Bump N Grind

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Double Penetration

Perhaps the greatest thing to have happened to me was having Ember as my girlfriend. I met her in college. She was a senior and I was a freshman but she was okay with our age difference probably because I could grow a full beard at 19. She was a serious country girl by nature of her upbringing and while I was somewhat country myself at least to the city society because I drove a big truck and I liked barbecue, she blew this out of the water and showed me what it really meant to have the rural lifestyle.

She, at first, was very shy around me. I happened to be around her because we always seemed to land up in the library studying for classes. This went on for 3 weeks; the both of us hardly speaking to each other. That all changed when one afternoon, she packed up and slipped me a note offering me a date and her number.

Very quickly, I caught on to what kind of person she was and a very high sex drive despite her Christian upbringing. We fucked like animals almost every day and she had a thing for having sex in different places. The couch, the kitchen table, the floor, the car, the shower, and some outdoor places as long as there was a decent amount of privacy.

Her family owned a massive hunting property and despite me only having known her for a few months, I was invited to come with her and her family to the massive piece of land for Christmas break. It was in the deep eastern edge of Texas. Outside of a 4 acre field, the whole place was heavily forested. We spent a lot of time with her family and close relatives as we gathered in their large estate nested on the property but it was one encounter I had with Ember that was the highlight of that Christmas break.


I walk along with Ember down the dirt trail headed out for the morning hunting. Ember’s rifle in her left hand pointed up into the sky and my bow in my right hand with my sheath of arrows swung over my shoulder with both of our free hands holding each others. The weighted camo boots and extensive camouflage clothing make it difficult to walk at just a trudge but we make the 400 or so yard walk from the house up into the woods to the hunting stand overlooking a feeder and a meadow about 30 yards away with a small creek running behind it. Once we get there, Ember is the first to climb up and her red hair falls down to her back as she ascends the metallic ladder being careful to not make much noise. I follow her up and take a seat on the rather uncomfortable bench with the both of us pressing against each other on the small thing. Despite it being the middle of winter and cloudy, it’s 60 degrees outside and my heavy attire is beginning to make me sweat. Ember loads her rifle up, adjusts her scope, and then sets it down next to her. I look over the edge to see us some 30 feet or so above the ground. I insert an arrow in the nook of my bow and then set it on the edge of the stand. We speak in antalya escort hushed and whispering voices.

“I’m already sweating up here.” I claim.

“Oh, shut up. This is nothing.” Ember whispers back.

“Says the girl who always sets her apartment a/c to 65 degrees and only sleeps with one blanket while she freezes her boyfriend on the other side of the bed.” I rebuttal.

“Come on, I told you why I do that.” She explains.

“That somehow, it’s the ideal human sleeping temperature?” I quiz.

“It’s why I never need coffee in the morning when you’ll throw down a double shot espresso and sometimes drink a Monster in the same day.” She adds.

“Oh whatever.” I adjust myself on the bench.

She laughs. “I might fall asleep out here. Wake me up if a buck walks into the meadow. If it’s a hog or doe, it’s all yours.”

“So you think I’m going to give you the best kill, huh?” I ask.

“Maybe.” She responds.

“Ain’t happening. First one to see it shoots it.” I claim.

We fall silent for sometime in anticipation for possible game. Despite the uncomfortable situation, feeling Ember’s body pressed up against mine makes me somewhat sexually aroused and I get an almost painfully sprung erection despite my heavy camo cargo pants, is showing its bulge. Only a few moments later, I feel Ember move and I turn my head to look at her when I realize she’s staring at my junk trying to push through the cargo pants.

“We’ll take care of that, later.” She lays her head back on the frame of the stand pushing her hat bill forward.

“I thought you said we wouldn’t be fucking at your parent’s house.” I recall.

“Who said it was going to be in the house?” She smirks.

I raise my eyebrow. “In the meadow?”

“The grass is nice and soft in there as long as nothing dead lays in it here soon.” She confirms.

“Ohh okay.” I respond in anticipation.

“But I can always tease you for the time being.” She pushes her jacket away and pulls down her arm with the bra cup to reveal her left breast with its nipple and perfectly sized areola.

My cock pushes even harder on my pants as if it would rupture the pants or my cock in two. “You’re cruel.”

She quietly laughs and pulls her shirt back up.

After about 3 hours of nothing happening or coming into sight and Ember drifting in and out of sleep, Ember decides to call it quits on hunting for the morning.

“Alright, let’s pack it up.” She begins gathering her rifle now speaking in her regular voice.

I get my bow myself and I go down the ladder first. Ember follows. For a few seconds, we stand in front of each other, face to face. I can see the lust taking over in her eyes and despite her not having any makeup, I see her becoming very pale which leaves me feeling confused. She then drops her gun and throws her hat to the ground running after lara escort me. I catch her finishing in an aggressive kiss with her moist lips pressing up against mine. After several kisses, Ember takes me by the hand and we travel at full sprint into the meadow. She then stops me holding both of my hands now and we strip off our jackets as our lips continue making contact.

I then move down her neck and I lift her shirt up over her leaving just her brown bra left to her chest. I kiss down her collarbone and above her breasts and she quickly undoes her bra and the straps slide off her shoulders revealing her perfect sized breasts and nipples with her dotted areolas indicating present sebaceous glands. I then lay her down in the soft grass with me looking above her as I go to licking and suckling her nipples moving back and forth from each one. I then rip my shirt off to expose both of our chests. My mouth makes it down to above her pants. That’s when she surprises me and gets up from her resting spot and peels off my cargo pants and pulling my underwear away letting my teased cock spring out. She takes it into her mouth and the wet and hot presence of it envelops my cock. I lay back in the grass as I do enjoying the moment as my cock hardens at the rhythmic movement of her lips accompanied by her wet tongue under my shaft. The feeling is beyond great but I know it can’t beat what’s between her legs.

After a few minutes, she drops it out of her mouth and I pull myself up and she returns to laying down. I unbuckle and pull her pants down revealing soaked polka dot panties. I gently slip them off revealing her shaven rosebud swollen and red from blood flow. I position my mouth right above it and slowly begin to kiss and lick her as I find her bulbous clit pushing out above her slit.

“You know how to do it right, babe.” She encourages me as she fondles with her breasts.

I continue my work but I don’t change my pace as it off put her arousal on previous occasions.

“Ohh, man.” She takes one of her hands and begins rubbing my hair.

I then begin to slowly push and pull my fingers out of her pussy as I feel her wetness knowing it would excite her.

It doesn’t take long before she tilts over and orgasms as I feel my fingers become drenched in all of her natural juices and she begins to vocalize.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhh.” She moans and bites her lip in almost a relieving voice as she cums like it had been long past overdue for her.

As I begin to position myself for intercourse, she pushes herself up with her arms and I sit down as she puts her pelvis over me.

“This is nice.” I claim.

She smiles and then kisses me. She then takes my cock in her hands. I almost feel like scrambling for a condom in my wallet of the cargo shorts I just striped off but I remember that Ember has an IUD. After playing manavgat escort with my cock, she takes it in all of its rod like characters and slips it into her rosebud pushing between her lips and spreading them open.

It’s amazing the feeling that envelops my cock. If it wasn’t for how much her pussy naturally lubes itself, we probably wouldn’t be able to come together with how tight it wraps around it and it almost feels like a water faucet around my rod.

I look up into her hazel eyes as I see them filled with passion and desire I replicate back to her.

She begins bumping and grinding on my cock in a sitting position. As she does, she wraps her left arm around my neck and uses the other free hand to rub on her clit as she grinds on me.

“You’re so hot, babe.” I compliment her as she goes at my cock using it as a personal fuck toy.

“I love that dick.” She bites on the corners of her lips.

I can’t help but to bite myself as I’m overcome by her wet slit.

Ember begins to rub over her pussy harder and faster and I realize she’s coming close to orgasm. This one already has looks of being much stronger as I feel my cock pushing out her lubricating juice out the edges as she thrusts on it in and out.

“AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHH!” She begins to orgasm as her mouth opens wide.

I then feel the continuous clenching of her kegel muscles constrict my cock in orgasm as her pussy almost showers it in her expelling juices. It becomes so tight, it would be impossible to pull out. Her orgasm lasts what must be 15 seconds and I can’t take it long myself but I wish to make it more memorable.

I push her by the shoulders down onto her back and I remount myself and go to jack hammering in and out of her pussy. She grabs onto her breasts while playing with her nipples as her head falls back onto the grass spreading her hair out. She closes her eyes and grinds her teeth as I thrust in and out of her, our pelvises hitting against each other making that classic popping sound.

“Don’t stop!” She begs.

“I’m gonna cum!” I exclaim.

“Cum for me, baby!” She requests. “Fuck that pussy!”

Her words speed down my spine directly to my cock. I finally am overcome by orgasm as I quickly pull out of her and ejaculate so strongly, my cum flies onto her tits leaving nothing but sticky, white semen on them and some of it even making it to her neck.

“Oh my god!” She says in shock as she looks at the mess I made.

I come up to her with my face parallel to hers and she kisses me with our tongues swirling in our mouths.

She then giggles as we break apart. “Here we are just fucking out in the woods.”

“You don’t think your parents heard us, did they?” I ask.

“If you are able to make me scream loud enough from out here for my parents to hear in the house then you must’ve been a former pornstar.” She laughs.

“Maybe so.” I smooch her.

We redress and make the walk back when we see her parents standing outside on the front porch from afar on the top of the hill overlooking the estate.

“Oh shit.” Ember curses.

“Must’ve echoed through the trees.” I add.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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