Cabin in the Woods Ch. 03

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Author’s note:

First, I should apologize for taking SIX YEARS to get this chapter out. Life happens, I fell out of writing. I finally got back into it and it still took me a while to unblock this. Anyway. Here it is. I’ve got scraps of the start of the next chapter so I promise it won’t be another 6 years

This one veers into BDSM territory and as the previous two chapters it’s got watersports. So again…if you don’t like piss, then don’t fucking read this one.

“I want you to fucking make me yours. Own me, Jason.”

That’s what she had said, that’s what my big sister Julia told me after she swallowed what seemed like a liter of my piss in the shower this morning. The week at the cabin had already been a wild ride and it seemed like it was only going to get wilder. It seemed like she was not just willing, but needing, to be submissive to me. Now I just had to figure out how to do that. How to “own” her.

I was no blushing virgin, but my sex life with my girlfriend was largely vanilla. Anal was about as wild as it got, and even that was a bit limited. She wasn’t into getting rimmed…or rimming me. And we’d fucked outside a few times, while other people were around at a party or two. But we’d never done any S little roads that led the eye to her crotch and the delicious treasures hidden between her thighs. Leaning in I placed my lips gently against that patch of coarse hair and kissed, pushing into the soft skin there.

I grabbed a hold of her calves and slid my hands up her legs. As I did I started to stand, kissing my way up her stomach to her belly button. Her skin was soft under my palms, and I squeezed as they got to her thighs before slipping inwards and up to press flat against her pussy. It was as wet as it had been all weekend. I was looking forward to slamming my cock into her bahis firmaları again but I was definitely getting into this whole scene. “Inspecting” her. I slipped a finger into my sis and curled it forward, probing for her g-spot. I could tell I hit it when she gasped and moaned.

Removing my digit I sternly told her “Turn around.” She smiled and did as she was told.

“Yes, sir.”

God I could get used to that. At least, I wish I could get used to it. I was ignoring the part of my mind that knew this wasn’t going to last, that this insanity was only for the week and then never again. I was going to relish every moment of it.

I grabbed a hold of Julia’s braid and tugged her head back, pulling far enough until she was actually looking up at my face. A thought struck me and I decided to go with it. That was kind of the theme for this vacation, though, right? Do what seems fun. I spat on her face, my saliva glistening in patches on her nose and cheek, mingling where the streak of her own had dried from where I wiped it. She squinted her eyes and gasped. Not the “do that enough times and I’ll cum” gasp, but a shocked gasp.

When she opened those green orbs again there was fire in them. She was pissed, but she was also biting her lip. My own emotions were conflicted as well. That was so out of character for me, but it also made my cock throb to humiliate her like that.

I let go of Julia’s braid and gave her ass a swat, the “smack” loud in the small cabin. She let out a little “eep” but still kept silent, waiting for my next move, my next order. I decided to give her one. “Legs. Spread.”

She placed her feet further apart, but not as much as I’d like. “I said fucking spread you stupid slut. No, spread those legs, and bend over for me.” I punctuated my command with another smack on her pale kaçak iddaa butt, both cheeks starting to turn pink. My big sister followed her instructions, spreading her legs much wider and bending over at the waist. She placed on hand on the floor to steady herself.

As she bent over, my eyes went from the dimples in her back down to the cleft between her round buttocks, mind somewhat reliving the moment in the car on the way up when I watched as her cheeks split and I saw her puckered pink asshole. I’d never get tired of that, watching those globes spread apart and her little hole coming into view. There was something extra arousing, something deeply intimate about a girl showing you that which society says must be kept most secret, never to be seen, spoken of, thought of, or acknowledged even exists. Yet here my sister was, willingly opening it up to me, revealing her most private parts, offering them up to me to do with as I please.

I pleased. I knelt behind her and immediately buried my face in her ass, pushing my tongue into her little hole. It was almost sweet, though I could taste a bit of the soap from our shower earlier. Reaching around I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her onto my face, pushing my tongue as deep into her ass as I could, the smooth sphincter spreading around it. Julia groaned out a breathy “Thank you, sir.”

I basically made out with her asshole for a good couple of minutes, alternating between squeezing her cheeks and pulling them aside so I could gently lick and tease her hole, and tongue-fucking her butthole. A string of gasps and squeals and squeaks kept emanating from her. I was glad she was enjoying it but I was definitely loving it. Finally I came up for some air. “Stay like that,” I told her. She didn’t move as I stood up and walked around in front of her, my stiff kaçak bahis cock as hard as it could be, bobbing out in front of me.

I unceremoniously grabbed her head and pushed my cock into her mouth, barely giving her time to take a breath and get her mouth open before I was rocking my hips and using her face like her pussy. I went deeper into her mouth with each stroke, finally feeling her throat squeeze the head of my cock as I pushed into her. Once I was sure my shaft was well coated in saliva I pulled out of my sister’s mouth and she gasped for air.

“Stay like that,” I told her again. And again she didn’t move, hands on the floor and legs wide. I walked back around behind her and this time I grabbed her thighs, just below her buttocks, that little crease where her ass and her legs joined. Pulling my hands apart I spread her pussy open, the soft folds sticking to each other just a little before opening so enticingly. She was soaking wet. I let go of her left thigh and balled my hand into a fist except for my middle finger. Reaching between her legs I placed that extended fingertip up against the front of her slit, above her clit. Slowly, slowly, I dragged it back into those soft folds, my finger sliding easily as it became coated in her lubricant. My sister groaned, crooning as I stroked her slit, then let out a loud “oh!” as I pushed it slowly but firmly into her.

I twisted my wrist around, wiggling my finger, feeling the depths of her. The warmth, the slick softness of her insides. I was drawing out squeaks and groans from Julia as I poked and prodded, occasionally hitting her g-spot, occasionally pulling my finger out and pushing it back in. Eventually satisfied, I stood up and walked back to her front, pushing the finger into her mouth, making her taste herself.

She eagerly sucked at my finger; I wasn’t sure if it was because she was enjoying doing what she knew I wanted, or because she genuinely enjoyed the taste of herself. Either way, she was working her mouth on my finger like it was my cock.

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