Business , Pleasure in a Hotel

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Leave it to the company to set me up in this dump, thought Abianne as she kicked off her black mules and rolled the nylon thigh highs down her long toned legs. The conference had run late and Abianne was still jetlagged, so she skipped drinks with her colleagues and headed up to her hotel room. The room was nice enough, she conceded, unzipping her gray pinstripe pencil skirt. But the walls were paper-thin; she had heard someone in the next room use a blow dryer this morning. Now she could her neighbors, a man and a woman – no, two men and two women – talking and laughing loudly. She shrugged at her reflection in the mirror and began to run the water for a bath.

On the other side of Abianne’s bathroom wall newlyweds Lila and Bello glance nervously at each other and back at Donna and Kurt, a couple they’d contacted via the internet. A steady flow of liquor from the mini bar helped eliminated inhibitions, and soon enough all four were on the bed, laughing and lightly stroking bare legs and arms.

Abianne’s own legs and arms were bare and soaking in the hot water. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. The silence in the bathroom only amplified the noise next door.

“I want to kiss you, Lila,” Abianne heard a husky female voice purr. There was some giggling and then the distinct sound of a casino şirketleri kiss, slow and cautious and new, the sound of two mouths meeting. The kissing continued, and Abianne heard the low murmurs of two male voices. Lila and Donna separated and Abianne recognized the sounds of disrobing – the unzipping of zippers, the whisper of fabric pulled over one’s head, piles of clothing falling to the ground. Good lord, Abianne turned her head to the direction of the noise. They’re having an orgy in there.

Indeed, that was the plan in Room 328. The kissing intensified, kisses covering naked flesh, kisses from male and female mouths, accompanied by soft feminine moans and masculine grunts. Abianne’s hands found her full breasts, nipples pink and perky, and she tugged them in rhythm to Bello’s bellowing. On the bed in the next room Bello was stretched out, all 6’4” chocolate brown muscle spread over the burgundy sheets. Thirty fingers caressed the smooth flesh. Donna mounted Bello’s impressive cock and his wife fell into place behind Donna, placing her hands on the other woman’s breasts, and the two women kissed and rubbed against each other as Donna rode Bello. Kurt had found his way to Bello’s feet and took each toe in his mouth. The bed rocked and squeaked beneath the weight of the couples. Bello’s moans blended casino firmaları with the sounds of Donna’s deep vaginal orgasm, a symphony of ecstasy seeping through the walls.

Abianne was lost in her own ecstasy. Her hands had made there way down from her breasts to her pussy, one parting the lips while the other rubbed her clit with reckless abandon. She came quickly but ached for more, a deep satisfaction like the one Donna screamed about next door. She shoved the long thin handle of the back brush into her vagina, but was disappointed. She reached around for the toiletry bag she’d left on the floor by the sink and pulled out her can of hair mousse, thicker than the handle of the brush – not quite thick enough, but it would do for now. She replaced the brush handle with the canister and slowly brought it in and out of her, the movement creating waves in the bathwater which filled her with a more intense pleasure, particularly around her clitoris. She leaned her head on the side of the tub, her long blond hair pillowing her neck. Abianne slid the brush handle into her tight red anus, moving it in and out in sync with the mousse can in her pussy.

Next door, Lila had dismounted Donna and settled on Kurt’s hard on, who had moved from Bello’s feet to the edge of the bed. Donna knelt on the floor in güvenilir casino front of Lila and began to kiss the other woman’s thighs, then her mound, hungrily sucking on the clit. Bello moved from the bed and positioned his large dick into Donna’s ass, pumping her with excitement as he watched his wife come.

Lila came. She yelped and screamed. Her moans drifted through the thin hotel walls and Abianne came with Lila. Abianne’s past lovers always commented on her catlike screams of passions; she was loud. So loud, in fact, that she didn’t hear the noise in the next room stop. And she didn’t hear the knock on her hotel door.

The group came into the bathroom. Abianne looked up at the figures gazing down at her. She pulled the mousse can and the brush handle out of her and stared back, consenting to whatever might happen. Bello lifted her wet naked body from the tub and followed the others to Abianne’s bed. Bello placed her on the bed and she watched as Donna, a beautiful curvy Italian, straddled her own body, placing her hairy mound on top of Abianne’s shaved pussy. Donna rubbed against Abianne, who arched her back and moaned.

Lila stretched out along Abianne’s right side and traced Abianne’s nipple with a wet finger. Bello followed Lila and matched her body with his, fitting himself into her backside. Kurt smiled at Abianne, kissed her mouth, and removed his tongue to replace it with his cock. The group continued their lovemaking all night, interrupted only by Abianne’s wake-up call at 8 am the following morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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