Brotherly Love Ch. 09

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I awoke in a jail cell. My head was pounding and I was still handcuffed. I was laying on my side on a mattress that had a faint odour of urine.

Sitting up slowly, I looked around to see if anyone else was in the cell with me or if anyone was outside my cell waiting for me.

Nobody. I was completely alone from what I could tell.

Suddenly I remembered the note from Mark in my pocket. I tried to reach around with the cuffs still on and managed to snag two fingers into my front pocket. I strained and arched my back in order to wiggle my fingers in deep enough to retrieve the note.

I couldn’t feel anything. I tried desperately to reach further, almost falling over in the process, but I had to find that note! Would the police have checked my pockets and taken it? Did I lose it when I was fighting with the officers?

After a very painful attempt at checking my pocket to the bottom, I decided the note wasn’t there anymore.

I wanted to cry. At least the note would have given me some connection to Mark, I would have at least known if he went to the police on his own or if he’d been out getting us something and been caught. But now I was still no better off than before.

My stomach growled again, fiercely this time.

“Hello? Anybody there? I’m starving!” I called out hesitantly, hoping somebody would be there. I couldn’t sit here alone forever, I was going to go crazy.

No reply came so I tried a bit louder.

“Excuse me? Officer? Anyone? A little help please?!”

After a moment I heard footsteps coming down what sounded like a long corridor. They were taking their sweet time getting to me and was in the right mood to be frustrated very easily.

I tried to wait patiently and after another minute or so, the footsteps finally sounded like they were just a few feet away from me.

“Miss Booth? Are you awake?” One of the officers who had come in to handcuff me appeared at the door to my cell.

“Yeah, I’m awake. Can you tell me what’s going on? Why am I in here? Where’s Logan? Where’s Mark? Can I talk to Derek?” I figured he probably wasn’t here to chat much so I should just get it all out at once.

“He-he,” He chuckled. “Well you are here because you assaulted a police officer. Det. Vichey has quite the set of teeth marks on his arm from you.” He raised an eyebrow at me as a sly smile crept across my face.

Thank God, my plan had worked – so far.

“Oh.” I replied, feigning shock.

“As for the whereabouts of the others – that I cannot tell you. You may speak to your lawyer now if you’d like. I can have him contacted immediately.”

“My lawyer? As in my family’s lawyer? Or Derek’s lawyer? I’d like to see Derek’s lawyer if that’s what you mean. I do not want to speak to Logan’s lawyers at all. They do not represent me or my wishes.”

“Ok, I’ll go put in a call to him right now.” He turned to leave.

“Um, officer?”

He turned back to face me and waited for me to finish.

“Can I get some food? I haven’t eaten all day, I’m starving. Please?”

“I’ll see what I can do.” He nodded and headed off down the hall.

It felt like an hour before anyone returned to see me.

Derek’s lawyer showed up with a brown bag that smelled like a hamburger and fries, and some paperwork.

“Hi Jaimie, are you okay?” casino siteleri He greeted me with a warm smile and handed the bag through the bars to me.

I stood up and turned to show him my handcuffs.

“That might be a bit hard to eat. I’m still cuffed.” I sighed.

“Oh, well, um…”

“Mr. Henry?” Another voice called from down the hall. It was the voice I’d been longing to hear all day. My heart started to beat faster.

I stood against the bars and pressed my face as close as possible to see who was coming.

“Ah, Mr. White. Glad you’re here, you might be able to help us out.” Mr. Henry, the lawyer, replied.

“MARKY!” I cried out as I finally caught sight of him just a few cells away from me.

He ran over and grabbed hold of me through the cell. His arms wrapped around me tightly and he planted kisses all over my face.

“OH God Jaimes, are you okay?” He whispered into my skin.

“Yeah baby, I’m ok. Are you? Did they hurt you?” Tears were streaming down my cheeks as the anxiousness finally caught up with me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was so fucking worried about you. Are you sure you’re ok? Did they hurt you?” He pulled back enough to look at me. Our eyes met and the tears that were flooding my eyes made my vision blurry. I was so thankful to finally see him again, but at the same time, still scared as to what was about to happen to us. To me.

“I’m ok, I’m handcuffed still, but I kinda put up a fight with the police when they tried to take me away and send me to my Aunt Leila’s. I was told Logan doesn’t have control over me anymore, now Leila does.” I sighed.

“That Aunt of yours lives way the hell up in New York! That’s quite the drive…” He winked at me, trying to make light of the situation. He had no idea what that aunt of mine was capable of. If she felt I was in danger, she’d hide me and I’d never see Mark again.

“Marky, don’t tease. She’s a freak. She’ll be worse for me than Logan was. She might not punch me like he did but she’ll never let me see you again. I cannot go to her. You have to help me!”

Mark turned to face Mr. Henry.

“What can we do about this? How can I keep Jaimie here with me?” He kept his hands on me through the bars. I rested my head against the cell and tried to breathe in Mark’s scent. If I was stuck here for awhile, I was sure he wouldn’t be allowed to stay and I needed to feel as close to him as I could.

“Well Derek mentioned something to me but I don’t know how quick I can get it put into action.” Mr. Henry replied thoughtfully.

“What is it? What do you need to get it done? I will do anything for this girl, sir, anything that needs to be done, let’s do it. I will not lose her.” Mark vowed.

Mr. Henry looked from Mark to me and back again. I could see he was very torn about letting us in on the idea in case it didn’t work. He didn’t want to get our hopes up and then demolish them right away.

“Mr. Henry, I love Mark with everything I have. I know he loves me back just as much. Please, we will do whatever it takes to stay together. Can you help us?” I pleaded.

“Let me see what I can do. Mark, are you planning on staying here?” Mr. Henry glanced down the hall as he asked the question.

“Yes sir, I don’t plan on going anywhere till I know Jaimie is safe in my arms.” Mark replied slot oyna with such determination in his voice I knew it would kill him if Leila got me.

“Ok,” Mr. Henry nodded. “Excuse me, officer?”

“Yes sir?” An officer came into my view from just down the hall.

“Would you please stay with Mr. White here, he isn’t to be unsupervised with Miss Booth at the time being.”

“What?!” I cried in disbelief. That sounded so crazy.

“Yes, of course.” The officer nodded and went to retrieve his chair from down the hall, placing it one cell away from mine and seating himself in it.

Derek’s lawyer then headed down the hall and out of my sight.

I let out a huge sigh.

“Hey you.” Mark turned to face me again, and stared deep into my eyes.

I smiled back at him.

“Hey yourself.” Then my stomach let it be known that the now cold hamburger and fries were overdue. “Um, can you feed me do you think?” I asked hopefully.

Mark smirked.

“Yeah I wish I could feed you.” The twinkle in his eye made my stomach jump at the thought of being close to him again. I longed for his touch, his body pressed up against mine. It felt like forever ago that we were snuggled up in bed together and I was beginning to believe I wouldn’t be again for a very long time.

“Hey, excuse me? Can she be undone? We’ve got food here for her but she’s cuffed still.” Mark turned to the officer.

“Hmm, if she’s still cuffed while in there, there’s a very good reason for it. I don’t have the authority to release her.” He shook his head. “Sorry about that.”

“Guess you will have to feed me after all huh?” I giggled.

Mark smiled devilishly.

“You be nice!” I warned.

Mark rolled his eyes. “Now where would the fun be in that?” He laughed as he reached into the bag and pulled out a few French fries, offering them towards my mouth. I accepted the fries and chewed them hungrily. Next was the burger. Mark held it through the bars and let me take bites out of it, every few bites, he’d push the burger closer to my mouth & make me get messy.

Once I was done, and full, I asked Mark if he could grab me a drink. He looked up & down the hall before answering me.

“I don’t want to leave you alone. I wonder when D’s lawyer will be back.” He looked concerned – his brow creased as he tried to figure out a plan.

“Even just water from a water cooler, there must be one of those here somewhere?” I raised my eyebrows and leaned against the bars.

“Yeah but I’m so afraid if I leave you that your brother will end up here with his lawyer and something stupid will happen. If I lose you Jaimes, I swear…” He couldn’t finish his sentence. I looked up into his eyes and saw tears welling up in his eyes.

“Ok, you have to not do that. You’re supposed to be staying strong for me. Let me be the sappy one ok? Please? I can’t take breaking your heart, so just don’t think stupid shit.” I warned him, leaning closer and puckering up my lips for him.

He got the idea and came in for a kiss.

Just as our lips touched, the officer stood up and cleared his throat.

“Sorry guys, no physical contact.” He warned.

Mark swore under his breath and pulled away.

“Are you fucking serious?” Mark snarled as he turned to face the officer.

“Yeah, you can’t be touching canlı casino siteleri her. There’s a reason she’s handcuffed and I just can’t have any funny business going on ok?” He tried to look tough, but Mark stood a good foot taller than him and was about two feet wider across the shoulders and chest. Mark could have blown the guy down with a sneeze, but Mark understood the law was against us and there wasn’t much we could do about it.

“Ok, whatever, sorry.” Mark apologized. He gave me a look and then looked me over from head to toe.

“What are you thinking?” I wondered in a whisper.

“How I can fuck you with the bars in the way.” He grinned.

“Fuck me here? You’re awful!” But the thought of it made my knees weak and my panties moisten. “Let’s sit down, my legs are killing me.” I slid down against the bars and sat cross legged on the floor.

Mark agreed and followed my lead, sitting down beside me, with his legs out, leaning against the bars with his shoulder.

The police officer stood up and came a bit closer to us.

“Look guys, I know you are going through some stuff, but seriously, I need you to keep your hands to yourselves.”

“We are, I’m doing my best to behave, you cannot even imagine ok?” I looked the officer straight in the eyes and gave him my best stern look that I could muster at this point.

He rolled his eyes at me.

“I will remove Mr. White here from this area if I have to. Then you’ll be alone again. Visiting hours are almost up so get your chat on.” He turned & went back to his seat.

“Oh my God am I going to have to spend the night here alone?” I started to panic. That did not sound even remotely sane to me.

“I fucking hope not. If we’re lucky, Derek has an idea and Mr. Henry is working on it. I can’t even think of what we can do, I just know that I will freak if I can’t have you in my bed with me tonight.” He rested his head against the bars and I did the same so that our foreheads were touching.

We sat there silently, continuing to touch by forehead only, just enjoying the feeling of each other for who knew how long.

“MARK! MARK are you there?!” Derek’s voice bellowed down the hallway.

Mark jumped to his feet.

“Yeah bro, I’m here, what’s going on?” He ran down the hall towards his brother and hopefully our solution.

They stayed away from me, talking quietly for a few minutes. I had stood up too, excited that I might be getting out of there sometime soon.

“Fuck yeah! Of course I will!” Mark exclaimed loudly. “Go fucking get him then! Hurry up!” Mark ran back over to me, a stupidly boyish but giddy smile plastered across his face.

“What?!” I searched his face for an answer but he wasn’t going to give me one.

“Can’t tell ya, but I swear if you say ‘No’ I’ll kill ya myself ok?” He replied and swooped in to kiss me again really quick.

The officer stood up and came over to us again.

“Ok, you need to come over here away from her now.” The officer tapped Mark on the arm.

“Fuck off.” Mark snarled. “It was just a kiss for my woman.”

“Sir, now.” He emphasized the last word.

“It’s ok, Marky, if Derek’s got it figured out, just go over there and at least we’re still together, just can’t smell you that’s all.” I tried to smile, I needed to encourage him to behave or he’d be in trouble too and we didn’t need that.

Mark gave in and went across the hall – a whole six feet away and leaned against the wall beside where the police officer had seated himself again.

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