Cancun with My Hairy Mom

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Note: The characters in my stories are all the same. The following story is a continuation in the lives of the mother and son in the “I Love My Hairy Mom” stories. Please refer to those before reading the following story to have the necessary background information about the two.

The characters are both over 18 years of age. Feel free to contact me for questions about the characters at the contact tab on my profile. The stories you are reading are from my life.


Every couple of years, my family goes on a vacation together to a different part of the world. My parents had always talked about going to Cancun when my brother and I were old enough to drink and go to the nightclubs to dance and have fun. So, my parents booked our trip and we were off to Mexico for some sun and fun.

We got two rooms at the all-inclusive we stayed at. One was for my brother and me, and the other room was for my parents. Both rooms had two queen-sized beds in them, which was great for me and my brother. My parents, though, were confused as to why they were given two queens instead of one king, but they didn’t care too much because the beds were easily big enough for two people to sleep in.

The first day we got there in the early afternoon so we all went down to the pool to take the first day to relax and refresh from the “blah” feeling that comes with getting up early and sitting on an airplane for several hours. There was food being served at all times at different buffets around the hotel grounds, which was perfect for my appetite. The main hotel pool was huge and had a swim-up bar in the middle of it where you could hang out and drink without ever having to get out of the pool.

My dad and brother were passed out on the reclining pool chairs, so my mother and I decided to get some drinks at the pool bar. The bar was pretty big and was built into the pool so the bartenders were standing directly in front of us, which was cool for socializing and joking around with them. It also helped that I spoke Spanish, which seemed to make the bartenders more friendly toward me.

While standing at the pool bar having our first frozen drinks of the vacation, a group of college kids who were my age were next to us. They were having a good time and, being extremely sociable and outgoing, I decided to strike up a conversation with them. We all hit it of pretty quickly and soon enough we were all drinking together and having fun. Out of people in the group, one girl seemed particularly fond of me. Her name was Chrissy and she was having a great time talking to me and my mom and doing shots with us.

She started getting pretty touchy-feely with me as we joked around together and flirted with one another. My mom didn’t care at all due to her not being the jealous type and knowing that I love to have fun and flirt with girls.

As we stood at the pool bar and all hung out together, Chrissy asked my mom who we were all here with and how long we were there for. She then said to my mom how I was very cute and that she may have to steal me away from the family a few nights to go to the club. My mom laughed and said she was all for her baby having fun and that I was a pretty damn good dancer so she better be ready for that. Chrissy, of course, had no problem with that at all.

The conversation went on and I flirted more and more with Chrissy. I had my arm around her and she positioned herself in front of me as we stood against the bar drinking with her friends and doing Beer Bongs with one another to see who could do the most beers. It was a pretty awesome experience seeing my mom do it with us and everyone cheering her on. She was definitely having a great time. My mom also whispered in my ear how “Chrissy is such a cutie. She definitely likes you, baby.” I smiled at her and agreed, and started getting excited with Chrissy’s nice big butt directly against my crotch.

“Your son is so much fun!” exclaimed Chrissy. “I’m definitely going to steal him. I’ll let you know when you can have him back,” she said with a wink.

“No problem honey!” my mom said. “Just be sure you can handle him! He’s lots of fun.” My mom gave Chrissy a wink in return. Chrissy smiled at my mom as she started rocking her hips side-to-side into my crotch as she danced along with the music that was playing by the bar. This, of course, got me really turned on and I started getting pretty hard in my board shorts. Chrissy definitely started to notice this and looked back at me and smiled as she pressed harder into me.

Chrissy looked back over to my mom. “I’m starting to understand what you meant by being able to handle him. I don’t think I’ve ever had to handle something casino şirketleri like this before, but I know that’s not what you really meant hahaha because you’re his mom.” Chrissy’s face was flushed red with her being both turned on and slightly embarrassed for what she said to my mom in her buzzed state.

“Oh sweetie I know exactly what I meant to say. You don’t know what you’re in for,” replied my mom. She kissed me on the cheek, and gave Chrissy a hug and swam bag to the pool chairs where my dad and brother were sleeping.

Chrissy looked back up at me, but this time turned herself around and was face-to-face with me with her body against mine. “Ok, I can feel that you are huge, but how would your mom know that?” To not be blunt and tell her that I have sex with my mother, I explained to her that our house is pretty laid back and that I usually walk around in my boxer-briefs and that it’s probably easy to notice. “That’s pretty hot. It’s kinda hot that your mom said that. My mom has seen me naked before so it’s not that weird really.”

Chrissy was getting really horny with me, which was not an issue whatsoever. She leaned in and started kissing me, but not the sloppy drunk make-out tongue kissing. This was soft and smooth kissing. As she kissed me, she was rubbing my penis over my bathing suit under the water. She then put her hand under my right pant leg and grabbed it. She pulled out from the kiss and looked at me with a surprised face. “Holy fuck. You need to come with me. Now.”

Holding my hand and leading the way, Chrissy pulled me across and out of the pool. We grabbed towels and headed toward her room. Her room was on the same level as mine and only about 6 rooms down, so I quickly popped into my room to grab a condom because I’m not an idiot to put my bare dick in a stranger. “Fuck it I’m not waiting. We don’t have to go to my room. It’s close enough anyway,” Chrissy said as she dropped her towel and took off her bikini quicker than I could react to. Her body was awesome. Her breasts were perfect handfuls and perky with quarter-sized pink nipples. Her wet dirty-blonde hair draped down against her breasts as her hands ran through it. Her stomach was tight with a perfect line from her breasts to her belly button, which showed she worked out. The real surprise was down below. I was surprised to see that she had a black bush. Her bikini line was trimmed, which is why it wasn’t noticeable at all. I wasn’t really able to see it anyway, though, since our lower halves were under water the whole time.

“Holy shit,” I said to Chrissy. “You don’t shave.”

“That better not be a bad thing,” she said sexually in response. “It’s what I like, so take it or leave it.”

“You don’t understand, Chrissy. I love a hairy bush,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Oh yeah? Then let me see what’s going inside of this hairy pussy.”

I pushed my board shorts to the floor and looked up at Chrissy’s surprised face. “Fuck,” she said. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, then. Just get it,” I said as I walked up to Chrissy and squeezed her ass and lifted her into the air. She grabbed my face and started kissing me deeply. I slipped my index finger into her dripping pussy as she moaned with her tongue slowly moving around my mouth. The trail of her bush extended to her ass with hair inside of her butt crack. As I fingered her with my one hand, I used the other to rub the hair on the inside of her ass cheek. “God I love your bush,” I said. I’ve always loved hairy pussy.

“Always?” she asked breathing deeply. “I never hear that from a guy. Most want it shaved or make negative comments about it.”

“I love real women,” I responded. “You have the body of a real woman.”

“And you have the body of a hot fucking man. Put the fucking condom on and put it inside of me.” I threw Chrissy on my bed and put the condom on as I crawled up between her legs. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my body into hers as I slid my cock into her wet hairy pussy. “Oh my godddd. Holy shit I can’t believe it feels this good,” she said in quick breaths as I thrusted in and out of her. “Your mom seriously wasn’t lying. Fuuuck me baby harder.” I was on all fours drilling into Chrissy as she was pretty much in the air holding herself up with her legs and arms wrapped around me and her body pressed against mine.

I couldn’t believe how a girl this hot had a hairy pussy by her own choice. Having that knowledge made Chrissy a million times hotter and sexier in my eyes. I drilled into her harder and harder as I sat up on my knees and thrusted into her as hard and fast as I could as I squeezed her body against mine. “Oh fuck I’m cumming. casino firmaları Cum with my baby now hurry,” she yelled. She was squealing so loud and begging for me to cum in her hairy pussy over and over until I finally unloaded into her and fell to the bed with her still holding me tight and close.

“Ugh holy shit. That was amazing. I’ve never been hit so deep like that before. No guy has made me cum with just his dick. Ohh my god wow,” she said panting into my ear as she laid on top of me still hugging me tight.

“That was amazing,” I replied. “You are so hot and hairy it blows my mind.”

“This hairy pussy is all yours if you want it. You’ve earned it.”

Part 2

We cleaned ourselves up and headed down to the pool bar again. My mom was there talking and drinking with some ladies who looked around her age when she saw us walk up. “Where did you two go? I came back but you weren’t here so I had to make new friends.”

“I told you I was going to steal your son,” answered Chrissy, “and let’s just say I never had to handle someone like him before.”

My mom smiled when she realized that Chrissy and I had sex. “I told you sweetie. It takes a real woman to handle my boy.” My mom winked at Chrissy again and smiled at me. The three buzzed moms that were standing with my mom laughed and gave me congratulatory pats on the back and threw some compliments to me and Chrissy.

“She definitely is a real natural woman,” I said to my mom. She knew exactly what I was referring to as she smiled with a surprised look and turned toward Chrissy.

“Ohh so you’re a natural lady like myself, huh? It takes a real woman to go that route. He definitely loves a woman who is au-natural. He always has loved hair.”

The three moms had surprised looks on their faces as they looked at me and my mom and laughed nervously. Chrissy didn’t seem fazed at all. “My mom is a natural woman herself,” Chrissy replied, “I got my inspiration from her. She is a natural beauty and the standard I have always used with my own body. I guess he got his love of it from you then. Am I right?”

My mom nodded with a big smile on her face and looked toward me. I was smiling and surprised that Chrissy and my mother were having this conversation with others around like it was nothing, but I loved every second of it. “That’s pretty hot,” Chrissy said as she put her arms around me and kissed me.

Chrissy, my mom, the three other moms and I hung out at the pool bar for the rest of that day and into the early evening. I was beat by the time dinner came around and went with Chrissy to one of the restaurants that was in the hotel. We chatted about our moms and how we both loved the natural bush on a woman, but I didn’t go into any detail that would give her the idea that I constantly have sex with my mother. To Chrissy, it was normal for a son/daughter to see his/her mother naked so the conversation didn’t get awkward at all.

After dinner, I went to Chrissy’s room with her and slept in her bed that night. We had sex all night as she talked dirty to me about hairy pussies and asked about my previous girlfriends and how their bodies looked.

The next morning Chrissy went on an excursion with her friends for the day to the Mayan ruins, so I spent the day with my family hanging out at the pool and going to the local market to do some shopping. That night, my mom and I wanted to go to the big nightclub called “The City,” but my dad and brother wanted to stay back and smoke their cuban cigars they bought at the market. My mom and I didn’t want to smoke so we got dressed and went to the nightclub together.

On the ride over, she asked me more about Chrissy and how the sex was with her. She loved how Chrissy was naturally hairy and how she was so confident about it. I told my mom how Chrissy reminded me of her. My mom said that I have great taste in women and how the good ones always seem to gravitate toward me. It was nice to hear such a great compliment from my mom.

When we got to the club, our hotel had it set up that we got to sit in a VIP area and have our drinks brought to us since we paid through the hotel. The club was awesome. It was set up like an arena-style club where the seating rised around the dance floor and you could see down to the dance floor as you sat in VIP. We enjoyed a few drinks with the hotel group of people who were in the section with us, and then my mom wanted to go down and dance.

I led her down to the dance floor and into the thick of the crowd. She put her arms on my shoulders and rocked her hips back and forth to the beat as I had my hands on her waist and pulled her close. She was wearing a cute top and short-short güvenilir casino type bottoms. Her tanned legs were fully exposed down to her flats that she wore so she could dance the night away.

We went up to the VIP for more drinks and as we were up there my mom was getting very touchy with me. She would tickle my back, rub my legs, and whisper in my ear about Chrissy’s bush and her own. I was getting really horny, which was evident by my struggle to conceal the hardness in my pants, so I took my mom back down to the dance floor to dance. I turned her around so her butt was against my crotch and grinded my hips into her as my hands were around the front of her on her stomach. As she grinded into me, I slowly moved my hands into her pants.

My mom wasn’t wearing any panties, to my pleasant surprise, and I rubbed my fingers through the hot, damp, bush that rested just underneath her belt line. As we danced more and more, my hands ended up completely in her pants rubbing her hairy pussy as we danced. It wasn’t really obvious to anyone since there were so many people on the dancefloor dancing so closely together. I could feel myself getting wet with precum as I slowly humped into my mom as I fingered her on the dance floor. My mom then pulled my hands out of her pants and grabbed my hand and led me out of the club.

When we got outside, she was looking side to side as if she was searching for something. She then pulled me along to an area of stores that was closed. It looked pretty shady, but I didn’t care. We passed a few couples who were making out in their drunked state, and past a few groups of people eating and laughing with one another. The buildings weren’t built to connect with one another, so my mom pulled me into the closest area with an alley-like space. There were no lights where we were, but it was close enough to the main area incase we had to run or avoid trouble.

When we were finally in the alley, my mom pulled her shorts off so the complete bottom half of her body was naked. “Pull your pants down and fuck me,” she said demandingly. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I pulled my shorts down and pulled one leg out and quickly put my penis inside of my mom’s hot, wet, and hairy pussy. She was leaned up against the wall behind her as I had both of her legs in my arms. I thrusted into her as the curls of her thick bush collided with my own pubic hair. She moaned and begged, “Fuck me baby. Fuck me like you fucked Chrissy’s hairy pussy.”

My mom’s sweaty body rubbed against my own as I held her in the air by her ass cheeks while her legs were wrapped around my waist and her arms around my shoulders. She told me over and over how much she loved me as I thrusted into her while sweat poured over my body in the humid Cancun evening air. “Cum inside me. I want to feel it all inside of me baby,” my mom said while breathing deeply.

I came inside of her as I pushed my dick into her as deep as I possibly could. I felt my own cum swirling around my penis due to how deep I was inside of her. We stood there for about another minute as we both breathed deeply and enjoyed feeling our damp pubic hair mesh together as our sweat dripped down our bodies. We then kissed and got dressed again and walked back out into the lighted main area near the club.

As we passed a group of mexican guys, one yelled out “Hey amigo! That’s a nice mamasita you walking with! She very sexy!”

My mom and I laughed as I responded, “Yeah my mom is really sexy. Especially when she’s naked.”

As we walked away the group of guys was yelling WHOA! in astonishment of what I just said and were all talking really quickly in spanish about what I could have possibly meant by that comment. When we got back to the club area, we jumped on the trolley that took us back to the hotel.

On the ride, my mom had her head rested on my shoulder and fell asleep as I looked out the window at the passing resorts and smiled at how awesome this vacation was so far. When we finally made it back, I walked her back to her room, kissed her goodnight, went to my room, and collapsed in bed.

The next morning I met up with Chrissy for breakfast and we talked about her trip. I told her I went to the club with my mom and people from the hotel and how we had VIP seating and drinks, which she thought was pretty awesome. She never found out about what happened at the club, though.

The rest of the vacation was spend hanging with my family and hanging with Chrissy. She and I went to the clubs together, had tons of sex, and spend time getting to know one another. When the vacation was over, we went our separate ways since she lived on the other side of the country, but we still keep in touch and have visited each other several times. She is engaged to a guy now, and I have my own awesome relationship, but I’ll always stay in touch with Chrissy and remember how awesome that vacation was.

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