Camping Ch. 03

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Home, this place had never felt less like home before. Now as I walked down the hallway to my parent’s room it felt as if I were walking down some medieval passageway to a tourcher chamber. Mom had told me at dinner, a meal I had hardly touched, that she wanted to see me before I went to bed. So here I was dressed for bed going to see her. I loved my mom, don’t get me wrong, I would do anything for her but circumstances had changed. The family’s last camping trip had been a big part of that change. Entering my parent’s room I found my mother lying naked on their bed. Her large breasts were taught and erect, he belly still flat but her body glowed.

Silently she gestured me to join her on the bed, but her expression as I made to climb up made me pause. Without words she conveyed that I would be more comfortable without clothes. Considering the secret I now held I felt nudity was far from a comfortable state. But undress I did and laid down trying unsuccessfully not to wince when my oh so sensitive breasts made contact with the rough texture of the blanket.

I caught the end of my mothers knowing smile but didn’t have time to think about it as she rolled over and placed a passionate kiss on my mouth, swirling her tongue around my teeth probing for entry. Her hand trailed down my back, gently squeezing my buttock. I flinched when her fingers slipped into my pussy, her tongue darted into my momentarily parted teeth and our tongues twined. I could feel a fire in my belly as she played with my pussy. Her lips trailed down my jaw, she nibbled lightly on my ear lobe.

Her kisses trailed down my throat. Her smooth voice whispered. “So, my hot little girl, how does it feel? How does it feel to lay with your brother? Hmmm?” Her question casino şirketleri startled me how could she know. Her fingers probed inside my sensitive lips making me groan.

“How… does… it… feel… my… hot… little… bitch…?” she asked punctuating each word with a hard two fingered thrust into my pussy making me clench my teeth with white-hot pleasure. Her other hand reached out and cupped my breast squeezing hard enough to make me cry out. I could hear the smile in her voice when she said, “a little sensitive are we? May be that time with your brother wasn’t completely wasted. How does it feel my dear to have his hot seed growing inside you?”

I turned to her in surprise. How could she know that I had slept with my brother? How could she know that I was carrying his child? It was then that my father, naked, and erect walked in smiling.

Mom kissed me again this time latching on to one of my painfully sensitive nipples and pulling until I cried out. Letting go she slid closer molding her hand to my crotch and forcing one finger into my pussy she said, “you don’t think that tent broke by accident do you? You actually think we would really let two hot bodies like you sleep in the same tent let alone let you sleep there without any separation. Oh my naïve little girl.” Laughing she rolled over lifting herself to her knees just in time to meet my fathers erect penis.

I watched in fascinated shock as she pushed back against his thick shaft. I could hear the damp swish of its passage into her. Grabbing her hips he pulled back and thrust again, and again, and again harder and harder the waves of each impact raced along her buttocks. Her breasts swayed in rhythm to their motions. Her face bore a look of contentment such as I had never casino firmaları seen before. 15, 20, 35 minutes, an hour passed as their groans built, his thrusts took on a desperate, frantic motion.

Grunting deep in his throat my father gripped her by the waist, thrusting all the way into her. Burying his cock as deep as it would go into her pussy, holding her there he groaned and then threw back his head in a wordless cry of passion. He held her that way for an interminable amount of time and then suddenly he relaxed, stepping back, his limp cock slipping out of her with a slurping sound trailing a thick white thread of cum.

She slumped forward a happy smile on her face. Slowly she collapsed to the bed and rolled towards me. “See my dear,” she said in a dreamy voice “how great it can be, would you like to try, did you enjoy the show?” Without waiting for my answer she reached down and dipped her fingers into my pussy. I couldn’t help the rush of blood that heated my face. My pussy was dripping wet, my breath was coming in short gasps as I tried to deal with the orgasm that racked my body.

“Would you like to try him?” She asked. I looked over at my father who was leaning against the wall. Amazingly his cock was again hard, standing away from his body like a branch from a tree. Unconsciously I licked my lips and shifted my legs. Mom took this as an affirmative and beckoned to my father as she pushed me over on my back.

Walking up to me as I lay on the bed he gently spread my legs. Leaning down he first sniffed deeply between my legs, then bending lower licked my pussy from bottom to top, biting gently on my clit, making me squirm. He lowered himself onto the bed his massive cock sinking slowly between my legs. I wondered güvenilir casino briefly how he was going to fit such a massive member into such a tight place, and then I didn’t have to wonder anymore.

As he thrust into me, he and mom shared a kiss; she licked my juices from his chin and smacked her lips in contentment. “Definitely pregnant!” she exclaimed. “Enjoy her my dear.” Smiling he pulled back and thrust again, and again, and again. I lost myself in the movement of his massive shaft within my body. Writhing beneath him I lost my restraint and embraced him as a lover. I felt myself on a dark sea rising up some massive wave. I glowed against the dark of the sky as the wave rose higher and higher. Reaching the top I looked down and screamed. The dark sea rushed up to meet me as I fell into the hardest, deepest orgasm that I had known in my brief love life.

I awoke to pain, the kind of pain only a woman who has been well and truly loved by a man can feel. My skin felt hot, my breasts hurt as if they had been hammered. As I tried to move I found myself entangled in the bodies of my parents. Still impaled upon my father’s hard shaft, my mother was snuggled close, our breasts touching. Gently I untangled myself and used the bathroom to clean up as best I could. I emerged feeling barely human to find them still sleeping, now cuddled together. I left them as they were and returned to my room where I spent the rest of the night in a post orgasmic coma.

The next morning after dealing with the new realities imposed by my condition I made my way down stairs. There in the kitchen I found a note and some breakfast already laid out for me. The note said that I was to be ready when they came back, and that was all, what could that mean. Grumbling I ate breakfast and then went back up stair to shower. I heard them come in while I was showering.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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