California – The Rest of the Week

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During the day all I could think about was what my wife might be doing. In the evenings I had to watch my wife Stacy fuck her sister’s boyfriend. At night I couldn’t get any sleep because the sounds of fucking were always present in the house. If Todd didn’t have his cock in my wife or my sister-in-law Laura, then he was grabbing at my wife’s big tits, massaging them and sucking on them. The two sisters delighted in teasing Todd, playing with his cock, prancing naked in front of him. None of them wore any clothes while they were in the house or the backyard that I could tell.

One evening I came back to the house from work and saw Laura getting the mail wearing one of her tiny bikinis. Laura liked to lounge out back by her pool not wearing anything, I knew that from her all over tan, but she had a collection of tiny bikinis. Here she was down at the end of the driveway, where the whole neighborhood could see her, getting the mail, wearing an orange bikini that had little circles of cloth that covered her nipples and areolas with a small, vertical strip of cloth covering her pussy.

Once inside I could see my wife out back laying down sun bathing while Todd was swimming in the pool. I was relieved that for once there was more than five feet between them, but my relief was short-lived when I saw what my wife was wearing. She had on one of her sister’s bikinis and it looked like my wife had chosen the smallest bikini possible. The white top was a string running around her chest coming together in small triangles that barely covered her rock hard nipples, her areolas clearly visible around the fabric. The bottom was a string around her waist and down her ass crack that came together in the front in a low V shape. It was too low to cover anything, her triangle of red pubic hair and the top half of her pussy were completely visible. Not that it mattered, I could see even the areas that were covered by the suit because my wife had been swimming and the white suit was completely transparent when wet.

My sister-in-law went out back leaving me to make dinner again. I was able to watch from the kitchen as Laura slipped into the pool by her boyfriend. Both of her hands slipped under the water, reaching toward Todd’s waist, a grin coming to his face. Todd pushed Laura back against the side of the pool, his hands working under the water as much as hers were. My sister-in-law had her head back, their bodies pushed against each other. Her bikini top had moved aside from the rubbing of their bodies, her now bare nipples rubbing against Todd’s chest. Laura’s hands came up out of the water with Todd’s swim trunks and her bikini bottoms, she reached behind herself and dumped them both on the side of the pool.

The noise got my wife’s attention as she sat up and began watching Todd and Laura. It was obvious that they were now fucking in the pool. Laura was bouncing up and down, her arms wrapped around her boyfriend’s chest, water splashing all over. Todd and Laura were both moaning loudly. My wife had her hand shoved into the white bikini bottoms rubbing circles around her pussy. Laura was now leaned back, her arms on the side of the pool, her tanned breasts bouncing in time with Todd’s thrusts.

My wife pulled the top of her bikini aside, a short trip, and started rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples, moaning in time with her sister. This got Todd’s attention and he looked over to watch my wife. She smiled when she noticed Todd was watching her, in response she pushed one of her tits up and sucked her nipple into her mouth. Laura had also been watching my wife and Laura exploded into orgasm seeing her sister do this. She started thrashing back and forth against Todd’s body, bouncing in the water.

As Laura’s orgasm subsided Todd lifted her out of the pool and climbed out next to her. Laura removed her bikini top, the tiny orange piece plopping next to the rest of her suit, as Todd moved across the back yard toward my wife. His huge cock was still hard, hanging in front him and swaying side to side as he walked. My wife saw him coming toward her and got a huge grin on her face, she was eyeing his cock hungrily, and stopped rubbing her tits and pussy as she forgot everything but Todd’s huge cock.

Todd kneeled down in front of my wife, pulling her bikini bottoms off. He then leaned down and started licking her pussy. My wife grabbed a handful of his hair and started rocking her hips on his face. Laura came over to join them, laying down on her back beneath Todd, she started sucking his cock while jerking his cock. They stayed like that for a few minutes, Laura beneath her boyfriend sucking his cock and fondling his balls, while he sucked and lapped at my wife’s pussy, pushing his tongue between her pink cunt lips. He easily brought my wife to orgasm, and as she came down from it she pulled his head up and kissed him deep. Then I heard her say, “Please fuck me. Please fill me up with that huge cock”.

The trio moved across the back yard toward the table where Todd positioned my wife so that she had one leg up on the edge of the table, spreading her pussy wide, and he moved his huge cock to the opening of my wife’s cunt. Laura reached casino şirketleri down and guided her boyfriend’s cock into my wife’s pussy as he started to piston in and out causing her to moan on each in-thrust. Laura kneeled down and started sucking on Todd’s balls. I watched for a few more minutes before I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Once more I snuck off to the bathroom to deal with my raging hard on. I jerked myself off in less than a minute, feeling empty and unsatisfied. When I went back to the kitchen they were still outside. Todd was standing, holding my wife in the air, bouncing her up and down on his cock.

Coming down off the high of arousal I was flooded with regret. I still couldn’t believe what my wife was doing, I’d completely lost her to this monster cock. With my dick now limp in my pants, I saw the scene outside not as a turn-on, but instead as a knife in my heart. My wife was fervently fucking another man, impaling herself on his large cock, moaning like a whore and letting out strings of curses every time she came… which was frequently. I knew that I’d never be able to pleasure my wife like that, and I knew she’d always want to be. I gave up and walked out front of the house, trying to escape the scene. Stepping out front I had a moment of peace, the warm night air and the quiet of the neighborhood bringing me solace.

It was short-lived though. I realized that even out front I could hear my wife in the backyard. The noises she was making floating over the house. It was obvious what was happening in the backyard, and it was obvious to anyone that knew better that it wasn’t my sister-in-law making that noise. I hoped that none of the neighbors were outside, because if they were they’d know what was happening. Slowly I walked around the side of the house, toward the fence at the back yard, where my wife and I had first happened to see Laura and Todd fucking by the pool. Sure enough, if I put my face up to the fence I could see through the slats and had a clear view of the back yard. Todd and my wife were now by the jacuzzi, my wife was now on all fours with Todd plowing his huge cock into my wife from behind.

Staring through the fence I felt bad and started to worry that a neighbor might spot me and call the police, so I started back around to the front of the house. A few feet away from the fence though I stopped. I heard something from the neighbor’s yard and worried that I’d been caught. I froze for a moment, trying to make out what I was hearing. Nothing happened so I crept slowly up to the neighbor’s fence and leaned in wondering if I could see into the neighbor’s yard. I could, and what I saw shocked the hell out of me. There in the neighbor’s back yard were three guys, all in their early twenties, with their faces pressed up against the fence between their yard and my sister-in-law’s back yard. Each one had his cock in his hand, stroking furiously, watching through the fence… watching my wife getting fucked!

Stung and hurt I limped back inside my sister-in-law’s house. My sister-in-law was in the kitchen making dinner plates when I got back inside, the sliding door to the back yard open, she was still naked. “I saw you”, she said, “trying to sneak around the house and peek through the fence. I can always tell when someone is watching through the fence”. I was taken aback, the first night here she told my wife and me that none of the neighbors could see into her yard, but obviously she knew that people could. Seeing my reaction she continued, “Of course I know the neighbors can see us, that’s half the thrill, putting on a show for those young men next door to jerk off to. Stacy agrees with me too”, she finished as she took the food out back.

My wife knew? She knew that people were watching her in the back yard? How long had she known? How many of the other neighbors were watching? I started thinking about all the things that had happened that week in a new light. It was too much, I was completely lost. I took the laptop into the guest bedroom, shut and locked the door, and spent the rest of the night keeping distracted.

The next night when I came back to the house from work my wife was in the living room with Todd and her sister. Todd was sitting on the couch, Laura, wearing another skimpy bikini, was kneeling between his legs licking up and down the length of his hard cock. Meanwhile my wife was doing a striptease. She was wearing a sheer black nightie over a black lace bra, black panties with matching garter belt, black stockings, and high heels. I watched in awe as she wiggled and danced around the living room, slowly slipping the nightie up over her head. As she spun she tossed the nightie at Todd, landing it across his face. He was watching my wife strip, mesmerized by her swaying ass and tits, almost oblivious to my sister-in-law sucking on his cock.

I watched as my wife moved closer to Todd, teasing him by just getting in reach, but slapping his hands away playfully as he would reach out for her chest or hips. She dangled her large tits in his face, but pulled back before he could get his mouth to them. Laura was still sucking on his cock, but she had turned herself to be able to casino firmaları watch my wife. One of my sister-in-law’s hands was jerking the base of Todd’s cock, the other working furiously in and out of her pussy. My wife put one leg up on the couch, exposing her pantie covered pussy to Todd, then slowly slid her hands down her pale stomach to her panties. Slipping one hand inside she began to rub her fingers back and forth across her clit, the black panties keeping Todd from getting a clear view.

Her hands then reached back behind her, and she undid the clasp of her bra, the material now hanging loosely on her breasts. Todd reached up to remove the bra, but again my wife playfully slapped his hands away. She slowly, painfully slow, brought her hands up and slipped her bra straps off her shoulder. One of the cups of her bra dropped slightly, exposing one nipple, but she brought her hands up to cup the bra to her chest; concealing her tits with her hands. Spinning around she now had her back to Todd and Laura, and then looking back over her shoulder she tossed her bra at Todd, again landing it on his face.

Stacy backed up toward Todd, shaking her ass at him. Laura had increased the speed she was working on his cock, obviously getting aroused by her sister’s strip tease. My wife was bent over, inches away from Todd, wiggling her ass in his face. She reached back and hooked one thumb into each side of her lacy panties and began to slowly slide them down. I watched as her panties fell away revealing her pussy and ass. The panties hadn’t even reached her knees before Todd leaned forward, burying his face into my wife’s ass. A surprised, “OH!”, came from my wife as Todd’s tongue made contact with her. Todd was tonguing my wife’s ass, moving up and down between her ass and her pussy.

Todd was licking my wife’s ass and pussy as she pushed back against him, they were both moaning steadily, until my wife came on his tongue. After a minute my wife pulled her ass away from his face and turned to face him. She pushed Todd back on the couch and carefully stepped over her kneeling sister, getting her heels up on the couch and bringing her exposed pussy down onto Todd’s upturned face. From the position she was now in my wife was facing directly toward me, her large, pale breasts hanging over Todd’s face pointing at me. Todd was furiously working his tongue up into my wife’s pussy, rubbing back and forth her clit. Laura was still on her knees licking up and down his cock. I could see Todd’s tongue splitting my wife’s pussy lips, flicking up and down her pussy lips and them moving back to her clit. My wife reached her hand down grabbing a handful of his hair as if she were afraid he’d stop, moaning the whole time.

I’d been standing in the foyer the whole time, the scene had made my cock painfully hard. My wife looked up from Todd’s face buried in her pussy, looked at me, and cheerfully said, “Hi honey”. It was the only thing she’d said to me all week, and she said it so casually, as if she wasn’t sitting on another man’s face. Todd moved his head up a bit and sucked her clit into his mouth. My wife jumped, “OH!”, and turned her attention back to moaning at Todd. I moved further into the house, setting up my laptop and trying to get some work done.

I ordered pizza for dinner that night, and from the tone of voice of the guy on the other end of the phone, he obviously knew the address. Of course the sounds of my wife, her sister, and Todd fucking in the background didn’t help. I’m sure they were loud enough that he could hear them over the phone. Just before the pizzas arrived they finished fucking, Todd burying his cock deep into my wife and filling her with his cum.

Todd and my wife went to shower, while my sister-in-law put on a sheer robe and came back to the kitchen. The robe was white, almost completely see through, and I could clearly see her shaved pussy and tanned tits beneath the robe. When the pizza guy arrived, that’s what my sister-in-law answered the door in. I watched, surprised, as she acted completely normal. She was standing in the doorway where the whole neighborhood could see her, essentially naked, all while paying for a pizza. The pizza guy obviously enjoyed the show, I could see his hard cock straining against his pants. My sister-in-law drew out the whole process, taking the pizzas into the living room, bending over to set them on the coffee table, giving him a clear view of her ass and pussy. She didn’t even tip the pizza guy, but he didn’t seem to mind given the five minute show he’d just gotten.

My wife and Todd came back from the shower. Todd was wearing silk boxers, my wife was wearing some silky, white lingerie. It wasn’t anything I recognized, but I was certain it was Laura’s, the chest was too small for my wife’s tits. Both of her large, freckled breasts where straining against the fabric. Her cleavage was threatening to spill out the top and the sides of both her breasts were clearly visible. They ate in the living room, and halfway through dinner I heard my wife complain that the top was too tight, so she pulled the silky fabric down letting her tits free.

Right after dinner Todd and my wife went back güvenilir casino to the bedroom, Todd literally carrying my wife. Her panties were off, the white silky top hanging loosely beneath her tits, and Todd’s boxers were missing. His cock was hard again, and my wife was stroking it as they went down the hall.

That night my wife and Todd slept in the master bedroom while my sister-in-law stayed in the guest room with me. I spent all night listening to the sounds of my wife and Todd fucking in the next room. My wife’s wild moaning coming through the wall along with Todd’s grunts. I could hear my wife slap her hands against the wall between the bedrooms, obviously now on her knees. There was a brief silence, then Todd said something. “Yes. Put it in my ass”, I heard my wife say, “put it in slowly”. I couldn’t believe what I heard my wife say, she’d never been interested in anal sex and wouldn’t even let me go near her ass.

Sure enough though I could hear her muffled cries, “Ah… gently… gently… put it in more…”, as Todd worked something into her ass. There was a small pause, and then I heard something start vibrating. My wife started moaning immediately, “Oh God… that feels amazing… oh fuck…” It was obviously a vibrator of some sort in her ass because my wife said, “now put your cock in me… fill up my pussy”. As soon as Todd’s huge cock entered my wife she hit a new level of loud, her screaming orgasm so loud that the noise actually woke my sister-in-law.

The sounds of Todd pounding his cock into my wife increased in frequency and volume, beneath the sounds of their bodies slamming together I could hear the vibrator’s cyclical humming from my wife’s ass. My sister-in-law and I lay in bed listening through the wall. “It sounds like Stacy’s finally trying anal”, Laura said, “I’ve been trying to convince her how awesome it feels. A woman doesn’t make that kind of noise any other way”. Laura got up out of bed, she was still naked, and started moving toward the door.

“I want to see this. You should come watch”, Laura said as she left the guest bedroom. I knew I wouldn’t be getting any sleep with all the noise no matter where I was in the house, so I got up to follow her. Coming into the master bedroom I could see my wife on all fours on the bed, leaning down with her face in a pillow. Todd was kneeling behind her working his huge cock in and out of her pussy at a fast pace. Stacy’s tits bounced back and forth beneath her, rubbing against the bed. Sure enough, my wife had the pink vibrator that she’d bought buried in her ass. My wife was practically screaming, it seemed like she was having one long, continuous orgasm.

My sister-in-law looked down at my hard cock in my boxers and smiled before moving to the dresser. There she grabbed the huge black dildo and the smaller silver dildo and proceeded to suck them into her mouth one at a time, licking up and down their lengths, wetting them with her tongue. She then sat down on a chair in the corner, positioned herself facing the bed so she could watch her boyfriend fuck my wife, and started working the silver dildo into her ass and the large black dildo into her tan, shaved pussy. Laura was putting on a show for her boyfriend and sister, while enjoying the pounding that Todd was giving my wife.

It was all too much for me, my wife slamming her ass back into Todd with the pink vibrator bouncing in her ass, my sister-in-law with her legs over the arms of the chair fucking her spread-wide ass and pussy. I was about to leave, to return to the guest room, when my wife pulled herself off Todd’s cock… my curiosity caused me to stop and watch. My wife reached back and slid the pink dildo out of her ass, dropping it on the bed, and then looked back at Todd and said, “Put your cock in my ass. Fuck me in the ass”. Todd moved his cock to line up with my wife’s asshole and slowly started working the length of his huge cock into my wife’s ass.

She came twice just while he was working his cock inside her. Even though the look on her face was of pained concentration, the noises she was making indicated pure lust. Todd was only able to get half of his cock into her ass before she stopped him. They stayed like that for a minute, his cock halfway up my wife’s ass, stretching her wide. I left as Laura had her second orgasm, both dildos buried to the hilt. By the time I climbed back into bed. my wife and Todd were hitting their rhythm, the sounds pouring through the wall all obscene. I whacked off under the covers, pushing the boxers aside and jerking my cock until I came, listening to my wife in the next room fuck like a whore. “Yes… fuck my ass… fuck my ass…”, she kept chanting, “Oh that feels good… oh fuck…” The sounds of their bodies slapping together rang out as Todd worked the whole length of his cock into my wife’s ass.

I didn’t sleep at all that night, and I was thankful to not have work on Saturday so I could rest, but our flight home wasn’t until Sunday morning. Which meant I had a whole day to spend, getting tortured by listening to and watching my wife get fucked. Eventually Laura came back to the guest bedroom, Todd and my wife were still fucking. As Laura got into bed she told me, “Stacy wants to go to the beach tomorrow. So we’ll go in the morning. You can come if you want”. And with that she rolled over and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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