By The Pool Ch. 04

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This is part 4 in this series. It will help if you read them in sequence. Please enjoy part 5 is written and is going to the editor so look for it soon.


Yawn. I was tired from not being able to fall asleep due to the rampant fantasies running around in my head.

“Treat, what is this treat…” was all I could think about. Mrs. Cavanaugh had promised me a treat today and quite frankly just another chance to sink my cock into her softness again would be treat enough.

Getting out of bed to meet the day was not hard. The last few days had been every teenage boy’s dream. Stripping off my underwear I walked down the hall naked with morning wood staying strong, slapping up against my belly as I walked. While I showered I dreamed about this day and what may happen.

It was all I could do to not jerk off when I was done in the shower. Why jerk off when my mom would likely do it for me when I went out for breakfast?

“Morning, Mom,” I leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. She smelled sweet and looked good. I felt so bold now and pushed my erection up against her hip.

“Aren’t teenage boys ever tired?” Mom said and she turned to look down at my cock. “What is this,” she said as she put one hand on my waist and rubbed the other up and down my hardness a few times.

“You need to rest a bit this morning – we have a good surprise for you today,” she said with a big grin on her face.

The boldness brought on by my cock was somewhat disarmed by my mother’s smile. This was not something I had seen from her before. What was this look? It was definitely not the ‘loving/caring’ look that I had experienced so many times in my life. Even when she stroked my cock and drank my sperm a glimmer of this particular look was not present.

After I ate breakfast I went out to the pool to get some sun. Even with all the thoughts about what could possibly be planned for the day, I still managed to fall asleep.

“You want me to put some lotion on you?” Mrs. Cavanaugh asked me as I came out of my sleep. She sat down on the side of the sun chair I was on.

“We don’t want you to burn,” she said as she licked her lips and rubbed my chest, making a swirl over my nipples.

“Mom, what are you doing?” a voice came from behind me.

“Oh honey, this is your surprise!” Mrs. Cavanaugh said to the figure that was now standing directly in the sun.

Mrs. Cavanaugh had stopped when the voice first spoke, but now she resumed her massage on my chest.

“Mom, I hope you aren’t serious.” the female voice said.

“Sit down here and I will show you why he is the best surprise you will ever know” Mrs. C said, almost as if she was getting angry about the daughter’s responses.

After a moment the daughter sat down and I got a look at the voice. She was incredible. I was nervous at first with her response about what may turn out to be an embarrassing moment. This girl was about eighteen, with blond hair and a tan that made her look like she was out of a magazine. She had a great figure and I could smell strawberries as soon as she sat down. Wanting to get up and almost catch my breath, I fidgeted in my chair only to be pushed down by Mrs. Cavanaugh.

“Okay, Mom what? Is this boy going to heal us with a touch and make us live to 200 years old with perky boobs intact?” the daughter spewed towards her mom as she leaned to look at me a bit closer.

“Shut up” Mrs. C muttered to her daughter. She looked at me then. “I am sorry, she is young and she doesn’t understand.” Then Mrs. C started to rub my cock over my shorts.

“Mom!” the girl looked confused, but she sat and watched as she saw my cock grow.

“That is huge… like twice the length of Troy’s,” she leaned in close as if she thought it was a trick.

“Come and get a closer look…” Mrs. C held out her hand to her daughter and guided her as she got on casino şirketleri her knees next to my sun chair. She was transfixed on my cock.

“Oh, my I see you have already converted another disciple to worship my son’s cock,” my mom laughed as she came out from the house. “Brianna, go ahead and unzip him – he would love to have a pretty girl like you looking at his dick.” My mom said directly, as if giving her no choice.

Brianna did what she was told, transfixed on my cock. Her long blond hair was an inch from touching it as she moved my shorts down. I was a bit shocked when her tiny hand touched the tip of my cock, just scratching it with her nails as if to see if it was somehow fake.

“Oh my god, this is unbelievable!” Brianna said.

“Do you want to fuck her?” Mrs. C asked me. “I think she wants to fuck you after seeing your monster,” I was too afraid to move. Somehow fucking my mom and her friend was different than a young teen girl. I barely spoke to the girls in school and they certainly didn’t want to fuck me. This girl was A-list, too; she was maybe a hundred or so pounds with a tiny waist, and nice perky tits, from what I could see. She also had tanned, beautiful legs that she was now kneeling on while she touched the top of my penis with her fingers.

I couldn’t speak.

My mom moved around next to Brianna and reached down to lift my cock off of my belly. Brianna’s hand instantly moved and closed around my head, squeezing me lightly. The sensation from the squeezing was offset by my nervousness – it helped me to not cum right in her face.

“Look at these two! Let’s get them inside so they can fuck.” Mrs. C said as if she was a madam at a whorehouse, and not the mother of the young girl about to be fucked by me.

Moving into my mother’s bedroom, Mrs. C held my hand. She dropped to her knees when we got near the bed and started to suck me while she stroked me with her hand.

My mom started to kiss Brianna’s neck and remove her clothes while Brianna stood, attention transfixed by the sight of her mom sucking my cock.

My mother was doing a great job at turning me on as she removed this girl’s clothes. Once she had her lacy bra off, Mom started sucking Brianna’s nipples; I couldn’t take the sight of it and I blew my load into Mrs. C’s mouth.

My mom sucking on this young girl’s flesh was a sight. She kissed Brianna’s nipples slowly, and made her way up to her neck again; her hand slid down to Brianna’s tiny pussy. As if she was pulled from a trance, Brianna suddenly realized she was nude in front of a teenage boy. My cock was at half mast after my first quick orgasm, but Mrs. C was doing a good job of keep me semi hard.

My mom pushed Brianna backwards onto the bed and climbed between her legs. Mom was obviously enjoying sucking Brianna’s pussy, and she reached down under her own body and started to finger herself. Watching my mom – who was almost as petite as this girl – moaning and sucking on Brianna made me hard as a rock in no time. Mrs. C seemed pleased with her effort, but it was only a part of the show.

My mom moved back and motioned for me to come to take her place.

“He isn’t going to put that in me,” Brianna said, half-worried.

I actually felt powerful at this, and I wanted to ram my cock into this little beauty that likely wouldn’t have given me the time of day before she saw my cock.

My mom guided my head down to Brianna’s little pussy and I ate her out as best as I could. After about ten minutes of this, I managed to bring her to an orgasm. Pleased with my efforts, my cock was stabbing against the side of the bed as our two moms sat back and watched.

I moved up to impale Brianna, as my cock was like a rock and needed some relief. I felt how hot and wet she was and I looked down at her small blonde pussy trying to take in my huge cock head; I could feel casino firmaları my head pulsing against her hole.

I slowly moved my hips back and forth, but she was so tight I couldn’t get inside. Humping her this way was so exciting and I was actually feeling like I was going to cum again. Fortunately she moved out from under me and started rolling me over.

“I am going to have to work you in slow,” Brianna said, as with some confidence she straddled my waist. Rubbing her pussy back and forth a few times along my length, she seemed to be really horny again. The moms had watched long enough and now they lay on the bed on either side of us. My mom reached up and played with Brianna’s nipples, which were hard as a rock, atop her perky tits. Her chest had a wash of red visible through her tan.

Mrs. C kissed my neck, lifted my cock with her hand so her daughter could receive it against her hole. Slowly Brianna sat back against my cock, slowly adding weight.

I didn’t think it would fit – after about five minutes of slow grinding; she still only had the tip inside. I was dying to cum in her pussy, it was so wet and tight; I couldn’t take it. I started moaning and everyone knew I was about to cum. Brianna reached down to hold my cock and she tried to drive deeper down, but the touch of her hand sent me over the edge. My orgasm was so strong, semen gushed out of her hole making a sound as each stream went in and came out. Brianna was going crazy as I came and with the added lube from my sperm she managed to sink down onto my cock half way. Working hard now, she kept me from losing my erection and she managed to get three-quarters of the way down. She stopped for a second to inspect the bulge in her belly made by the portion of my cock inside her.

My mom reached into the nightstand and pulled out a vibrator. Mrs. C moved around underneath my mom and started to lick and finger her pussy while she rubber the vibrator in the crack of Brianna’s ass.

The vibrator made Brianna jerk up and down forcing me to wrap my hands around her waist to ensure she wouldn’t pop off my cock. Brianna screamed as she came and her body shook. It scared me a bit because she flopped down on my chest afterward, like she was dead. Mrs. C grasped the moment and rolled her daughter off me and climbed into her place. Mrs. C worked for a bit and slid all the way down onto my pole. She rubbed her tits against my chest and begged me to fuck her.

I did my best… she came in about a minute. My mother was lying beside me looking at me while she masturbated with the vibrator. She was glossy with lust and Brianna finally got back in the game and decided to suck on her nipples. Mrs. C was going again, making as long a stroke as she could up and down my cock.

Brianna’s sucking and the vibrator set off my Mom and she bucked as she came. My mom held Brianna’s head against her chest and the picture of her young face and blonde hair against my mother’s perfect tits put me on the edge again. I bucked hard and pinched one of Mrs. C’s nipples while grabbing her waist and ramming her hard for all I was worth. Her tits bounced up and down and she took pleasure in my pinching. She started to shake as she was about to come again, and I came inside her. As soon as the lube from my orgasm was inside her it set her off and she moved her legs in tight against my body like she was trying to squeeze me. Wobbly afterwards, she lay on top of me with my cock still inside her, growing smaller.

My mom kissed Brianna and stroked her hair. Brianna explored Mom’s mouth with tiny kisses and twirled a finger around her nipples. Mrs. C started laughing and looked at me and said, “Surprise, you lucky dog.”

After a bit of a rest I looked over at Brianna who was still touching my mother. I pulled up my arm which seemed heavy and touched her face. She smiled lightly and moved off her knees at the güvenilir casino side of the bed. She moved in-between my legs and took my limp cock in her hand. I could feel an ache as she kissed, then sucked at my cock that was coated with her and her mother’s juices. Slowly licking off all of the nectar, she cleaned me up.

All that work of trying to ram my big cock into her tiny cunt had left my shaft red and sore and her tongue was very soothing at first. As I looked down at her mouth on my cock, it started to move and it was almost uncomfortably sore. I touched her head and thought about holding her down against my cock just because she looked so good, but the soreness won out.

I pulled her chin up and thanked her. She got the hint and moved off me.

Both moms had big grins – like cats that caught the mouse. I sat sandwiched between them thinking how many of my friends would kill to ever get to do this…

Brianna stood up to get dressed after a few minutes and watching her put on her panties and bra made my cock hard even thought it was painful. She looked so sweet with that baby blue lace – I couldn’t help myself.

Mrs. C said to my mom, “Time for you to fuck him… we had our turns.”

My mom rolled to her side and took my cock in her hand; her breast leaned against my arm. I could feel her hard nipple poking my bicep. “I told you, he is my son and I am not going to fuck him.” She sounded almost unsure.

She knew I was sore so she didn’t stroke up and down, she just traced her finger around my head. I hadn’t really fondled my mother much since all of this started so I rolled onto my side facing her and touched her breasts. For some reason this was so surreal – even after what had just happened. I rolled my mother over and got between her legs and started to eat her pussy. My dick was bobbing up and down, fully erect. I really wanted to fuck my mom.

I was near the end of the bed so Brianna was able to reach around my waist and stroke my cock. She was not as gentle and careful as Mom had been, but I was rock hard again.

My mom was bucking against my face, rubbing her slit up and down against my tongue. I made her cum in just a few minutes, and I was proud of myself. She looked so satisfied and I just sat there and let Brianna stroke me as I looked up at her. Brianna was horny now; she was dry humping my ass as she jerked me off.

I turned around and sat at the end of the bed. I pulled down the straps to Brianna’s bra and slid the bra down to her waist. I sucked hard on her nipples, cupping her tits in my hand. Moving my other hand up her leg to her panties, I rubbed her between her legs and she winced and backed away. I guess Brianna was a sore as I was. I pulled her back and sucked on her nipples a bit more to let her know it was fine. Mrs. C moved off the bed and came around in front of me. She instructed her daughter to get on her knees and take my cock in her mouth.

“You made it hard, honey, with your tight little body – you had best take care of it.” Mrs. C explained.

Brianna was doing a great job. I was sitting on the bed so I had a great view of her lace covered ass while she kissed and sucked on my cock. Mrs. C got in on the action and took over sucking while Brianna stroked the base. It took about twenty minutes of this tag-teamed sucking from mother and daughter to get me to the edge again. When I announced I was ready to come, Mrs. C backed away.

Brianna took the head in her mouth and rubbed her lips against the bulbous rim, and really fast up and down and I came hard. Much harder than I thought I would and I guess I pushed her head down a bit choking her on my cock. The cum drained out of her mouth as she gagged on my meat in her throat. “Shit! I am sorry – I didn’t mean…” I mumbled, letting my voice trail off into silence.

My mom said, “I guess the next lesson better be how to deep throat,” and we all cracked up laughing. I took my last mental snapshot of Brianna as she laughed, half coughing after gagging on my dick: my cum all around her mouth, dripping down onto her tits. It was a sexy sight seeing her like that.

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