But I Love Her

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This story depicts a newlywed couple where the wife dominates and humiliates her husband. It contains themes that are inappropriate for most reasonable adults, bodily fluids and domestic discipline. Reprobates with questionable morals may be affected by this story as the author himself was found to have the presence of involuntary bodily emissions in his undergarments after writing the story.


“Oh my GOD! Why is it so hard to understand!” My wife yelled from the bathroom. “Get your ass in here right now.” I meekly obeyed not quit sure what she was upset about this time. She was a really loving women but she had a short fuse. We had been married for just six month and she seemed to be getting less tolerant of my behavior. As I entered I saw her pointing to the toilet. “Do you notice what is wrong?” she said in a demeaning tone.

“I forgot to put the seat down.” I said quietly and reached to correct the problem. She slapped my hand before I could reach the seat. “AND do you even aim? Good God you peed all over the seat! Were you trying to get me to sit in your piss? Get over here and clean this up.” I got a rag out from under the sink and proceeded to wipe all the places she pointed to. After gently putting down the seat (I got yelled at for being too rough with it a couple of days previously) she lead me back to our bedroom.

Sitting on the edge of the bed she had me stand in front of her. “You’ve made me very cross with you and lately it seems like I’m having to remind you too often to do things you should be doing on your own. Now drop your pants and lay across my knees.”

I stood dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe that she intended on giving me a spanking. Being yelled at is one thing but a spanking seemed a bit extreme. “Honey,” I stammered. “I’m sorry that I haven’t been doing…”

Before I could finish my sentence she grabbed my wrist and pulled me over her knees. I tried to struggle but found that she was a lot stronger that I thought. She smacked my casino şirketleri ass hard a few times. Then dumped me on the floor at her feet. “PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN AND LAY ACROSS MY KNEES.” Her voice was scary angry and I quickly complied.

With my naked butt exposed to her she rubbed her hand over my butt before administering a barrage of swats. With each blow my butt stung more to the point that I couldn’t help but to whimper. Then the worst of it started.

“Now look at you,” she said mockingly . “A grown man getting spanked by his wife.” SMACK “And all because you can’t seem to get the basics down.” SMACK “Didn’t your mother teach you about going to the bathroom?” SMACK “Didn’t she teach you about putting the seat down?” SMACK SMACK “Didn’t she teach you not to jerk you little dickie and splash your pee all over the place.” SMACK “Even little girls know to wipe when they are done?” SMACK SMACK SMACK “Don’t you think you should know how to go to the bathroom properly at your age?” SMACK

The humiliation and pain was wearing me down and I couldn’t answer. SMACK “If you don’t know then maybe you need some lessons. Maybe you need to be potty trained again.” SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK “I think that is a great idea,” she said answering her own thought.

With me still sprawled across her lap she reached between my legs and wrapped her hand round my ball sack. I started to cry. “Oh, are you scared now? She toyed with my testicals. I whimpered in reply. Her antagonistic mood ebbed and the tugging shifted from malevolent to erotic as she rocked me across her legs. Between the relief of not being spanked and the stimulation of my genitals I started to get an erection.

She released my balls and began slowly moving her leg back and forth in such a way that I felt like I was humping her leg. By the way that she was rubbing my back and the lack of criticizing remarks I got the idea that she was wanting me to continue. It was a really awkward position but kinky as hell. I was starting to get into it and could feel casino firmaları the tension building.

“Don’t you want to be good for me?” she asked softly. “Don’t you want to make me happy?” I quietly moaned in agreement. “Don’t you want to have better bathroom habits?” she voice was almost hypnotic. As she talked I became less attentive on what she was saying focusing more on my sexual gratification. “Don’t you want to me to help you?” All I could think of at that point was cumming. “Oh yes!” I moaned. “Do you want me to potty train you so you don’t have to get spankings?” I was so close to exploding, “Please.”

Almost as if it was planned, the moment before I ejaculated she stood me up quickly in front of her. My cock bouncing and spewing cum into her lap. All pressure released and with no more stimulation at that critical moment, my orgasim was ruined. She looked at the mess in her lap then up at me. I panicked, I couldn’t read the expression on her face. I stood there frozen with cum dripping from my now deflating penis.

“Well, it looks like you just volunteered to do the laundry.” She stood up and stripped off her clothes. I felt relieved and humiliated at the same time. Leaving her clothes in a pile on the floor in front of me, she walked around behind me. I bent down to pick up her clothes. SMACK “I didn’t tell you to pick those up yet.” Her voice was seductive, I knew she was horny now. She grabbed my hips and press herself against me from behind. The sensation of her cool naked body against my sore ass was wonderful. She began to grind her hips against my butt, “Now bend over and pick up my clothes.” As I did she started thrusting against me like she was trying to fuck me from behind. I had trouble keeping my balance and had to brace myself against the bed.

She was a strong woman and she held me in that position while she pleasured herself against me. With my ass was still sore from the spanking I just received and orgasimed ruined, I wasn’t really enjoying the encounter. I felt like I was a just güvenilir casino being used. My wife was pounding away grunting like an animal. She reached around and found my flaccid member. Tugging hard on it while she butt humped me I was in tears again.

By her tempo and force I knew she was close to having an orgasim herself. “Do you need to pee now?” She demanded in a guttural voice. “Do you need me to take you…” her panting and raw desire made it hard for her to finish her sentence. The thrusting was nearly knocking me over. “I asked you a question!” she finally shouted.

Outside the pain and humiliation that I was currently in I had no feelings whatsoever. “No. I don’t need to go to the bathroom.” SMACK “Then why the hell are you peeing on my clothes and the floor!” She clamped down hard on my penis and I realize that she was right, I had been peeing without knowing it. With one last hard thrust she stopped but didn’t let go of my dick.

Dragging me by my penis she lead me to the bathroom. I kept my eyes on the floor trying hard not to look at my abused member, my wife or my reflection in the mirror. She shoved me down so that I was sitting on the toilet before letting go of my dick. A stream of piss exploded from my cock and quickly diminished to a trickle.

I looked up to see my wife rubbing her clit trying to keep her sexual momentum. “All done?” she asked distracted by her own pleasure. I nodded. “Then take some toilet paper and wipe yourself off so you don’t drip once you stand up.” I did as she instructed and got up. Still diddling herself she asked, “And what do we do next?”

Confused I looked around trying to remember what else needed to be done. The seat was still down. I didn’t pee anywhere because I was sitting. It wasn’t until I saw the savage sexual look in her eyes that I understood. I sank to my knees and with her pressed up against the bathroom wall I brought her to orgasim orally.

Finally accomplishing my task she leaned down and whispered “You have a mess in there to clean up.” She kissed me the cheek to avoid her juices left on my face and stepped over me to leave the bathroom. Slowly I got up feeling used and humiliated. As I gathered up her clothes and cleaned up my pee I had to reminded myself, “But I love her.”

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