Camping Trip

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I came to visit her the first week she was away. It was hard, her being in college a few hundred miles, but we made it work. Since her roommate didn’t feel comfortable with me sleeping in the dorm we decided to go camp for the weekend. I drove up early Friday morning so I could set up the tent, unload, and drive around town a little while she was at work. Let’s just say I ran out of things to do fast while waiting for five o’clock to roll around.

I watched her walk out the student union door exactly as the bell tolled. She looked rather cute with her chef coat and hat still on. I half expected her to run over and jump me but she didn’t. She continued to stroll along side one of her co-workers at a snail’s pace, occasionally casting side-ways glances at me with that silly, little smile on her face.

Sitting back, I played the cool guy persona with my arms crossed waiting on her. She stopped right in front of me, saying bye to her friend as she passed. When she turned back around I smirked at her, “Took you long enough.”

“Sorry, I was talking,” was her reply as she started to unbutton her coat, revealing a sexy black crop top underneath.

“I see you’re taking advantage of me being here.”

“Damn right,” she smiled at me. “And I plan on taking advantage of a lot more later.

That was about the time I stood up and she hugged me.

“Oh by the way I need to finish packing and change,” she told me.

“Really? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting on your ass?”

“Good, then it won’t kill you to wait a little more.” She then proceeded to grab my hand and drag me to her dorm.


Walking into her room I noticed her roommate laying on the other bed in the room watching something on a tablet with big, bulky headphones covering her ears.

“Oh look, your boyfriend is here,” the roommate mention uncovering one of her ears.

“Yup,” was my girlfriend’s only reply as she shed her bahis firmaları work clothes and changed her pants, flashing her light pink and neon thong.

I plopped onto her bed as she ran around the room throwing things into a bag. Eventually, I pulled out my phone while I was waiting.

“You ready to go?” she was looking down on me.

“Have been for a while now.”

“Great! You’ll be back Saturday evening right?” her roommate threw out there.

“Uh, yeah. Probably more like afternoon” she replied as she flung the strap of her bag onto her shoulder.

I swear I saw her roommate pout a little.

“Well, um, bye. It was nice meeting you,” I said as I was ushered out the door.

“Your roommate is kind of weird isn’t she?”

“Kind of,” my girlfriend turned and smiled at me.


“Nothing! What I can’t smile at my handsome boyfriend?”

I couldn’t wait to make her smile even more.

“So I want to try to get to the camp spot before it gets dark so I can find it. But if not, that’s why I sent you the coordinates” I looked at her.

“Ok then, let’s go”

She loaded her bag into my already full black Pontiac Trans Am and climbed in on her side.

How many hours had we spent in this car together? How many times had we had sex in this car together?

“The spot is a little ways off a main dirt road onto this side dirt road in a clearing. I think you’ll like it, it’s surrounded by these huge pines and nobody can really be around us.”

“That’s cool.” I turned to look at her and caught her just slightly nodding her head to the beat of the song. If you didn’t know what to look for you would think it’s just part of the movement of the car or something. She’s really kind of cute when she does it.

It didn’t take long to get to the turnoff of the pavement and onto the main dirt road. From there it was a bumpy ass ride to our side road.

As we were kaçak iddaa pulling up she said “Hey look, we made it just in time, the sun is setting.”

We unloaded the car, she threw the bags in the tent and I pulled out the cooler.

“I’m going to start the fire, there should be veggies and stuff in the ice chest that need cut up and wrapped in foil, then we’ll place them in the coals to cook.”

“Okie dokie,” she said. “Is there a cutting board and a knife or something I can use?”

“Should be in that big black bag somewhere.”

I heard her unzip the tent as I walked to my little firewood stack that I had collected earlier just walking around.

It didn’t take long before I had a fire started and I turned around to see her set up in a chair with the ice chest in front of her being used as a table.

She looked up at the sky, “That looks pretty dark up there, might get some rain.”

“I doubt it, looks like the storm is moving away from us.”

“Whatever you say,” she smirked at me and started cutting up veggies.


“Grab the bags!” I said as I snagged the ice chest.

Heading for the tent, she unzipped it and ducked in as the rain picked up. I am right behind her. As soon as I close it behind us she plopped on the air mattress laughing.

“Heading the other way huh?” she smiled at me.

I grin back at her, “Hopefully the food is cooked because I don’t think we are getting that fire restarted.”

“Yeah,” and as she stared at me the look in her eyes heated.

“Yeah,” I replied as I dropped down on my knees, eye level with her.

Then I was kissing her, pushing her to lie back on the bed. Her arms wrapped around my neck automatically as she melted into me. My hands skimmed her body and next I was taking off her shirt, tossing it across the small space of the tent.

Her hands slipped underneath mine and she ran her cool fingers over my skin.

I placed kaçak bahis my hands over hers, “Stop, that tickles.”

She pouts, “Then take it off.”

I one fluid motion I removed my t-shirt and it joined hers somewhere on the tent floor. Next I reached for her pants, which were some sort of cropped, baggy, torn pant things which did nothing for her glorious ass.

As soon as she was free of her capris she was unbuttoning my shorts. I stood and stepped out of then, leaving her laying there in her sexy, little underwear if only for a minute. Kneeling at the base of the air mattress I spread her legs so I could get a better view of that panty cladded pussy. I ran my finger along the seam teasingly as she attempted to wiggle closer.

“Nah uh. I’m in charge here.” I told her as I pulled the fabric aside before burying my face between her thighs.

She squirmed and squirmed while I continued to thoroughly taste her until she let out a tantalizing moan as she climaxed. My cock was now hard and ready to enter her dripping pussy. She was warm and tight which felt like heaven on Earth.

“Oh baby, you’re so ready for me.” I breathed heavily into her ear.

She whimpered letting me know she wanted me to pick up the pace. As I pounded into her I reached down to rub her clit. The sounds she was making grew louder and I could feel my balls tightening. I was getting close. I leaned over her nipping at her neck while slamming into her. That’s when I felt the base of my cock covered in warm liquid.

I growled, “Mmm baby, I think you just squirted.” I vaguely felt her spread her arms, feeling the mess she had made on the blankets. Her pussy was still squeezing me with aftershocks of her orgasm.

“Fuck, baby, I think I’m gonna cum!” I grunted as I drilled my cock into her soaked pussy, spilling my seed. I pulled back as the last stream coated her outer lips.

Smiling I leaned down to kiss her, “now you’re nice and creamy.” She blushed, laying there dazed and basking in the afterglow of her second climax.

“Hey,” she opened her eyes looking at me as I told her, “don’t fall asleep on me now. I’m not done with that pussy yet.”

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