Calluses Pt. 05: Scab

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The buzz of my secret orgasm faded, and the last remaining dribbles of my sticky cum globbed up against the clumps of black pubic hair, mine and his, clinging stubbornly to the metal ring of the drain. I poked at the mess with my big toe until the lazy spiral took it down into the pipes below, and then it was done. I sighed and relaxed my muscles, my mind…sinking into the misty embrace of the shower stall…and, for a fading moment, I let myself enjoy the heat for what it was. After being frozen and scared for what seemed like hours, this was…nice.

I was only was dimly aware of the silence that settled around the hiss of the shower, telling some muffled part of my brain the music from the living room had stopped…and then the door opened, and the baby blue walls of the shower became a shade more pale, more sickly, as the air of the outside world rushed in. I straightened up, tense all over. The soothing, womb-like heat immediately became nothing more than another layer of physical sensory input, and I was back in the real world again. His giant, naked body was stalking toward me through the frosted glass, blurred beyond all detail. I took took a deep, steadying breath as I studied the bulk of his pale skin, the stark V of black hair that blazed down the length of his torso, the thickness of it all…


He sniffed deeply, and I watched his upper half expand like an oil stain. “Smells just fine in here, boy. Glad you lit that match. Gotta keep my appetite healthy…”

I said nothing, opening my ass and washing the last of the soapy water from it, hoping I’d be perfect before he got in. My cock was still hard, skin crawling with dreadful anticipation…but I was already separating my mind into two distinct parts, as I’d done in the mirror – myself, and the reflection. The reflection would take whatever it was given, whatever he gave it – and it would enjoy itself, just as he wanted it to. True enjoyment was something that couldn’t be faked, not in this situation. Not with him.

The other part, though…the other part of me would wait, and see.

The door slid open, and the full fleshy glory of his body was revealed. It was the first time we’d stood naked in front of each other, eye to eye. I wasn’t on my back, or blindly manhandled, or crushed beneath him, and there were no shadows to hide him. His giant dick was a massive spear of an erection, pointed straight at my own crotch from its unkempt bed of dark pubic hair, the wide, half-sheathed mushroom head bright and purple and ready. My reflection zeroed in on this – reacting only to physical stimulus, or the promise of it – and I let myself lick my lips absently, as if it were just another reflex.

The other part of my mind – the hidden center, the truth of me – noted his eyes narrowing as I did so, along with his widening smile, and the expectant twitch of his stiff manhood. This part of me was calculating, quiet and cold. Thinking in the long term. It was looking for an opening, a fatal flaw in the cop’s thick, clumsy armor, the armor he so obviously believed to be impenetrable…which was exactly what made it so weak. This thought kept me sober, keenly aware of the very simple, terrible thing this lusty, frightening, druglike man wanted from me.

He smirked as I stood glistening under the searing torrent that pummeled my neck and shoulders and everything else. I wasn’t looking him in the eye. I kept one hand clasped against my elbow, forearm protecting my belly. My other hand rested open against my thigh below, as if I didn’t know what to do with it. My hard dick swelled and twitched when he slammed the door shut, trapping us in the massive shower stall together. We stood a moment longer as the steam of the deluge warmed his naked flesh, flushed his skin to match mine. He was still staring me down…

“I…” I cleared my throat, timid to the core.

“What is it?”

I let myself blush, channeling a bashful breed of cowed embarrassment I hadn’t bothered with since middle school. It seemed to smooth his hard edges with each tentative glance I stole in his direction – never looking him straight in the eye.

“I guess I just wanted to, uh…apologize.” I gulped, felt my Adam’s apple dip and rise as his eyes followed it along the slope of my throat.

He crossed his great arms, beefy biceps bulging against his knuckles. He simply nodded, waiting…but I knew he was a bit more excited now, nostrils flaring with giddy interest beneath his stony veneer.

I was tapping the wet tile with my toes, nervously wringing my hands against my hip, letting my voice tremble just so. “You were right about me. In…in the kitchen. What you said. I was freaking out, I guess. A-acting like a pussy. I was scared of how much…you know.” I shrugged, frowning at nothing, pretending the words were painful to say. My eyes were darting between his hairy feet and the water rushing in the grooves between the tiles, as if I were fighting off casino şirketleri an anxiety attack. It was only partly for show.

“How much you like it,” he finished for me. His voice was steady. Calm.

“Yeah…” I focused on the pure, black well of the drain. “I know I’m not used to being, uh…being on this end of things…” I shrugged again…but it was flimsier now, accepting my own words and everything they meant. “But…I just need to man up, right? We made a deal, and I agreed to this. All of it. Whatever you want. Fair’s fair.”

I took a deep breath, let it shiver against the walls of my lungs…then I set my drooping shoulders, straightened my spine a bit, and finally met his eyes with my own…just submissive enough. He was smiling broadly…warmly. “It won’t happen again,” I told him with finality. I’d removed the tremble from my voice, as if this were the only thing I was sure of in the entire world.

“That’s real good to hear, Mikey.” His strong arms were still crossed over his massive chest, curved dick still hard between his widely planted legs…but his black eyes were soft and easy now, as if he were looking at something far more precious than a fuck toy…as if he were looking at me, as I was, and wanting it. The same way he’d looked at me the night before, when I was standing on the porch with my hands in my pockets, waiting for him to invite me inside. It brought that feeling back, the tugging addiction…

I bit the inside of my cheek, forcing the pained grimace into something like a hesitant smile, or a swallowed sob, and let my eyes water just a little as he stared into them. The billowing steam rose like a smokehouse fog, cleansing and pure, transforming the tension between us. “That’s not an easy thing for boys like you to admit…” he continued. He cocked his eyebrow at me, and grinned in a way that almost made me swoon…almost made me feel special. “But I already knew you weren’t like other boys.”

I blinked – no, fluttered my eyelashes – and looked away from him again, grinding my teeth against my tongue. “I…”

“It’s okay,” he told me, massaging me with his words. “Keep going.” He could tell I was still nervous, that I had more to say…and he actually wanted me to continue. His entire body had relaxed…now leaning against the frosted glass at his back, receptive and open, and his bearded face was handsome and warm. The hidden part of me knew this was a very good sign – that I had actually managed to deceive him – just as it knew things were far more dangerous now because of it. I had crossed a line, corrupted his comfortable world with invisible tendrils of treachery. If he happened to notice them…


“Th…thank you,” I managed. I crossed my own arms over my chest to mimic him, fighting the jitters, shaking slightly despite the thrumming heat of the shower. I found his eyes again, and barely held them…keeping my head bowed just so…ever lower than him, even at a glance. “I just…I was just wondering if I could, uh…can I make a request, please? Sir? Obviously you don’t have to…”

“You can ask me anything, boy. You just gotta live with the answer I give you.”

I nodded. “Okay…” I took another deep breath, steadying myself. “Is it okay if…I know you like it, uh…rough. I guess I do too, mostly…if I’m being honest…”

“You’d better be honest, Michael. We ain’t got no more time to be pussy-footing, here.”

I ignored the tiny, potent spike of adrenaline that shot up my spine whenever he said full my name aloud. I just nodded again, hesitating just long enough – as if telling him the truth were the hardest thing I’d ever forced myself to do. “I just – this is my first time with a…another guy. A man, I mean. I didn’t even know I’d like it before…before you. And I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do it again, after…after this weekend.” I was swaying just so, hugging myself, looking everywhere but into his face.

Say it. Believe it. He already believes it…

“I guess I want to experience everything about it. Not just the rough stuff, but…”

I glanced at him. His smile was now a wide, confident grin, and his soft eyes were sharpening as my words sank in. “You’re saying…you want some sweet talk? What – you want to me to ‘make love’ to you, or whatever?” He said the words like they were cheap gum drops – revolting and unnatural, but sweet all the same. “I didn’t think you were actually a faggot…”

“No…!” I blushed right down to my bones and took a small, unconscious step away from him…and in that moment I was myself again, inside and out. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin, because I knew I truly wanted what I was asking for.

Use it.

“I’m just saying…asking…can we maybe just, uh…” I shrugged like an awkward tween, trembling all over, feeling naked in every way. “Can we have a little break from the rough stuff? Just for now? I’d just…really appreciate it if we could, uhm…have casino firmaları a little fun with it. Explore, you know? While we’re both here? I just…” My voice was back to wavering, ready to collapse. “I know you’re still gonna…do what you said, to my…”

“Turn your ass into my pussy.” He traced the edge of his beard with his tongue, letting me see it. “Still really, really behind schedule on that, by the way…”

Fuck, he was talking dirty now. My cock twitched beneath my folded arms, and he saw it. “Yeah. But you, uh…you also said you wanted to make me feel good, more than anything else. Right…?” His face didn’t change. “When you said that, I guess it made me kinda curious about…about that.” I swallowed. “I mean, I figure you’ll uh…turn me into…what you said you’d turn me into, either way. But maybe there’s a way of doing it that’s not so…scary?”

That last word seemed to echo in the hissing silence that followed. We were only a few feet apart, but it felt like miles. I met his eyes again, so he could see exactly how low I felt. “But only if you think that’s…only if it’s what you want. Sir. Whatever you want.” I let my lips hover at the edge of a pout. I’d already accepted his answer, whatever it would be.

His smirking grin was just a smile again. He unfolded his arms and beckoned to me with both hands, like he wanted to give me a hug. “Bring yourself on over here.”

I left the steady deluge of heat beneath the showerhead and edged toward him. The soles of my feet slid across the scummy surface of the tile like a pair of dead fish, a bit colder with each step. He grabbed the back of my neck when I got close enough, and firmly guided me into the aura of his warmth…past it…now presenting me to the frosted glass he’d been leaning against. “Press yourself up against this. Face to the glass. Go on.”

The hazy impression of my own naked body materialized on the frosted glass as I approached it, little more than a faceless ghost of strawberries and cream, touched with patches of black on the head, chest, groin…a blank canvas of a person, ready to be marked and molded.

This is what you are, for now. I reminded myself. Be what he wants to see.

No sooner had I pressed my body against the cool glass than his own hulking shimmer appeared behind me. Strong hands appeared at my red, puffy ass cheeks, crushing them in each rough palm. I flinched at the sharp pain, hissed under my breath, but I kept my eyes forward, vision blurred to match the frosted glass. He ignored my reaction and pulled my ass towards his hips, spreading the cheeks to let hot steam wash into their cleft. The wide head of his stiff cock pressed into the hairy ring of soft flesh that encompassed my asshole, undeniable. His fingers sank deep into my anguished ass meat, and he pushed right into the bud of it with no hesitation, no preparation. Testing me.

I opened to him easily enough…though the only lubrication was the soapy water he’d slathered across his dick, and the soap I’d pushed into myself earlier. I worked my swollen, screaming ass muscles, softening myself as he pushed…letting my hole get split open again, letting my body enjoy the stretching sensation as it flared around his cockhead…snapping back into a stuffed, swollen channel once it was inside…now drawing him into me despite the tight, slippery pain that spread across my nerve endings like leaking battery acid…until half of his cock was suddenly, deliciously inside of me.

He paused, fingers and thumbs still digging into each cheek, burning like embers. I’d taken him silently, stoically until that moment, biting my lip to keep quiet…but now I panted once, twice…and moaned ruggedly against my forearm as my body slowly adjusted itself, expanding around him at its own pace with a deeply pleasant, organic sensation I hadn’t known was possible. I kept my eyes shut tight, let my forehead thump softly against the glass to the steady rhythm of my throbbing muscles, the swell of my lungs. My reedy, aching moans were filling the shower stall, straining against the wet tile, a rapid switch from the silence and steam just moments before.

“That’s it, Mikey…” he swooned softly, happily, hot breath dancing across the back of my neck. “Damn…you’re takin me like you been doing it for years, boy! So fuckin sexy…you really are a fast learner, huh? I was right about that too, wasn’t I…?” His hands had released their harsh grip on my inflamed buttocks, now engulfing and caressing them. Soothing them, even as they clenched reflexively on either side of his impaling shaft.

“Was right about a lot of things, when it comes to you…” One of his hands released my ass cheek and slid across my waist…under my hips…and grappled my dick. It was still quite hard, throbbing with the rest of me. He pushed the thick seven-inch shaft down until it was pointing at the floor, released it. It sprang back and forth like a spinning top, güvenilir casino a toy he was excited to own. ” You weren’t kidding about wanting a little tender treatment, huh…?” he asked, lips brushing my ear, making me shiver. He already knew the answer, of course, just as he knew I was too overwhelmed by sensation to put it into words. He simply enjoyed spelling things out for me, easing me into the truth of myself…as he saw it, anyway. “You’re just a scared little puppy, aren’t you…?”

He pushed his cock in further now, and my body stayed loose for him. I allowed both halves of my mind to relish every savory inch of stiff meat he pushed past my barely clenching sphincter. The soapy water was spreading, finding those tiny wounds he’d left inside of me, transitory pangs like sleepy fireflies in a twilight garden, gone before they’d even been seen. He could feel my complete receptiveness, and I knew he was relishing it. He was being careful, tentative, coaxing me open like a flower, and every piece of me was grateful to him for that, if nothing else…which only made it even easier to welcome him into me, to let it happen. I couldn’t remember how I’d ever gotten hard at being forced to take him…and I knew I should, knew it was important to keep my head clear…but I didn’t want to remember. Not when it was feeling this good…

All too soon, the bulging head was burrowing into the sweet spot just above my balls, at the base of my dick…then grinding past it, raking it with the belly of his cock, and my moans caught in my throat, now a gasp that trembled against him. He paused again, holding me firm at each hip. He let his hot shaft rest against my prostate, let the pulsing pressure build inside of me, pushing me over the edge completely…awakening my juices whether I wanted them flowing or not…and I did, of course. I needed them flowing, needed him to know just how much I loved what he was doing to me…how much I loved submitting to him. I was fully open by then, and it wasn’t just because of how incredible it felt – this new and gentle way of being taken, of letting myself be taken. It was the only thing that would bring his guard down for good, and hide the burning ember of resistance I was keeping alive and hidden inside the deepest reaches of my mind. Deception is a very delicate thing to maintain, after all, best obscured by layers of obvious truth. So let myself be taken, body and mind, wallowing in the only good choice I had.

He was pushing into me again, finally bottoming out, strong hands kneading the taut muscles along the curve of my spine. “Uhnn,” I grunted under my breath, keeping it authentic as my ass stretched harshly around the widening base of his cock. His soaking pubic hair drudged against the cleft of my ass like a mound of living seaweed, spongy and smooth…and then I knew what to say next, knew how to make him even happier with me. “That’s it, Sir, hooghh, g-God…” I gasped, shrill and horny, like I’d finally let go. I pushed my ass back into his groin, arching my back under his fingers as I took him completely, legs shaking against his thighs as I rose onto the tips of my toes. His steely cock was grinding up into my core, making my stomach turn over on itself, churning… “That’s the spot, c-Chief…th-thank you, Chief…”

“Hmmmmn…” he grunted lustily in response, almost a moan. His hands snaked around my flanks and closed around my flat, heaving stomach, enjoying the slick trail of fur between my abs…and then he was pulling me away from the steamy glass and into his hot, throbbing embrace. I wrapped my hands over his interlocked fingers, our elbows touching, my ass cheeks impossibly hot against his steady, grinding hips. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back to meet him, a whimper on my lips.

He kissed me deeply, shoving his tongue into my mouth and finding no resistance to speak of. One of his hands slid down to my bobbing erection, squeezed it hard. “You’re doing real good now, baby boy…much better than this morning.” His voice was hot oil against my throat, beard so wet it felt like living suede. “Is this what you wanted…?” He palmed my belly and slid his dick out of my ass an inch or two, gripping my cock to keep my hips in place. I puckered just enough to milk him slightly, and wiped a dripping strand of hair away from my brow as I looked back at him with hooded eyes, preening for him…then I went slack and moaned as he pushed in again, melting into him…giving him complete access, unconditional control. For many long, languid minutes we repeated this process slowly, sensually…as he breathed hot steam into my mouth, his hands cradling my stomach…as I simpered against his lips and let my body shudder in his grasp.

“This is all I really wanted from the start, boy,” he grumbled huskily, tracing the long muscle of my neck with this tongue. “This right here. You’re gonna be such a good little pussy boy, Mikey…already better than anything I can remember, tight and perfect and just…Jesus Christ, mmphhh…” He sucked on my throat, breathing me in. His hands were hungry now, faster…roaming all over me as I gyrated my body against him, firm and strong but totally his. “I trained you good, didn’t I?”

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