Camping with My Best Bud and Son Ch. 01

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Disclaimer – this story contains gay sex, all characters are over 18.


Celebrating my son’s 18th birthday was a great achievement for me. He was no longer my little boy anymore and instead was a strong and healthy adult. Good looking too, as he has caught my eye one or twice. He is just 5’7 with black messy hair that almost reaches his shoulders, with his bangs sometimes covering one of his eyes. Which I gotta say looks cute with his slim and smooth body.

Along for the celebration was my best friend, John who was like a second father to Jackie, as he liked to be called these days. We were alike in a way physically, both of us 5’11, toned and fit being work out buddies with him being a little more muscular as he took it more serious than me.

Four months later with my son finishing high school, John pitched to me the idea of spending a week or two on a camping trip with just us and Jackie at his cousin’s cabin. I immediately agreed as this was a wonderful way to start the summer! My son took the news with sparkling eyes and was quite obviously very excited. John and I, being divorced, made it easier to plan one could say without the extra bodies.

By the next day I had begun packing all the stuff when John came by with some food.

“Go ahead and throw it all in the backseat!” I yelled from the garage.

I went inside and called for Jackie to come down as we were all set to leave.

I was like a deer in headlights as he came downstairs and passed me. He was wearing tight fitted shorts which really showed off his butt good and a T-shirt which hugged his body. I snapped out of it as he went out the door and adjusted my slowly hardening member. What’s wrong with me? I’ve never looked at him like this before, I thought to myself. I quickly forgot these thoughts as I remembered John was waiting outside. I locked the door behind me and walked to the front where the two were waiting.

“Dad, there’s no room in the back.” My son exclaimed.

I looked behind them and noticed that they were correct.

I thought about taking some stuff out when John interjected “

Jackie can just sit on my lap, he’s small enough.” Jackie turned to him then to me and nodded rapidly, why not? John climbed in the passenger seat and made enough room for Jackie to climb on top of him. I sat in the driver’s seat as I saw Jackie wiggling his butt. Probably getting comfy I thought. John had opened his mouth but quickly shut it. I started the car and pulled out the driveway.

The whole ride was pretty uneventful, though multiple times I could hear Jackie wiggling around, saying that he was trying to get comfortable. I couldn’t see John’s face as I was too focused on driving but I could guess he was maybe annoyed.

I pulled up to the cabin and noticed it had already gotten dark. We quickly unloaded some essentials and headed inside. The cabin itself was pretty small with just three rooms, the single bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room with a kitchenette casino şirketleri in one of the corners. John quickly reassured me, as I opened the bedroom door and noticed one bed, that the couch was a convertible bed.

“Guess Jackie’s gonna have to sleep in the same bed as me.” I told him.

Jackie jumped on the couch, already messing with the TV Remote, not knowing it won’t pick up any channels. All there was, was a VCR player and a couple of movies. John sat next to Jackie while I put in an old zombie flick. I sat in the recliner and noticed how chilly it was.

Jackie complained that it was cold and went to fetch a blanket. “You look pretty cold as well John, wanna share?”

My son, such a kind hearted soul. John couldn’t get a word out before Jackie sat back down laying against Johns chest covering both of them with the blanket. I turned my attention back to the flick for a couple minutes and noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

Jackie was slowly moving his hand down under the blanket. I was fixated on the two of them but was still facing the TV when I saw John mouth “No” to Jackie but made no point in stopping him. My heart began to beat faster as I quickly figured out what was happening. Surely John would stop him right? Especially with him doing it practically right in front of me.

My cock hardened as I saw John muffle a moan as Jackie’s hand apparently found its target judging by the blanket rising up and down slowly. Jackie stared at my best friend and smiled at him. Clearly enjoying himself as he pleasured him. John had turned to look at me, not knowing that I was watching them and made no attempt at stopping my son.

Watching the two go at it in such a risky spot without care that I was right next to them nearly made me cum but I held on. I coughed and began looking around, noticing the movements had stopped and the both of them quickly turning to the TV. I stood up and made some excuse about forgetting something in the car. I rushed past them taking care not to let them notice my hard on and stepped outside in the fresh night closing the door behind me.

I made it obvious to walk to the edge of the porch before silently sneaking to the window. They both were looking into each other’s eyes silently when John pulled away the blanket and I saw John’s nearly 8 inch cock spring out. It was clearly as hard as mine and was slightly thicker than my solid 8 inch member. John leaned back a little more, enjoying the sight of my son stroking his cock.

Jackie looked down and wrapped his other hand around it. John moaned loudly again and stroked his head, letting him know that he was enjoying it. I was rubbing my bulge softly staring at the two, I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. When was Jackie ever interested in John? While thinking this I couldn’t help but to take out my member and slowly jerk it.

I then thought back to the car ride and how Jackie was wiggling about. I couldn’t hold it in any more casino firmaları and groaned softly as I unloaded at least five spurts. My breathing became ragged as the post nut clarity washed over me. I had to put a stop to this sadly, I thought. I back quietly walked back to the edge and loudly stomped up the steps, I heard slight panicked rustling before unlocking the door and opening it.

Seeing the both of them still under the blanket, but separated from each other.

“Did you get what you needed dad?” My son asked, whose face seemed red with John being flushed.

“Uh. Yeah..yeah I did.” I stuttered as I sat back down.

After the flick and seeing barely any action from the two it was finally time to go to bed. I laid in my bed, watching my son fetch his clothes and begin to head to the shower when John popped in.

“Hey bud, going to take a shower? How’s the bed Ryan?” John asked, I saw Jackie nod to him and could’ve sworn I saw him wink.

“No problems here.” I responded.

“Good good, oh hey Jackie let me show you how the shower works.” I was about to protest but Jackie and John rushed out the room.

I sat up as I heard the shower turn on and walked out into the living room just as John closed the bathroom door behind him. I stared at the obvious bulge in his basketball shorts and looked up to see him a little blushed and looking at the TV.

“He’s uh, got it down?” I asked a little nervously.

John, without looking at me, “oh yeah, practically an expert.” He sat down on the couch while I grabbed a water bottle and headed off to bed, closing the door behind me.

I occupied myself by unpacking when Jackie came into the room in his underwear with his towel around his neck. I nearly chubbed up again as he bent over to grab his pajama top. He crawled into bed and watched as I got settled with him.

I had stirred awake and looked at the clock. Noticing that it was just 3AM I felt like something was wrong when indeed my son was gone from the bed. I looked around and when I saw a faint light coming from the living room I stood up and slightly opened the door a crack when I nearly gasped. My son was on his knees in between John’s legs stroking his hard cock.

John was looking down at my slut of a boy and brushed aside his bangs. “You sure your father is asleep?” Jackie nodded.

“He could sleep through a tornado and besides…” He stopped for a second.

He leaned down, dragged his tongue from the base of his shaft, all the way to the tip and added slutily “So we have tons of time.”

“Fuuuuck…” John mumbled as he let go of his face and leaned back, signaling to my son to continue.

By then I had my hard cock out and was stroking beyond turned on by the sight of my son being a little slut. Jackie kissed his heavy hairy nuts and slowly began going up, taking his time while still stroking him. John had his eyes locked on the boy as the sight was turning him on. Jackie’s tongue swirled around near the tip güvenilir casino until he was soon kissing it. Licking his slit he took the tip into his mouth and swirled around it.

“Uhn fuck your good.” He groaned.

Jackie moaned in approval and began to slide his mouth down. 1…2…3…4 inches he managed to shove down his throat before nearly gagging.

“Oh yeah take that cock you little slut.” John moaned aloud.

Jackie began to slowly bob his head up and down enjoying the cock and man he was pleasuring. He grabbed John’s shaft and began slowly jerking it while he bobbed up and down while also softly tugging his sack.

John grabbed his head with both his hands and slowly began controlling his speed. I could tell his rough side was coming out as he slapped away Jackie’s hand and was practically face fucking him. John managed to get another inch deep inside before he pulled him away off his cock. He grabbed it and slapped his face with his meaty snake.

“You like that big cock don’t you? You like blowing your father’s best friend huh?” John asked, his dominant side showing

Jackie moaned yes sir to each question as he tried to catch his cock with his mouth.

“Here bitch, take it.” John ordered. shoving at least half of his cock inside him and holding him there before letting my boy take charge.

I could hear John’s breathing become more fast paced as I knew that he was reaching climax. Jackie could apparently tell as well and shocked me beyond belief as he quickly swallowed every last inch of John with ease.

“Oh fuck yeah!” John nearly yelled as he grabbed his hair and began humping inside his throat.

Depositing every last drop of cum straight into his belly. After a few seconds John let go of Jackie and he slowly slid his mouth off his cock while staring into his eyes.

“Damn, you keep looking at me and I’m gonna be able to go another round. How did you learn to deep-throat like that?” John asked, just as curious as I was.

My son stood up and wiped his mouth.

“Just some training is all.” He happily shared with a wink.

He turned to the door and I nearly panicked as I rushed to the bed while struggling with my underwear. Getting straight under the blanket just as he walked in but now without my dick slipping out of the fly.

I felt him pull the sheets aside and gasp quietly, I felt him grab my arm and slightly shake me.

“Dad…Dad? Are you awake?” He whispered.

When he didn’t hear me answer I felt him crawl into bed and I nearly jumped when I felt his hand grab my still hard cock. He began slowly jerking me off and when I felt his mouth attach to my tip I couldn’t help but cum right then and there, giving another 5 spurts into his mouth. I heard a slight audible gulp and then the sheet was placed back onto me and my son was comfortably sleeping next to me. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling.

What the absolute hell just happened today? I couldn’t help but feel even more turned on thinking about the events that had just happened rather than disappointment or even anger with my best friend allowing my son to suck his dick. Finally though, I soon fell asleep, wondering what tomorrow will have in store.

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