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buddy turned fuck buddy

I was probobly about 12 at the time when paul had just moved into the building.I couldn’t stand him. He had spiky hair and a fuckin ponytail.I remember my friends mom making us go over to their house and ask him to come out and play basketball or some shit like that. I know for damn sure it was because she felt sorry for him. He had by far the most annoying voice that a young boy could have. I mean it was bad. Anyway he started to get along with everybody in the neighborhood and he just became one of us. Everyday we were out playin ball, swimmin at the pool..or playin video games at either paul or steves house. Mostly we would be at steves house because they had the playstation 2.

That summer my mom enrolled me in a summer camp which paul was also enrolled in. Out of all of my friends Paul was not necessarily one of my favorites. He was cool but their was just something about him that really annoyed me. He was one of those kids who would always be around even if he’s clearly not wanted..and whines and complains when he doesn’t get what he want’s. It wasn’t just me who thought this, it was all of us ..but like i said we put up with it. Anyway on the last day of summer camp they took us on a field trip to a park that had public swimming pool. Me and paul were the last few to get into the locker room and it was just me and him. I was trying to figure out a way to put on my bathing suit without getting naked when i saw him pull down his pants. That was when i got my first gay thought. I glanced at his ass and started to stare thinkin how much i wanted to shuv my cock in it!..I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on. And when he casino şirketleri wen’t to put on his trunks i saw his cock and balls from the side and that turned me on too. I wasn’t the type to get naked in locker rooms but ..i figured he did it so im going to do it. I made a comment like damn you gotta get some sun on those cheeks..and he luaghed and looked at my cock and said i need trim my pubes. I’t was funny.

He was one of those wierd kids who could just moon you and whip out his cock and think it’s funny. Anyway after that happened i started thinkin about making a move on paul. I kept jerkin off to his pictures on the computer just imagining what i would do to him. He had a real nice body.He was tall..big athletic frame His ass was unbelievable for a guy..really plump and juicy..but tight at the same time.
One day paul was the only kid around the building and we decided to hang out in the hallway and just walk around. I started getting horny thinkin about suckin his cock and taking off his wife pants. I suggested on going to the storage room in the basement to get our bikes so we could go ride around. Somehow the subject of dicksize comes up and i bet him that my cock was bigger than his. It was then and there when i knew he was puttin the moves on me because he dared me to show him my cock pretty much. When i did he stood there staring in amazement at how big my cock was. without saying anything i shuved him in the corner and shuved my cock in his mouth! and fucked his face for about 5 minutes until i started to suck his dick.

He was about 15 at the time and his cock was like 6 inches so i was deepthroating it like nothing. I remember squezzing casino firmaları his asscheeks with both of my hands while i was riding his cock with my mouth. I started sucking his balls.. and than i turned him around and shuved my face in his ass and started lickin his asshole up and down. We thought we heard someone come off the elevator so we stopped. We both very awkwardly went home and didnt speak for a few days. I remember hearing from him a week later and i asked him if he wanted to come over and play video games. I know he was lookin for some fun because he asked if my parents were home. And they were but i was still planning on fucking around anyway. After an hour of playing nintendo 64..without saying anything to him and giving him no warning what so ever i stared unbuckling his pants and got on my knees. He said yea suck my dick..and i pulled down his tight light grey briefs and started lickin up and down that hard cock. His balls were perfect ..like they were big but not huge.. i was suckin his sack like you wouldn’t believe..he started to fuck my mouth and his face looked like he was going to explode..i have no idea how he held it in..i felt his cock throbbing in my mouth like he was going to blast a load down my throat.I couldn’t resist but to turn him around and eat his ass out again. I am telling you people his ass was a masterpiece..i would be surprised if any straight man passed up on his ass if it was bent over in front of them..thats how nice it is. Anyway i started fingering his ass and telling him i was gonna fuck him and he kept sayin no.

After constant begging he let me do it ofcoarse. I told him that i would do it for 2 minutes than i would stop. güvenilir casino I ran to the bathroom to get some lotion and ran back to the room. I rubbed it all over my cock and his ass and bent him over while i was standing. I slowly got my head in his ass and than i started to slowly slide my cock(no condom) in and out for about 2 minutes and than i started poundin!! I was goin balls deep and this mother fucker was taking it! He looked at the clock and said it’s 2 minutes with his face all red..and i said fuck that ima bust a nut in you fuckin ass! i then threw him on the bed got him in the doggystyle position and just railed the fuck out of him. I was makin that ass clap i have no idea how my parents didn’t hear. His ass was so fukin tight it felt like it was squezzing my cock..i kept asking him if he was doing it on purpose but he said no. It felt so fuckin good..i kept feeling like i was going to bust a nut and i kept holding it in..i even had to take it out a few times and i almost shot one across the room. Paul was just taking it..jerkin his cock off while my whole 8 inch cock is going in and out of his tight asshole. I’m fuckin tryin to savor every moment holdin in my load slowly fuckin him while he was squezzing my balls. While he was bent over he looked at me and asked are you gonna cum ? OMG!!! I JUST STARTED FUCKIN HIM AS HARD AS I FUCKIN COULD AND MY FUCKIN LEGS WENT NUMB THAN I BUSTED THE FATTEST NUT IN HIS ASS YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE..MY ORGASM HAD TO BE 25 SECONDS LONG AT THE LEAST.I pulled my cock pretty fast and all the jizz just oozed all over my sheets lol. We both luaghed about it.. both promised eachother that we wouldn’t ever tell anybody about us. And thats how we came to become fuck buddies! 🙂



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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