Brothers and Sisters Ch. 04

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Note: Chapter 4: Next chapter. This focuses on some different things, hope everyone enjoys. If not well life’s tough! Thanks for the support!


Kate picked up her friend and the drive had not helped to calm her down. She felt so horny she couldn’t describe it and she didn’t know how long she could last without cumming. Cindy seemed to notice something was up but didn’t mention anything and soon they were kissing Carmen hello and heading out to the pool. Her house was once again empty so as soon as Kate got to the pool she stripped out of her bikini and dived into the pool feeling the cool water sliding over her hard nipples and boiling pussy in a delicious kind of way.

Cindy just shot an amused look at Carmen and slipped out of her bikini and slinked over to the pool slipping into the water and Carmen took little time joining her two friends. Soon after they were stretched out on their loungers their gorgeous bodies soaking up the sun but Kate just couldn’t get comfortable especially knowing what waited for them upstairs.

“How ’bout we come back and get some sun later, I wanna see what’s on that camera.”

“Some one’s an eager beaver today.” Cindy replied laughing at her pun and was surprised when Kate blushed, her friend was usually very hard to embarrass.

“Yeah I’ve just been really horny the whole day; I can wait if you guys aren’t keen.”

“What has gotten into our little Katie? So considerate.” Carmen laughed as she looked over at her friend but got a little side tracked by the sight of her big boobs.

“No I’m keen now hey, let’s go.” Cindy said also excited by what she might see.

All three of them raced up stairs and into Carmen’s room and the camera was already by the pc and it was soon plugged in.

“Nice thinking.” Cindy said as she appreciated how her friend had everything all set up. The girls were all clothed in their bikinis again, as they always were when walking to and from the pool, and they all sat down as Cindy pressed the slide show button. The first picture showed up with Jake in a white button up shirt and jeans. The pictures cycled through and all three girls watched as Carmen’s brother’s clothes disappeared until he was standing in tight fitting white boxers, his abs riplpling and a vee leading to where a very impressive bulge filled his boxers. There were a few pictures from different angles but all the girls were wondering if he would take it further. Their question was soon answered as they saw him hiding the head of his cock as he pulled down his boxers, then the money shot where he stood with his boxers around his feet and his cock in clear view. There was a collective intake of breath as the three girls stared at Jake’s beautiful cock and the sexual tension, already high, shot through the roof. There were a few more from different angles and the girls continue to admire his cock and even his sister had to agree that it was a fantastic sight. The last picture was a close up of his cock with a clear drop of precum on the tip and the girls all wished they could lick it off.

Finally the screen went blank and all the girls looked at each other then broke out into giggles.

“Oh my god I can’t believe that! How hot was that!?” Kate said while Carmen bobbed her head in agreement.

“Wow Jake really does have a fantastic looking cock. Ok I think after that showing our pics need to be extremely hot to keep up!” The Asian girl said as she jumped up ready to start slipping out of her bikini.

“That’s so true Cindz, you go first.” Kate said waiting to see what her friend would do so she could one up her for once.”

Carmen immediately grabbed the camera and started to take photos as Cindy posed, her bikini top quickly ending up on the floor and soon her bottoms were sliding down her legs and she was showing the camera her tight small little ass. She then sat on the bed crossing her legs while Carmen took another picture, unfurled her legs putting them up on the bed leaning back on her left hand whilst her right was hiding her little pussy and sending a sultry look at the camera. She finally removed her hand and even blushed a little as the flash of the camera went off capturing her completely naked on her friend’s bed, her tits and pussy clearly on display. She was extremely turned on and knew her cunt was leaking pussy juice. She took a few more pictures in the same position then asked Carmen to come take some close up shots.

Carmen moved forward and focused on Cindy’s beautiful hot little cunt and could see the juice building up in her friends pussy as she snapped a few pictures. She could also smell the excitement of her friend and this only turned her on further and as the Asian girl slid off the bed and laughed in a self conscious way and took her seat staying naked as she watched her blonde big breasted friend move to the bed and start to slip her own bikini off, licking each of her nipples as she pushed her big breasts up toward her mouth. She then bent over at the waist and casino şirketleri showed Carmen, Cindy and the camera her great ass then pulled her bikini tight against her ass and pussy and Carmen let out an appreciative groan. Kate then crawled onto the bed as Carmen took a few pictures of her great ass with her big tits hanging free. She then flipped around into the same position Cindy had used and the girls grinned at each other when the saw the large wet spot that was spreading over the blonde girls light blue bikini bottoms. Carmen took a few photos and even took some close ups showing the wet spot as Kate’s bikini fit snugly around her pussy lips.

“Take it off Katie.” Carmen whispered as she saw her friend slowly slip down the bottoms showing the fact she was bald and then the top of her pussy lips as the camera captured everything and as the blonde girl looked over at her Japanese friend she laughed causing Carmen to turn as well.

“Enjoying the show?’ Kate asked as both girls saw Cindy blushing as she had been caught rubbing her little sensitive clit as he friend slowly got naked. “Don’t worry I’ll be joining you soon!” The blonde said as she slid off her panties leaving them around her ankles.

She then moved her right hand down to her pussy and opened it up as the flash seemed to be constantly going off and both girls sucked in their breath when Kate slid her middle finger into her pussy up to her first knuckle and then as far in as it could go. Her middle finger was soon joined by another as she finger fucked her cunt for the camera doing it slowly enough for the camera to catch each movement.

“Take some close ups.” Kate said breathlessly, having a hard time from jamming her fingers into herself and cumming all over them. Carmen moved in close and was immediately hit with the smell of Kate’s pussy and as she focused on her fingers jammed into her pussy she could see juice running around them and down toward her little ass. Carmen had never seen anything look so sexy and intense in her life and knew these pictures would put almost any porn star to shame. She stood up after taking a good few pictures and then slowly drew in her breath as Kate removed her fingers and a clear string of pussy juice went from Kate’s cunt to her fingers. Carmen immediately took more pictures and then in amazement watched as her blonde friend moved her two fingers up to her mouth, shot a sultry look at the camera as her fingers hovered over her mouth then she slide them into her mouth and sucked them with clear relish. Carmen could hear Cindy breathing hard as she watched their friend taste her own juice. Kate finally pulled out her fingers and shot a wink at the camera then sat up.

“Oh my god Katie that was the hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen!” Carmen squealed.

“Yeah that was totally amazing I think Jake might die a happy man after seeing those.” Cindy added as she pulled a dvd out of her bag definitely ready to watch some action. Kate and Cindy readied themselves for the movie but Carmen stood in the middle of the room unmoving.

“What about me?” She asked her two naked friends.

“What about you?” Kate asked settling herself down on the bed to watch some porn. She needed to cum. Badly. Cindy was a little quicker on the uptake as she usually was.

“You want to as well?” The Japanese girl asked her beautiful brunette friend.

Kate looked at her two friends confused. “What’s going on?” She asked her eyes narrowed suspiciously. She wasn’t really in the mood to wait.

“I think Car wants to have some pictures taken.” Cindy said smiling as she walked over to her friend and took the camera from her friend who winked at her and went toward the bed to start.

Kate burst into laughter and punched her fist into the air. “I knew you’d come around.” She said and made space for her friend and turned to watch her getting naked. “What made you change your mind?”

“Well seeing as you already slipped in a topless photo of me it’s not like he hasn’t seen some of me already and I’ve been looking at his and it is kinda unfair I guess. “

“And it’s a turn on getting naked pictures taken of you.” Cindy supplied to which Carmen nodded and grinned.

“And it turns you on knowing Jake’s gona look at them.” Kate said shrewdly and Carmen looked a little embarrassed. “Seriously Car its fine, your brothers hot, I mean if my brothers were a little bit older and more mature about things I might swap pics with them to.” She said and Carmen and Cindy both looked at her with shock. “Come on, it’s naughty, you shouldn’t do it but that’s why it’s so fucking hot!” Kate said and the two girls laughed though the didn’t have a clue to what she had been getting up to.

“I was a little afraid to admit it to you guys and myself but I guess you’re right Katie. And I know this wont mess up things between Jake and me and we both like it so why not. Even if it is a little naughty.” She said winking at her two friends.

“Maybe ’cause it is a casino firmaları little naughty?” Katie replied grinning wickedly.

“Ok less talking more getting naked.” Cindy said loving the fact she was going to photograph Carmen naked. The girls laughed as Carmen slowly started to lose her inhibitions and let go. Cindy took pictures of everything culminating with Carmen on her hands and knees her perfect ass and pussy facing the camera as she showed her brother the bottom of her pussy and her tight little ass hole. She couldn’t believe how horny she got knowing she was taking these pictures so her brother could look at them and unsurprisingly when the girls evidentially did put the porn dvd Cindy had brought all three of them came only a few minutes into the dvd and each had at least three orgasms.

Cindy arrived home and quietly let herself in. Her parents were at work and she thought she was probably alone. Even though she had cum four times watching her porn with Katie and Carmen she was horny and feeling decidedly kinky. She was thinking about how she wished Jaime, her next door neighbour who had moved away was still next door. Her pussy began to get wet thinking about how that blonde girl had introduced her to her first girl on girl action. Cindy remembered how it had felt that first time Jaime had licked her pussy so well then as she had sucked her little clit into her mouth how she had slowly slid a finger into her ass. The Japanese girl shivered at the memory then heard a sound she hadn’t expected to hear as she passed her younger sister’s room. She looked in as the door was wide upon and the same noise greeted her, the moan of a young girl being pleasured orally. Cindy stood shocked as she saw her 18 year old sister Kaeda in a 69 with what looked like her best friend Hannah from the dyed red hair she could see. Cindy could make it out for sure as her sister was on top and the other girls face was buried in between her sisters legs. Kaeda must have sensed something because she looked up and her mouth opened into a little O as she saw her older sister standing there.

“Don’t you dare stop you little bitch! I’m so close!” The girl licking her sister’s pussy said. Definitely Hannah then. Cindy had no idea what to do but she felt herself wink at her sister, grin then continue onto her room. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen. It shocked her. It was crazy. It really turned her on. She laughed to herself a little shocked as she heard her sister start to grunt in what sounded like an earth shattering climax, not even trying to keep it down as she came all over her friends face. Cindy thought to herself that she had been the same age when she had started experimenting with Jaime. She would have to talk to her sister later and she hoped it wouldn’t be too weird but Carmen and Jake seemed to be getting along fine. And maybe if she was lucky she could get a crack at Hannah. She was really hot and obviously liked eating Japanese.

That was it the lame joke made her roll around on her bed as she gripped her sides trying not to laugh out loud. A thought then popped into her head that sobered her very quickly. One where Hannah was replaced by herself and she was licking her sister’s pussy. She shook her head and chalked it up to Kate and her craziness spreading over all of them.

The next day dawned sunny as per usual and Kate rolled out of bed horny as she always was these days. When she had showered last night she had walked out in just her towel and she could feel her brother’s eyes on her body as she had walked past their room her breasts barely contained in her towel. She had had to masturbate again that night but when she woke up today she was already really horny and she knew it was only going to get worse. She decided to go get some breakfast and left her room in a tiny pair of panties and a very tight top. When she reached the kitchen Andy was sitting there looking as if he must have just woken up. He grunted a hello and then his eyes slid slowly down to her very obvious chest. Kate saw him looking and giggled to herself then set about making some cereal, she felt her brothers eyes following her around and they started to turn her on. She thought she might as well play with him as she bent over at the waist giving him a great view of her ass in her tight panties. She heard him quietly sigh as he continued to eat. She finally sat down and engaged him in a little conversation but his eyes kept moving back to her breasts.

“Andy do you wana have a proper look? Maybe then you’ll be able to look at me when we talk.” She laughed to let him know she wasn’t mad with him. In fact she was pleased he seemed to find her so attractive. Her brother chocked a little but didn’t say anything as he looked like a deer caught in the head lights.

“Do you or not?” Kate asked keen to let her brother look at her big boobs and wondering what facial expression he would have.

Her brother looked at her in the eyes and slowly nodded as if wondering whether güvenilir casino this was a gigantic joke but his mouth soon fell way open as his sister quickly reached up and pulled her little top over her big tits, and left it resting over her boobs, her hard thick little nipples very evident. The look she got was indeed worth it as her brother looked like Christmas had come early. And maybe his birthday and new years. Kate laughed and continued to eat and noticed Andy’s spoon was still stuck halfway between his bowl and his mouth.

“Ok we good?” Kate asked as she moved her hands to pull her top down. It was turning her on how her brother looked at her naked boobs but she still felt a little self conscious.

“Wait a bi..” He said as what had been on his spoon fell to the table and he blushed as he bent to clean it up. Kate got a look at his crotch and saw the loose pants he was wearing were tented around his long penis.

“Ok how about this,” Kate began as she lifted the shirt over her head and tossed it onto the table.”I did get to see you guys yesterday so I guess it’s only fair. And maybe you’ll get more used to these things if you see them a bit you know?” Kate laughed as her brother looked more pleased then she had ever seen him. She picked up her shirt and went to go have a shower where she could masturbate a little. She would wait for Kevin to come home before she asked to watch another porn. She had some idea’s she wanted to try out.

Kate showered for a good long time but the hot water did little to calm her down. As she was drying she heard her brothers talking to each other and she somehow knew Andy was filling Kevin in on what he had gotten to see. Kate decided to continue with her new vow of toplessness and wrapped the towel around her bottom and walked from the bathroom her breasts proudly leading the way. Kevin and Andy were of course strategically positioned so they could see her on her way out and she winked at both boys whilst Kevin laughed.

“Wow, those babies are awesome.” Kate even blushed a little as she went into her room, closed her door and put on some panties as she shouted through her door.

“You two up for a dvd?” She asked feeling her pussy already start to juice itself.

Kate was surprised when she didn’t receive an answer but when she opened her door her brothers were both standing in front of it, Andy with a dvd in his hand. They all laughed and then they raced themselves to the tv room. They took up the same places with the boys on the longer couch and Kate on the single chair with a great view of her brothers and the tv. The action started on screen with a group scene with two big breasted blondes sucking two big penises. And as before the three siblings began to talk back and forth about what they were watching. Both boys had quickly taken off their pants and were slowly stroking up and down on their cocks whilst shooting looks at their topless sister.

“You can take care of yourself to it you want.” Andy said feeling bold for once as both brothers had noticed the wet spot spreading over the front of their sister’s panties.

“Maybe I will Andy, thanks.” Kate said as she slipped her right hand into her panties and slowly starting to rub her clit in small circles. Both brothers seemed a little disappointed that she hadn’t taken her panties off but Kate thought there was something she wanted to see that she would bargain that for.

“So I have a question for you guys.” She started.

“Shoot.” Kevin said as his eyes slid to hers, then her tits, down to her hand moving in her panties and finally back to the action on screen.

“Have you guys ever, you know.. Helped each other out?”

“How do you mean?” Andy asked thinking it was a really weird question. They were twins of course they helped each other out.

“You know when you’re a little horny have you ever helped each other?” Kate said blushing slightly then grinning as she saw the guilty look that shot between her brothers who in turn saw her grin and knew they had been found out.

“We did but a few years ago, we haven’t for ages.” Kevin answered.

Oh ok. I think it’s pretty hot.” Kate answered.

“Really?” Andy asked looking surprised.

“Yeah, I’ve seen a little guy on guy action before and it really turned me on.” Kate lied. The thought did turn her on but she had never seen guy on guy action before. She hoped that would change soon.

“We’re not gay.” Andy said looking a little annoyed.

“I guessed that seeing as you’re watching porn with me!” Kate said laughing trying to mollify her brother. “But that doesn’t mean you might not like something a little different every now and again.” The brothers both looked at each other and then Kevin spoke.

“Ok what are you really trying to get at? I know you’ve usually got an agenda with this type of thing.” Both Andy and Kate laughed at the truthfulness of the statement and Kate decided to be up front.

“Well seeing as you guys have done it before, it would really turn me on to see you two ‘helping each other out’ and I thought if I got to see you two do it then it would be only fair that my little panties here found their way off me.” The brothers looked at each other then at their sister for a long while.

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