Brother’s Wife is Hot

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Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

I swiveled my barstool towards the kitchen to hide the bulge in my bathing suit. My sister-in law, Michelle affected me that way. Today she was wearing a two-piece blue bikini. Let me describe her and you will see why I tent so easily when I see her.

Michelle stands at five foot seven lovely inches. I am guesstimating, her weight at one hundred thirty pounds. Not a skinny model type but a curvaceous female. From the bottom up, she has powerful legs, yet very feminine, which taper into a fantastic pear shaped ass and a small but nicely rounded belly. I have never found women with flat stomachs all that provocative but a small pooch is a major turn on. I find a pooch very feminine.

She has natural blonde hair down to her ass and green eyes within which a man could see his unborn children. She has a waspish waist and a nice set of tits, not little girl ones but easily a double D. Without question, I envy my brother!

She didn’t even give me a look as she made her way out to my parent’s pool. I had to check out her ass as she made her way to the pool. Mom was talking, as usual, as she busily prepared something in the kitchen. Mom was like that; always talking, always busy. She is a short plump woman. Her name is Liz, but she insists that I not use her name but just continue calling her mom, like I did when I was a kid.

Dad was puttering in the backyard. He loved yard work. My parents are great. Mom has never worked outside the home and would not want to. Dad is an operation manager for manufacturing company and makes great money. He has kept our family quite comfortable, in an upper middle-class way.

Me; I am twenty-six years old. I just finished a stint with the U.S. Air Force, six months in training, two years in Turkey, and finished up my tour of duty in Greenland. I made first lieutenant. If I had re-upped I am sure I would have made captain, however, the mentality of a military hierarchy just isn’t for me. So here I am, two weeks out of the military living with mom and dad until I can find suitable employment.

During my military career my brother Marty had fallen in love and married Michelle. After two years of marriage the crazy guy decided that he needed to follow his principles and volunteered for the army, hoping to fight terrorism throughout the world. So, there he was in Iraq fighting the fight. Michelle was also staying with my parents. Michelle’s mother died in an automobile accident when she was nine, and her father is an alcoholic. So she opted to stay with my parents, which made them very happy. They always wanted a daughter, now they had one.

It was tough seeing her every day and doing the right thing, keeping my hands off and to myself, literally. I must admit that she did nothing to encourage me, not even a little flirting or covert eye contact. That surprised me cause it might sound immodest of me, but many women considered me a handsome man. I stand six feet tall and weigh in at a little over two hundred pounds of hard muscle with good abs. I have good features and jet-black hair that I wear long.

“Hey Adam, give me a hand,” said mom.

She had dishes on the counter and gestured towards them. I got up off the barstool; fortunately my bulge has softened and was no longer noticeable. I helped mom set the table. Mom opened the sliding glass door and hollered to Michelle and dad that dinner was ready.

“Mom, give me a second for a quick change,” said Michelle.

She had her hair wrapped in casino şirketleri a towel and flashed through the dining room, heading for her room. Damn, she is hot.

Dad ambled in, grimy and a little muscle sore, he had put in a long day working on the yard. He loved that kind of work and would never accept help of any kind. Dad is a nice guy, in his early fifties, successful, still lean and he has a wonderful manner in dealing with people. Polished is how many people describe him. At the office, friends call him Howard, and Mr. Mathew by subordinates, but my brother and I and now Michelle call him dad.

“Give me a second dear,” he said to mom, “I need a quick shower and a change.”

“Food is on the table, make it quick,” said mom with a smile.

Dinner was great as always, we all sat together and after dinner watched TV until about nine O’clock.

Michelle said, “Goodnight,” and headed off to her room.

Mom wasn’t to far behind her. About thirty minutes later she said, “Goodnight,” as she left the room.

Dad turned to me with a smile, “Guess it’s just you and me guy.”

Dad and I had been guzzling Seven & Sevens. Nothing dainty about us, we were using beer mugs. Each drink had about three shots and this was already our third. Both dad and I were pretty high by the time the ladies said their goodnights. Of course, our being close to being wasted could have been the cause of their early good nights. I don’t know.

Dad had one more then called it a night. Me, I had several more out by the pool and then dragged my ass out to the pool house where I was staying. Drunk, I almost fell into the pool when I staggered passed it. The pool house door was a challenge to open, in my present state.

I staggered into the bathroom to take a quick piss. The pool house is nothing fancy, a futon bed, a bathroom with shower and a small kitchen. It is adequate for my needs. I felt hot after drinking all that booze. I threw off my clothes, down to the buff, and fell asleep on the futon.

Ok, so I passed out. Totally zonked hours later, like in a wet dream, I could feel a hand running over my chest.

“God, you are drunk,” said Michelle.

All I could get out was “Huh?” I tried to open my eyes, and I blurrily saw Michelle.

“I must be dreaming,” I muttered.

There was no way Michelle would be here, so I was just having a sexual fantasy. I know my conscience would never let me fuck my brother’s wife and I certainly didn’t remember seducing her.

In my dream, her hands continued their exploration and she reached down and grabbed my cock. Now, I must admit that when I am flaccid my cock is quite small.

Michelle, touched my cock, and she exclaimed, “It is so small who do you expect to satisfy with that?”

“I am very, very drunk,” I said to myself. But, since I have some talent as a smart aleck, I quipped “Me!” Then I laughed.

Michelle gave a grunt of disgust, and then muttered, “Damn.”

I had to chuckle. “What a weird dream,” I thought.

“If you want that thing hard, you will have to suck start it,” I smiled to myself. You can say anything in a dream; after all it’s just in your head.

Michelle said, “That is disgusting. You want me to put that thing in my mouth?”

I was a little amazed and inferred that she had never sucked cock. Can’t imagine why she found sucking cock disgusting or rather that I would dream that she doesn’t like to suck cock. Unusual in my experience, all the women I had ever known had loved to suck cock. I thought kind of strange casino firmaları for a dream sequence.

I felt Michelle sliding down me. She let out a sound of disgust, but engulfed my flaccid cock with her warm mouth. All of it fit into her mouth and I lay there just feeling that warm feeling of having my cock sucked and thinking that for a dream this feels very real. I just lay there enjoying having my cock sucked. She certainly didn’t know what she was doing, but even being given a blowjob by an inexperienced woman was better than none at all.

My dream experience continued, gradually Michelle learned how to suck cock. My cock was growing in length and girth as she continued to suck on it. Soon her hand was holding me at the base as she continued sucking on it. This went on for a very long time in my drunken state; I wasn’t about to cum anytime soon.

But finally, I remembered she wanted that cock in her pussy not her mouth. The way she was sucking on it, I wasn’t sure she was going to stop any time soon. However. as a courtesy I thought I should remind her, maybe she would like to fuck. I reached down and touched her face. She raised her head, my cock still in her mouth. I drew her up towards me, by cock came away with a pop. She snuggled against me for a moment.

“I liked that, I hadn’t done that before. I always thought it was disgusting, but I find that I really liked it. Any time you want your cocked sucked you let me know, ok?”

I smiled in the dark, but said nothing.

She sat up straddling me and grabbed my cock. “My god she exclaimed this is the biggest cock I have ever seen, I don’t know if I can get it inside me.”

I chuckled, “Weren’t you just complaining that it was too small to satisfy you.”

“Well, it isn’t now. Lets see what I can do with it.”

She slid up on me, so her hungry pussy lips were just above my straining cock. God, she felt so wet. I could feel her juices dripping down my cock. This dream was definitely improving.

Michelle grabbed my cock and guided it in between her pussy lips and slowly descended on me. She felt tight, but eased down a couple of inches. I was a little over half way in when she stopped. I guessed she paused to adjust to my size. She only paused for a moment, then slid down the rest of the way. We were pubic hair to pubic hair. She felt good. I could hear her moan.

She let out a long slow sigh and then began slowly moving up and down. She was hot and tight. I just lay there drunk; knowing that I was having the best dream of my life. She started picking up speed with each stroke long and hard. Michelle’s hot pussy was just sucking at my cock. Her breathing became strained and harsh.

“Oh god,” she moaned over and over.

My time sense was gone she could have rode me for twenty minutes or ten hours, I don’t know. I was harder than an iron pole and wasn’t coming anytime soon. She was fucking me hard and fast.

“My God, I am going to cum, oh God,” she said over and over like a mantra.

Me, I just lay feeling almost disembodied. Was I getting fucked or not? If this is a dream it feels just to fucking real. Then she came down hard and frantic, panting and moaning.

“Oh God, she kept repeating. Where in the fuck have you been all my life?” her voice was loud.

She screamed deep in her throat as she came moving frantically on me with her need. Then her juices gushed. I could feel her cum flow like thick syrup down the length of my cock. Her face was contorted as sensations overwhelmed her, gasping for air, like güvenilir casino she was drowning. Her frantic movement slowed. She continued humping me for several more minutes and then dismounted. I could feel her slide down my body and suck me clean. No kisses no words, she just dressed in the dark and left.

My raging hard on stood straight up. “Now, that is one fucking weird sex dream,” I thought to myself.

Why would I torture myself by having such a dream? Well, dreams are sometimes weird I thought as I fell back into a drunken sleep.

Next morning, when I woke up, that dream just kept nagging me. Could it have been real or just a dream. Would I even in a drunken state fuck my brother’s wife? I shouldn’t have gotten that drunk. Through my hangover at breakfast my doubts were dissipated by the continued distant courtesy that was the normal interaction between my sister-in-law and myself. Mom and dad had plans to attend a blues concert in the evening, and decided to have dinner out as well.

“So, what are your plans?” mom asked me.

“I thought that tonight I might just order a pizza, rent a movie and get to bed early.”

“Still hung over?” dad quipped.

“Well not feeling up to my normal self, anyway,” I replied smiling.

“How about you Michelle, anything planned?”

“Well, I started a book that I can’t put down,” she said smiling. She turned facing me, “Actually pizza sounds good, could you order enough for two?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Mom and dad left around 4:30pm. The pizza delivery gal arrived shortly after. I took the pizza to the living room and called Michelle. She entered the room in a pair of shorts and a bikini top. I placed the pizza box in my lap to hide the bulge there.

“Care for a beer?” asked Michelle.

“Sure,” I replied, “What movie do you want to see?”

“I stopped and picked up one at video store, I hope you like it,” Michelle said as she dropped it into the DVD player.

Michelle placed a slice of pizza on her plate and sat next to me on the sofa.

“What is the movie?”I asked around a mouthful of pizza.

“Don’t worry you will like it,” replied Michelle.

The title appeared on the screen, “An Angel learns to give a blowjob.”

I nearly choked on the pizza. I turned looking at Michelle. She was looking at me with a sly smile.

“You know, I feel a little guilty about last night,” said Michelle.

Immediately my mind started racing and my heart pounding, hoping she wasn’t going to say what I think she might.

“You were so drunk and I know I rode you for over an hour after sucking you for at least thirty minutes. I just figure that being that drunk maybe you couldn’t cum,” said Michelle looking at me with those fathomless green eyes.

At this point my heart was in my throat and my eyes must have been ready to pop out of my skull. Obviously, as much as I might wish it, it hadn’t been a dream. I had fucked my brother’s wife.

“I don’t know what to say,” I stuttered.

“Look, you have nothing to feel guilty about; I took advantage of you while you were drunk, ok?”

“But, we left things unfinished,” she continued. She set her plate on the end table next to her and wiped her fingers daintily on a napkin. She reached for the pizza box and placed it on the coffee table.

Then she turned to me, “I don’t like unfinished business.”

With that she leaned over and unzipped my fly. She fished my cock out of my briefs.

“Not so small this time,” she said as she leaned down and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

God that felt good.

She looked up at me with a wicked gleam in eyes. Her mouth still partially filled with my cock, she asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

I smiled at her, touching her hair, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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