Camping Trip

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The family had set up camp at a lake in the backcountry. They had to hike in a few miles but this brought them to an idyllic lake with only a few other hardy campers nearby. Becky and her brother Tom were sharing one tent, and their parents had another, a reasonable distance apart to give each a minor sense of privacy, while still being in the same general campsite.

The family had always enjoyed outdoor activities together, and every summer had gone on at least one family camping trip. This continued even as the kids became teenagers and now were in and entering college.

Becky and Tom had generally been fairly close—with only a short awkward time as they both hit puberty. Now Becky was eighteen and Tom nineteen. Becky was short, just over five feet and a few inches, with full long wavy blonde hair. She had small firm breasts shaped like small shallow cups and firm muscular legs from being an avid tennis player. Tom was just a tad less than six feet tall and also in good physical shape, liking to do a lot of hiking and rock climbing. He had a ruddy complexion and sandy brown hair, also wavy.

Tom had now been at college for a year. Coming back, after being away and not around his sibling on a day-to-day basis, he had been noticing her in a new light, as the young woman she had become. He noticed she treated him as a confidant, someone she could easily talk to, like old time friends, which really they had been, even if they had not been in touch much during his year away.

On their second day at the site, Tom suggested to Becky that they go off on a hike. It was already a warm morning. He had a topographical map, and loved to explore, on and off trail. Becky was up for it, just hoping he didn’t try to get her to do anything risky. She did enjoy her brother’s company, and they really had not spent that much time together since he had gone off to college the previous year. He had asked his parents if they wanted to go along, but this was really for form only, as they both knew their parents seemed to prefer hanging out near the lake, fishing (well, dad doing the fishing) and reading. Their parents were both in plenty good condition to hike, and their dad sometimes did go backpacking, but in the last few years anyway, they tended to just stay at the base camp on these family outings.

Tom was really happy to get some private time with Becky. He was a little confused by is own feelings, he knew it was in part that she was a pretty girl to hang out with, but he told himself he just wanted to catch up with her.

Becky was wearing short jean cuts-offs, worn and threadbare in places, and a light t-shirt, braless, as it was cooler that way and she did not need the support given her small cup size. She had on hiking sandals. Becky was glad that Tom did not seem to have grown apart from her after being away, as she was afraid he might have. She liked having an older brother she could confide in. He always seemed self-assured.

Tom was in cotton running shorts and t-shirt. He packed a few snacks and a couple of sandwiches in a light backpack along with some water bottles.

Tom led the way, occasionally checking the map as they followed a sparse trail. Becky was not as fit for this kind of hiking as Tom, but did her best not to show it. They were both sweltering, their t-shirts showing the sweat running down their fronts and backs. But they kept hiking, stopping every once in a while to drink some water, or take a scoop of trail mix to replenish themselves. As they hiked they occasionally chit-chatted, but much of the time they were silent, wrapped up in nature and the work of following the narrow trail.

After several hours of hiking, mostly uphill, Tom called to Becky, “I think I hear some water over there—the map shows a stream—let’s go check it out—we can cool off a bit there and replenish our water bottles and have some lunch.”

Becky followed Tom as he headed off the trail through the shrubs and trees, hearing the water get louder. Walking towards the sound, they came to some thick bushes. Looking through them Becky noticed Tom come to a stop, then turn to her and motion to be quiet. Becky assumed he must have seen some deer or other animal by the stream. She crept closely up to peer over his shoulder, looking to where Tom pointed. The first thing she noticed was some heavenly falls dropping down into a small pool under it, looking deep and wide enough to wade in. But then noticing particularly where Tom was pointing, she saw a young couple, probably mid twenties, sitting in the shallow water on a rock making out. The guy was in board short swimming trunks, and the woman was in a bikini with full buxom breasts, sitting on his lap, their bottom halves submerged. The woman turned back to kiss her partner, as his hands cupped her breasts. The roar of the falls had probably masked the sound of Becky and Tom’s approach.

Tom and Becky watched intently, feeling naughty spying like that, but also fascinated, unable to turn away. Becky pressed against casino şirketleri Tom, one hand on his shoulder, a breast against his side, so they could both see without being obvious. In turn, Tom put his hand around Becky’s waist as they both attempted to get a good view through the shrubbery. They could hear the girl moan, even over the roar. It was quite obvious the two lovers were enjoying themselves.

As they watched, Tom began to notice his sister’s small breast against him, chiding himself that this was his sister, even if she was hot to look at. However, watching the couple had gotten him stirred up. Becky also became aware of how they were standing together, but also tried to ignore it. She, too, was getting a bit turned on, never having seen a couple get quite so frisky out in the open (though the couple probably did assume they were in private, as it was a way off a sparse trail after a several hour hike from a back country campsite, after all).

They watched as the guy’s hand moved behind his gal’s back and undid her top. As it fell open, they were rewarded with a flash of nipple and bare pendulous breasts before she covered herself with her hands.

“No! Not here,” She scolded the guy. He tried to go back to kissing, but she had gotten annoyed.

“We really don’t want to be seen now!” Becky whispered to Tom, as their attention was rapt in the little love scene.

“Let’s just go now,” they heard the woman say in a huff. They watched as she got up and went behind some trees that were visible to Tom and Becky. Luckily in her apparent preoccupation with her spat, she did not turn their way, as they too would have been easily seen. They watched her get out of her bikini. They could see her full firm breasts and a sandy colored trimmed bush, as she lightly toweled off her body.

At the same time, the obviously disappointed guy also changed out of his wet swimsuit standing by the water; his now deflated but impressive manhood dangling as he put back on his shorts and shoes.

Becky and Tom looked back and forth at the two of them dressing.

The woman was sliding on her shorts, her large beasts swaying as she bent over. Straightening up she slid her tee shirt over her head—but they both noticed that she stuck her bra and panties, along with her wet suit, in her backpack.

Tom whispered to Becky, “Maybe she’s not really as pissed as she was acting!”

They waited a bit as the couple moved out of sight heading back the way of the trail talking heatedly to each other.

“Wow, that was hot!” Tom told his sister, still frozen where they were, there bodies still pressed together.

“That was so sexy, until that jerk screwed it up,” Becky replied. “Too bad guys always want to go too fast.”

Realizing they did not need to be hanging on to each other anymore, they separated awkwardly.

“Let’s check out the falls,” Becky suggested.

“I’d treat you better if I had the chance.” Tom blurted.

“You always treat me great, bro!” Becky replied firmly, sticking up for him as she always did almost automatically. She had idolized her brother as far back as she could remember, always assumed he could do anything. While she was now more realistic in her conscious assessment of his abilities, she still had that attitude as second nature.

As they got to the water’s edge, Tom took off his shoes and waded into the cool water. Becky followed suit, pulling her hiking sandals off as well, trailing him in. Tom knelt down and cupped his hands, taking a big gulp, getting water all over himself to cool off, both from the heat of the day, and from the heat of the scene they had just witnessed. His thin running shorts getting wet and hiding little of his own form.

“Oh this water was perfect! And look you can get right under those falls!” Becky exclaimed, also splashing her face, as she pointed across the pool to where the water dropped from about fifteen feet in a showery cascade.

Tom could not help but stare at first as his sister’s shirt got wet and transparent, clinging to her pert breasts, her hard small nipples poking out clearly.

Becky exclaimed again, “Wow, this is a wonderful spot!”

“Okay, I’m going to get under the falls. You don’t mind if I take my shorts off, so they don’t get too soaked?” Tom called back to Becky, as he was already on the shore, having removed his shirt.

“I guess we can skinny dip?” Becky responded not wanting to seem prudish.

“I’m okay with that if you are,” and he continued undressing pulling off his shorts and boxers as well, but turned away from Becky. He said it calmly, but he could not lie to himself that he liked the idea of seeing her naked, even if she was his sister. Sister or not she was good looking, and well, a naked girl is a naked girl!

“Of course” she said, a little nervous but wanting to act as if it was no big deal. She was glad he turned away, as that gave her a little privacy to not actually undress with him watching her. Their parents casino firmaları actually often skinny-dipped, so it was not as if either of them had not seen naked bodies of the other gender. But once they hit puberty, both of them had been too self-conscious to do so themselves, until now anyway.

Tom entered the water, naked now, heading into the falls, his back to Becky, as Becky continued to undress, leaving their clothes in a heap by the small pack he had brought. He was actually glad to have his back to her, even though he wanted to see her, as he was trying to get his semi-hard cock under control. He had not seen his sister naked since they were kids. He had been realizing what a beautiful woman she was becoming, not just his sister. He knew he should not be thinking of her that way, but he could not help it.

Becky in the meantime watched his well formed backside, not being able but to stare at it for a moment, thinking how nice it looked—really looking at his full body as just a body.

Becky then waded in as well, following him to shower under the falls. Soon they were side-by-side letting the water cascade over them, cooling them off.

Tom was having trouble keeping his eyes off his naked sister, seeing her body stretch as she enjoyed the falling water. He acted as nonchalant about it as he could, trying not to think about her as a beautiful naked girl. After a bit though, she moved off and sat in the water on a submerged rock—the wham one the couple had been on—her top half out of the water, though nothing really hidden in the crystal clear pond. Tom could even make out the light curls of her blonde bush.

After only a short minute, Tom too headed back toward where Becky was sitting. As he sat beside her, he put an arm over her shoulder, his semi-erect cock almost sticking up out of the water. Becky in turn put her arm around his waist, noticing, but politely ignoring his state. They both were really enjoying the peacefulness of the place, sitting quietly for a while, though both were aware of their own and each other’s nakedness.

Tom looked down at Becky’s breasts topped with their hard nipples. He brushed a lock of wet hair stuck to her face out of the way, in a soft almost romantic gesture, saying, “This is so perfect.”

Becky smiled back, “Yeah, it is,” She felt his elbow brush her breast and nipple as he pushed the strand behind her ear.

Taken by the moment, Tom leant in and gave Becky a soft kiss on the lips, his hand on her shoulder as he pressed his lips against her—her back leaning into his shoulder, neck turned toward him. Tom massaged her back softly.

Becky was surprised by the kiss that was clearly more than brotherly. But the kiss was soft and sweet and she found that she had enjoyed it, and she liked his hands massaging her bare skin. While Becky had been on some dates, she had never let boys do anything. She had not felt comfortable enough with any of them. Most did not even attempt anything, afraid to take the initiative (and she never did give any encouragement) or she was put off by the awkward and clumsy attempts of those that did try, and rebuffed them.

Tom, emboldened by the fact that she did not stop him, and even seemed to like it, took even more initiative and held one of Becky’s breasts in his hand, cupping it. His heart was beating really fast, as he decided to see what she would let him do. He knew she’d probably get annoyed and stop him, and was readying himself for that, but the urge was strong. He hoped she just wouldn’t be too mad.

As he did so, he whispered in her ear “You have perfect breasts, Becky.” Becky was quite startled that her brother was touching her this way, and started to move to remove his hand, as she sat up straighter, thinking of how the other gal had reacted when her man took her naked breast in his hand. But as she realized that she actually liked it, she leaned back again, relaxing.

“They’re kind of small aren’t they?”

“No, they are the perfect size. Am I going too fast?” Tom asked, trying to make a joke of it.

“I guess not.” Becky replied carefully. “I mean we’ve known each other for eighteen years.”

“I guess it’s okay then.” Tom laughed lightly, and then as he gently turned their bodies so her back was against his chest, moving her to sit between his legs.

“I’ve never let a boy kiss or touch me before, Tom. You’re the first.”

“Really? I know you’ve dated.”

“Yeah, but I never liked any of them much, and never felt comfortable letting them do anything.”

“Well, to tell you the truth I haven’t done more than kissing and a little fondling myself. This feels good though doesn’t it?”

Becky nodded her agreement.

Tom started blurting nervously, “I mean, I thought you’d get mad when I kissed you, but I kind of just did it on impulse. I couldn’t resist, I mean with you so beautiful and sitting there naked! It’s just I feel so comfortable with you. I shouldn’t say it but I think I love you—I mean not just like a güvenilir casino brother. Is this too much for you? I’m rambling. I’m sorry!”

“Tom, it’s okay, when you first touched me like that my mind told me I should stop you, and I thought of the couple and how she stopped him, but then I realized I actually like it. I feel so good with you—I mean you make me feel good. Sexy too.” And she giggled at that last.

Tom went back to cupping and fondling Becky’s breasts as she reassured him, his now very hard manhood against her back. Tom then lifted Becky by the waist to turn her around to straddle him, her body seemingly weighing almost nothing in the water. He held her close and brought his lips to hers once again, gazing in her soft grey-blue eyes. This time the kiss was harder, fuller.

They continued kissing, at times deep, at times sucking the other’s tongue, and then soft kisses on each other’s faces. They let their hands roam, across each other’s backs and chests as well. While he did pay special attention to her breasts, and nipples as well, he also caressed her upper chest, and down to circle her belly.

Tom started kissing his way down her neck, and she in turn arched her chest and head to give him access until he was finally working his way down onto her left breast, kissing all around it, until finally suckling on the nipple, his other hand caressing the right breast. Becky was breathing heavily, her body reacting, to it all, finally knowing how wonderful the touch of another could be.

Out of the corner of her eye, Becky thought she saw movement. Turning just slightly in the direction of the noise, she spied a couple looking at them.

She whispered to her bro, “Someone is watching us!”

Tom started to pull apart to move to see, but Becky stopped him saying, “Let’s not stop. I think it’s the couple we saw! Don’t let them know we know they are there!”

Tom wanted to look, but as he was facing the other way, he did not want to give it away.

“I think it’d be hot to give them a show! To our first sex!” Becky told Tom.

“Did you really mean it? You don’t mind them watching us?” and then it sinking in the other implication of what she said, “Did you say what I thought you said about sex? Or did you mean this…?” Tom quickly amended, thinking maybe she didn’t mean SEX sex, but just their fooling around.

“I want you to do it, Tom. I want you to be my lover, like all the way! And I think I like them watching! Do you mind?”

“You want me to do it, to um… put it in you/”

“Yes, Tom, enter me, let’s do it now! I’m so wet—well, you know wet there, too! And I know you are ready!” She giggles touching his cock with her hand for the first time.

Tom lifted Becky up, holding his member to aim it into her pussy, opening her legs. This was happening so fast. But Tom did not want to let the moment pass, did not want to give Becky, or himself even, time to change their minds. He let his cock play on her lips, and reached with a finger around front to caress her pussy. Tom slowly pushed his cock along her lips using his finger to get her aroused and wet. With her straddling his lap, his erect cock bobbed against her belly and he was as excited as he could imagine being.

Tom whispered to her, asking if they could shift to the side slightly to give him a view. They carefully slid to the side of the rock putting them both sideways to the shore. Then Tom guided Becky’s hips again to take his cock back into her opening. Out of his peripheral vision he could now see the couple, the guys arms around the woman’s waist, holding her close into him.

“Oh bro! That feels so good—Oh, I love it that you are my first!” Becky called out loud enough for the other couple to hear them, as she felt his cock enter her virgin pussy. She let it enter slowly, moving it in and out, getting it a little further in, as it filled her. Finally it was all the way inside her, and they stopped there, both getting accustomed to the feel. They kissed again, tongues playing, sucking on each other. While mostly looking into each other’s eyes, they each took surreptitious glances at the other couple.

“I wonder if they’ve been watching us the whole time!” Tom whispered in Becky’s ear, as he cupped her breasts, holding them up on display as he fucked her, her nipples between his fingers. “Maybe they heard us as they left and came back! Oh, god, oh Becky, this feels so intense!”

“Are you ready? I want to really make love to you now,” Tom asked her quietly. “I don’t know how long I’ll last though!”

“Yes, fuck me, bro!” Becky called out in a clear voice. Loud enough to be heard by the nearby spying couple.

“Mmm, Becky, you feel so good on my bare cock.”

“Oh, Tom, this is intense having you inside me—wow! It’s like making me feel—I dunno filled!”

They moved on each other, Tom slowly pumping his cock into her, and Becky riding up and down on him, meeting each thrust. As they did so, they watched as the guy reached down on the gal undoing her zipper letting her shorts fall to her feet. Though her crotch was somewhat hidden, they thought they could see that she was now naked on the bottom, remembering how she had not put on any underwear.

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