C Train to North Amsterdam

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Standing in the train station, Roxxana always enjoyed people watching. She could sit there for hours making up stories about the random people that passed; this man, balding in his mid 40’s was on his way to meet his mistress…

He would get to her house, running his finger through his thinning brown hair, flecks of grey catching in the mid-afternoon sunlight. His suit, a show of importance, was just a sham he disguised himself in as he walked out into the “real world.” His marriage was falling apart, his daughter hated him, and his wife was cheating on him with his business partner and half the office. But none of that mattered right now, his mistress was in her early 20’s, perfect perky breasts just popping out of her shirt welcomed him to the front door.

He could see through the glass in the door as he walked up that she was only wearing a shirt. As she opened the door, her blond hair waved softly in the wind.

“Hi baby, I thought you’d never come,” she smiled with consideration.

“Sorry, I got held up at the office. More paperwork, less money…” He sighed as he walked through the door, following his young tart.

Soon, his pants would be around his ankles; the young blond on her knees, her face buried in his crotch rocking up and down. He gasped as her tongue lapped at the beads of precum collecting on the tip of his cock, playing with his balls with her left hand while feeling her dripping wet pussy with her right. His Viagra filled, ever-hard penis pumping to the beat of his heart.

As she sucked and slurped the front door opened. Standing at the doorway, his wife watched as the blond tart sucked for all she was worth: the rent money for the month. Taking her high-heeled shoes off, the wife, a mid 30’s brunette began walking across the floor. Her tight bun suggested she meant business, which intimidated every man in the office, including her shy pushover husband who hadn’t been able to get it up for the past year.

Bending over, this brunette wife sunk her manicured nails into the tarts wanting pussy. Startled at her appearance the man stood up abruptly, sending the blond tart toppling over his wife. As both women lay on the ground, legs spread up at him; he gazed down at both dripping wet snatches begging to be fucked.

“What the hell are you doing?” He demanded of his wife.

“I could ask you the same, if I had known you were getting blown every day I might not have felt so bad about Charles banging me in the break room, or on your desk.” She snapped.

“You will not talk to me like that, wench!” He stood up for himself. Startled, his wife now realizing her husband somehow grew a pair, bowed down to him submissively.

“I’m sorry,” she bowed.

“No, but you will be. Now suck me,” he demanded pointing to his blond tart. “You don’t get to move, lay there.” He forced his wife to the ground.

His eyes rolled up into his head as he stood before his blond bursa escort tart, having the blow of the century. His wife’s eyes glued to the duo, getting more and more turned on as seconds passed by. Pulling his penis out of her mouth, he demanded the tart go get her biggest dildo.

“Get over here,” he demanded to his wife as the blond disappeared down the hallway. Forcing her to bend before him, the man took up a position behind his wife. Pressing her onto the blue couch he pulled her ass up to him, burying his cock in her asshole. She screamed in agony as his pulsing member penetrated her ass for the first time. Her legs squirmed in agony as se clung to the couch for mercy, crying for him to stop.

As his mistress returned, he held his hand out for the black veined dildo.

“Bend over the couch, in front of my wife,” he demanded. As the young tart bent over the back of the couch, her ass pointed back at his wife and him the man forced his wife’s mouth down onto the tarts asshole.

“Now lick bitch. You have a dirty mind, a dirty heart, now you will have a dirty tongue.” He reached over pulling the blonde’s ass cheeks apart, “Stick your tongue deep into her ass,” he shoved his cock deeper into his wife.

As she licked, tears streamed down the wife’s face running her mascara. Humiliated, she did as she was told. As he watched his wife bury her face in his mistress’s ass he pulled the dildo out, shoving it deep into the blonde’s pussy. She moaned in pleasure, pressing her ass back harder against his wife’s face.

“Take the dildo,” he demanded to his wife, holding the shaft for her. “Now fuck her hard!” Grabbing her ass with both hands, the husband thrusted his cock harder, deeper, and faster into his wife making her scream and cry louder.

As his mistress began to writhe in pleasure he slapped his wife’s ass, coming closer to orgasm, he considered where he wanted to shoot his load.

“Both of you, turn around and kiss.” He demanded, grinning evilly. They did as he commanded, making out with each other as he stroked his shaft closer and closer to exploding. Suddenly, he felt it happening, he arched his back sending a strong stream of creamy cum over both women’s faces.


Roxxana was jolted back into reality as she heard the announcement of her train, “Train to North Amsterdam is now boarding at gate C, Train to North Amsterdam is now boarding at gate C.” She grabbed her jacket and purse and began walking to the train. After finding her seat and paying the toll Roxxana began to unwind, her long hard workday had taken its toll. Her feet ached, her back cried for the warmth of a warm bubble bath…

As the soft sound of Miles Davis’ trumpet streamed through the warm steamy air. The smell of lavender lapped at her sinuses, begging her body to release its tension from the day. Lying back in the warm water, Roxxana laid her head back on her bath pillow lying in stillness bursa escort bayan at the edge of sleep…


Suddenly, the train came to a crashing halt causing people and things to collide and crash leaving the train a dark confusing mess. Roxxana, lying on her chair nearly asleep sat up wondering if she was dreaming or awake. Standing in the isle Roxxana walked to the nearest door, hoping to find someone, anyone.

A hand reached out to her in the darkness, pulling her into a side room in her train car. Inside she smelled something sweet, yet distant. Something warm pressed up against her leg, reaching down she found a leg with her hands. A warm thigh, following it down, she found the knee, felt it quivering as she caressed it softly. Suddenly, she was pick up from underneath, thrown onto a soft table.

Landing gently on her back, Roxxana felt a warm hand reach up her leg followed by a warm breath and soft lips. Kissing and caressing up to her knee, then slowly up her thigh. She felt her dripping wet pussy in her panties, as her moisture collected her panties were getting wet. Her hard nipples rubbed gently against her blue silk bra hidden under her work suit.

A prying hand pulled her panties off her snatch. It felt divine as the cool dark air touched her sensitive labia. A warm wet tongue followed warm wet breath, as it licked up her thigh to her snatch. Roxxana moaned out, pleased and excited for more. Her hand reached down, pulling the strangers head to her, begging the mysterious tongue to lap at her hardening clit.

As she begged, the tongue teased her. Inching closer to her clit, then suddenly following her slit down to her ass. Once it slipped slightly inside her pussy, tasting her juices as they waited just inside her. Her body begged to be fucked, hard! It had been a while since Roxxana had been fucked; she missed feeling a hard penis pressing deeper and deeper inside her. Until she didn’t think it could go any deeper, then suddenly it would find another inch and crawl deeper inside her, dripping and pumping all along.

Hands caressed Roxxana from all directions, as if sensing her excitement all hands were on deck. Unbuttoning her shirt, unclasping her bra, removing all cloth from her body; Roxxana lie on the table completely bare to the air, on her back, her body begging to be penetrated and dominated.

Laying her head back, Roxxana found a hand, leading a strong cock to her. As her mouth was forced open the cock filled every spare room in her mouth, pulsing and dripping precum. She felt his balls slapping against her nose and brow as he thrusted gently into her mouth. Suddenly, that which she begged for happened: her clit was sucked hard into a warm wet mouth. Surrounded by tongue her hard clit was massaged and lapped at, crying out in orgasmic bliss Roxxana grabbed for the ass before her face, pulling his penis into her mouth deeper as she deep throated the man.

She escort bursa felt his penis quiver and pump as it exploded creamy cum down her throat. Pulling it out just in time to spurt one more time on Roxxana’s beautiful face. Sitting up, she smiled; ready to be fucked. She bent over calling out to the tongue in the darkness.

“Please, fuck me. I need to be filled,” she begged.

“I wish I could my dear,” a woman’s voice called from her pussy.

“Well don’t stop!” Roxxana demanded, grinding against the woman’s mouth.

She was pulled over onto her knees. The tongue returned quickly as she sat there. Roxxana gasped with pleasure as the tongue found her hard clit, licking soft circles around it. Suddenly, Roxxana smelled strong cologne. Feeling a warm breath on the back of her neck, she braced herself, already starting to push back. His massive strong hands reached up to her perky breasts, playing with her erect nipples. His breath smelled of coffee and pussy, as he panted into her ear. She felt his hard cock on her ass, begging to enter.

Roxxana bent over, pushing the cock to her tight asshole. Moaning as he entered her, Roxxana grabbed at his arms as they wrapped around her. He was HUGE! At the threshold of pain and pleasure Roxxana cried out, feeling so much pleasure and so much pain her legs twitched her pussy convulsed, and her body struggled against him, all the while being eaten out from below.

Suddenly, Roxxana felt something she never felt before. Another pressure, another beat. Feeling the man’s ass she suddenly felt another body. The man fucking her WAS BEING FUCKED TOO!! He moaned, and whimpered in Roxxana’s ear, crying in pleasure. The thought of being fucked by a man who was being fucked turned Roxxana on more than anything ever had before. She bucked back on his massive penis, putting her whole body into it. She couldn’t wait for him to explode all over her.

Moaning and screaming, both rode their cock to high heaven. Roxxana cumming several times, felt bad for the woman eating her out. She was sure she must be drowning in cum, her pussy felt like a waterfall. Suddenly, the man slowed down, as he stopped breathing Roxxana knew exactly what was happening. She bent over further, begging for his cum.

He thrusted deeply inside her spasming and exploding, with each thrust cum would drip out of Roxxana’s ass and run down her thigh. Lying still, face down; Roxxana sat listening to hard breathing all around her: orgasms, and blowjobs, pussy eating and salad tossing all around her. She smiled happily…


Smiling, Roxxana sat up in her empty train car. One single man sitting across from her, looked up as she yawned.

“Quite a good dream there you’ve been having?” He called to her, smiling.

“I guess I was a lot more tired than I thought.” Roxxana stood up, collecting her things. Sure she must have passed her stop. Looking out the window she saw familiar buildings and street names. Turning back to the man she called, “I guess I just know when to sleep and when to wake up.”

He winked to her, smiling and laughing, watching as she stepped from the train into the cold night air…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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