California Dream

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As the plane touched down, she knew she was one day closer to being with the man she had thought so much about over the last few months. A man she had talked, laughed and cried with. She had almost lost this man one time. Their conversation getting confused, he thought she was telling him good-bye, but she was not doing that at all.

As she talked with him that night, he had gotten quieter and quieter. She knew something was wrong, but had no idea what he was thinking. As they continued to talk, she began wondering what was wrong with him and finally asked him. It didn’t dawn on her that he thought she was saying good-bye to him. In fact, she thought he was going to tell her good-bye. Both of them thinking the other was saying good-bye. She began crying and finally asked him if he was ending things.

“No, unless that’s what you want,” he replied.

“My God! No!” she told him, crying more now.

“Oh Jesus, baby! I thought you were telling me good-bye,” he told her.

The waters had calmed now; she thought of how she had almost lost this man and a tear fell as she thanked God that she hadn’t. She knew it was going to be hard sleeping that night. He would be picking her up at nine in the morning.

She lay there thinking of this man, a man she would do anything for. Aching to hold him. She would finally get to in the morning. Sometime later, she drifted off to sleep.

Waking early the next morning, she got into the tub and took a long, luxurious bath. Getting out, she dried off thinking of him. She slipped into the leopard print dress she had bought especially for him. She wore nothing under it, no bra or panties. She had packed a few things in her knapsack for later that day.

At 9 am, his van pulled up in front of the apartment building. She went out to greet him. She hugged him and kissed the side of his neck, not wanting to draw to much attention here. They would 1. have plenty of time later. Quiet time together, just the two of them.

There was no one at the apartment, so she invited him in. Once inside the apartment with the door closed, they fell into each other’s arms. Kissing one another passionately. Their hands finally getting to explore one another physically, instead of the mental game they had been playing on the computer. His hand sliding over her ass, pulling the dress up to caress her bare cheek.

Her tongue slid down his neck, tasting him. Her lips close to his ear, whispering, “I know what you want!” Her hand moved to the button and zipper of his shorts. Undoing them, she slid his hard cock out of them as she slid down his body. Kneeling in front of him, she took his hard cock in her hand, stroking him. Her lips touching against the head of it as he watched her anticipating. She kissed the tip of it as it jumped, smiling up at him.

His hand reaching down to touch her hair. Her lips opening to cover the head of his cock. Sucking gently at him. Then sliding a little more of him into her mouth. She began moving back and forth on him at a steady pace. Her hand moving lovingly up and down his thigh as she worked at him. Sucking and pulling at him.

Moans of pleasure escaping from him as he began swaying back and forth with her. Pushing himself deeper into her mouth as one of her hands now caressed and squeezed at his balls. As she worked at him, his hands wrapped in her hair, caressing her scalp.

She suddenly took all of him in her mouth, her mouth touching his pubic hair at the base of his cock. Gasping, he arched into her as his nectar filled her mouth and throat. She stayed on him, taking the last drops from him. Licking the length of him with broad strokes from her tongue. Starting at the base and licking up. The tip of her tongue sliding into the hole at the end of his cock, searching for the last drops.

Then she slowly slid her tongue back up his body until she was standing before him. His arms wrapped around her roughly, pulling her into him, his lips crushing down on hers. His hands roaming hungrily over her body through the thin material of her dress. When they finally separated, he said, “We need to get going.” 2.

Walking out of the apartment, he opened the van door and waited for her to get in. His hand sliding up over her ass. She turned her head, looking over her shoulder at him and grinned. He shut her door and went around to the driver’s side and got in. He leaned across and kissed her again. His hand moving up along the inside of her thigh.

“We’re not going to get anywhere like this,” she joked with him. He laughed his sexy laugh and started the van. Her hand resting lightly in his shoulder as he drove. They drove the thirty minutes to the coast talking and laughing. Every now and then kissing one another quickly.

He had registered them at the Holiday Inn on the beachfront. He was a romantic from the start; this is what had attracted her. Their plans were to go for a walk along antalya escort the beach and get something to eat before checking into the hotel. After they checked in, they wouldn’t be coming out for quite a while.

He parked the van and walked around to her side of the van, opening the door. He leaned in and kissed her, lingering. Her hand slipping through his hair and around his neck. He pulled back and took her hand, as she stepped out of the van. He kissed her again, pulling her close to him.

They spent the next couple of hours walking along the beach, the sea wind rippling their hair. They walked along, stopping every now and then to hold one another as they looked out over the ocean. Nuzzling and kissing one another like two young newlyweds. They continued walking and talking quietly. Holding hands, they began walking back toward the hotel.

They ate dinner at a seafood restaurant across the street, carrying on their conversation over dinner. Touching one another every so often. The touches building anticipation for later when they were alone. After dinner, they returned to the hotel. She waited while he registered and got their room key.

When they got into the room, she handed him the bag with his gifts in it. When he finished with everything in the bag, she removed the ring with two feathers on it from her finger. She had worn this ring for months, filling it with her love for him. She placed it in his hand. He now had her heart in his hand.

He handed her a small box, which she opened. There lay the beautiful panther necklace he had 3. told her he had bought her. The gold gleaming brightly, never tarnishing like their love for one another. It was a very beautiful piece, like him. He took it from the box and placed it around her neck. Once he had it clasped around her neck; she tilted her head up to kiss him.

Bending slightly as he kissed her, his hand running along her thighs, up under her dress, sliding up over her hips. He broke away from her and moved in behind her. Taking her into his arms, he bent his head down to kiss her neck. His hands caressing her tits. Reaching into the front of the dress to pull them out over the top of it. His body pressing hungrily against hers. His fingers pinching gently at her nipples as she felt his rock hard cock straining against the material separating their bodies. She felt the hardness of him against her ass. She pushed back into him, rubbing back and forth against him, her ass grinding into him.

His hands sliding to the inside of her thighs, up over her pussy. Slipping a finger in over her clit as his lips touched her neck. She reached behind her to caress him. Sliding her hand over his hardness and gripping him. He stepped back far enough to undo his shorts and let them slide off of him.

Moving in behind her again, he pulled her dress up over her ass and stepped into her, sliding his hard cock between her legs. She leaned forward slightly, letting his cock slide in between her legs, in between her lips. He moved his cock slowly back and forth over her clit. Her wetness soon letting him slid smoothly over her clit. As he slid slowly back, she leaned over further as he held her hips.

Her hand guided him to her opening and he slid into her silky, hot cunt. Her hips moved gently back into him as he filled her with his cock. Growing and becoming harder at the feel of her. He rocked into her gently, slowly, enjoying the feel of her.

He began thrusting harder, deeper as she began meeting him. Stopping every now and then to grind against him, keeping him buried in her. He grasped her hips, pulling her hard into him as he released himself.

He soon pulled out of her and she turned to take him in her arms, holding him tight. He reached down and pulled the dress up over her head. Dropping it onto the back of the chair, he turned to look at the body he had seen only on a video and in pictures she had sent him. Looking her up and 4. down, appraising her.

“Like what you see, baby?” she purred at him.

“Oh…yeahhhh!” he drawled, moving toward her.

Taking her into his arms, he moved her toward the bed. Reaching the edge of the bed, she crawled onto it. She looked back over her shoulder seductively at him as she crawled onto the bed. “Meow!” she said, low and sultry, grinning at him. She began a purring noise in her throat.

He pulled his shirt over his head and climbed onto the bed. She lay on the bed waiting, watching him. She ran her tongue over her lips as he crawled to her. He straddled her with his cock between her tits. She moved her arms up, pushing her tits together, pressing them around and against his cock. Her hands sliding over the outside of his thighs. He moved smoothly between her tits for a few strokes. She caressed his thighs as he rested for a few minutes.

Her hands then slid to her tits, pulling one of them to her mouth, as her tongue moved over it, licking it as he watched. Soon his hips began to move forward and back again between her kemer escort tits. Her hands pushing from the outside of her tits, pushing them together to surround his cock.

Her tongue reaching to touch his cock whenever he got close. Licking at the head every chance she could. Soon he was hard again. He moved forward on her slightly. She worked at him with her mouth and hands. Licking and stroking him, moving quicker on him. He soon came again, giving her the “pearl necklace” he promised her. She guided his cock as he spewed hot cum all over her neck and chest. Her other hand rubbing it into her skin, over her breasts. Finally licking the end of his cock for the last drops she found there. He lay down beside her, resting, his hand caressing her body, touching her all over.

She looked into his eyes, tracing his jaw with her fingers. Then hungrily pulled his mouth to hers. His hand slipping down over her stomach to the dampness between her legs. He slid his fingers in over her clit, opening her. He pinched her clit between his fingers, rolling it gently between them.

She nipped at his shoulder and chest, being careful not to mark him. His fingers slid further down seeking her opening. He slipped his middle finger into her. His thumb still on her clit. His finger sliding into her as his thumb slid over her clit. His pinky finger touching her asshole; fluttering 5. against it. Moaning, his lips covered hers. His tongue finding hers. His fingers driving her higher, she arched up into him.

His mouth covered her nipple, sucking until it became hard. Moving to the other, he did the same to it. His tongue then sliding slowly down over her body. She felt the bed shifting as he positioned himself between her legs. He dropped his head down and ran his tongue along her pubic hair. Tracing along the top, then slowly parting her pussy lips as his tongue tasted her.

He gently pushed her legs up, her knees bending as he pushed her legs open. His head dipping down to run his tongue down over her; over her clit; over her opening; stopping long enough to slide his tongue into her. Tasting her, then moving on down further to tongue her asshole. He tasted her for a few seconds, then began moving up over her again. Moans and gasps escaping her as she moved and twitched under his touches. He suddenly drove his tongue deep into her cunt. Her hips coming up suddenly to meet him. His hands pulling her into him, then sliding under her ass to lift her pussy up into his face, as he buried his mouth and face in her pussy.

Her hands clutched at the sheets, as her whines of pleasure became more urgent, bordering on the edge of climax. His tongue working furiously at her, he tasted her sweet juices, as he drove his tongue into her. He sucked at her, pulling her juices out, draining her. She lay quivering under his touch. His cock growing stiff with need and want again.

“Get on your hands and knees, baby,” he whispered in her ear. She rolled onto her stomach and got on her knees. Raising up on his knees, he slid his cock in between the lips of her pussy, getting himself wet. Backing up, he opened her and thrust deep into her, almost driving her to the bed. Bracing herself, she moved her hips back into him. Grasping her hips, he began pumping in and out of her. Pulling almost out, them slamming into her. As his pace began picking up, she began calling his name over and over.

“Yeah, baby!!!!” she whispered, harshly. “Take it all! Harder!” she cried.

Pulling almost out of her, he slammed into her again. As he stayed buried in her, he felt the muscles constrict around his and felt her warmth spread over his cock. He stayed very still enjoying the feel of her silky cunt around him. When she stopped clenching him, he slowly withdrew. He 6. reached for her and pulled her with him.

“Come here, babe,” he said, pulling her with him. He headed for the chair in the room. Sitting down, he pulled her down into his lap. Her legs on either side of him, he impaled her, as his hand covered her breast, caressing her. His other hand moved over her stomach and down to her wet mat. He slid his finger in over her swollen clit, pressing on her in circular motions as she moved back and forth on him.

He was completely buried in her. His swollen cock filling her completely. She leaned back against him and turned her head, seeking his lips. Her right hand caressing his face. His finger moved quicker over her clit now as their kiss deepened. She squeezed and released him with the muscles inside her. Her head back against his shoulder, he kissed her neck taking her closer to the edge. He manipulated her clit until she came again, crying out.

They sat quietly now, resting as he went soft inside her. He held her trembling body next to his, not wanting to let her go. Her eyes closed, she drifted in the afterglow of wonderful sex. She nuzzled him, kissing his jaw.

She eased off of him and headed toward the bathroom on rubbery legs. Looking back over konyaaltı escort her shoulder, she smiled at him, “Gonna take a shower, you coming?”

He got to his feet and followed her, stopping outside the bathroom door to watch as she bent to adjust the water temperature. He stood watching this woman, marveling at how she turned him on. She was so sensual and sexual. For months now, he had wanted this woman physically. Now that he had her, he couldn’t seem to get enough.

Coming up behind her, he grabbed her roughly, spun her around and pinned her against the wall. His mouth crushing down on hers. He turned and pushed her towards the sink. Grabbing her by the waist, he placed her on the sink. Stepping between her legs, he placed his cock at her clit and began rubbing it over her again. As he began hardening again, she reached down to stroke him. When she had him hard once again, he stepped into her. She opened herself to him once again.

His stroke was deep. She pushed her hips forward and wrapped her legs around him. The hot water from the shower making the small room into a sauna. They moved easily with each other. He 7. squeezed her tits as he moved in and out of her.

Leaning in, he kissed her as his hips continued to move back and forth. They were in no hurry now. The urgent, lustful time was over. From here on out would be for their pleasure. They rocked together, sweat running freely off of them. Arching into her, he let himself go again, feeling her flow over him at the same time. Staying in her until she took the last of his seed.

“Sorry…” he grinned sheepishly. “Animal instinct,” he laughed pulling her off the sink.

“Can I please get in the shower now?” she asked, laughing.

They got into the shower, soaping each other, gently washing each other. He turned her around to wash her back. Soaping her back, he bent to kiss her neck again. She lay back against his strong chest, slick with soap. His hands moving to her front, soaping her breasts and stomach. Then sliding the soap down to soap her pussy. She spread her legs letting him slide his soapy hand back and forth over her.

Taking a washrag, he ran it over her removing the soap from her body. She took the soap from him and had him to turn away from her as she soaped his broad shoulders and back. Water cascading over him, she stepped around facing him. She soaped his chest and stomach. Using her hands to cup the water and rinse the soap from him.

She then took the soap again and began to wash his cock, balls and ass. Taking the washrag, she wiped the soap from him gently. She was on her knees in front of him, with the warm water beating against his back relaxing him. He looked down at her as her mouth closed around his cock once again. Her hands slick from the water, sliding smoothly over his thighs and ass.

Her right hand moving over his ass. Her finger sliding down the crack of his ass, following it down. Her left hand caressing his balls as her mouth continued to work at him. He felt her finger probing lightly at his asshole. With a slight pressure, she slid it into him.

Soon she was moving her mouth and her finger in the same rhythm. Her finger sliding into him, her mouth sliding down his cock. Finger coming out, mouth pulling back. Keeping a slow, steady rhythm. Hearing him growl with pleasure.

Soon, he grabbed her hair and thrust himself into her throat, grunting as he came in her mouth. 8. When she had the last drops of him, he helped her to her feet. Kissing her, his kisses moved to her neck and ears. Then, he continued down. Kneeling in front of her, he parted his lips with his hands as she moved her legs apart, allowing him easier access. His tongue touched her and she gasped loud enough to be heard over the water rushing over him. He slipped his hand around her ass to pull her into his face. His other hand slipping between her legs. His finger sliding up into her, pulling her to him from the inside. His tongue and mouth continuing to work at her clit.

His hand slid down the crack of her ass, fingers touching her asshole. Wet from the water, he pushed slightly, working his way slowly into her. Probing both her ass and her cunt with his fingers and tonguing her clit.

Just as she clenched inside to cum, he pulled his finger out of her and dropped his head to replace his finger with his tongue. He tasted her sweetness again as his finger continued to slide smoothly in and out of her ass. Once he had drained her, he stood and took her in his arms, holding her very close, feeling her tremble. They stood like this for a long time, holding one another, letting the water cascade over them.

Cutting off the water, they stepped out of the shower and began drying one another off. The gold panther he had given her glinting on her chest. Looking into her eyes, he stooped to kiss her and then whispered, “I love you!”

Her arms went around his neck and she pulled him down to kiss him hard. She took his hand and led him back to the bed. She had him to lie down on his back and then she lay down next to him. Her hand moving lazily over his hairy chest. Lying with his arm curled around her, she moved her body in against his, holding him closer. Her lips moving to his neck, as her hand played in the hair on his chest.

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