Camping with Wendy

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Normally I looked forward to arriving at the campsite. Normally I spent the whole day before leaving buzzing with excitement, packing the car and settling all the last minute details with an eager energy. This year, though, I was dreading it. This year it was different and I was furious with Dave because he had allowed it to happen. This year, the girls were coming.

You have to understand; when Dave, Jeff and I go camping it is bedlam. We treat it as an excuse to live as close to savage animals as possible, forgetting every ounce of civility in an astonishingly short period of time. Virtually seconds after the canoe has landed at our favourite island, the beers are cracked. Before dusk the dares have usually started and after that it’s an exercise in trying to determine where all the burn marks came from and where missing articles went to in the morning.

Girls change all that. Especially girls like Melissa. I’m usually frustrated as it is when Dave and Jeff are around our ultimate frisbee team mate, trying to talk around their lolling tongues, trying to be suave and genteel, when I know they used to try and fart into rubber balloons and surprise each other with the smell days later.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I haven’t sustained a few solid Frisbee smacks to the head because Melissa was running near me in her damn skin tight lycra pants that just lick over her luscious round ass and show the tantalizing beginnings of cameltoe over her thick puffy pussy lips. Millions of my sperm have been sacrificed as I imagined her naked body straddling me, droplets of delicious salt dew hugging her toned moonlit curves as they flexed and twisted around my cock… Anyway all I’m saying is that camping is for debauchery, for blowing off steam, and for relaxing without the effort of pretence. The presence of the girls would allow none of that.

I mentioned Melissa first because the other girl, Wendy, is a stockier girl who has a loud laugh and is virtually invisible in Melissa’s shadow. Once Dave’s dick had allowed Melissa to come along camping, well, Wendy was part of the package deal. Actually, I wasn’t as upset about her company because she didn’t have the effect on Dave and Jeff that Madame Witsfucker had.

My feelings became apparent from the moment I picked Dave up early that first morning. Dave smiled grandly as I rolled up and he picked up his single duffel bag and large sombrero.

“Hey, dickgobbler,” Dave blurted as he opened the door and threw his bag in, checking to see if Melissa was there already. “Ready for Survivor Orgy?”

“For fuck’s sake,” I growled, “get in.”

“Jesus, not a morning person, I know. It’s too bad for you: you’re gonna get stuck with sloppy seconds ’cause the early dick gets the poon-tang!”

Although I said nothing to encourage him he chattered on in much the same way, barely acknowledging Jeff, and then I pulled up in front of Melissa’s house, where Melissa and Wendy were waiting. I was a little relived, thinking that he would dial it down a notch once the girls got in.

“Hey babes,” Dave called out the window, “looking for a good time?” Melissa rolled her eyes and Wendy giggled as they slid open the door and piled inside the van.

Dave did change tack once the girls were settled. He launched into a narrative about some volunteer organization he worked with to feed homeless people at the downtown shelter. I caught Jeff’s eye in the rear view mirror and saw the puzzlement in his eyes too. Melissa and Wendy nodded politely. It was a long two hours to drive out of town down the increasingly smaller and less kempt roads until we finally reached the small beach from where we would launch our canoe.

I was denied my crucial camping moment, that is the moment when I have lined the canoe up with the beach on our favourite island and have given one last deep push in the still mercurial water. In the silence there is only the quiet drip of water from the tip of the paddle, the smell of pine and birch and dirt filling the very bottom of my lungs, and finally the crunch of the canoe on the beach, the sound that is like a starting cannon to all our trips. Dave instead decided that it would be gentlemanly to leap bahis firmaları from the canoe to steady it so that Melissa could disembark easily. He very nearly tipped us over and my enraged “Fuck!” echoed across the still lake. Dave ignored me and took Melissa to the campsite to ‘show her around’, leaving me to toss the bags out onto the shore before I turned the canoe about to pick up Jeff and Wendy waiting at the van.

“What took you so long?” Jeff growled at me. He looked around at Wendy, who was a good fifty feet away organizing the remaining bags to be piled into the canoe. “It’s like death hanging out with her, man. Dave’s probably banging Melissa by now.”

Wendy asked to paddle in the front, and Jeff, being lazier than a fossil of a sloth, was happy to oblige. We slowly tottered toward the campsite.

“This is hard!” Wendy gasped. She was giving it a supreme effort, leaning far forward and digging her paddle far into the water with each stroke. I could see strong shoulder muscles bunching beneath her creamy skin and surprising triceps rippling down her arms as she hauled on the paddle. Water boiled around the blade as she heaved, testifying to the girl’s real strength. As she leaned forward her shirt rode up over her waist. It was true that she had a muffin top forming at the top of her tight pants, but I found myself admiring the swell of her bottom on the hard seat. Jeff stared obliviously at his hand as he trailed his fingers in the water beside the canoe.

When we got to the campsite Dave had already set Melissa up in a folding chair, given her a beer, and had made no attempts to start a fire or pitch a tent. Apparently my city slicker friends were leaving the chores to me. Sighing, I started laying out the ground sheets for the two tents and unpacking the jenga-like mess of tent poles.

“Hey there, this’ll help you with that.” I turned to see Wendy striding up with a beer held out to me. She had taken off her sweater to reveal her tank top, which strained over her huge tits. As she walked her breasts jiggled playfully and my eyes soaked in her prodigious cleavage. The cold beer can jolted my palm.

“Thanks,” I said, “you have no idea how much I wanted one!” The crack and hiss of the can was loud in the calm forest. Wendy smiled and drank deeply from her own beer. I watched her neck as she leaned back to drain the can, her skin smooth and white and vulnerable.

“Well,” Wendy said at last, “do you know how to put these things together?”

“Hell no,” I said. “I only put them together once a year and I’m usually dead drunk when I do it, so it’s kind of an instinctive thing.”

Wendy bent down to pull the tent poles apart and separate the pegs from the birds nest on the ground. Her tits swung free of her body as she bent over and I almost choked as her cleavage seemed somehow even larger. She looked up suddenly.

“What?” She demanded. “One sip of beer and now you’re as useless as your lazy-ass friends?”

She got me to smile, anyway. We set to work on the tent, chatting freely as we worked. I tried to keep my mind on the job, but I was quite overwhelmingly aware of how close she sat. I could smell her perfume and shampoo and wanted to lean over and bury my face in her neck and hair. Several times she laughed and squeezed my knee or arm, sending ripples of energy from my fingertips to my chest.

Finally we were finished and headed back to the others. Thankfully someone had gone to get firewood and start the fire as Wendy and I had dawdled until almost dusk with the tent set-up. “There you two are!” Jeff exclaimed as we neared the fire. “We were wondering what you’d gotten up to!”

“Thanks to us the tents are now set up for you, master,” I replied, performing a mock bow.

“Riiiiight,” Jeff replied. He and Dave looked fit to bursting with something. There was something about the way Melissa was looking a little bit too nonchalant that told me it had to do with her. I found, though, that I didn’t care. I just wanted to sit by the fire, drink some beer, and watch the course of orange and yellow brightness stab at the cool night air.

It was not to be. Dave insisted on talking, hovering close to Melissa. He kaçak iddaa tried to tell scary stories, screaming “Boo!” into Melissa’s face and then wrapping his arms around her, pretending to comfort her. Wendy, Jeff and I sat silently trying to ignore the mounting awkwardness. For my part, my earlier anger was returning and finally I reached the point where I couldn’t stand it any longer and got up to go to bed.

“G’night all,” I said and went to my tent.

I had a motive for going to bed early, that being to be the first one up in the morning. This is a glorious prize. The morning was pristine and quiet, like a rare unopened collectible. The lake was mirror-still with a layer of hovering mist. The sky was blue, unending and cloudless. I tiptoed excitedly toward the canoe, ready to slip it stealthily into the virgin waters, ghosting over the lake in deep communion with the water.

There was no canoe. Someone had woken up earlier than me and paddled away. Disappointment and resentment boiled up inside me and I slumped into one of the folding chairs around the sooty remains of the campfire. Not long after I heard the telltale bump of a paddle against fibreglass and looked up to see the canoe edging along the shore. When it came close I saw Wendy in the stern paddling with some difficulty. I walked to the shore.

“Good morning,” I said in a hushed voice, respecting the massive weight of an entirely quiet and still forest. Wendy’s head snapped up and she smiled.

“Oh God, good, I’m glad to see you, Matt. I can’t get this frigging thing to go… over… there!” She was actually a little bit panicked, judging from the higher pitch in her voice. After several minutes of me trying to coach her from the shoreline, finally I removed my shoes and socks, pulled my shirt over my head, gritted my teeth and stepped into the cold water.

“Holy f-fuck!” I stuttered.

Wendy smiled. “You truly are my hero. I owe you big time!”

I waded out to the canoe, almost chest deep in the water. I decided it was best to just go all in and dunked my head, revelling in the cleansing feeling of icy water penetrating between every hair on my scalp. I came back up and grabbed onto the canoe. Feeling mischievous, I pushed hard and began swimming out into the lake, pulling the canoe along with me.

“Help” Wendy said with a smile. “I’m being kidnapped by a studly merman!” I smiled at her compliment.

“You’re coming with me, you buxom beauty,” I said, playing along. I swam with purpose, dragging her several hundred feet to the shore of another island. My feet finally touched bottom again and I climbed up onto the shore, pulling the canoe up for Wendy. She climbed out and stood before me, her eyes roving over my body.

“Thanks, Matt,” she said. I locked my eyes on hers and smiled. I reached out and softly stroked her hair back over behind her ear. She closed her eyes and turned her cheek into my palm in a slow, erotic movement that sent a ripple of standing hairs down my arm. My heart hammered and my brain went dizzy with the sudden flow of blood. She opened her eyes and looked into mine again and I felt like she was staring right down into me, understanding me and all my thoughts. She leaned forward and I closed my eyes as I felt her lips on mine, soft, yielding and warm. Her breasts pushed against my naked chest and her hands ran up my back to my shoulders. I felt fire burning in my core and radiating to every muscle as my loins surged with lust. My cock stretched at the fabric of my underwear and pressed against Wendy’s body.

Wendy uttered a low moan as she felt my cock press against her and her hands dropped to my underwear.

“Matt, I need you,” she said and without waiting for a response she pulled the waistband of my underwear down to reveal my hard jutting cock. Her warm hands cupped my balls as she squatted down and brought her face close. Her hot breath played over the tip of my cock and along my thighs, making me tremble.

“Fuck,” she said admiringly, “you’re a big boy, Matt!”

I reached down to pull her shirt over her head but I froze as her lips covered my cock in soft, sucking warmth and then proceeded to work as far down my shaft as kaçak bahis she could, sucking, licking and kissing every inch of me. I groaned aloud and watched her cheeks flatten around my cock as she enthusiastically bobbed her head on it.

I pushed her back and she sat down, my cock popping out of her mouth. I pulled her shirt up and she unfastened her bra, letting her huge tits swing free. I pounced on them, sucking on her nipples and burying my face between her breasts. She let out another moan and ran her fingers through my hair, holding my face in that delicious suffocating mass of breasts.

“You like my big fucking tits, big boy?” She demanded and then immediately growled as I sucked hard on her left nipple. “Yeah,” she said, “fuckin’ suck it. Now give me that big hard cock. Stick that big fucking tool in my little pussy.”

I pulled feverishly at her tights and she kicked her legs, rolling in the dirt as she helped to wriggle out of her pants. Finally she had an ankle free and we left her tights scrunched around her other ankle. She spread her legs wantonly, opening her defenceless pussy for me to take as I took my cock in hand and lowered myself to her.

We both gasped as my fat cock head pushed into her tight entrance.

“Oh fuck, it’s huge!” she exclaimed. “Give me the whole fucking thing. Fill me with your fucking cock.”

I thrust hard, plunging deeply into her sopping wet cunt. She grunted and her fingers dug into my shoulders. “Oh shit, you big fucking bastard. Pound me, fucking pound this pussy with that fucking big cock!”

I drove into her hard again, then could hold back no more and let my hips pound her. My thighs slapped on hers as squishing noises came from her well lubricated cunt. She grunted with each thrust and slid her hands down to my ass, grabbing my cheeks and pulling me deeper into her with each thrust.

Her pussy was hot and wet and the sight of her huge tits bouncing across her chest as I drilled her caused my balls to heat up. The base of my cock began to tingle and I knew I was close to cumming.

“Shit, Wendy — I’m…”

“Yeah? You going to cum, baby? Fucking fill my pussy with your hot fucking spunk. Fill me — oh, shit — oh, fuck you’re gonna make me…” Her eyes opened wide and she went totally still while I kept driving my cock into her again and again. Suddenly she gripped my shoulders tight again and clenched her teeth as tendons stood out on her neck. “Yes!!!” She let out a scream as her pussy walls grabbed my dick and squeezed hard again and again.

I ground my cock as far into her as possible. The heat and wetness and pulsating pussy walls were too much and I exploded, pumping and pumping into her hot recesses. She shuddered again, drawing short whimpering breaths as our juices combined deep in her cunt.

“Matt,” she said finally as we lay sweating and panting and covered in dirt on the forest floor, “you are one hot lay.”

“Wendy,” I said in return, “I think you have revolutionized camping for me.”

We stayed for a few minutes, catching our breath beneath the tall canopy of green leaves with quilted patches of blue sky peeking between, smelling the earth and the trees, and our wet sex. Soon we gathered up our things and piled back into the canoe.

Back at the camp everyone was up and the fire was going. Dave and Jeff were more animated than I’d ever seen them in the morning, grinning from ear to ear.

“Matt!” Dave’s voice boomed across the lake as we stepped out of the canoe and walked up to the fire. “Have I got a story to tell you!”

“Hey, fuck you, big mouth!” Melissa interrupted from her chair, her face turning red.

“But I thought you just said my big mouth was a real asset, honey!” Dave retorted.

To pre-empt Dave, I snaked my arm around Wendy’s waist and pulled her to me, kissing her long and hard, our tongues twining playfully. When we finally pulled apart we looked up to see Dave, Melissa and Jeff all staring open-mouthed.

Dave recovered first. “Son of a bitch!”

Wendy and I grinned and sat down around the fire. I leaned back and put my hands behind my head, grinning to myself as everyone burst into excited chatter, exchanging lurid details laced with gory profanity. Dave was in his element finally, loosing a deluge of unfettered nasty language that had everyone bellowing with laughter.

This, I thought to myself, was proper camping.

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