cute, soft little cock as he rested his head against her breasts.

“Fine, maybe a couple times a week or something . . . I don’t know, I’m really tired.”

He deleted his dad’s number from his phone the next day, and even blocked his email from all his inboxes. To Candice’s delight, he agreed to join the other boys on their escapades as often as she wanted—which turned out to be every other day, of course. Thanks to her precious boys, she got to enjoy her son’s big, delicious cock as often as she wanted.

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