Bubblegum and Sex

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Suzy was 19 years old and a typical American teenager. It had been years since we had seen her and now she was growing up into a beautiful young woman. She and her Mum, Rachel, had caught the flight from Los Angeles to London for a kind of family reunion. This was because Karen, my wife, had invited her cousin Rachel to come and visit us for a few weeks and she had brought her daughter Suzy along. The reason for the visit was that Rachel and Karen were obsessed with their family tree investigations and planned to spend some time progressing their research.

It was all a bit unfair on poor Suzy who clearly hadn’t wanted to come. Her Mum had dragged her along, because, the girl was starting a new college the following month in L.A. and her Mum thought it would give her a nice break before that happened. They had got the taxi from the airport and when I first saw Suzy coming through the door way, all I could see was her long blonde hair and the pout on her pretty face. She was all legs and hair with plenty of attitude; constantly chewing on her gum.

As I say, a typical teenager.

The day they arrived, she was in her blackest mood and clearly didn’t want to socialise. She was obviously missing her friends and her life in L.A. Her mum told us that she felt guilty because she had insisted on her daughter joining her on the trip. So that first day was a difficult one for all concerned.

My wife showed them to their rooms. We had a big house with lots of bedrooms and were able to give Suzy her own room which seemed to lift her spirits. It had a T.V. and D.V.D as well as an en-suite. I didn’t know what she had expected, but, it certainly seemed to exceed her expectations. She went in, closed the door and we didn’t see her for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Karen and Rachel made plans to visit the local library, inspect the church records and visit relations in the locality. They could talk of nothing else. Charts and documents were spread all over the dining room table and they were back a hundred years in no time at all.

Early next day, they took a packed lunch and prepared to disappear in the car to carry out further investigations.

“Max, would you look after Suzy? give her lunch? keep her amused?” This from my wife who was clearly relying on me to step to the plate.

I volunteered to do so knowing it would keep her wife happy. Also, I needed to repay a couple of favours she had done for me recently.

Later, I looked at my watch. It was 11.00 a.m. There had been no sight or sound of Suzy all morning. Was she alright? I thought it was time to check up on her. So, I put down my newspaper and decided to make some coffee. I thought I could take a cup up for her and ask if there was anything she wanted to do today.

Her door was slightly ajar, so, knocking lightly with my knuckles, I pushed it open and put my head round the door. Then I just froze with shock. Suzy was sitting on her bed, her back against the wall with her long tanned legs spread wide. She was completely naked and her fingers were busily masturbating her pussy. Her face glowed with pleasure as she chewed her bubble-gum.

“Oh,” I managed to say…I’m so sorry”

I was frozen to the spot, unable to move. All I could do was stand and stare, as she carried on playing with her pussy. She seemed completely unfazed by my presence.

In fact, her fingers seemed to take on a new urgency. Now, she looked brazenly at me as she carried on her devastating work, her eyes bright with excitement. I could tell she was rapidly approaching her crescendo and the unmistakable squelching sounds told me she wasn’t faking it.

Then, she stiffened, as a shudder of pleasure swept through her young body. A low soft moan escaped her lips and her firm young breasts heaved up and down.

Moments passed as she sighed contentedly…

“Oh, that was so good,” she said dreamily. “I enjoyed that.”

I stood there with my mouth open, admiring her lovely young body and coping with what I had just seen. I suppose I couldn’t believe it.

“I’d better go” I said eventually. After all, I was intruding on the privacy of a young girl.

But I didn’t go. I just stood there open mouthed, gawping at her. And, she didn’t move an inch. It seemed that she wasn’t bothered in the slightest that I was staring at her neatly shaved wet pussy. The sight of it hypnotised me and drew me towards her. I sat on the bed and took her hand.

“May I?” I asked, as I took her hand and raised her wet fingers to my lips. Then, slowly and deliberately, I breathed in the musky aroma of her sex and licked the fingers that had just worked her vagina. Our eyes locked and said it all. I knew then that my world had just turned upside down.

Then she smiled and reached out to the tell tale bulge of my trousers. Her fingers fumbled with the zip. “What Suzy wants, Suzy gets” she whispered huskily. Soon, her persistence had my cock out in the open. In her teenage hand it went fully erect.

“Oh it’s a big one,” she enthused, her eyes antalya escort opening wide. Then, expertly, she was working it slowly up and down with those capable slender fingers. I could see she was no stranger to the task.

Then I got my second shock of the day. Young, innocent looking, Suzy, leaned forward and before I knew what was happening had taken it in her mouth. I was about to protest at the speed of events, but, the wonderful sensation of her soft pretty mouth working away busily soon melted any misgivings I had.

“Oh, Suzy,” I moaned as she carried on with her magic. And all too soon she had me cumming.

I couldn’t help it as I spurted into her mouth and throat. Unfazed, she swallowed it all and came up smiling, Meanwhile, I continued to sigh in ecstasy.

“I think I need a lot more practise to get it right,” she confessed.

“That’ll do nicely for me,” I retorted huskily. “But practise all you want, I am at your disposal.”

That made her giggle as only teenage girls can do.

Then she had her arms around me and gave me a sizzling kiss.

I blinked and tried to work out the consequences of what had just happened in her bedroom. Meanwhile, Suzy bounced off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Seconds later, I heard the shower being run and she was singing some tune.

“What’s for lunch?” She shouted. “I’m starving.”

We ended up at MacDonald’s. It was where she wanted to go and to be honest I was still in a daze and couldn’t think of anywhere else.

She munched her burger and grinned happily. “I think I might enjoy my visit to England after all,” she confessed.

“Look, I’m sorry about intruding this morning I…”

“Don’t worry about that” she smiled. “I’ve never masturbated with an older guy watching. It was real cool. I’ve never done that before. It gave it a kind of edge. In fact, it was the best ever.”

“Well next time you want to do it, invite me along.” I offered. “I really enjoyed what you did for me.”

“Sure” she shrugged.

I was amazed at how candid and open she was about her sexuality. It was making my cock spring to life again. I risked a blunt question.

“Are you still a virgin, Suzy?”

She swished her blonde hair and looked at me coolly.

“Would you like me to be?” she answered.

That was all she was prepared to say. It was her way of saying that her personal life was her own business.

Then she frowned and added. “To tell you the truth, the previous experiences I have had were a little disappointing. That’s why I end up masturbating a lot.”

“Oh that’s a shame” I said. “Maybe we can do something about that while you’re here.”

“O.K” she said brightly. “Anytime you like… I’m looking forward to getting it on with an older guy.”

I gulped at the implications of what we had just arranged. I was 43 but my lust for this lovely 19 year old had overtaken my senses.

Then, my thoughts were disturbed, as she asked me a question.

“Is it true you don’t have sex with Karen anymore?”

Once again, she had taken me aback with the direct way she dealt with sex.

“That’s right,” I confirmed. “We sleep in separate bedrooms these days.”

“Why don’t you get a divorce?” she asked.

“Well, at present we are happy with the way things are. We get on reasonably well. In addition, we run a business together and both love the house we live in. Unless we meet someone else to settle down with, I don’t suppose things will change.”

Suzy nodded wisely. At 19, she was well versed in the ways of the world.

“What shall we do now?” I asked, looking at my watch.

Suzy looked out at the rain that had started. “Well, let me see” she smiled seductively. “I can think of one or two nice games we could play. They would be just perfect for a wet afternoon.”

And so, we ended up in bed together, after I watched her do a seductive striptease for me.

“How did you learn to do that?” I asked her.

“Oh, just by watching other girls do it,” she said, “it’s amazing what you can get on the internet these days”

“And I am a decent dancer, don’t you think”

“Absolutely,” I enthused. “In fact you are a natural. You could always do it for a living, if you wanted to…”

“Now come here,” I added. “There’s something else you’re urgently needed for.”

I grabbed her and she giggled. Just holding her naked body gave me a massive hard-on.

It wasn’t long before we were trying to fuck each others brains out. God, that girl had a sexual appetite that was frightening. She just couldn’t get enough of my cock inside her. I thought she was going to wear it out. And she got the whole length of it in her tight little velvet pussy, I saw to that. I had my hands around her pert little bum and rocked her onto it until she had taken in just about every centimetre. She seemed to faint on me twice, as I rammed it into her. But, she always came back for more. Like I said, she was insatiable.

“I had forgotten how incredible sex kemer escort can be,” I told her. “You have an amazing body.”

We had started just before 2.00 p.m. and by 4.00 p.m. we were still fucking, fondling and feeling around. She revealed a liking for role play and we played out a range of different scenarios, including nurse, schoolgirl and sexy secretary. For this she raided my wife’s wardrobe. It was amazing what she came back wearing. I didn’t even know that Karen kept things like that in there. Anyway it certainly contributed to the sex that day. It seemed to heighten the buzz and excitement Suzy got from the sex. As she reached yet another orgasm, I thought I heard a car turn onto the drive.

When Suzy came down from her high, I ushered her back to her own bedroom and slipped on some clothes.

I was just in time. My wife and Suzy’s mother were just opening the front door.

“How has it gone?” I asked. “Did you find out all you wanted?”

“Yes it’s gone very well” replied Karen, “but, we need to do more.”

“How have you got on with Suzy? She asked. Is she upstairs?”

“Yes, it went O.K. We went to that burger restaurant down the road. After that, Suzy went to her room to watch T.V.

It was the story we had agreed on and no further questions were asked.

After the meal, we all sat and watched a film on the television. Then the women talked for a while and I said goodnight. I was exhausted after all the sex that afternoon.

It was about 2.00 a.m. when I heard my door creak open and there silhouetted in the landing light was the sexy outline of Suzy’s lovely naked young body.

“I thought you might be missing me,” she whispered.

I was dumbstruck at first, with the shock of her appearance in my bedroom in the middle of the night. But shock soon turned to delight, as I got my hands on her smooth slender body and her soft lips met mine.

“Are you glad I came by,” she teased coquettishly.

“You bet I am sweetheart,” I responded.

My cock was pleased to see her, too, as it sprung into life. Suzy soon had it in her hand and coaxed it prouder and harder. Our arms and legs interlocked, and, after a bout of passionate kissing, my fingers found her wet slit. She never needed much arousing as she always seemed to be ready for sex.

Then Suzy was on top of me lowering her pussy on to my rampant cock, until she was firmly impaled. Then she was bouncing up and down on it to her heart’s delight, her blonde hair swishing this way and that in unbridled joy.

“Oh, how I love to fuck.” She announced joyfully. “I never want to stop…”

That was my cue to reach up, hold her firm round tits in my hand and roughly finger her nipples. She shrieked out in delight and I had to quickly shove my hand across her mouth. I didn’t want our illicit sexual exploits becoming known by my wife or Suzy’s Mom. Meanwhile, Suzy kept on rocking up and down on my poor cock until it surrendered to her. My sperm shot up into her pussy and I opened my eyes wide as I realised what I had done. Thank goodness I had slipped on another condom beforehand. I must have gone through my entire supply during her visit.

You would have thought she would have crept off silently to her bed at that point. You would have been wrong. She had only just started. After a lot of kissing and stroking we found my manhood stirring back to life and she squealed with excitement. She was climbing eagerly back on top again when I stopped her.

“Oh no you don’t missy, it’s my turn to choose how we do it,”

And, with that, I made her get into the doggy position, while I shagged her from behind. The bed rocked and squeaked, as I hammered into her. Her tight young pussy was a joy to penetrate and she obviously enjoyed having it inside her. Twenty minutes later, I shuddered to a standstill and after a short break, she was back licking and cajoling my cock under the bedclothes while I groaned and begged for mercy.

“He doesn’t want to play anymore” I whispered. “He wants to go to sleep.”

“Oh, but Max, he does want to play” she insisted, “I can feel him getting stronger.”

And of course, the little minx was right. It wasn’t long before she had me as hard as a rock again. I didn’t think it was possible. Not at my age.

Her reward for her efforts was to mount me again, cowgirl style, and soon she was energetically riding me relentlessly.

“I’ve never done it this way before,” she confided, “but its super fantastic and I love it.”

Such enthusiasm, such energetic fucking…a beautiful young blonde getting as much sexual enjoyment as she could.

She was so excited, it was a joy to behold. At the same time her little shrieks and girly sounds started to worry me. She could wake the whole house up! Luckily, she began to realise this herself and quietened down somewhat. But it didn’t stop her bouncing motion as she continued to fuck me.

I learned later that she liked this position best because she could angle konyaaltı escort my rod exactly where she wanted it for her greatest pleasure. Meantime, she was well away, desperately seeking that elusive orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her mouth half open, the blonde hair swishing everywhere.

Then, suddenly, she shrieked out loud at one of the many orgasms she was to have during our bouts of lovemaking. Thankfully, her cry of fulfilment was noisy, but, not as loud as I feared. We were lucky, no one seemed to hear it. In the heat of passion, we had no fallback position if anyone got up and went to look in on her. I knew my wife was a sound sleeper and I hoped Suzy’s mum was too. Fortunately, their bedroom was at the other side of the house. In the event no one stirred and I breathed a sigh of relief.

However, it was a signal for me to say, “Suzy, I think we had better stop now. Time for you to slip along to your bedroom.”

Blowing me a last kiss from the doorway, she finally did so.

When I looked at my watch, I couldn’t believe the time.

She had been with me for over 2 hours. When she had departed, I turned over and managed to nod off fairly quickly. Luckily, I managed to get a few hours sleep.

The next morning, Suzy was up bright as a button. The girl had unlimited energy. She was there before me sitting at the breakfast table looking composed and beautiful.

“Good morning” she greeted my arrival. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did, thank you very much,” I said, keeping up the pretence.

As she tucked into her bacon and eggs I heard her Mum say.

“You don’t usually eat such a hearty breakfast, my sweet?”

Suzy froze in mid bite.

“Well …It must be the English air…It has given me an appetite.”

“I see,” said her Mum, “and did I hear you cry out during the night?”

Suzy considered this as her eyes briefly met mine. “I must have had a bad dream,” she finally said.

“Where are you off to today?” I enquired of the two older women…keen to head off this line of questioning.

“Oh yes, I forgot to tell you,” she said turning to Suzy. “We are going to visit Aunt Rosie in Oxford and she wants to meet you. It will be a nice day out for the two of us. Karen has to look in on her business and we can have a nice day looking around Oxford. I hear it’s a wonderful City.”

I could see a pout forming on Suzy’s face. She wanted to play with her new toy again, I knew that. But there was absolutely no reason why she couldn’t go with her Mum and go she did. In a way, it gave me the chance to get some rest and get ready for the onslaught I knew was coming my way in the early hours.

In the event, they got back late. Apparently, they had enjoyed a wonderful day out and the weather for once had been glorious. Suzy’s eyes were shining as she recounted the sights they had seen. Her new digital camera had apparently been working overtime.

I had enjoyed a pleasant day myself and had even caught up on some work in my office. Things were definitely on the slide as my in-tray was overflowing. Still, I had been busy in more pleasurable areas.

Amazingly, Suzy didn’t come to my room that night, or the night after.

“I’m having my periods” she announced, in a matter of fact tone, as she encountered me in the kitchen the next morning. “Don’t fret, Max, I’ll be back in business in a few days.”

Well, it gave me a nice little break and boy did I need it, given what was to follow over the next week or so. Suzy, once free of her restriction, pursued me with a vengeance. She took to walking around the house totally naked in high heeled leather boots and tempting me to distraction.

Well, suffice to say, we had sex at every opportunity. The girl was just crazy for sex. She just couldn’t seem to get enough. I think she wanted to try every sexual position she could. As the days went by, I began to fear for my health. Keeping up with her was getting to be a real problem. The trouble was I got very little rest at night. She would accept no excuse. My bedroom was her territory now and she prowled along the corridor in the wee small hours like a naked female predator.

I often woke to find her straddled across me, her long hair and perfume enveloping my face as she lowered her head to kiss me awake.

“Max, Max,… wake up” she would whisper. “It’s time to make love.”

Then, as always, it only took her a short time to get me horny and it was playtime again. Over and over again, we were fucking…fucking…fucking…to the squelching sounds of sex as she bounced up and down on my cock. The bed took the strain as it groaned and creaked to the rhythm of passionate sex. I’ll never forget those mind blowing weeks of her visit.

Then, as ever, good things must come to an end and the day of their departure back to the United States inevitably came around. I was not altogether sorry to see her go, because, she was wearing me out. Even my wife commented on how pale and poorly I looked.

But, Suzy wasn’t finished with me yet. Our last night was a real ballbreaker for me. She fucked me all night long, pouting with disappointment when her favourite toy took longer than usual to recover its hardness. In the morning, I could hardly lift their cases out to the car ready for the trip to the airport.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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