Busy at Work

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I, Sara Kramer, was very good at my job. A mere 22 years-old, I had just graduated from college four months ago as a Pre-Law Major. I had become a temp with an agency here in town as I took some time off from school, and had been assigned to Sutter Law. Four months ago, I started working as an office manager with dreams of becoming a lawyer one day. Now… now, all I dreamed of was Steve Sutter.

Steve was my boss, and while still young, only 35, had become successful enough, and wealthy enough, to break out and start his own law firm. He snapped me up from the agency right away, hiring me full-time within the first month of me working with him. The office was small, but incredibly luxurious, as Steve catered to a more upper class clientele. And it was just the two of us working together, which was perfect. Which allowed for more… personal time between the two of us.

I found out rather quickly that Steve was dedicated to his career, working long hours every day. I didn’t mind; this was all useful, working experience for me. I also found out almost immediately that Steve wanted me — and Steve got what he wanted.

He was tall, 6’2” to my 5’2”, with thick black hair and piercing blue eyes. He was fiercely handsome, with a lithe body. He was used to giving orders, and was used to being obeyed. I did, eagerly.

I rose from my desk and walked the short distance to Steve’s office. The door was open and Steve was on the phone. As he lifted a finger to tell me to wait, I leaned against the door, trying not to squirm.

Remember how I mentioned that Steve was used to giving orders? Well, this didn’t just go for the bedroom and the boardroom; Steve had infiltrated every aspect of my life. From my living arrangements (I had given up my studio apartment and moved into his condo a month ago) to my clothing, Steve took charge and I let him. I don’t know how to explain it; it was freeing to give up control and I found comfort in being so tenderly cared for.

Every morning, Steve would wake and make breakfast. While he could have restricted my diet, he didn’t; he enjoyed watching me eat the food he prepared and I loved whatever he made. He was more a chef than a cook, and since I never bothered to learn more than the basics in the kitchen, it was a joy to give that up to him.

After breakfast, we would dress. Or, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that Steve dressed me. It was a fantastic and sensual ritual we both enjoyed. The clothes he bought were always soft, silky, and often times, sheer or extremely thin. Though I considered my body more average than anything else, he liked to see the curves of antalya escort it, liked to see the fabric clinging or skimming over my skin. Today, he had chosen linen; the pale pink skirt wrapped my body, exposing a good deal of my right thigh. The matching button down blouse was tucked into the skirt, and through the material, a pale pink push-up lace bra could be seen. A matching pair of bikini panties was under the skirt and the source of my squirming was located there.

As he slipped the clothes on my body, his wide hands would skim over the exposed flesh. Fingertips brushing my nipples, the back of his hands roaming over my stomach. Quick, light touches that set me on fire. Enough to light a fire low in my belly, but never enough to satisfy the heat he caused. Sometimes, Steve would tease me even more, loving to see me shift and whimper throughout the day. After pressing a kiss to my mound, and before sliding those lacy panties up my thighs and onto my hips, he would take a vibrator, one of many we enjoyed, turn it on high, and slip it into my wet pussy. He did that this morning, choosing a thick powerful vibrator for me, and I was slowly, torturously, sweetly going mad with the vibrations. Steve had placed it so it hit my g-spot with the tip, and every time I sat down, the vibrator, which had slipped out a little when I stood up thanks to my juices, was pushed deep back into my pussy.

Ever try to have a decent phone conversation with a vibrator going full-blast in you? I have, and it’s maddening and deliciously naughty, knowing what’s the real cause of my breathy voice, feeling the moisture drip out, dampening my folds and the crotch of my panties. And, of course, Steve had given me many phone calls to return this morning. He did it on purpose.

Steve ended his phone call and I snapped back to the present as he crooked that finger at me, a wicked smile on his lips.

“And how are you doing, darling? Need a bathroom break?” He smirked at me as I stepped up beside his desk, leaning against it rather than sitting on it. I was trying to be nonchalant with my actions, since I felt like I was about to explode, but Steve was quicker. “Oh, no, no. That won’t do. You need to sit and rest those feet. I know the shoes are still new, so they must be hurting you.”

“No, I’m fine,” I responded, trying not to laugh. Yes, the 3-inch stilettos were new, but that’s not why he wanted me to sit. Steve knew exactly what was going through my body; he’s the whole reason for it.

“No, I insist,” he growled, grabbing hold of my hips and pulling me onto his lap, my back to his chest. My legs automatically opened as his hand serik escort grazed my thigh, wasting no time moving to my pussy. His mouth nibbled along my ear as his fingers shoved my panties to the side and began to push the vibrator in and out, in and out. The pressure, which had been building up all morning, immediately spiked, and I let my head fall back against his shoulder as I moaned softly.

“God, yes,” I whispered. Steve took advantage of my position to lick down my neck, his free hand manipulating my nipple through my shirt.

“Mmhm. It’s been so arousing, imagining you out there with this vibrator pleasuring you. Thinking how wet it’s made your pussy.” His hips ground up and I felt his thick erection poking my ass. “I bet it’s as pink as your outfit now.”

He flipped up my skirt and looked down between my thighs, his voice low and ragged against my ear. I opened my eyes a little, turning my head in order to kiss his neck, my hands massaging his thighs.

“Yep! It’s a nice, bright pink,” Steve said, sounding highly amused. Then, with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek for a warning, he pulled the vibrator out entirely.

I gasped, and tried to reach for his hand. Chuckling, he dodged my hands and slipped the vibrator into his mouth, sucking off my juices. The hand that was fondling my breasts stopped and moved under my butt, pushing me up to a wobbly, but standing, position.

“Go pee.”

Breathless as I watched his tongue flick over the vibrator, I lowered my head to taste it as well, taking a moment to steady myself before using his private bathroom just off to the side. My pussy was on fire; I could feel the heat first against my thighs, then my hand as I went to the bathroom. I was careful not to touch myself anymore than necessary; one careless graze over my clit would send me over the high, wild edge and Steve would not be happy. Neither would I, as I knew he had more in store for me, and with that in mind, I removed my panties.

“All clean?” he asked as I returned to the office. Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed me again, but this time placing me on the desk, roughly pushing my legs wide for him. My pussy was completely bare, completely pink, and completely exposed to him. He ran a hand over it appreciatively, murmuring “Good girl!” before his head lowered and his mouth began to taste me.

Steve moved slowly at first, but he could sense my desperation and it seemed to trigger his own. He became wild, his tongue dragging across my clit, dipped down into my hot, wet hole, across my folds. Over and over he licked me, sucking my overly side escort sensitive skin into his mouth. I was crying out with pleasure, my hips lifting off the desk to meet his mouth, to ground against his face.

“You love what I do to you, don’t you?” His eyes were on mine, an outrageous, vibrant blue. They mesmerized me.

“God, yes!” I managed, my hand sliding through his hair, grabbing hold, trying to drag him closer, push myself closer.

“You love it when I tease your sweet little pussy, hm? When I tease it over and over, for hours?”

“I… I love it, Steve… yes, I love it!” His eyes gleamed with satisfaction and barely tamed lust.

“You’re mine, aren’t you? Mine to tease and fuck?” Through eyes barely open, I saw him shift, saw him remove his shirt and pants with a speed that told me he was more than ready.

“I’m yours. I’m your little slut. I’ll do anything you want.”

“I know it. I know it and it makes me so happy.” His fingers got busy on my clothes, taking them off so that he could kiss and devour each newly exposed inch of skin. My inner thighs were kissed, my belly licked as he moved up my body. He barely managed to open my blouse and bra without ripping them off, his mouth rough on my nipples. I felt the scrape of teeth and delight curled through me as Steve rested his long, thick cock on my wet slit. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, he parodied sex, the head of his cock hitting and grazing over my clit every time. My arms tightened around his body, pulling him down, and he swallowed my scream as the beginnings of an orgasm began to rack my body.

Then, then he pushed that wonderful cock into me. Quickly thrusting it in. With all our toys, no dildo or vibrator had come close to matching his girth, so despite spending the morning with a trembling vibrator in me, he still managed to stretch me. It was stimulating and intense; my orgasm just kept going, and I had a brief thought that it may never end. My tongue dipped into Steve’s mouth, licking his lips as we both panted, sharing breath as he pumped into me till finally, I felt tremors go through his body as my pussy milked his cock. With a cry, we both fell over the edge.


I have no idea how long we lay there, just as we were. My legs wrapped around Steve’s waist, and I could still feel him, half-hard, resting deep inside my body. Warmth flooded me, and I kissed him softly. We stared at each other, smiling; what we had didn’t need words.

“So,” I said, having to clear my throat. “What should we have for lunch?”

“Dessert, definitely, ” Steve said, pushing up a little, looking very much like a well-rested, very amused cat as he grinned down at him. “Let’s have another round of dessert.”

His hips pushed down against mine, and I had the pleasure of feeling him grow within me. Giggling, I ran my nails lightly down his chest.

“Dessert, it is then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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